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Chapter 1 Introduction

You have done well for yourself to observe what you are now observing. I do not know who you
are, where you are, when you are, what your problems are, what your dreams are, or what it is that
you are doing, but I hope this journey will have an impact on your life. We shall walk together
through this wonderful path. This book is based on all of human thinking and science, and attempts
to answer the ultimate questions. Many topics in this book are literally out of this world, so what I
am going to need you to do is to have an open mind. I will show you everything.

Chapter 2 Everything
Everything. All that is. All of earth, every living thing on it, every object, every single thing. Our
solar system, our galaxy and the 100 billion stars on it, our universe and the 100 billion galaxies on
it. What if I told you that isn't everything? It is simply part of everything, but our universe is just
another thing. Another thing that is part of everything.

Big bang, the birth of our universe. What could possibly cause a universe to be born? Another
universe. Another reality. Imagine now, an ambitious test, in an another universe, a civilization is to

use unimaginable amounts of energy to breach the fabric of their universe, to tear a hole in their
reality. A little bit like a black hole. Now there is a mess of energy, particles, things outside of their
reality. And what do they do? They react. They react with the interuniversal fabric they are in, some
react differently than the others. Others may create small universes full of blue gas, others may
violently take a form of an everlasting chaos. But occasionally, some of those particles, no matter in
what way they left their reality, will do something beautiful. They are just right to break into
something that resembles our universes big bang. What could be an insignificant amount of energy
on some other universe, with some other laws of nature, ended up here, blasting into the vast
amounts of natural elements that make up our universe. And then slowly becoming our universe,
and also giving birth to the laws of nature in our universe, our nature was created in a random blast
of foreign energy, and it took the place of our reality.
Usually, explosions destroy, create chaos, but this time it created life. Even the explosions we make
could cause particles so small we cannot yet observe, or even know to exist, to do just the same.
Perhaps every sneeze of yours gives birth to countless universes on an unimaginably small scale, on
a scale that puts the planck lenght to shame. What we are seeing now, is our first reference to
Infinity. An ongoing loop of energy, universes, matter, everything. Now you may feel like that is it,
everything. An infinite loop of universes. But do you really think universes are everything? We are
now dealing with infinity, lets say hello to infinity, hello infinity. This is where all you have known
starts to lose significance. It is true that astronomy can be humbling, you are observing the universe
afterall, but we are about to observe something from a completely different league.
Now I am going to introduce you to Everything. Hello everything. Everything only has one friend,
nothing. Ironic, isnt it? Imagine a timeless view of two round spots, one black, one white. The black
spot does not exist, it resembles nothing. Nothing is the opposite of the white spot, and that white
spot, that white spot you are imagining right now, that is everything. There it is, next to nothing,
doing its job, being the opposite of nothing, Everything. This is how it has always been. Always.
Imagine going back in time fifteen quadrillion quadbillion years or so, the spots are still there. Lets
go back in time, existance, whatever form of travel you wish to use, and lets go back fifteen
quadrillion times the amount we just went back earlier. That trip took a while, and yet the spots lie
there, as they were before. Those spots have always been there, and they always will. But instead of
the spots, they are the concepts of nothing and everything. Yet only one of them is real, the other is
just an opposite. If the concept of opposites is possible, then so is everything else. You, reading this
now, will realise that you are somewhere in that white spot, and we may agree that the white spot is
real, we are infact part of everything.
A white spot like that, sitting there, containing literally everything. Now let's look at this spot in the
form of some thought games, things can get silly, I must warn you. I dare you to imagine that white
spot, and now imagine anything at all, no matter how complicated, in what quantity, in what order,
color, form, way. Anything at all that you can imagine, it will be there, right there inside that spot, in
infinite amounts, infinite different variations, infinite times. Infinite new ones popping into
existance with every blink of an eye. Did you think of a dragon? They're there. Flying through
infinite different skies, infinite amounts of dragons wearing sunglasses and holding in their teeth a
clear picture of you, flying out there in infinite amounts. I am sorry to inform you that a dragon was
a bad thing to choose, too easy, all a dragon needs is a properly functioning universe, evolution
through lifeforms into dragons, and a place to fly. I chose a universe with exactly seven trillion
galaxies, all of those galaxies with exactly five billion same sized planets, made of pure gold,
coming together to form a picture of a feather. Exactly seven trillion golden feathers comprised of
galaxies of pure gold, then forming an image of my face, with those seven trillion feathers. Now
that universe is linked in a chain of universes exactly like it, and exactly nine quadrillion universes
like that, next to eachother, form a picture of your face. Now that is one complicated picture, but
you do look golden.

