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Raigan Nickle

150 Golden Plover Drive, Smyrna, DE 19977 | 302-264-1893 | |

September 19, 2016

Richard Gordon
Technical Writing Internship
University of Delaware IT Department
Newark, Delaware

Dear Richard Gordon,

Your listing on Handshake for a technical writing intern caught my attention and I am
interested in the position. I have attached my resume to provide a summary of my job
experience and qualifications for your review.
Throughout my ongoing career as a full-time college student, I have been successful at
maintaining a high performance standard in my current job position. From previous and
current employment, I am able to contribute a variety of skills towards this opportunity.
During the time I served as a manager of Style Encore, I learned how to provide excellent
customer service and how to effectively guide and direct our team on a daily basis. As an
added responsibility to my managerial duties, I was also in charge of choosing,
photographing, and uploading merchandise that was specifically tailored to our customer
base. In my current position as an associate at 2nd & Charles, customer service is also the
main aspect of my day. I must be able to communicate with a wide range of people
concerning any and all questions they may have. These skills can be applied to this
internship, as I have learned to refine both oral and written communication based on
differing audiences. From this position, I have also gained a higher knowledge of
organization techniques and I have further developed my leadership abilities.
Since I am applying for a technical writing internship, I feel it is appropriate to mention the
various writing opportunities I was granted while interning at the Biggs Museum of American
Art. As a marketing/public relations intern, I worked directly with the head of marketing to
gain practical writing experience in a professional setting. Under the supervision of my
mentor, I drafted and wrote press releases as needed, edited copies of the annual
Museletter, and copy edited any other content that was produced by the Museum. I gained
professional writing experience that I hope to once again practice by being considered for
this internship through the University of Delaware.
This opportunity offers a great deal of new and useful skills for a student like myself to learn.
It would provide me with real, hands-on experience tailored to my career goal and I am
positioned to exceed expectation. I would very much welcome an opportunity to meet with
you concerning my qualifications for the position. I look forward to your follow up and thank
you for your consideration.

Raigan Nickle
(302) 264-1893