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October 28, 2016

Miss Knudsons
Classroom News
-I am going to start
sending extra worksheets
home for children to
practice if they would like
to, this is not required and
does not need to be
returned to school

-Library is every Thursday,
please send your children
with anything they have
checked out

-Remember no nuts
allowed at all in the
classroom for snack
(including birthday treats)
or lunch

-Show and tell every

Reading: We have learned about

Cass, Oswald, Golly, Alf and are
currently learning about Doc!

Writing: Word work, sight words
and writing capital and lowercase
Cs, Os, Gs, As, and Ds.

Math: Sorting objects up to 10.
Writing and counting 8-10.

Religion: To share Gods love with
people we love.

Science: Penguin investigation

Social Studies: We have been
looking at the weather and looking
for patterns in the weather.

-Monday October 31st we will have our

Halloween party in the morning and the children
will be in the Halloween parade in the
afternoon. They may wear their costumes all day
to school, but keep in mind they will still have
gym in the morning. If children want to bring
candy for their classmates they can (no nuts),
but it is not required.

-November 4th- No school, teacher in service