Now how likely is it for exactly nine quadrillion universes to be next to eachother and form such a
picture, and doesnt that take up a lot of space? Our good friend infinity is rather special, what may
seem unimaginably unlikely to some, is to him, a matter of time. When you have an eternity, when
you have literally forever for something to happen, no matter how complicated, if it can happen, it
will happen, infinitely. This ofcourse means that the two games about dragons and golden feathers
we had before were simply childs play. Nothing special. Everyday. Infinite amounts of those golden
faces of yours pop into existance with every blink of an eye.
Round two. Imagine you had to relive your life. Imagine having to do all of it again, I know, sitting
through all of those classes. One catch. Do it exactly as you did the first time. Every move of every
part of your body, every single brush of your teeth, every single step, every single blink of an eye,
in perfect synch. If you mispeak one word a trillionth of a second too early, the game restarts. If you
are in a rainstorm and fail to notice a single raindrop you noticed in the other life, the game restarts.
You have to write exactly the same answers in exactly the same handwriting, to every test of yours.
You have to catch or avoid every single bacteria you did previously. You have to eat and drink
exactly the same amounts you did before. The slightest mistake in any way and the game restarts. It
would be extremely unlikely to even make it home from the hospital, as every move and cry of the
baby you has to be in perfect synch. Yet if there is an eternity of time to beat this game, after
countless failures, someone will finish school in perfect synch, someone will retire in perfect synch,
then sleep for a second too long when they are 68 years old and restart. And then, someone will
complete the life in perfect synch. And eventually, infinite amounts of participants will complete the
game. Then, eventually infinite amounts of people will beat the game a trillion times in a row in
perfect synch. And so on. Are you starting to see the true scale of infinity? Now let's hope we will
never have to play that game shall we. If all possible exists, there are infinite amounts of beings
playing that game right now, have always been, and will always be. As gruesome as that sounds, I
am sorry to tell you that there are infinite amounts of worse possibilities. So perhaps those players
have lucked out, if not completely, then atleast in a minor way. But everything includes not only
everything negative, it also includes everything positive. And if you are like me, you know I like to
keep it on the positive side. Perhaps all significantly intelligent conscious beings everywhere will
realise to make their reality into the most positive experience possible, and if all beings everywhere
do this, then the odds of being born in a positive reality are rather high. I would call this
phenomenom Positivisation. We can take part, here in our universe, in our galaxy, in our
civilization, in our lives. Isn't that nice, working together with extradimensional, extrauniversal and
extraexisting beings who we, unable to locate extra terrestials even in our own universe, do not have
the slightest measures to contact? But what are we all other than small dots inside that white dot, all
a big family.
These examples had to do with universes, universes of different kinds with different things in them.
But universes are just one thing, one of infinite possibilities of everything possible, one stick in an
infinite pile of sticks. Who is to say that life takes a universe to work? This means that if that white
dot is made into a graph, a single red line can be drawn across it, and it covers less than 1% of the
dot. Over 99% of that dot has nothing to do with universes. All that has anything to do with or
exists in a universe of any kind, is located inside that thin red line. Now we can pinpoint our
location inside everything to this red line. Thats us there, somewhere in that red line, over and over
again, in infinite perfect copies and different versions of us. And ofcourse the infinite possible
universes that have nothing to do with us. We now have a basic idea of our whereabouts.

