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Translated : Mohan Krishna Seemakurthi

By Devotion Service Meditation Foundation
26-1-703, B V Nagar
India - 524004
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If there are any mistakes, please forgive with a good heart, from so many days I want
to deliver the Lord Krishnas instructions to all in simple form, make everyone realize
the Lord which is very near to everyone and get closer to the lord.

Today's world is filled with Murders, suicides, unlawful things, egos, and selfish
desires are more when compared with Peace, happiness, law, justice and charity I am
requesting everyone to Spread Lord's instructions to everyone to increase the Peace,
happiness, law and Justice
If one what to know about the secrets of the universe and body, Where you came
from? Where you go after? What is this existence about? Who is god? Who I am?
One can find the clarified answers by reading and understanding Gita, again and
again, meditating again and again with patience, practice until you find, once you find
it, you will be at greatest peace.
Respect to All Great People who Sacrificed their life for the welfare of all.

Mohan Krishna Seemakurthi

Table of Contents
1. Arjunas Sorrow--4
2. Spiritual Strength--7
3. Path of Service--11
4. Path of Wisdom--13
5. Best of Service and Wisdom--15
6. Meditation--17
7. Supreme Wisdom--20
8. Eternal Brahman--22
9. Royal Education,Royal Secret--24
10.Primary in Nature--26
11.Universal Form--28
13.Separating Filed and Filed Knower--33
14.Three Modes in Nature--35
15.Eternal Supreme Goal--37
16.Divine and Evil Qualities--38
17.SAT and ASAT--40
18.Sanyasa and Tyag--42

1. Arjunas Sorrow

1. What are they doing Sanjaya, who desire to fight my sons and sons of Pandu In field

After watching the Pandavas army, prince Duryodhana went to his teacher and spoke
the following words.
3. O my teacher observe the army of Pandavas arranged by your student, son of
4. There are heroic warriors who are equivalent to Bhima and Arjun are Yuyudhana,
Virata, Drupadha.
5. Dhristaketu, Chekitana, strong king of kashi, Kurujit, Kuntibhoi, Shaibya
6. Mighty Yudhamanyu, powerful Uttamauja, the son of Subhadra and the sons of
Draupadi, all these are assembled with their mighty chariots.
7. Best of the Brahmanas Dronacharya I will tell you the best warriors who are on our
8. You, Bhishma, Karna, Kripa equivalent fighters like Ashrattama, Vikarna and son of
9. There are many other heroic warriors who are ready to give up their lives for me.
There are other people who are experienced in various weapons.
10. Our unlimited army is protected by Bhishma, there limited army is protected by
11. Thus, everyone takes their places and support the grandfather of kuru.
12. Then Bhishma, grandfather of kuru dynasty blew his conch shell very loudly Sound
like a roar of a lion to cheer up the Duryodhana.
13. After that, Conch shells, Drums, Horns sounded its sound is tremendous.
14. After that, Lord Krishna and Arjun blew their divine conch shells.
15. Lord Krishna blew his conch called Panchajanya, Arjuna blew his Devadutta and
Bhima blew his strong conch Paundram.
16. The conch named Anantavijaya blew by the son of Kunti king Yudhistira, Sughos and
Manipuspaka blew by Nakula and sahadev.
17. The mighty bowman king of Kashi, warrior Shikhandi, Dristadyumna, Virata,
unbeatable Satyaki.
18. King Drupada, Sons of Draupadi, Son of Subhadra, Abhimanyu joined their conch
19. The sound becomes very violent feared the hearts of Dhrutharastra army, vibrating the
sky and Earth.

20. King Dhritarashtra after watching the warriors in the battle who are prepared to fight
Arjuna went to Lord Krishna spoke the following words.
21. Krishna, please drive my chariot between two armies.
22. I want to see who has the desire to fight with me.
23. See who are here to please the evil-minded Dhritarashtra.
24. Lord Krishna drew the divine chariot between two armies.
25. By facing Bhishma, Drona, other kings, Lord Krishna said see these kuru warriors
26. (26-27) Arjuna standing between two armies observing fathers, grandfathers, teachers,
uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, in-laws, different relatives and well-wishers
who came to battle, Arjuna with sorrow spoke like this.
28. Krishna after seeing the friends and relatives who came to battle, my body is shaking,
mouth drying up.
29. (29-30) My hair standing on end and my bow Gandiva slipping from my hand, unable
to stand any longer and mind is reeling.
31. These signs are not good. I dont know what good by killing own relatives and friends
in the battle, Krishna.
32. Krishna, I have no desire For victory or a kingdom nor pleasures what is the use of
these Pleasures?
33. For whom we desire the kingdoms, pleasure they came here by leaving the kingdoms
and pleasures.
34. Teachers, fathers, sons, grandfathers, uncles, in-laws all other family and friends are
35. Madhusudhana let them kill me, I wont kill them even they had given me three
36. Krishna what we accomplish if we kill the sons of Dhritarashtra we become sinful
even if we kill evil men.
37. How can we kill the sons of Dhritarashtra who are our relatives?
38. Kuru family unable to see because of greed they came to battle, but we can see the
39. Janardhana! Thus we turn away from this battle, families will be lost if we participate.
40. If we kill these people we are not following the path of law, if the law is not there
everything will be with sin.
41. If there is no justice, women of the family become polluted, if women polluted their
family becomes Polluted.

42. It is hell for their families. With these families, the society gets polluted. The people
who destroy the society will go to hell.
43. Families and society get spoiled with their greed.
44. Janardhana! The ancient sage said Those who break the law will go to hell.
45. Pleasure towards the kingdom, we are killing the relatives and friends is the biggest
46. Comparing this it is better to die in the hands of the sons of Dhritarashtra.
47. Thus Arjuna with sorrow spoke like these words and left the bow and arrows sat
down in the chariot.

1. Lord Krishna saw the Arjun with eyes full of tears and spoke the following words.
2. At this time these doubts and sorrow are not good for you. How did you come away
from your warrior path?
3. With a brave heart destroy these doubts and sorrows.
4. Madhusudhana! How can I fight against my teachers like Bhishma and Drona?
5. It is better to spend my life with begging instead killing my teachers. If I kill them the
kingdoms and pleasure will be changed to blood.
6. Do I have to participate in battle or not?, I am in confusion, but Dhritarashtra's sons
are eager to participate in the battle.
7. I am in big trouble. I do not know What is good? What is not good? I am your student
and falling on your feet please instruct me.
8. How can I get away from this sorrow and my strength is zero now.
9. Like this Arjuna spoke with Lord Krishna. Krishna, I dont participate in the battle
and kept silent.
10. After watching Arjuna in sorrow between the two armies, Lord Krishna with a gentle
smile said like this.
11. You spoke to your heart, but your sorrow has no meaning, wise, dont worry about the
living or dead.
12. You, me, all these kings we are there all the time spirit is everlasting it will be there
all the time, the body will vanish but the spirit will not vanish.
13. As a person has a childhood, youth and old age, who are dead they will attain another
body. Dont worry about this.
14. Because of senses, one gets heat, cold, pleasure and pain those are responsible for
ones growth and dissolution thus dont worry about senses.
15. Who are unaffected by senses for them pleasure and pain they see with equal eye.
Those are eligible for the goal of life.
16. Which is not everlasting that is not truth, spirit is the only truth. Those who knows
this knowledge. They dont have to know anything else.
17. That which is everlasting no one can destroy. The indestructible Lord spread over the
entire universe knows this truth.

