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NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: MNO ener 12016 - 08901 REPORT OF INVESTIGATION BY MEDICAL EXAMINER a it [Toowe use omy] DECEDENT: een am pane Lo oD 84 RESIDENCE: 1904 Bess Town Road Bessemer City,NC Gaston cantina Tran Bt oa coe AUG 2 4 2016 A Date Received | pace, 3 SEX: a Male =Female Unknown pAsian Black Native American White Other site HISPANIC ORIGIN: Yes No aUnknown INFORMATION ABOUT OCGURRENGE pate_| Time ADDRESS OR FACILITY COUNTY ORILLNESS | 08-15-2016 Jans Kntcon | 1904 Boss Town Road Bossomor Cty Gaston DEATH 08-16-2016 1924 Bess Town Road Bessemer City | Gaston VIEW OF BODY 08-16-2016] 1210 | sSceneofDeath Hospital +a Funeral Home. | ____latvorque Mecklenburg Medical Examiner's Offco a Not Viewed = = baa Une 08-16-2016 1114 ICAST RNOWRTO BET roc acency:, Gaston County Police Department 4 : 08-15-2016 [UN VANOAl ce Brian Dalton “TELEPHONE: AUTOPSY: None =M.E. Authorized a Non-M.E,/Private-Faciity Name: BLOOD SAMPLE : Mailed by: OME ater E:xemal mPathologit ater Autopsy Reason not obiined: IF CLINICAL ALCOHOL PERFORMED, RESULT: Where: PROBABLE CAUSE OF DEATH: Pending 1, Blunt force abdominal injuries 2. Amat 3 “ comamecnoroa MANNER OF DEAT e ef BPencing | snforomccion im this supersedes that contained in space at left A a \ srre2016 Gaston re of Neal xanior Date Coan a Appa Carol V Pinkard "Print Name of Medical Examiner is 114 eves 209) ‘MEANS OF DEATH ‘VEHICLE: Type of vehicle associated with this decedent ATV BBicycle Farm Equpment Moped Motoreyco 0 Passenger Cor Pickup Truck Truck-more than Zale SUV Other. ‘Brier Passenger Pedestrian Unknown ‘Seat Restraints 1 Air Bag G Helmet GChid Restraint None Unknown ‘Number of Unit Involved: ‘8 Handgun-Calber___aShotgun-Gauge BUcknown 1 Noted in Summary on Page 4 DROWNING: 1D Bathiub O Lake DOcsan Pond a Pool @Rier @ Other Lule Preserver: Yes No G Unknown Able oawin: Yes No @ Unknow Actviy —————— FIRE: Suspected Cause: ‘Smoke Detector. Yes _GNoDUnknown FALL: From: Siting GStanding 1 Other ‘Approximate Distanoa__(Feet) ACTIVITY OF DECEDENT AND PREMISES Work Reinted: Fatal nur o Iliness Occured on a Job": a Yes No BUnknown "Yes, was employment: Primary Job 01 Secondary Volunier Work Unknown [Name of this employing frm or agency, ‘Tipe of business or inusty___Deoadents occupation Zetacecr pie ome ema ca ty pt ao ct ans po ero rec a REE ‘Non-Werk Related: meme FATAL INJURY OR ILLNESS: Actviy, Unknown ‘Type of place Howe ‘Speci location Unknown a ‘nse: Pea aay he tr pa, ey om ck en ag ig aon oe et Yn sr ne, tt bottom ay a rete aan syn en ot or fin uy eee sen ng ok DEATH: Type of place, Found in woods Specie location shallow rave Death occured while in custody: Yee No Unknown ‘yes, was in: © County Jail © State Prison 1 Federal Prion a Police Presence Death occured in State Operated Fecly: 0 Yes No DESCRIPTION OF BODY —s CONDITION. intact B Dacomposed GFregmenied a Skeletonized Embaimed Charred © Prolonged immersion RIGOR: None aten2+03+ LIVOR: Nene © Anterior Postofor @ Latai Color, Lenore Estimate weigHr: Bestimote BODY TEMPERATURE: GWarm Cool G Cold HAIR: Color Brownblond Facial EYES: Color TEETH: LOWER: Natural © Dentures © None UPPER: wm Natural G Dentures @ None PHOTOGRAPHS: Yes No RADIOGRAPHS: a Yes G No CLOTHING: whte long sloove shit (Best Bi Sister jan shart, panos, socks pet ones erent amen OOOO Legend: BODY DIAGRAMS oe tomate Indeate nti locaton and meesremerts of wounds end ter leson (ecr, ato, mecca harapy, ot) ones agra ‘dete Su) MEDICAL EXAMINER PRELIMINARY SUMMARY OF CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING DEATH* This is a 3 year old white female who was reported to have been found by Gaston County police on August 16, 2016 at approximately 10:10 a.m. which will be the pronounced time of death. The decedent was found wrapped in a fitted black sheet and she was found lying on her right side in a hole beneath several broken tree limbs and dry leaves. The tree limbs and dry leaves were removed by FBI agents. Two folded trace sheets were placed inside the bottom of a new body bag which was Placed near the deceased. Jordyn was placed gently on top of the trace sheets and the fitted black sheet was removed and collected at the scene. The deceased was fully clothed in a long sleeve White shirt with the words "Best Big Sister,” blue jean shorts, panties and socks. The decedent had ‘multiple contusions to the abdomen, bilateral arms and legs. Vomit was noted in the mouth and nose Of the deceased. Jordyn was reported missing by her caregiver on August 15, 2016 at 1539. The caregiver, William McCullen, was reported to be the boyfriend of the decedent's mother. The body bag was tagged with the name of the deceased and it was sealed with a green seal number 5102631 at the scene. The decedent was transported to the Mecklenburg Medical Examiner's Office by Lockee Lightner of Lockwal Transport for an autopsy. PURPOSE: To document the findings ofa Medical Examinar Investigation. “Thi ¢ not an autopsy report. When complete, his form consties a repot to the Chief Medical Examiner as required by G.5. 1308-S85(a, within fourteen (14) daye of Modes! Examiners examination PREPARATION: The investigating Medical Examiner completes all appropiate information and signs the certiication statement onthe front ofthe frm. DISTRIBUTION: Mai ofgine! copy tothe Ofc ofthe Chief Medical Examiner, 3025 Mall Sere Canter, Raleigh, NC 27600-3025 DISPOSITION: Ths form i maintained by the Chie! Medical Examiner in accordance with the current records cigpositon schedule [pbtished by te N.C. Divison of Archives and History. COPIES: Additonal copies may be ordered from the Offic ofthe Chiof Medical Examiner, Raleigh, NC 27600-2025,