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No.MSPGCL/CE(T)/CE Admin Tr./ 6855 Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. Estrella Batteries Expansion Compound, Dharavi Road, Matunga (West), Mumbai ~ 400 019 MAHAGENCO Date: 02.06.2016 OFFICE ORDER In pursuance of the approval accorded by Competent Authority viz. Chairman and Managing Director, Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Ltd. & in exercise of powers delegated to him under Vth Schedule appended to Maharashtra State Electricity Board Employees Service Regulations, the following order is issued. ‘The following Chief Engineers are hereby transferred in the same capacity on administrative ground and posted as shown below in column no.4. Sr. | Name of Chief Engineer & SAP ID. Present place of | Place of posting on No oe working | Transfer. [4 2 3 | 4 t SITARAM SANGYA JADHAO ———TRRAPERKHEDA TPS | PAG, HO, MUMBAT | | 90008075 | 2” | RAVINORA BAUIRAG GOHANE "PG, HO MUMBAI | KHAPERKHEDA TPS 90102232 Terms and conditions:- 1. ‘The above Chief Engineers are held eligible for transfer T.A., joining time and pay advance etc. as per SR 73. of MSPGCL Employee's Service Regulations. 2. The above Chief Engineers should be relieved immediately by making local arrangements to enable them to join at places shown against their name in column no 4. 3. Their relief/joining report should be sent to this office. Chief Engineer (Tech.) Copy s.w.r (by e-mail) to := 1. The The Director (Projects) /(Operations) /(Finance), MSPGCL, Corp. Office Mumbai 2. The E.D. (O&M-1/(Proj.) (HR) MSPGCL, Corp, Office Mumbai Copy f.w.c (by e-mail) to :- 1, The Chief Engineer, Khaperkhede TPS / PMG, H.0., Mumbai. Copy (by e-mail) to = 1. The General Manager (HR), MSPGCL, Corp. Office, Mumbai T.Ato Hon, Chairman & Managing Director, MSPGCL, Corp. Office Mumba ‘The Dy. General Manager (HR), Dharavi, Mumbai The Sr. Manager (F&A-CPF) MSPGCL, Corp. Office, Dharavi, Mumbai. /Khaperkheda TPS. ‘The Sr. Manager, MSPGCL, CR CELL, Dharavi, Mumbai. PF./0.0,/ PR