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Unit test unit 6 and part of unit 5

1) Read the following text and then choose the correct answer.

1) What is the writers main aim in

writing the text?
A to talk about the importance of art
B to explain how one artist works
C to say why ice sculpture is popular
D to describe the disadvantages of
being an artist
2) What would a reader learn about
Duncan Hamilton from the text?
A He has always been a successful
B He makes sculptures from all kinds of
C He prefers to work alone.
D he is popular with the media.

3) What does the writer say about

the ice?
A Duncans team make it themselves.
B It must be completely frozen.
C The team have to make it quickly.
D It is completely safe to work with.
4) The writer says that Duncans
A are always huge.
B generally last for a day.
C take about a week to make.
D can improve when they start to melt.
5) Which of the following could also
be a tittle for this text?
A how to make an ice sculpture
B how to change your career
C how to get on television
D how to make art a business


Unit test unit 6 and part of unit 5

2) Read the text below then complete the gaps with the verbs in brackets in
the past simple or past perfect.


Last week Jamie went to Alnwick, This is what he wrote about his trip.
I(1) (know) a lot about the history of the castle because I (2)
(already/read) about it on the website. Our teacher (3)
(also/give) us some information about it before we went. I
(4) .. (go) on quite a few trips with the language school
before this one, but I (5) .(enjoy) Alnwick most. The
guide (6)(tell) us that they (7) ....(make)
Harry potter films at the castle a few years earlier. I (8) ..
(think) that was really interesting. As I (9) .(wander)
around the grounds, I (10).(try) to spot parts of the castle I
(11) ...(see) in the films.

3) Rearrange the words to make complete sentences

1) an / Maths / is / important / curriculum / school / part / of / the
2) went / lecture / we / to / a / on / art / Italian
3) primary / my / daughter / and / at / is / seven / she / is / school
4) is / a / lecturer / politics / in/ he / at / a / UK / university
5) seminar / I / every / student / talked / a / lot / in / when / I / was / a
6) in/ hall/ seats/ we / took/ all/ lecture/ our/ the


4) Underline the correct alternative.


He called me Janice. He clearly / broadly thought I was someone else.

The building was easily / originally a factory before it became a sports centre.
Basically / Considerably, she just wants to be famous.
He paints and draws well / hard and could be a great artist one day.
Mr Tyler is continually / easily the best teacher in the school

5) Read these sentences and place the words in the box in the correct gap.
Then, rewrite the sentences in the correct order to make a story called The
Mystery Voice.
And -

although -


but- one day- after- so- because - as

A I stood on the pavement very shaken and upset______________ the truck had nearly
killed me.
B_____________, I was walking along the road when I heard someone shout my name.
C ______________ I still couldnt see anyone, that mystery voice had saved my life.
D I reached the end of the road __________ started to cross over to the other side.
E ______________ being so scared, I looked around for the person who had called my
name, _________ there was no sign of the mystery voice.
F The voice called again: Alice! Hello Alice, but I still couldn't see anyone________ I
continued walking.



Unit test unit 6 and part of unit 5
G For the third time, I heard the voice, this time shouting, Alice, don't cross over.
H _________ I stepped back onto the pavement as the voice had ordered, a huge truck
thundered past, just where I had started to cross.
I I turned round but I couldnt see anyone.
6) Read these sentences and choose a word from the box to complete them.
Carpet - antique- curtains- town house duvet- basement conditioning - cottage - chimney - garage blanket



1) Sophia has got two cars and the house has a double _____________. That is very
2) Please, draw the ______________ and put the light on.
3) He was busy hoovering the bedroom _____________ when I got home.
4) Thick, black smoke was pouring out of the_______________.
5) If you don't keep the windows closed, the _____________________can't work properly.
6) We climbed down the__________________stairs leaving Quinn alone in the kitchen.
7) Justines mother love old things. She always buys _______________ furniture.
8) She divides her time between her _________________ in New York and her
______________________ in Yorkshire.
9) A _______________ is a warm cover for your bed, consisting of a large cloth bag filled
with feathers or a soft material.
10) A _______________ is a thick cover made of wool or another material that you use
to keep warm in bed.
7) Complete the text with so, such, too, enough.


Last week I went to a fair with a friend and a man was

doing tattoos. I am not old (1) . to have a real tattoo
but these were temporary ones. The designs were really
pretty and not (2) big. I chose to have a small
butterfly on my arm and my friend had a flower. It was (3)
.good fun and everybody said they looked
like the real thing. When I got Home Mum was (4)
shocked! She thought it was (5)
.. good to be a temporary tattoo. If I had
another tattoo Id have some Chinese writing. That would
be (6) .. Cool!

8) Read these sentences and choose the correct option.


1) Tickets for the performance are _______________ at the box office.

A on sale
B up to date C at least
D sale
2) _______________, we decided not to buy it.
A on the end B at least
C in the end D at all
3) You can visit the championship website for ______________information on the latest
A at least
B up to date
C true
D final
4) Even if she didn't want to send a present, she could __________ have sent a card.
A in fact
B at all
C at least
D at first


Unit test unit 6 and part of unit 5

5) People think tomatoes are vegetables, but, _____________, they are fruits.
A in fact
B at least
C in the end D at all
6) I love watching horror movies in English, but I dont like comedies ______________
A in fact
B in the end C at first
D at all

9) Put ah vrb in brakets into either the past simple or past ontinuous.
a) Whn Harry (wak up) ............................ , we (tell)him th
b) vryon (wait) .for th onrt to bgin whn a mssag (arriv)

) harlott (want). a rlaxing holiday, so sh (hoos)... to stay

on a small island.
d) While Robrto (study) in Amria, his parnts (phon)
.. him vry wk.
) I (find)... my pn whil I (look for). my bag.
f) Ann (watch). a film on tlvision when Juli (arriv).
g) Whn th lights (go out) , I (li). in bd rading.
h) Whn you (go) to th nw hins rstaulant, what (you
at) ...................................?



You are going to live in the UK with a host

Write an email to a friend. In your email
you should:
-say where you are going to live.
-say why you have decided to live
-Invite your friend to visit you.
Write 35-45 words.

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