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The Noble Boy (The Story Sequence)

He is dancing with joy.He is watering the plant.

He is sowing the seed from the packet.

He is leveling the land with a spade.

He is watching the plants
He is
covering the seeds with soil.

Ask the students to rearrange the pictures.
You may ask them to draw the lines to connect the sentences.
The questions can be asked like : What is the boy doing with spade? (they should hide the
text part or fold the sheet from the middle.)
After doing this exercise, you can mime the story or appoint six students to do the job.
The actions should be jumbled and the students have to arrange them according to their
miming actions.
This worksheet is compatible with most writing tasks that involve narrating or describing a
sequence. The following examples show how I use it.

We watch a movie sequence and then I ask my students to draw comic strips of key scenes
and write subtiltes. Then they use the subtitles to later describe to the class what

happened in the movie.

Another way I use it, is to ask students to create their own story, describing events in a
Dont limit yourself to the above suggestions. Feel free to come up with your own ideas. The
idea behind the worksheet is that when students see a worksheet, already well layered out,
they feel encouraged to do the writing task.