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Grant 1

Delaney Grant
Ms. Lukins
Language Arts 7 Period 5
10 October 2016

The Strangers
By: Delaney Grant
The amplifiers output was 40 miles wide, a coincidence that was how
big Paris was. The world would not be hearing much from Paris for a while,
precisely 168 hours. People were in trouble, and may never be the way it was

Chapter 1
Reana Smith


3000, people were smart, and wanted to conquer the world, and Reana
and Aubrey have their own story to tell. Let me go back exactly 2 hours and
78 second, that's when it all started.
I cant hear the people screaming and cheering for me, all I hear is the
buzz of my electric hover bicycle. I whiz past crowds of people, and think
about what I am about to do, they told me I had to go 200 mph to reach the
right velocity of high they wanted me to go. I was almost there, I look up and
stare at my target, The Eiffel Tower, 980 feet high. My blood starts to rush,
almost, almost there, I curve my handlebars to the left, people stumble out
of the way.
I see a young girl with blond hair and big blue eyes, she doesnt look to
worried about me, more desperately waiting for something. But I recognise
her from somewhere, she whisper something so quiet under her breath, I
almost cant hear,Good Luck.
Time seemed to slow down, I step off my bicycle, she looks up at me,
and gives me a small envelope I slip it under my black leather coat, and
whisper back at her, I hope so. Suddenly I am back on my motorcycle, and
and going 200 mph again.

Grant 2

I couldnt of stopped for that girl, I look back and she is gone, it was
like time stopped for us, but only us. I push away the thought and feel the air
against my face.
I was super close now, people gasp, I dont think that they knew what
they were doing when they called me back to race under the eiffel tower. I
feel my front wheel lift of the ground as I race up the west leg of the tower. I
am a vertical rocket, the ground starts to get farther and farther away from
me, its a good thing that im not afraid of heights, because I was about 532
feet high, i never really had a thing for roller coasters, but i think that I am
about 20 times more scared that you would be when you are going up the
straight part, waiting for the huge drop.
You see, I dont have a smooth drop, I am speeding vertically at about
150 miles an hour. Down the Eiffel Tower.
I am now grasping my Hoverbike as tight as I possibly can so I don't fall
to my death, I hadnt really thought of tying myself on, which probably would
have been smart.
I see the top, it gets closer, closer, closer. I'm there, at the top, I still
am going 100 mph, I dont want to fall off, I look through the windows,
people stare and point, some close their eyes. On the last window I see the
little girl, she is the same little girl that I saw at the bottom. She had a look
of disappointment now, instead of worried, but i was more thinking about
how did she get up here so fast? Where is her family, why is she alone? Who
is she?
These questions bothered me all the way to the very top, when I got to
the very very top of the tower, I clip my bicycle on the rusted roof panels.
I remember the envelope that the unusual girl gave me, I quickly slip
it out of coat, while still grasping to the few poles scattered around the
rooftop. It is heavier than the usual card, i tear the paper open, on a piece of
paper, scribbled writing says, In 2 minutes and 42 seconds the shock waves
will start, put this on, and you will live, but the consequences of not, are very
serious .
That letter ended with a disappointing period. My heart starts to race,
What am I doing? I say as I stand on the roof of the top floor,
holding on to the pole, i look down at Paris, its so pretty when it comes to
sun sets, but what I didnt know was that sunset, would be the last regular
sunset, after 2 minutes and 37 seconds, The countdown started, and so did
the the waves.