18. Arjuna body is destructible, but which lives in the body is indestructible. Therefore
fight in the battle.
19. Some think the Spirit will kill someone and some think the spirit is killed by
someone, both are ignorant. Spirit will not kill, not be killed.
20. You are unborn; deathless you are not going to change, nor changed by anyone. the
Body will die you will never die.
21. Arjuna for the spirit neither birth nor death, you will not kill or killed by anyone.
22. One take-off the worn-out clothes and take-in the new clothes. Thus the spirit left the
worn-out body and take a new body.
23. The Spirit cannot be sliced with weapon, burned by fire, wet by water, dried by wind.
24. The Spirit cannot be sliced, burned, wet, dried, which is everywhere and motionless.
25. You are beyond the senses and mind you are changeless, know about you and do not
26. Though you think that you will born and die for this also do not worry.
27. That which had taken birth it will die and after death, there is another birth do not
worry about these.
28. For living beings before birth, they have no senses after birth, they have senses, after
death, there are no senses, do not worry about senses. No point to struggle for senses.
29. Some will observe, some will explain about it, some people will hear about it,
Nobody knows completely.
30. Spirit is present in every living creature, one cannot kill it, do not worry about these.
31. For the Warriors nothing is higher than fighting against evil in battle thus performing
your duty of fighting.
32. The Battle for the warriors is open gates to heaven.
33. If you are not participating in battle and performing your duty of fighting, it is a
dishonour and sin.
34. Your dishonor will spread, for honoring person, dishonor is worse than death.
35. Brave warriors in the battle think that you left the battle out of fear.
36. Enemies will disrespect your strengths; say the words that you cannot bear, what is
more, painful than this.
37. Arjuna, if you die in battle it will take to heaven, if you gain victory you will get
kingdom thus rise for battle.
38. Victory, defeat, honor, dishonor, profit and loss see them with the equal eye. Thus,
you will be freed from sins.
39. Arjuna, I said about wisdom, now hear about the work if you follow this you will be
free from bonds of work.
40. On this path effort never go waste, on this path there no word of losing, a little effort
will protect you from the greatest fear.
41. Who are on this path they see me alone, who are not in this path. Their desires are a
like tree with endless branches.
42. Those who learned Vedas they say nothing more than this.

43. Reality those words are for their sense enjoyment and to fulfill desires, those who
desire for the results of their work. They have re-birth.
44. Whose wisdom has been taken away with desires that person is not eligible for the
goal of life.
45. Vedas say about the three qualities. But you are above three qualities. Do not worry
about your sense enjoyment it will conquer you.
46. What is the use of small ponds for the person in the middle of the sea, for Enlightened
man there is no use of the Vedas?
47. Perform your work but do not look for the results of your work, by checking results of
your work do not do any work.
48. Perform work without attachment, if work goes good or not good has equal eye on
both this is the path of work.
49. For enlightened thinks, wisdom is the wealth, but normal person looking back for
results of their work.
50. An Equal eyed person looks sin, virtue with equal eye, they do not worry about
works, gone beyond good or bad this is the path of work.
51. A Person with wisdom left the results of their work which cause birth and death,
attain the supreme goal.
52. When your mind is free from the desire of self-satisfaction, then you will know the
53. Mind will move here and there, reach the position where there is point minded then
you will get wisdom in meditation.
54. Krishna, a person with wisdom. How they will speak, How they will sit, How they
will walk?
55. One gives up their results of their work. With no desires of self-satisfaction, see them
at all.
56. Pain cannot make them down, nor Pleasures can take him up, freed from anger and
57. One has no desires of sensual pleasure, neither depressed by bad nor hyper by good.
58. As tortoise withdraws his limbs likewise withdraw them from the senses.
59. Senses are responsible for all the pleasures thinks like this runs of pleasure, but when
they realize the ultimate pleasure. one will stop running for sensual pleasures.
60. Senses are so strong, drags away that person who are trying to control.
61. But the wise gradually controls the senses with help of mind.
62. When you think of the sense pleasure it will increase the intensity of desires when
desires are not fulfilled, anger arises.

63. With the anger arises, wisdom will fall, then, what you want to achieve in this life you
are unable to achieve, life is going waste.
64. Wise knows this will happen and controls the senses and obtaining peace and
65. With this peace, one is obtaining the wisdom and sorrows come to end.
66. Where senses are not in control their wisdom wont be there. There will be no
happiness without peace. How can there will be at ultimate happiness without peace.
67. Storm sweeps away the boat on the water like the senses sweeping away who dont
have control over them.
68. Use all your strength to control these senses and with a steady mind, you will get
ultimate wisdom.
69. Such sages morning is night for them and night is the morning for them
70. As the river flows into the ocean and does not Make Ocean full, like all the sense
desire will not fulfill one's desires.
71. Those who left their desires not worried about the results of their work. Left the I,
My, Mine such are reaching me.
72. This is the ultimate goal of life. Once they reached the goal. They reach from death to


1. Krishna, you have said that wisdom is greater than working, then why are you
suggesting to participate in the battle.
2. I am unable to understand, please show one good path to reach ultimate goal.
3. When the creation had started, I declared these two paths. Goal by working, goal by
4. Without coming to the path of working. No one succeeds in the path of wisdom.
5. One will work according to three modes of action.
6. Without working simply allowing the mind towards the sensual pleasure cannot be
called as a sage.
7. Controls ones senses and work fork for the welfare of all be called as sage.
8. Perform your duty by working, is better than not working. Without work, your one
cannot maintain physical body.
9. Work for your sense pleasure causes bonds, work not for your sensual pleasure. This
is the path of working.
10. The Person and work created together, in the path of working people will be always at
peace this is my promise.
11. With these kinds of works lower-gods and others will be satisfied. Lower gods will
satisfy people, by satisfying each other both will attain the supreme goal.
12. Human desires are fulfilled by lower gods, anyone who enjoys these results without
sharing called a thief.
13. In the path of working their food is not with sin. Those who are not in the path of
working their food is with sin.
14. Living creatures are growing from food, food is growing from rains, and rains are
growing from the path of work.
15. Every work came from the Lord, he is present in every work.
16. The cycle of human life is bonded to work who disobey this law. They fall into
sensual pleasure and their life will be wasted.
17. Those who knows the path of working is at the ultimate happiness. They dont run for
sensual pleasures.
18. They dont have a profit or loss of any work neither people nor pleasures change
19. They work constantly for the welfare of the world. These people are reaching the
supreme goal.
20. King Janaka and so many have attained the goal by this path of working.
21. What does the outstanding person do, all other follow the path. What instruction they
advise to all the world will follow.

22. Of the three worlds, nothing can bind me to work and I dont have a goal to reach but
I will work constantly.
23. If I stop working all they will follow my path.
24. When I stop working I will become the reason for universe destruction.
25. Arjuna! Ignorant work for themselves, wise work for the welfare of others.
26. Watching wise works, ignorant will be in confusion because they always work for
27. Works are performed by three modes in nature. Ignorant thinks, I had done this work
unable to see the three modes.
28. Wise knows that three modes interact with each other and performing the works.
Thus, I am not part of it.
29. Who didn't observer working with three modes, waiting for their results of their
work?. Even the wise cannot change them.
30. Submit all the works to me and fight. Without expecting results of the work.
31. Those who perform these divine laws. They will escape from the bonds of works.
32. Those who will not perform these laws are ignorant, they are subjected to their own
33. Wise will also perform works according to three modes of nature. But controls the
34. Sensual pleasures, desires are the biggest difficulties in your path. Pleasure will
control you.
35. Perform the works that you know. Do not perform works that you dont know. By
doing unknown work causes fear, insecurity.
36. Lord, by which power, that one is with selfish desires?
37. Sensual pleasures, desires, anger came from the mode of Rajasa.
38. Fire is covered by smoke, the mirror is covered by dust, Embryo is covered by the
womb, wisdom is covered with selfish desires.
39. Desires are like fire which will never stop that is the main enemy of wisdom.
40. For desires senses, mind, intelligence are the vehicles and dragging towards the
41. Thus Arjuna use all your strength to control the senses, which destroys wisdom.
42. Of body-senses are stronger, of senses-mind is stronger, of mind-intelligence is
stronger, and of intelligence-spirit is stronger.
43. Let the spirit controls the intelligence, intelligence controls the mind, mind controls
the senses and destroy these desires.


