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Alvin’s World

Modern life has now been completely taken over by technology that the “tree of
knowledge” created. [Shame on you Eve, but I believe Adam probably goaded you into
it, and then blamed the poor snake!] So now there are two worlds out there, reality and
idealism. Reality is basic, whereas idealism (plus knowledge) requires propaganda and
exaggeration! The cults (instead of tribes of humans) prefer idealism with zero tolerance,
much like the pious Pharisees in the Bible.
Unfortunately the greed of mankind has become totally open ended i.e. without
limitations (monopoly is now accepted practice, if one has the financial power to deflect
all dissidents) and has employed technology for extreme power to enslave all common
humanity! The chains of slavery are the Fiat wealth of paper banknotes that have no true
value as money. Health is now an expensive commodity because of illness generated by
the greedy corporations stumbling over each other in their attempts to sell “hula hoops”
of processed foods, that have great profit margins, by appealing to the tastes of
undisciplined humans, who end up being damaged with overweight and unnecessary type
two diabetes. Linked onto this state of affairs is the cornucopia of medical industries that
mop up family savings by prodding mankind’s immune systems in the most costly
manner possible, so as to improve economic growth for the wealthy. Then come the
massive disclaimers (done in the finest of print) to minimize corporate liability, while
maximizing the risk of the patients.
The framers of the American Constitution foresaw these problem that valueless
paper, issued as “promises to pay,” would stoke the fires of revolution when hard
working wage slaves would finally realize that their ‘rewards’ have been legally stolen
from them. In the modern times, debt improves the temper of the chains of bondage, thus
affluence becomes the comfort for enslavement - whereas in reality, is the prime force
that intensifies it!
The American Indian’s philosophy was in-tune with a hostile planet, but it
interfered with perceived progress, so 30 million of them were exterminated. In Europe
home-life and religious values of the Jewish and Christian communities interfered with
economic growth, and the development of a powerful oligarchy of corporations, so 50
million of them were exterminated - at a faster rate then the American Indians. Being
animals supposedly created by a higher power seems to have no effect when it comes to
morals for super-tribes of humans, and thus intellectual ‘ignorance’ masks the killing
power of pecking order, that unleashes technology to justify murder.
We are too engrossed with Constantine’s philosophy, that the ends justify the
means. For the last 1700 years that we apply it to all jurisdictions in modern times. Death
is actually part of life; however, when used as a means to enslave a planet while
attempting to callously destroy the very ecosystem that supports life, is criminal. Because
of my open- minded view of things, folks think of me as a demented Fascist, whereas my
prime interest is reality, and not the extended illusionary life styles that are patented and
imprinted with our entertainment exposures. Movies are demonstrations of highly skilled
professional liars, performing to inspire audiences to respond to their candid behavior.
When I went to school, I was more concerned with why, even though I was famous for
passing tests and having a high grade average, winning valedictorian. and scholarships

