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IBPS SO IT Officer Syllabus

Data Base Management System (DBMS)

Approx 15-20 Questions will be asked from RDBMS,E- R Diagrams, Normalization,
Overview of SQL queries, Transaction Management.

Also 10-20 questions will be asked from Data Communication & Networking, IP Addressing
(Subnetting), Network, Architecture, OSI Model, TCP-IP Model, Data Communication.

Around 10-12 ques. from topics like Operating System - Types of OS, Semaphore,
Scheduling, Network Security, Cyber Crimes - Risk Management, Firewall, Cryptography,
Process thread, Dead Lock, Memory Partitioning, Page Replacement, Computer
organization, Hardware, Microprocessor, Bus Structure etc.

5-8 ques. from Software Engineering and data structure topics like SDLC, Software
Development Models, Array, Linked List, Stacks etc.

Around 2-6 ques. from Web Technologies and basics of Programming Languages topics like
HTML Tags, XML, Network Security, basics of C, C++, OOP languages.