1. I told this secret to sun god and sun god told to Manu and Manu told to Ikshvaku.
2. Like these sages knows the supreme secret. In the time this secret had lost.
3. Thus, I am re-initiating this secret because you are, my dear friend and devotee. I had
explained this.
4. Krishna, you were born much after sun god, how can I know that you explain to sun
5. You have passed many births you had no idea about those but I know.
6. I am never born, I will be there all the time I am the base of every creature. With my
own power, I had taken this limited form.
7. Whenever there is a decline of law and raise of evil things I will take this limited
8. I am taking limited form at every age to protect good and to destroy evil.
9. Those who knows about their life divine responsibilities they are becoming united
with me without a doubt.
10. Who remove selfish desire, fear, and anger and with the purified heart who surrenders
to me they are reaching the goal of life.
11. All the paths are coming to me. You can choose any path.
12. Those who want results of their work they are praying lower gods and the results are
getting fulfilled.
13. There are four kinds of work came from me, I am the base for them know about this
14. I dont have interest in the results of the work, it wont affect me. Those who know
this will not affect by the result of work.
15. Know this secret and perform your work. Sages who are before you had done like
16. What work should I have to do? And what not? These doubts are there for older
sages I will reveal the secret for you.
17. If you know what you have to do then you will know what should, you dont have to
do, then perform your work
18. The Wise sees there are Donts in Dos and Dos in Donts and perform work.
19. Thus who knows this and perform their works. Those are called the wise and sages.
They are burning results of the work to ash in the fire of knowledge.
20. Those who left the results of the work are wise.


21. Desires, free from sensual pleasures controls the body, mind performs their works,
they are untouched by sins.
22. They have freed themselves from happy and sad for them both are alike.
23. They are free from the results of the work, their minds are filled with the knowledge
their sins dissolve and go beyond sins.
24. They are called Brahman. This principle also called Brahman. Their actions are
Brahman, that which in the works is also Brahman.
25. Some give their material objects to others and destroying the results of work.
26. Some other destroying up their sensual pressures, some working with senses for the
welfare of the world.
27. Some going on the path of spiritual wisdom.
28. Some give their wealth, some work for the welfare of the world; some control the
senses, some in the path of spiritual wisdom.
29. Some sages performing inhalation and exhalation in the path of meditation.
30. Some people control their senses and understanding the meaning of service and
clearing their sins.
31. Those who will do service are reaching the goal of life. Those who are not doing any
service. They will be not happy in this and the next birth.
32. Services can be performed with work, who knows this truth is making their paths
towards me.
33. Service is greater than the wealth of knowledge.
34. Those who know this ask them politely and they will instruct you.
35. If you know this wisdom once, then you will never fall again, you can see all
creatures in you.
36. If you think you are most sinful of all sinners, you can cross the ocean of sin with a
spiritual boat.
37. As the fire turns the wood to ashes, likewise in the wisdom of fire turns the sins into
38. There is nothing is greater than spiritual wisdom, with the efforts they are gaining the
spiritual wisdom.
39. Those who take wisdom as the highest goal trying for that and controlling the senses.
They are reaching the spiritual wisdom very fast and attaining peace.
40. But the ignorant dont trust and wasting their lives. They will never be happy in this
and next life.
41. Cut down the bonds of work with the spiritual sword and live happily and peacefully.
42. Arjuna, cut out those doubts which are the reason for your ignorance with the spiritual
sword arise for the battle.



1. Krishna, you explained about the path of service and path of wisdom. Please suggest
which is good.
2. Path of service and path of wisdom, both are good. But the path of service it is better
than the path of wisdom.
3. Who are alike for likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain. They are released from bonds
of work.
4. Ignorant speaks that path of service and path of wisdom is different, but wise speak
that both are alike
5. Since both are reaching the same goal.
6. Who dont see the path of service and path of wisdom are alike they are ignorant.
7. To obtain wisdom is difficult without the path of service. With the path of service,
one is attaining the goal quickly.
8. Path of service they are controlling their mind and senses. They see the same spirit in
all living creatures. They are untouched by sin.
9. Those who knows the truth I am doing nothing while seeing, hearing, speaking,
eating, moving, sleeping, opening and closing of eyes thinks that only sense objects
are working.
10. Those who dont have interest in the results of their work. As the water drop
untouched by lotus leaf, like spirit is untouched by body.
11. In the path of service one work for the purification of body, senses, mind.
12. Service-Sages scarifying the results of their work and attaining peace. Who is
attracted to the results of their work are bonded with results of the work.
13. Those who left the results of their work are happy in the body city of nine gates.
14. Lord is not responsible for all the works. They are happening with three modes in
15. Lord is not responsible for the good or evil deeds of a person. Wisdom is covered
with ignorance, they are thinking like that.
16. Whose ignorance is destroyed by the shining sun of knowledge they attain door of the
17. Those who are single minded with the lord. Their ignorance vanishes by wisdom, for
them there is no re-birth.
18. Enlightened looks -wise, cow, elephant, dog with an equal eye. They think all came
from Brahman. They are the best of all.

20. They are alike with happy and sad there are freed from three modes and united with
the lord.
21. They do not depend on external support and enjoying the ultimate happiness.
22. All the worldly, sensual pleasures causing repeated birth and death. Wise knows this
and not worried about sensual pleasures.
23. Those who control the desires, anger before leaving the body said to be a sage.
24. Those sages know their happiness, peace and wisdom is within themselves are uniting
with the lord.
25. Who constantly works for the welfare of all living beings will be freed from sin called
a sage uniting with the lord.
26. Those who are on the path of controlling the material desires, anger are uniting with
the lord.
27. Those who have closed their eyes are concentrating on the breathing, spiritual
wisdom. Controlling the mind, senses are freed from anger, desire, and fear.
29. Knowing me the lord of the universe and dearest friend of all living attaining eternal


1. Who does not do any service will not become a sage. The one who does services and
not expect any results from the services become a sage.
2. Who does not have desires of their service results, that one is wise, this is called
3. Sacrificing results of the work, path of service, wisdom, peace, meditation.
4. Sacrificing results of the service, controlling senses one who has these are said to be a
sage with a steady mind.
5. One should reshape themselves with the help of mind. Mind is the friend and mind is
an enemy.
6. Who conquer the mind, mind become one's friend who fails to conquer the mind
becomes one's enemy.
7. Who conquer the mind they see pleasure and pain, fame and blame with equal eye and
see the supreme
8. They completely fill their mind with spiritual wisdom conquered the senses. They see
gold and stone with an equal eye.
9. They are alike to friends, enemy, family, good and evil.
10. By controlling the senses who have no desires, sit in a clean place concentrate on the
11. Select a clean place which is neither too high nor too low at a peaceful place. Which
is good for meditation place the grass, deer skin or soft cloth.
13. Seated firmly, make the mind one-pointed on the breathing, seated firmly keep head,
neck, body in a straight line. Do not wander your eyes here and there.
15. By controlling the senses and the mind. They are at ultimate peace and attain the goal.
16. Who eats too much, who eats too little, who sleeps too much, who sleeps too little are
not succeeding in meditation.
17. Who is not controlling Eating, Sleeping, and the Work They are ending in sorrow in
18. Who controls the Eating; Sleeping and Work are becoming united with the lord and
attaining peace.
19. A Lamp in windless place is unwavering like Yogi become unwavering in
20. In the unwavering meditation you will know about the spirit then you are at
permanent peace and freedom.
21. Ultimate happiness beyond the senses only Mind can observe by enjoying the ultimate
happiness one is undisturbed by anything.
22. Thinks that there is no greater gain than this, they are unchanged by sorrow.
23. They will be freed from the sorrows with mediation this path is strongest, pleasing by
practice with interest.

