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Alleghany Artillery

Drill Manual
Table of Contents:
The cannon
The crew
The orders

The Cannon
The Civil War Artillery piece is a delicate and powerful
machine, that has the capability to kill multiple men
in one shot, be it long range, or short range. Within
the Battery, we own 2 3-inch Ordinance Rifles, as well
as 2 Napoleons, (NOTE: This is subject to change.) and
we must know what one looks like, and how to operate
it safely, and efficiently.

The Three-Inch Ordnance:

The Napoleon:

Both Cannons have the same firing and loading

systems, (excluding sighting in a target) meaning if you
are trained on one, you are trained on the other.

The Crew
The artillery crew during the Civil War was made of 4
to 5 men minimum. They were, the Worm, the Sponge,
the Prick, and the Jerk.
The Worm: Responsible for loading the shot, as well as
scraping out any ashes/sparks/live powder still down
the barrel.
The Sponge: Responsible for handling the shot, as well
as swabbing the barrel in between shots, to wet any
burning items still in the barrel that the Worm did not
The Prick: Responsible for priming the shot, by
pricking the bag with the fuse, and priming with a
cap. (depending on cannon)
The Jerk: Responsible for firing the cannon as well as
ensuring the safety of the crew when the cannon is
Extra roles include: The Powder Monkey, the Piece
Commander, and the Limber.
The Powder Monkey: Retrieved charge from the Limber
box, checked it with the Commander, and gave it to the
Sponge to be loaded and fired.

The Piece Commander: Often an NCO, he was

responsible for ensuring safety and efficiency on his
piece, as well as communication with the Officers.
The Limber: Helped move cannon, as well as receive
couriers, in the absence of a 2nd/1st Lt.

The Orders:
NOTE: This only needs to be memorized by the
Officers and NCOs of the battery.
The orders of the artillery battery during the Civil War
were simple, and repetitive.
For a piece commander: Charge is good! Ram it
home/Charge (Canister/Round/Explosive/etc) shot!
Prime the shot! Ready! Fire! Worm! Sponge! (Repeat)
Lets go through a quick re run of that:
PM(Powder Monkey) (Name of shot) Shot sir! PC(Piece
Commander): Charge is good! S(Sponge): Charge
Received! PC: Ram it home! W(Worm): Ramming!
Charge Loaded! PC: Prime the shot! P(Prick): Charge
Primed! PC: Ready! J(Jerk): READY, CLEAR THE
PIECE! PC: FIRE! (Boom) PC: Worm! W: Clear! PC:
Sponge! S: Clear! Repeat.

For an officer, there are no real commands, however

you may give directions at your discretion. For
1st Sgt: Battery, fire at will! Fire down the
center/left/right! Direct fire at (Target)! Limber up!
Unlimber! Fire (Name of Shot) shot!
1st Lt: Fire at that regiment, in the corn. Have em
direct fire down that way. (NOTE: For 2nd Lt and above,
orders are given to NCOs such as 1st Sgts and Sgts to
execute towards the PCs, as a chain of command.)
CPT: Direct fire. Moving over to the corn field. Have em
hit that regiment. (NOTE: For 2nd Lt and above, you will
not be yelling orders, merely telling the NCOs how to
execute orders.)
Chain of Command:
CPT: Xake (Elias W. Treadway)
1st Lt: Colton (Charles C. Sheffield)
1st Sgt: Togie (Bryan Treadway)
Sgt: Corvus (Maxwell Jackson)
Cpl: Edwardson (Steven E. Barbee)
Cpl: Metal (Bertram Johnson)
Enlisted Men:

PVT: Muffin (Paul Erdmann)
PVT: Evan (Evan Le Blanc)
PVT: Varangian (Benjamin Busby)

Xtreemz (Xtreemz)
Patrick (Patrick Stringfellow)
Grucia (Nenad Gujicic)
Fresh (Mmes)
Tazmaniak (Jebediah Grant)