without doing lots of homework. Blindly regurgitating memorized answers for tests was
just not my forte’.
The madman of the past that wished to create his future dream of the present
world seemed to have lost continental control. Instead of Europe initially, per Adolph’s
scheme, it occurred in America instead. Unfortunately competition without adherence to
some kind of constitution creating ground rules is totally destructive. Performance
becomes a primary issue to every argument, and with the gullible public, wins! Thus we
currently live an egomaniac existence. Diving cars that have potential to double the
maximum legal speeds, equipped with 6 speed transmissions to covert high rpm to high
torque for acceleration that stimulates aggression. And then becomes agitated by a legal
system that utilizes zero tolerance, a prosecution system that is a leftover from the
Spanish Inquisition - who’s ‘dog is wagged’ by the judicial system, all held together with
the mortar of corruption. We now have two classes of citizens, those that belong, and are
safely tucked away by corporations, and individuals that are now all criminals in the eyes
of authorities. Authorities that believe they have an open season on defenseless
individuals, and thus visualize them as all criminals by accusation i.e. without any proof
of guilt. This in turn eliminates individual innovation by forcing only people of status, the
right to steal inventions from the established “low class” (unincorporated) ‘criminal
Unfortunately we are now slumping into the same sick situation that supported
Adolph Hit ler’s rise to power. When the American dollar stabilizes, the unstable market
starts to sink. Surprise, when the stock rally occurs with hoorays, we have a synchronic
increase in inflation because the value of a dollar had shrunk. Hmm. That sounds more
like the number manipulation taught by the Clinton’s, than natural economic growth! The
bottom line is that this is crippling to the poor because the wealthy don’t give a dam if the
price of gas and milk goes up 5 times. Hopefully, I am attempting to point out that
affluence can be destructive.
The controlling minds of the planet are aware that there is too much racism, and
integration becomes an important factor; except, it is not to occur within the ruling class!
Fraternity is as close to integration as acceptable by the haughty, so cultism flourishes at
the level of a plutocracy.
Now we have herds of human animals that concern themselves with performance
primary, to suite the establishment, without any concern for personal conservative values.
Tryouts for the American Idol all believe they are artists, and the rejected ones believe
they are merely victims of “bad taste.” Currently there is no room in the world for
moderates – unless they form commune cults; of which jackbooted conformists will tear
down immediately!
With the destruction of the American Constitution, I am unable to maintain an
equitable interest in property i.e. property that is tremendously overvalued. To purchase a
small residential old home, to fix up to match my life style, it will cost about 1.5 times
the price of the new modern mansions that the more affluent society demands, yet the
“upper class” will pass the tax burden onto the ‘lesser’ citizens, and their older homes,
because they truly believe they need to be torn down, and modernized. No more mobile
homes, or converting my property in Slidell TX into a Mobile Home Park. No more
vendors selling hot dogs on the street – that are now replaced by drug dealers. Drug
dealers that are given political protection while their customers are abused - legally.

However, amongst this insanity I can picture a more tranquil world that is much
more user friendly, because it concerns itself with efficiency rather than performance.
Unfortunately, because our leadership is corrupt, and we truly are witho ut any true
leaders; government just utilizes democracy to pass their blame of incompetence back
onto the citizens that statistically have no ‘say power’ to militate against their over-
powerment! So like Bosnia and Herzegovina, if you wish to live the 1950 American life
style, you are going to get that “crap” bombed out of you. Obviously, this is proven over
and over with Waco, West Texas communes (that are now disowned by the (bigger)
Mormon Church), and others that had their rights obnoxiously violated! Apparently the
media, government, society is now infected with a mental disease that springboards their
financial chains of slavery into totally blind and subservient by-polar ignorance. The
perfect Mecca for Fascism to flourish!
Affluence and protectionism is destroying us. Hell’s Angels in the 1950s were
considered the Wild Ones, yet they sedately drove their Harleys on the highways
following common sense adherence to the rules of the roads, while doing their stunt
driving at sites that were befitting the tasks. Not at all like the fools of today that will do
an 80 mph wheely during rush hour traffic with their tremendously overpowered bikes.
The big stunt with the Angels was to have their girls expose their boobs while in motion.
How fast should a 2 axle piece of machinery travel? Man can roam the land at 20
mph with his own power on a pedal bike, meaning he can travel completely around the
planet (comfortably) in about 2 years. Many times in rush hour traffic I wished I could
travel at 20 mph - and if sma ller low speed vehicles were involved, the regulation of rush
hour traffic would be improved considerably. Man (the animal) can walk at 4 mph, trot at
8 mph and run more than 12 mph, and with mechanical assistance, use his power to roll
at 20 mph. What is it about our egotistical nature to avoid all natural rules of logic and
merely duplicate the normal speed range of man by mechanical convenience? Why do we
triple it for cruising, and quadruple it for driving cross-country? Unfortunately the answer
lies in the fact we are the wage slaves in the eyes of the oligarchy that is now, the true
citizen that has some ruminants of the American Constitution working for them.
This passage of time with society heavily stimulated into an unrealistic world by
theater, propaganda, politics, deceptive advertising, advanced satire, high tech crime, and
emotionalized criminal processing, with truth occurring behind (protective) closed doors
has generated the ignorance the public swelters in. The heavy bars of self imprisonment
are generated by emotional forces that have now been over stimulated. Obviously, the
only way this extremely exaggerated paradigm can come to an end is by a holocaust of
biblical proportions (Yellowstone’s super volcano, Asteroid impact, or Nuclear war)!
Prestigious mankind, even for the purpose of survival, will refuse to back up into
a slower universe to enjoy the marvels of high tech that could be apportioned to a slower
paced society that the majority of Americans can handle. Job opportunities would
flourish if we would just roll up our sleeves to rebuild our vehicles into 20 mph town cars
that yield 100 mpg, subdivide our mansions to hold multiple families, revise our traffic
patterns to keep interstate highways outside our cities, and revise inner city traffic to have
10 mph routes for personal inexpensive scooters and bicycles, giving the elderly and poor
total independence. India has made steps in solutions of the costly transportation problem
(along with pollution problems) by developing the Air Car. Using modern technology
America can jump to the forefront and make a cheap version of a “people cart” using a