24. Mind has to control the sensual pleasures of doing meditation again and again. Mind
will be stilled in the spirit.
26. Usually mind wanders here and there; by meditating again and again slowly it will be
steady on the spirit.
27. Once the mind is stilled on spirit you will freed from all the bonds and enjoys the
ultimate happiness.
28. For who are sinless, they are attaining ultimate happiness very quickly. one can
become sinless quickly by service
29. They see own spirit in all living creatures, see all spirits in them. They came to know
all are equal.
30. Those who see me in all creatures they will not go away from me.
31. All the time still you mind on me, do all the things with me.
32. See all living things in themselves with equal eye. See others sorrows and happiness
are their own called a sage.
33. For equal vision and meditation, mind is restless move one place to another
34. How can there be peace for restless mind, controlling mind is more difficult than
controlling the wind?.
35. What you have said is true, mind is restless and moves here and there, but you can
control it by practice and without desires.
36. Who does not conquer the mind, meditation is very difficult for them, but who
conquered the mind. They reach quicker with meditation.
37. What will happen to that person who started Meditation and in the middle with lack of
controlling the mind not reaching the goal and become like scattered clouds?.
38. These doubts are making me depressed, please clear these doubts, Krishna.
40. Arjuna, nothing will happen to that person, who does good will not end will evil.
41. (41-45) If they left the body in middle they will go to heaven and enjoy the happiness
and pleasures, later enter in the earth take birth in the divine houses or they will born
in family of meditation. These births are very rare from, They will continue from
there where they stopped, past practice already with them.
46. After many births with efforts, one is free from sensual desires and attaining supreme.
47. Path of meditation is better than the path of service. This path also called path of
wisdom become sage Arjuna.


48. Those who are on the path of meditation, who trusts me and devoted to me becoming
strong in the path of meditation.


1. Put your heart on me be by discipline, I will clear all your doubts then you will get the
2. With this wisdom, you can get supreme wisdom. Once you get it, then you dont have
to know anything else.
3. Among thousand one is getting wisdom among those only few are attaining the
supreme wisdom.
4. Earth, water, fire, air, sky, mind, intelligence, ego. These are eight divisions of my
5. Beyond this, there is another nature of mine, which holds the universe and becomes
the base of every living creature.
6. All living things are subjected to these two natures the whole universe came from me
and dissolve in me.
7. There is nothing exists separate from me. All living creatures are like pearls on the
thread in me. I am the base for them.
8. I am the taste of the water, the radiance of sun, moon, sacred sound of the Vedas,
9. Radiance of fire, the life of all, living, spirituality of sages.
10. I am the seed of everything in this universe, among the wise I am the wisdom.
11. Strength of the strong, works of the selfless-work. Thought of the selfless desire.
12. Three modes of nature Sattva, Rajasa and Tamasa came from me. But I am not
in them.
13. Living beings are subjected to act with these three modes and failing to see me who is
beyond these three modes.
14. It is difficult to overcome these three modes, but who are my disciple are crossing
over these modes.
15. Without trust in me, ignorant falls in three modes of illusion and performing their evil
16. Some for spiritual life, some for wisdom, and some to know goal of life are coming to
17. Among wise, who is one point minded on me are very dear to me.
18. Of others wise is pure, but of all the wise who are devoted to me are becoming united
with me.
19. After several births wise is becoming my devotee, observing me in all are very rare.
20. Wisdom is stolen by so many desires follows their own nature and worship lower
21. Devotee who wishes to worship lower gods. I am fixing their hearts with lower gods.
22. Their desires are fulfilled by lower gods are worshipping the lower gods.
23. Those who want to attain lower gods are going to lower gods. Those who worship me
lord of lower gods are coming to me.

24. Ignorant unable to see my true nature which is beyond birth and death and think as a
normal human.
25. With my illusion, ignorant unable to see my true nature.
26. I know everything in past, present and future, but no one knows me completely.
27. All are subjected to pleasure and pain with sensual desires.
28. Those who are not subjected to pleasure and pain with sensual desires are pure and
devoted to me.
29. Who devote their lives to me. They are going beyond the birth and death and
obtaining the goal of life.
30. Those who knows that which is ruling the universe Adibhuta, Adhidaidva,
Adhiyagna, Adhidiva, Adhiatma, eternal brahman before the time of death they
see me.


1. (1-2) Krishna, can you please explain about Eternal Brahman, Adhiathma,
Adhibudtha, Adhidavya, Adhiyagna,Adidiva How can one know before
leaving the body.
3. (3-4) My highest nature which had given birth to all the universe is the Eternal
Brahman, that lives in every creature is Adhiathma, that which creatures are made
is Adhibutha, that which is responsible for all spirits is called Adhiathma, the
supreme sacrifice is called Adhiyagna,that which is responsible for all the gods is
5. Who is remembering at the time of death will come to me without a doubt.
6. With what views one is leaving the body, they are obtaining those bodies after death.
7. Still your mind on me and fight in battle with your heart and mind on me you will
obtain me.
8. Remember me all the time without any other you will reach me without a doubt.
9. Lord is the reason of all the things smaller than an atom, nourishing all the living
creatures brighter than the sun and who destroy the darkness of ignorance.
10. By remembering lord at the time of death concentrate between the eyebrows with
purified heart, then you will reach supreme lord.
11. I will briefly explain about the summary of the Vedas, who is attaining the supreme
lord . One who is free from desires and kept the mind and intelligence in their control
and sacrifices their work to supreme is reaching supreme lord.
12. Control your senses, mind, intelligence and still your heart on me until the time of
13. Repeat the word OM that represents the Eternal Lord you will go from your body
and attain Eternal lord.
14. I am easy to obtain for those who is one point minded on me without any other.
15. Great spirits after reaching me they dont take the body again.
16. Arjuna in this world every living creature has a re-birth, but who reached me they
dont have re-birth.
17. Thousand Yugas is the one day of Brahma. Again, thousand Yugas is the night of
Brahma know about this.
18. The whole universe is constructed by Brahma in the daytime and destruction by
Brahma at night time.
19. Construction and destruction are like day and night.
20. All these creations of the universe and dissolving are happening on me. I am the
eyewitness when the whole universe is dissolved that eternal will not dissolve.
21. This is called the goal of life after reaching there is no re-birth.

22. This supreme Lord pervades the entire universe. You can know only by undivided
devotion and love.
23. There are two paths after death. Arjuna, one path is taking to Eternal lord another one
taking to re-birth.
24. When the sun is on the northern path, light, fire, radiance is taking to the Eternal Lord.
25. When the sun is on the southern path, dark, night, smoke is taking to re-birth.
26. These two paths are called light and dark. one takes to supreme another to re-birth.
27. Know about these two paths Arjuna and become Yogi.
28. Know about this juice of the Vedas and leave your results of work, practice
meditation and attain the supreme abode.



