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Kindergarten Connection for the week of October 31st (Week 11-when we get back from break)

Miss Pfeffers Classes

Upcoming Events:
- Fall Book Fair 4th-10th
- Conferences November 7th-10th
- No School November 11th
- No School 23rd-25th (Thanksgiving Break)
We will learn how to describe the connection
between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces
of into in a text this week.

We will continue to work on the following skills during
number corner and math.

We will continue to practice using the reading

strategies, Eagle Eye (using the picture to figure
out a word), Lips the Fish (Getting your mouth
ready to say the first sound), and Stretchy
Snake (stretch the word to hear the sounds).

Foundational Skills: This is a phonics week. We

will be working on learning all letter sounds this

Sight Words:
New Sight words: do, got, had, has, he

Counting by 1s to 20 forward/backward
Counting by 10s
Writing numbers to 10
Recognizing and extending patterns
Identifying 2-D shapes and discussing their
Counting objects one by one to find the total
Sorting objects by attributes
Identifying greater than, less than, and equal
Using number racks to show how many red
and how many white and how many all
5 and some more

Science / Social Studies:

We have already learned: I, a, at, the, like, me,
go, is, my, me, am, see, the, to, up, we, and We will continue to learn about timelines, and talking
about school long ago. We will compare school now, to
Please continue to practice these words at home school in the past.
both reading and writing them. (Flash cards are a
great way to practice)
I will be giving two homework packets this week. Packets
7 and 8. Please keep for two weeks and turn in the week
Hand Writing:
of November 14th
Letter: Ee
We are only practicing one letter a week as most
Reminders and News:
of the students know the letters already. We will
Dont forget to sign up for Fall Conferences!
focus on correct formation and letter sound.
Please continue to practice writing our names at
home with the correct capitalization.
We will write another personal narrative about
what we did over break this week.

Please continue to practice letter identification, letter

sounds, syllables, rhyming, sight words, counting,
number identification, and reading at home! Thank you
for your support!

Miss Pfeffer