Kevlar tank, plastic Bourke scotch yoke engine with push pull design that needs no
lubrication, and is cheap enough to discard and replace whe n worn out (like a plastic
Coke bottle).
For us old folks that cannot bridge this extreme gap that geriatrics has fabricated,
the option of comfortable suicide should be available. Obviously, mankind will blind
himself to reality and glibly permit the eve ntual ‘Four Horsemen’ to run rampant. The
true driving force of these ‘Four Horsemen’ will be hypertension - that will stoke the
flames of pecking order, the same Fascist way as the Nazi party initiated its hurricane of
violence and murder. If we don’t learn from history, we simply repeat it, by installing
treacherous rulers, as demonstrated by the extreme overpowerment America chooses
when a “war” of some kind is declared.
[Look at the candidates running for office of President in 2008. I would rather
vote for a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker! The Constitution’s original intent.]
After all is said, I will choose to live my simpler life as a cult of one, just doing
the necessities for existence. Possibly I can sway others to reduce their tension of slavery
through ignoring the sirens of the oligarchy, that softly sing of prestigious numbers for
extreme status, so as to get a whiff of the roses in their life i.e. before the eventual
holocaust begins!

1. First Electronic Thermometer for temperatures below 300 degrees F.
Barron Blakeslee Corporation.
2. Tone impedance interlock. Keene Corporation. Your GM ignition keys.
3. Conversion of Electro- file system to electronics. Still in operation.
4. Solid State conversions for Scandia Label machines.
5. Bi-directional electronic counter with multiplexing inputs for garage programming.
6. Mini parking gate. Parking Systems Inc. Used now all over the world, seen at
airports. Integrated system for reliable simple phase shift vehicle detection.
7. Novel Cassette labeling for Pharmaceutical corporations. MG Industries Inc.
8. First computer system for Johnson Farebox. Keene Corporation.
9. Statistical evaluation system for the Meter Relay. Simpson Electronics.
10. First low cost Bass Amplifier. Tone Right Inc.
11. Hexadecimal minus 1 system, for card key locks and ticket dispensers. Parking
Systems Inc.
12. Author of “Ramblings of Sanity.”
13. Design and build 100 Livingston Sidewinders for high-speed duplication of tape.
Ampex Corporation, under guidance of William Lear (his 8 track project).

To list a baker’s dozen achievements beyond learning to fly light-planes, and studying
metallurgy to manufacture, and control zinc bullets for high midrange accuracy (Won a
Fox Valley Sgt York shoot with the mavericks).