1. Because you are my devotee and having faith in me. I wish to tell you some secrets by
this education you will attain supreme wisdom.
2. Of all the educations it is royal education and it is very secret and pure, you can
experience the happiness by practice.
3. Who have the no faith on supreme are not obtaining supreme, thus they are taking
4. With my unmanifested form, I pervade this entire universe, all existence is there
because of me. I am not because of them.
5. I create all the living and nourish them. Though they are not attached to me.
6. They are moving like the wind on me.
7. At the time of end, all creatures are dissolving in my unmanifested form and at the
time of beginning I am creating them again.
8. By the law of nature, Brahma is creating and dissolving the universe again and again.
I am unattached by these actions, thus it wont affect me.
10. Arjuna under my presence. This nature is creating the universe and set into motion.
11. Immature unable to see my higher nature which is beyond the physical body.
12. Knowledge of those people is empty and performing the evil works.
13. Sages see my highest nature which is the cause of all living beings and devoted to me.
14. By clearing their doubts. They are becoming stronger one pointed at me and serving
15. Some going on the path of spiritual wisdom, there is only one say some, some say
everything is one.
16. I am the service, I am the wisdom, I am the womb, I am the Vedic sound, I am the
ritual, I am the one who is the enjoyer of rituals.
17. I am the base of this universe, I am the mother, I am the father and grandfather too, I
am the Vedic sound OM, I am the purifier, I am Rig,Yajur and Samaveda.
18. I am the one who supports and nourishes this universe. I am lord of all, I am the
beginning, middle and end of this universe. I am the chant, I am the offering.
19. I am giving the heat to the sun, taking the water from ocean releasing like rain. I am
immortality, I am the death, I am that you see, I am that you are unable to see.
20. Those who perform work as suggested in Vedas are becoming sinless and going to
heaven and enjoy the heavenly pleasures.
21. After enjoying their results of the work again they are coming to the land of death.
Thus, by following Vedas are coming and going to heaven and earth.
22. Who worship me with one point minded I am taking care of them.
23. Arjuna, those who worship the other gods are really worshipping me. But they are
unable to observe.
24. I am the lord for all worships, but who are failing to see my real nature must be

25. Who are worshipping lower gods reaching lower gods, worshipping the ancestors
reaching ancestors, worshipping phantoms reaching phantoms, who worship me will
come to me.
26. With unconditional devotion, if they offer a leaf, flower, fruit, water. I am taking them
with great joy.
27. Whatever you do, make an offering to me, the food you eat, services you make,
sacrifices of material objects and your sufferings.
28. This way you will be freed from bonds caused by work and come to me.
29. I have an equal eye on every living creature, none are less dear or move dear to me.
But who worship me with love. They live with me and I will live with them.
30. Even sinners are becoming my devotees by serving and chanting.
31. They are quickly coming to lawful actions and obtaining ultimate peace. My devotee
never comes to harm.
32. Even if they are most sinful of all sinners, they are obtaining the ultimate goal.
33. Sages, Yogis are devoted to me and obtaining the supreme thus be free from all
bonding by point mind on me.
34. Keep your heart and mind on me, become my devotee, worship me, at last, you will
obtain me.



1. Arjuna, you are my devotee. I will tell you more, please listen.
2. Neither gods, nor Yogis doesnt know how they came to existence.
3. Whoever knows me. Lord of all creation without birth and death are freed from all
4. (4-5) Wisdom, forgiveness, truth, pleasure, pain, fear, courage, honor, dishonor,
non-violence, charity, equality, spiritual knowledge are found in creatures because of
6. The great seven Sages, four ancient ancestors were born from me and from them the
rest of the creatures are born.
7. Who understands my real nature and become united with me.
8. I am the source of all living creatures and universe. Wise by knowing this
worshipping me with love and devotion.
9. They kept their heart on me and performing their duty, by teaching one another my
glories are they are living happily.
10. By doing like this constantly, I am giving the spiritual wisdom to them.
11. With the lamp of spiritual wisdom which destroys the dark ignorance.
12. You are supreme Brahman, highest goal, the supreme purifier, unborn, limitless and
13. Great sages like Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa has been preaching like
this, now you alone declaring.
14. Krishna, I believe that everything you told me is divine truth. Neither gods, nor sages
know your true nature.
15. On god of gods, father of the universe, supreme spirit, you know about yourself
16. Tell me about your first material elements from where the universe came to existence.
17. How can I remember you all the time? How can I know about you? What are various
forms that I can remember you?.
18. Please instruct me about your various forms.
19. You cannot observe all my various forms. I will explain some Primary.
20. I am the spirit in everyones heart; I am the beginning, middle and end of this
21. Among the sun gods I am Vishnu, among luminaries I am the Sun, among the storm
gods I am Marichi, and among the night I am Moon.


22. Among Vedas, I am Samaveda, among lower gods I am Indra, among the senses, I am
the Mind, among the living I am Consciousness.
23. Among rudras I am Shankara, among the riches I am Kubera, among purifier I am
Fire, among mountain I am Meru.
24. Among the priests I am Brihaspati, among military teachers I am Kumara, among
water bodies I am Ocean.
25. Among the seers I am Bhrigu, among the Sounds I am OM, among the holy works I
am Chanting, among hills I am Himalayas.
26. Among trees I am Ashvatta, among sages I am Narada, among divine seers Iam
Kapila, among musicians I am Chitraratha.
27. Among elephants I am Iravath, among mens I am King.
28. Among weapons the mighty weapon Vajrayudha, among cows I am Kamadhenu, I am
the power of birth, among snakes, I am Vasuki.
29. Among Divine serpents I am Adisesha, I am the god of water, among ancestors I am
Aryama, among the law performers I am Yama-god of death.
30. Among demons I am Prahlada, among the numbers I am the Time, among animals I
am Lion, among birds I am Garuda.
31. Among purifying forces I am Wind, among warriors I am Rama, among fishes I am
Crocodile, among rivers I am Ganga.
32. I am the beginning, middle and end of this creation, among educations I am Spiritual
Education, I am the truth who debate.
33. Among letter I am letter A, among meaning I am Second Meaning, I am infinite time,
I am the donor of infinite faces.
34. I am the death for all living creatures, I am the source for all living creatures, I am
fame, speech, forgiveness, patience, memos, intelligence.
35. I am the voice, among hymns I am Gayatri, among months I am Margashira, among
seasons I am Spring that bring the leaves and flowers.
36. Among gamblers I am gambling, among radiance people I am radiance, among
victories I am victory, among who is following the law, I am goodness among them.
37. Among Vrishin family I am Krishna, among Pandavas I am Arjun, among sages I am
Vyas, among poets I am the poem.
38. Among punishments I am instrument, among victories I am the law, among unknown
I am silence, among wise I am wisdom.
39. I am the seed of every living creature. There is nothing can exist without me.
40. There is no end to my various forms; I have mentioned some of them.
41. Wherever you see courage, radiance, spiritual wisdom. They move from a spark of
original nature.
42. Arjuna, dont need to know about all my forms, just remember the whole universe is
like an atom in my original nature.



1. Out of companion, you have taught the supreme spiritual secrets my delusion is gone.

2. Oh, Lotus-eyed one. I have heard about the source that nourishes all living creatures
heard your voice of immortality.
3. Everything is true what I have heard, what is the form that you create this universe,
nourishes and dissolve. I want to see that wise strong form.
4. Oh Lord, if you think that I am eligible to see your universal form please show me the
limitless form.
5. Behold Arjuna a million divine forms, an infinite variety of colors and shapes.
6. See Rudras, Ashwin Kumars and lower gods in my original form see the wonders
that never revealed before.
7. See the whole cosmos in one place and other things that you want to see.
8. You cannot see this with your present eyes. I will give you spiritual eyes see my
universal form.
9. On king, purifies of the sins spoke like this and showed the universal form to Arjun.
10. Arjuna saw the universal form with unlimited faces, glowing with heavy jewels,
holding the divine weapons, sweet fragrances are coming from the universal form.
12. If a thousand suns were rising at once this radiance is nothing before the supreme
13. Arjuna saw the form god of gods, saw the different cosmos at one place.
14. With wonderment, Arjuna saw the supreme universal form and bowed before the lord
and joined palms spoke these words.
15. Oh lord in this universal form. I see different gods, different living creatures, Brahma
seated on lotus, shiva, sages, divine serpents.
16. With limitless hands, stomachs, eyes, I see you everywhere. Without beginning and
end seeing the whole universe in your universal form.
17. I see you wearing crown, discuss spreading the radiance on all sides like the sun is
shining on all sides.
18. You are the supreme reality, immortal spirit, guardian of law, everyone should know
about you.
19. Without beginning, middle and end, limitless strength, sun and the moon are your
eyes, your mouth is like fire and burning the cosmos with your radiance.
20. Your presence covering from earth to heaven in every direction. Three worlds are
trembling with your universal form.
21. All the different gods are in you, some are in fear and some are singing your glories,
some are praying you.
22. All different gods, Rudras, Ashwin kumars, sages, Gandharvas at sight of your eyes.