Grant 3

Chapter 2
Aubrey Stevens
What was Reana thinking? she muttered to herself. As Aubrey stood
on the very top floor of the Eiffel Tower.
She put her hand on the cold glass, looking down at the swarming crowds of
people still trying to comprehend what just happened, their peoples minds
were crowded with commotion.
Aubrey looked at her watch, she had ten minutes till 12:00, that was when
it would start, the chaos and confusion. She walked around the donut shaped
tower. Observing people's worried looks and faces. It was five minutes till
twelve. She was getting impatient and started to worry about Reana, What if
she never opens the envelope? If the envelope had slipped out, would
someone else have put the cape on? What if she was to caught up in what
she did, she never even thought about who the people were?. Though all
these thoughts crowded her mind, one kept nagging on her.
Why was her father doing this, to her, to Reana, to Paris?
Reana Smith
I slipped on the poncho, and could feel the beads of sweat, once again,
dripping down my face, I wanted to go home, not be here in the clouds. The
wind was blowing, and the sun was high up in the mid June gloom sky.
Cick, I turned my phone on, it was 11: 59.
I could feel that the winds had stopped, the birds stopped squawking, the
crowds almost became quiet, i could only hear the faint sound of peoples
whispers, as if they were getting ready for something, sensing something.
Something Big.

Chapter 3
Too much Silence
Beep, my phone chirped, it was 12 o'clock.

Grant 4

BOOM!! The radiations thundered across Prais, it nearly shook me of the

roof. I could hear screams muffled by the loud noises.
BOOM!! Another wave spread across my home, this wave seemed to have
left a thin blue shield, that went straight over Paris.
Then silence Too much silence, I was too scared to look down. But, I looked
down. First I was happy that people had calmed down, but then I looked
closer. No one was moving, not even the smallest twitch, what happend to all
of these people, how am I still moving but they weren't?
All of the sudden a girl appeared out of nowhere. It took me one look to know
it was the girl I have been seeing all day.
Who are you?, I said to her in an urgent tone.
Im Aubrey, you and I are going to save Paris. She said in a confident way,
as if she actually thought it was true.
How could I help you save Paris, and what are we saving it from? I
responded, while I said this I noticed that Aubrey wasnt that old, she was
only about 11 years old, yet she had just appeared out of thin air.
Wait, how did you., she cut me off before I could say anything else.
We only have 73 hours to dismantle the amplifier, I could see that she was
desperate to start, Now.
Aubrey told me that she would tell me all about herself and what we needed
to do at the bottom in her apartment.
Hold on. She said sticking out an arm. I guess she wanted me to leave my
bicycle up here, on the roof, because when I asked her about it, she said she
couldnt carry it, I firmly held onto her arm.
Get ready., she slowly stepped closer to the edge, what was she doing,
was she gonna jump of?
And she did, she lept of the tower, me clinging on her like a Koala, but
instead of the scary fall I thought it was going to be, it was like she could fly,
she slowly descended from the Eiffel Tower.
Aubrey and Reana land on the floor safely, Aubrey leads Reana to her
amazing apartment that is covered in newspaper clips, from centuries ago.
She has a panel on the wall that substitutes as a huge iPhone 22.
So, you are you, and how can you, fly? I asked her.
I cant tell you. She stubbornly said.
I won't help you if you dont tell me.
nagged and pulled and pushed all of her buttons for her to tell me her story,
and so she did, but I couldnt share it with anyone.

Grant 5

I agreed. It was worth it.

She took a deep breath, then started, I am Aubrey Stevens, I am pretty
much a robot, I am a automaton, with a human brain programed into me,
and I am in a humans body. Scientists programed me into a babys head,
Aubrey, thats me, they abandoned me in a town near Paris, I have bean
living on my own ever since, I have made friends, but not one knows what I
am. One man,
Mr. Volkoff, he always wears a red or purple bow tie, no
matter what, he has been chasing me, and trying to capture me so he can
examine me. He has tried many times, but I have escaped all of them, I think
that this is his final try to get me, and I hope that you can help.
How?, I added.
You know exactly how long you have been alive, and probably how long
Paris has been frozen., she argued.
I've been alive 2624 days, 10 hours, and 7 seconds, and counting, Paris has
been stuck for exactly 52 minutes and 23 second and counting. I blurted
See. She gave me a odd look.
So, what do you say, will you help me save paris?, she pleaded, Well, I
guess you dont really have a choice, you already agreed to it. she informed

