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Media focus group 1 planning

Im planning to have a focus group session with last years media students who
are now in univeristy persuing media or is doing media related activites. I want it
to be a casual but insightful part of my groups research which is why Ive
already messaged them and why Im planning now so I could probably send
them the questions for them to prepare for it. I chose them as our first focus
group because I feel that their responses will definitely be relevent to our
research as they have prior knowledge of film and media. In addition to that, I
also want to keep it as an open interview so that everyone can speak and
challenge or support ideas but I also kept it structured and specifc so that we
wont go off topic.
1) Have you heard of film noir before?
- Conventions?
- Sub styles/genres? More specifically neo-noire?
2) Have you watched a film noir? If yes, what did you think about it. If no,
why not?
3) What do you think our target audience should be?
- Refer to our planned target audience
4) What are your thoughts for our plot and idea?
- Refer to ideas of using a historical gangster and our chosen gangsters
5) What are your ideas of the combination of modern technology and film
About my personal work
6) Looking at my material, what are your comments and what do you think I
could improve on?