23. Everyone is fearful after seeing limitless eyes, hands, legs, stomachs
24. Your body is touching the sky with a glittering array of colors with shining eyes, with
limitless faces. I have lost all my strength and peace.
25. With fearful teeth, the mouth is burning like fire, I have no place to go. Please support
me and show mercy to me.
26. Sons of Dhritarashtra and other kings Bhishma, Drona and Karna are entering in your.
27. Rushing into your blazing and fearful mouth smashed in your teeth.
28. As all different rivers flow into the ocean like all different warriors entering into you.
29. All are rushing into your destruction mouth of flame.
30. O Vishnu, with your blazing radiance you covered the universe from all sides with
your radiance the creation is bursting into flames.
31. Who you are in this terrible form. I bow before you. Who you are before the creation.
Please advise me.
32. I am time the destroyer of the creation came to consume the warriors, even without
participation all warriors came here will die.
33. Therefore Arjuna raise and conquer your enemies and enjoy the kingdom. I had
already killed all warriors, you are my weapon.
34. I had already killed Bhishma, Drona, Jayadratha, Karna and many others kill them
whom I have killed, conquer your enemies
35. O my king, Arjuna heard lord krishnas words and joined palms and trembled with
fear said like this.
36. Krishna, all this world is happy with your name, evil doers are running away from
37. You are the eternal spirit, you are the father of Brahma, you are what is and what not
you are everything. How I cannot even worship you.
38. You are the first among gods, old among the lord's, final home of everyone, knower
of all Vedas. The whole universe is covered with your limitless form.
39. You are the father of god of air, god of death, god of fire, god of water, moon,
Brahma and the universe. I bow before you again and again.
40. You are in front of me, behind in all slide. I bow to you every side. You are all over
the universe you are everywhere.
41. (41-42) In our friendship I disrespected you so many times, showed carelessness,
played together, seated and ate together. Forgive me for all these disrespectful things.
I dont know about you.
43. You are the father of this world and teacher too. There is no one in the three worlds
are equal to you.

44. I am keeping my body in your feet be gracious upon me as father forgives son, friend
forgives friend, loved forgives his love so please forgive me.
45. I am seeing the universal form which I havent seen before. I am filled with fear,
please Let me see your Vishnu form with crown, discuss, conch and lotus which
pleases my heart and removes my fear.
47. Arjuna as per your wish I had showed my universal form which doesnt have a
beginning, middle and end, no one else had ever seen.
48. Not by Vedas, not by sacrifice, not by charity, not by the sacrifices mortal body can
see my immortal body.
49. Do not fear, Let your heart be pleasing and satisfied. Your fears will be dispelled with
the form you wished for.
50. Having spoken these words the lord showed Vishnus form and later came in
Krishnas form and dispelled Arjuna's fear.
51. Krishna after seeing the beautiful human form my heart comes to normal state and
returned to normal state.
52. The limitless form I showed you is difficult to obtain even for the gods are trying to
see my universal form.
53. Neither by Vedas, neither by charity, neither by service. One can see my limitless
54. But only through unconditional devotion. One can see limitless form and later reach
the goal of life.
55. Those who make me as their goal and giving all results of their work without
attachment, without sensual desires, with unconditional devotion are becoming union
with me.


1. Who are greater people? Those who are devoted to human form or who are devoted to
Eternal limitless universal form.
2. Those who sets their hearts on my human form are great people.
3. Those who devoted to my eternal form.
4. Without beginning, middle and end that which is beyond the senses, mind and
intelligence, working for the welfare of all attaining me.
5. My eternal form is difficult to obtain, one is obtaining with difficulties because it is
beyond senses and mind.
6. (6-7) But who set their hearts on my eternal form as their goal with one point minded
on me for them. I am releasing them from the wheel of birth and death and becomes
united with me.
8. Still your heart and mind on me without a doubt you will obtain me.
9. If you are unable to still your mind on me please follow the path of meditation.
10. If you are unable to sit for meditation, perform works for me with the service you will
obtain me.
11. If you are unable to service then, sacrifice the results of your works.
12. Wisdom is good, better than wisdom is meditation, better than meditation is
sacrificing the results of work and obtain ultimate peace.
13. (13-14) Those who are equal minded, friendly to all the living, equal eye on pleasure
and pain controlling the sensual pleasures, having set their hearts on me and point
minded on me such people I love more.
15. Not harming another and not harming to oneself are very dear to me.
16. Without desires, kept senses clean, not worried about pains, sacrificing results of their
work is dear to me.
17. Who shows no interest on sensual pleasures, sacrificing results of their work, without
grief, I love them more.
18. Who is equal to friend and enemy, pleasure and pain, honor and dishonor who are
peaceful without desires are dear to me.
20. Who kept me as their goal, taking these immortal instructions as their primary are
very very dear to me.



1. Krishna, can you please instruct me about nature, body, field and field knower.
2. A Body is called a field, one who knows this they are separate from the body are
called field knower.
3. I am the field knower in every field, the knowledge of field and field knower is the
true knowledge.
4. Listen Arjuna, I will explain about the field and knower of the field and how the
knower of fields resides in the field.
5. So many sages explain about this knowledge in so many ways.
6. (6-7) Field is made with five elements water, fire, air, earth and sky and three
components mind, intelligence and ego. In the field, there are desire, pain and
8. (8-9) Those who are freed from pride, gentle, forgiving, pure, non-violence, peace
reaching the spiritual teacher for self-control and sense control, birth, death, old age,
10. (10-12) Freed from family, house and wealth, point minded on me, meditation in
peaceful place, equal-minded on every action thinks that spiritual knowledge is the
only knowledge and rest as ignorance.
13. I will tell you the eternal wisdom that leads to immortality, which does have a
beginning and an end.
14. (14-15) Eternal resides in everyone's hand, foot, head, ear, mouth and in the universe
without him nothing can work and it is beyond the three modes.
16. It is one which is very near, it is the one which is very far, it is the one which is very
tiny, it is the one which has the largest body, without moving it moves all.
17. It is the one without the second and become the base of the universe. It is the creator,
preserver and destroyer.
18. It is in everyones heart, it is the light of the light, it is the goal of wisdom and it is the
wisdom too.
19. I had explained you about the field and field knower and how field knower resides in
the field. My devotee who knows this wisdom are eligible to unite with me.
20. Now I will explain about the nature and body. These two are there from the beginning
of the creation from the nature of three modes came into existence.
21. With the three modes of nature, the body is experiencing pleasure and pain for all
actions of nature is responsible.
22. Nature is nourishing body with three modes of nature, it is taking the body to do good
things and evil things.