Chapter 4
Science Quiz

Aubrey told Reana that what set off the amplifier was the Xr3 Gas that Reana
had made, it was a Green gas and powered her Hover bike. What they
needed to make was Boron trifluoride, a toxic gas that was deadly for
humans to breath in.
Where can we find Byron truffulatree? I asked, I had know idea how to
pronounce that.
You mean Boron trifluoride, we can find it in the Idaho State University.
Aubrey said.
While how are we going to get their? I told her.
I can transport anywhere. I will go today at night, but since Idaho isnt
frozen. she pauses, then looked at me, still sitting at the edge of her bed, in
Be careful, dont get caught or anything. I said.
I wont, dont worry., I believed her.
So, I will look for Mr. Volkoff and get ready for the Boron trifluoride.

Grant 6

Ill be fast, only about a half hour. Aubrey said.

Ok, I answered.
Goodbye. I watched her vanish, of to Idaho.
I looked out her window, observing all of the people, frozen. No, thats just
my head playing with me. No that was real. In the crowd I saw a man, about
35-40 years old, and just like Aubrey said, he was wearing a red bow tie. I
searched were the nearest jail was, 1.2 miles away, I jumped in my car, I
think that my plan was that Mr. Volkoff was supposed to see me, but he did.
I zoomed away in my Ford Focus, and he jumped in his black truck, 1 mile
away. Almost their .5 miles left, the scene kept changing, buildings, then we
got to a big open landscape, with the jail right in the middle of it. Mr. Volkoff
was right behind me, good thing he didnt have any guns, because I probably
would have died.
I quickly slid my car into the parking lot, making sure not to run anyone over,
I opened and slammed the door of my car and sprinted into the jail, the
waves have made a power shortage, and so the locks on the doors have
been unlocked, I stopped at the register, and looked at the open jail cells,
#26 was open, I grabbed the key for the room and ran into it, I could hear his
footsteps behind me. I wondered if 30 minutes have gone by yet, because,
she was part of my plan, only 24 minutes have gone by, I ran into cell #26, I
hid behind the door, waiting.
His footsteps were so close, I could hear him breathing.
Aubrey, where is she, I need her so much.
Mr. Volkoff was now in the cell and would soon find me, I hadnt really
thought this thought, what would I do when I was in the cell, with Volkoff.
Right as he pulled the door open to find me pressed into the wall, I saw
Aubrey appear right behind him, with the veil in her hand of Boron trifluoride.
Hello, Volkoff. she scolded him.
Hello Aubrey. He said in a deep creepy voice.
Aubrey took out a book from her backpack, and knocked Volkoff out.
Sorry, she said, but it had to happen.
Chapter 5

We closed the cell and locked it, I wrote a little not for Volkoff, saying what a
bad person he was and that he wants to stay in prison, because he tried to
take down Pari, and until Aubrey Stevens says its fine to be released.
You came back, so quickly. I exclaimed.

Grant 7

Well on my way out I saw Volkoff too, and knew what you would do, so I
took 10 minutes to get the veil, and 20 minutes at the Library. We need to
get the lab.
As soon as we arrived at Aubrey's house we started our mixing, we put Boron
trifluoride with the oxygen, which made the Xr5 mix with the Boron
trifluoride, we put that back in the veil, and raced for the eiffel tower.
Aubrey flew us back to the top, and we injected my bike with the Boron
trifluoride Xr5, and turned it on, the gas quickly transmitted into the
amplifier. Nothing happend, I turned my bike on to high, we could see the
purple gas flooding the air, the blue energy waves, died.
It all stopped. I could hear people talking and whispering about the time lost.
We did it! I screamed.
Yes we did! Aubrey laughed and hugged me.
Aubrey moved to Africa to make sure that Volkoff didnt escape.
But me and Aubrey knew what we did changed the world, even if the world,
didnt know.

The End

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