23. The supreme lord resides in the body in the form of spirit as supporter, enjoyer and
witness to this body actions.
24. Those who realizes the Supreme Lord beyond the three modes of nature will not born
25. Some realize the spirit with the help of meditation, some by doing servicing to other
some by the path of wisdom.
26. Some who dont know about these paths are practicing the advice from a spiritual
teacher, they are going beyond death.
27. Arjuna all livings are attaining me with the wisdom of field and field knower.
28. (28-29) Who see equally the Supreme Lord in all hearts of all creatures and the
supreme lord in their hearts are obtaining the supreme goal.
30. (30-31)They realize that body is moving with the three modes of nature. See the
supreme spirit beyond the three modes and know that all the living came from the
eternal supreme reaching eternal supreme.
32. (32-33) Eternal supreme is without beginning, the end is in the body and untouched
by body actions like whole cosmos untouched in space like supreme in the body.
34. As the sun lights up the world, the supreme eternal lights up all the bodys, who know
about field and the field knower are becoming great sages and attaining Eternal goal.



1. Let me tell you again the wise among all the wisdom by knowing these sages, saints
are attaining the goal.
2. Those who know about this wisdom will not be born again and they dont have fear of
3. Among all different forms, the form of nature is pure and it the womb for all
creatures. I placed seed that had given birth to all living.
4. Nature is the mother of all the creatures and I am the seed-giving father.
5. Three modes came from nature. Sattva, Rajasa, Tamasa that binds the spirit with the
6. Sattva : Pure, luminous, free from sorrows, binds with the happiness and wisdom.
7. Rajasa : Binds the spirit with the body with desires, results of the work.
8. Tamasa : Binds with ignorance and sleep.
9. Sattva gives happiness, rajasa gives desires, results of work and tamasa gives
10. Sometimes sattva wins, sometimes rajasa wins, sometimes tamasa wins.
11. When sattva wins, the consciousness of wisdom raises.
12. When rajasa wins desires, greedy, results of work raises.
13. When tamasa wins ignorance, confusion raises.
14. When someone died in the mode sattva go to heaven.
15. When someone died in the mode of rajase reborn as humans, when died in the mode
of tamasa born in the animal kingdom.
16. As result of sattva happiness and peace, as result of rajasa sorrows and desires, as
result of tamasa ignorance.
17. Sattva gives wisdom rajasa gives greed, tamasa gives ignorance.
18. Sattva taking you to heaven ,rajasa taking you to earth, tamasa taking you to hell
19. The wise see clearly that modes interacting with each other and performing works and
they see spirit which is above three modes by knowing this they are united with me.
20. Who knows them as the spirit which is beyond the birth and death are going beyond
birth and death and attaining the supreme.
21. Krishna what are the characteristics of who have gone beyond three modes. How do
they act? How they have passed beyond modes.
22. They dont worry about three modes sattva, rajasa and tamasa. They dont love or
hate these modes.


23. By knowing that modes are working among themselves and had equal minded on
24. Strongly establishes had an equal eye on pleasure and pain, honor and dishonor stone
and goal.
25. Praise and blame, friend and enemy, leaving the selfish desires, results of their works,
such people had gone beyond modes.
26. Only by pure devotion they go beyond the three modes and obtain the eternal.
27. For them, I am the eternal, supreme, changeless beyond birth and death become the
supporter for them.



1. There is Aswattha tree roots are above and branched below, upside down who knows
the seed of the tree knows the essence of the Vedas.Thinks upside down that I am the
body and I am not the spirit.
2. This tree is nourished by three modes, grows the limbs like desires above and below
bind with the results of the works.
3. This is an infinite limb tree, which is not present on earth cut down this strongly
rooted tree.
4. With the weapon of wisdom from where the tree wont grow again cut down the tree.
5. Free from honor, greed, desires, pleasure, pain and reach the supreme goal.
6. Neither sun nor the moon can nor fire can shine up the supreme and eternal.
7. My eternal spirit resides in everyones heart it attracted with sensual pressures, mind
and nature.
8. As the air takes aromas from one place to another likewise spirit takes good and bad
qualities from one body to another.
9. Spirit is enjoying with the help of the mind, eyes, ears, nose and tongue.
10. Ignorant unable to see that spirit enjoying the sense objects with three modes, but of
enlightened can see.
11. With effort, one can see the spirit, who are effortless unable to see the spirit.
12. Know Sun radiance which lights up the world, moon and fire radiances these are my
13. With my energy, I entered into the earth and nourishes all creatures and I turned as
the moon, and growing up all the plants with life-giving fluid.
14. Turned as life breathing for all creatures, turned as fire in the stomach which digests
15. Turned as a spirit in everyones heart with me comes remembrance, forgetfulness. I
am the goal of Vedas and Vedas wisdom too.
16. In this world, there are two, mortals and immortals, the mortal is the body, but which
lives in the body is immortal.
17. Beyond this, there is another supreme eternal lord who entered into the universe and
nourishing all.
18. I am the supreme eternal lord praised by the Vedas.
19. By this knowledge wise knows the eternal, supreme who is responsible for their
wisdom and they worship, devoted to eternal.
20. Arjuna, thus I have explained about in depth truth, who know about this wisdom,
they had known that they want to know.



1. (1-3) Fearless, control over the senses, dedication to the spiritual life, meditation,
working for the welfare of others, non-violence, sacrificial spirit, patience, bravery, no
hatred on others are said to be divine qualities.
4. Hypocrisy, honor, angry, ignorance, cruel is said to be evil qualities.
5. Divine qualities lead to heaven, evil qualities leads to bondage, do not worry Arjuna,
you were born with the divine qualities.
6. There will be two types, one with divine qualities other with evil qualities. I had
described divine now hear about evil.
7. One with evil qualities dont know about the three modes of nature, Their actions and
speeches are harming others they dont know about divine qualities.
8. They say that there is no base to this universe! No god, sex is the base of life there is
no god apart from sex.
9. They dont know about the spirit, they waste their strength to destroy the world they
are ignorant.
10. Selfishness, pride, anger are evil qualities they are satisfying their desires in the
unlawful manner they are causing their own destruction.
11. Until the time of death, they think like this and they see only the sensual pressure the
true pleasures thus enjoying.
12. By their desires and greed they are suffering, in wrong paths they are satisfying their
13. How much wealth do I have now, how much wealth that I can gain in the next.
14. I had destroyed my enemies and I can destroy others too, I can enjoy all the sensual
pressures I am strong.
15. I am rich there is no one who is equal to me, I can give some charity and donations
some by this ignorance they think this is the real wisdom.
16. By this, they fall into ignorance gaining evil qualities and enjoying the sensual
pleasures and falling into hell.
17. They think they are the greatest among all with pride and performing charities.
18. Lust, anger, violence spreading, evil, harm to everyone with words and actions. They
abuse my presence within them and others.
19. Sinners hate others and becoming cruel and again and again falling evil qualities.
20. One who are with evil qualities They are degrading themselves falling into hell on
every birth.
21. Desires, anger, and lust are three gates to hell. That creates bonds to spirit with body,
thus escape from these.
22. Who escape from these three gates are obtaining peace and reaching the supreme
23. Those who become a slave to these gates are unable to reach the goal and as well as
peace, happiness.

24. Know about the divine and evil qualities and act according to reach the supreme


17. SAT & ASAT

1. Krishna, what is the mode of them who left the divine qualities and act according to
their own interest, performing charities?

Everybody is subjected to either sattva, rajasa, and tamasa. I will explain about these.
Everyone has interest based on life events they had gone through.
Sattva worships gods, rajas worships wealth, tamasa worships ghosts.
Pride, desires, harming others, paying attention to theses qualities and .
Who is touring physically, mentally and supreme spirit resides in the body are with
evil qualities.
7. Based upon their interest they like three kinds of food, charity, and sacrifice of
material elements.
8. Satava likes food which is tasty, nourishing, promotes health, strength, cheerful.
9. Rajasa likes food which is salty, hot, spicy, cause pain and disease.
10. Tamasa likes food which is impure, tasteless, bitter, juiceless, not properly cooked.
11. Satava performs charity without expecting results of their works.
12. Rajasa performs charity with expecting results of their work.
13. Tamasa performs charity without interest.
14. Serving god's, good, wise, spiritual teachers are said to be divine for the body.
15. Un-harming, sweet, peaceful are said to be divine for the speech.
16. Peace, silence, control over senses are said to be divine for the mind.
17. Those who perform these three divine attributes without expecting any results are in
the mode of sattva.
18. Those who perform these three divine attributes with the expectation of results, pride,
honor, respect are in the mode of rajasa.
19. Those who perform these three divine attributes for the gaining power or to torture
harming material elements are in the mode of tamasa.
20. Giving charity is my responsibility without expecting any results at a proper time,
proper person is in the mode of sattva.
21. Giving charity with the expectation of results are said to be in the mode of rajasa.
22. Giving charity without any respect, to not at the proper time, not to a proper person is
in the mode of tamasa.
23. OM, TAT, SAT these three words denote Brahman the supreme spirit, existence,
Vedas, sacrifices of material objects, charities have come from him.
24. Those who follow the Vedas and performing charities pronounce word OM Those
who are interested in the liberation and performing charities pronounce the word


25. Those who thinks about the Brahman that which is better than ALL performing
charities pronounce the word SAT
26. One is performing charities and sacrifices material objects with good heart and mind
said to be SAT.
27. One is performing charity and sacrificing material objects without good heart and
mind said to be ASAT with it wont be useful in this and next life.



1. Krishna the destroyer of sin, please instruct me about sanyasa and tyag.
2. Working without material desires is called sanyasa giving up the results of the work is
called tyag.
3. Some say you have given up all kinds of work, some say give up results of work.
4. I will explain you about three kinds of sacrifices sattva, rajasa, tamasa.
5. Charity, sacrificing material objects are not to give up they should be performed.
6. But without the intention of results, these are should be performed those are said to be
7. Who left their works are said to be in the mode of tamasa.
8. Who perform these works and causing physical pain to other in the mode of rajasa.
9. Who left the results of their work are said to be in the mode of sattva.
10. Hatred about the results of work, not worried about results of work are said to the true
11. One cannot sacrifice their work completely it better to sacrifice the results of the
12. One who is attached to the results of work. They are obtaining the results after death
who left the results of works are not attached to bonds caused by working.
13. Listen Arjun for every work. Five elements are responsible.
14. Body, Ego, Work, Divine, and Senses.
15. For every work is there because these five that performs good and bad works.
16. Who thinks they are performing and doesnt observe these five elements are ignorant.
17. Those who thinks that they are not performing anything even if they destroy people to
protect the law. They are free from bonds of their works.
18. Wisdom, what should know? And knower only these three are performing works.
19. By the three modes of nature, every living getting three kinds of interest please listen
20. Sattva wisdom only one eternal is present in all different living creatures.
21. Rajasa wisdom all the living creatures are different.
22. Tamasa wisdom with pleasure in senses unable to find my real nature.
23. Working for the welfare of others without any benefits are said to be sattva.
24. With pleasure in senses looking for results of work are said to be Rajasa.
25. Causing pain and injuries to others from work are said to be Tamasa.
26. Sattva: works free from Ego, without selfish, desire with courage, for success and
failure they are alike.


27. Rajasa: Interest in results of work, desires, restricting others, worry about success and
28. Tamsa: Is ignorant, lazy, dishonest, depressed and depressing others.
29. Listen Arjun! I will explain three types of knowledge.
30. Who knows clearly, What are my responsibilities? What are not? What is right? And
What is not? Know goal of life is said to be sattava knowledge.
31. Who are in confusion, what is right? And what is wrong? Which is law? And Which
is not? Is said to be Rajasa knowledge.
32. Who are in ignorance, speak the right as wrong and wrong as right this is said to be
Tamasa knowledge.
33. Sattva: Meditation, control over the senses, mind, intelligence are wearing these.
34. Rajasa: Desires, looking for the results of their work, wearing the pleasures.
35. Tamasa: Sleep, fear, worried are wearing these.
36. Arjuna I will explain you about the three types of happiness by this you can overcome
37. Sattva: Happiness is, poison at beginning and become nectar at the end.
38. Rajasa:Happiness is, nectar at the beginning and become poison at the end.
39. Tamasa: Happiness is sleep and lazy, poison at beginning and end.
40. No creature is freed from these three modes, either born on earth, nor born on
41. These are different kind of work on the Earth based on three modes. Brahmin,
Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra.
42. Brahmin qualities are protecting the law, sense control, wisdom, pure heart.
43. Kshatriyas qualities are leadership, courage, strength never to show back in battle.
44. Vaishya qualities agriculture, farming, trade, Sudra qualities are service
45. By devoted to their own work. One can attain the supreme abode. Let me tell you
46. By performing ones own duty, worshipping the god who is present in every creature
equally is attaining the supreme abode.
47. Instead of performing the other duty, it is better to perform their own duty, which is
learned by them. By having an equal eye on all their works are sinless.
48. No one should abandon duties, as fire covered by smoke like all the works is covered
with defects.
49. Freed from selfish desires, not interest in any other, sacrificing the results of work is
attaining the Eternal.
50. Listen Arjuna, I will explain the path of wisdom to attain Eternal Brahman.
51. Pure mind, courage, sense control, equal eye.
52. On likes and dislikes are attaining the Eternal Brahman.
53. Who left the lust, anger, greed and at peace and set the people at peace are attaining
the Eternal Brahman.
54. They are enjoying the eternal happiness, which is beyond the senses and having an
equal eye on every living creature and devoted to me.

55. With this devotion and love, they know my true nature and entering into Eternal Life.
56. Leave all your works on me, leave all your results of work to me with my grace you
are attaining eternal Brahman.
57. Every action that you performed offer to me, knows that I am the only protector and
set your heart on me.
58. With my grace, you will be released from all sins if you are unable to observe me.
Nothing is there apart from me to save.
59. If you say I will not fight by nature you are going on the wrong path.
60. By the ignorance and modes in nature. You are not unable to participate in the battle
that you have to participate.
61. I am in every heart covered by my own energy.
62. Surrender to him, by his grace you can come to the normal state, and obtain peace.
63. Thus, I explained you about the supreme secret wisdom, know this wisdom and
perform your duty.
64. Thus I had explained you about all the great wisdom you are my devotee and my dear
I will explain one more time.
65. Set your heart and mind on me, serve me, offer every work to me, by this, you will
obtain me this is my promise.
66. Take refuge in me, I will purify your sins do not worry.
67. Dont share this supreme wisdom with anyone who is not my devotee and who hates
68. Who devoted to me and sharing this secret wisdom to my devotees are reaching me
without a doubt.
69. No one is more devoted to me than them who shares this wisdom to my devotees.
70. Those who worship heartfully, reading, practices, the meditative, wise principle of
71. Are becoming freed from sins and reaching eternal.
72. Arjuna, you have listened with attention? Are you freed from doubts and confusion?
73. With your grace, my doubts and confusion vanish. I gained wisdom, I will perform
your instructions.
74. I heard the holy conversation between Krishna and Arjuna make me filled with
wonder, my hair standing on end.
75. By the mercy of Vyasa I have heard this supreme secret wisdom directly from the
76. My remembering the holy conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, again and
again, my heart filled with wonder, joy - again and again.


77. When I remember the mighty and sweetest form of Lord Krishna, again and again, my
heart is filled with happiness.
78. Wherever there is Lord Krishna and Mighty Arjuna reside there will be courage,
victory, wisdom, and law.