I am sure we do not need to go over the sheer scale and magnitude of what is inside that red line,
but let's do it anyway, both those thought games of ours and our very lives take place inside that
line. As you remember, anything you can imagine, no matter how complicated, if its anything to do
with universes, its right there, our very minds cannot come close to understanding the sheer vast
epicness of that single line right there. Pick a spot along the line and you can zoom in forever
passing through universes of every kind, of every scale, witnessing needletips the size of our
galaxies, realities with completely different laws of nature, infinity. But, as it happens to be, this
book is called Everything, not everyuniverse, and universes are nothing but a fraction of the intense
glory of that which we call everything.
What I want you to do now, is imagine lines of every possible color, not just red, of every possible
shape, direction and type. An almost chaotic cluster of lines of all colors and kinds crossing
eachother in infinite ways and amounts, this is what we see when we look at the whiteness. And it is
not just lines, they are simply a way for us to think of these things, of all possibilities. We see
everything. A mixture of literally everything. Everything there ever was, everything there is, and
everything there ever will be. It is rather powerful.
But what else can there be other than universes? Things of all kinds, existances of all kinds of
things, unimaginable concepts of all kinds, this is where our limited imagination and human mind
starts to get in trouble. We can however see the grand picture, we know it is all there, everything is
linked, now it is simply a matter of getting to the smaller details. It is like building a puzzle that you
know the image it is going to make. We however have not built that puzzle yet, there is an infinite
amount of details for us to discover, verify, learn and appreciate. The tool we use to build that
puzzle is called Science. Assuming you know everything is never a clever move to make, and I
must stress that it is always too early to be sure, untill that puzzle is finished, and that beautiful
image lies in front of you, complete. Will we ever manage to complete that puzzle? What matters is
that we have begun, we are working on it, and we will not give up. Science, progress, exploration,
adventure, discovery. It is in our nature. These are the things that make us great. A bird may be able
to fly, but a humanbeing is capable of flying to mars, and a future humanbeing is capable of giving
the bird necessary intelligence to build a rocket to fly itself to mars. There is a difference. That
difference is science.
Chapter 3 Back to earth
Planet earth. My home. I live in the early twenty first century of the human civilization, a golden
age of opportunity, progress and possibilities. It is likely that you do too. If you however do not, or
if you are not fully sure of what humanity is all about, I shall give you a short recap.

I am human. The current dominant lifeform of planet earth. We humans are an interesting bunch.
We evolved from simple animals, and there are traces of that. We are however more intelligent than
the rest of planets earths life forms, even if the crows can use sticks as tools. Even though we have
some traces of a territorial lizard brain left in us, we are capable of being civilized, of achieving
things, of building things, of evolving our civilization. In the last couple centuries, we went from
living in simple huts in dark woods to living in flashy cities in lands we bended to our own will. We
carve this planet to our liking, we use its resources as we see fit, and we work to achieve something
more than we had before. Efficiency and hunt for progress is what would summarise us. Even if
carelessness is something that comes with it.
In the future, it would be wise not to be so careless, and try to achieve that progress and efficiency
through the most civilized and balanced means as possible. Using substainable forms of technology,
energy and living, while making them as efficient as possible. The period of resources mattering is
however quite short, if we are careful for that short period, we will be able to rise back up if
something backfires. Leaving enough resources and opportunities available to recover from
multiple large scale disasters. The period of resources and energy being of significant relevance to
our survival and evolution as a civilization is short. If science and technology evolve at proper rates,
we shall harness the power of creating practically infinite resources and potential before the next
couple centuries are over. It sounds ambitious, but compared to the previous chapter in the book,
you should realise that in the grand scheme of things it is not all that unlikely.
Advanced technology, unlimited resources and energy will in all modesty mean lightspeed travel,
unimaginably grand and tall cities even made of gold if we so please, as many starships as we want,
fully colonized planets. And this is how the civilization shall be reasonably faring by 2500, a few
centuries later we can expect creations on an immense, even larger than intergalactic scale. Infinite
resources and energy will also present countless science opportunities with other realities and
locations, other spaces and times than our own. Now Imagine the year 50 000. Or the year 1 000
000 000. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I spoke of the golden age earlier, the twenty first century,
we are seen as the pioneers of this grand future. Some of us may even keep up with the advances in
medicine, and stay in the loop of life for great deals of time. Those of us with not so much luck may
be resurrected, if so chosen. Through technology the past will become available for all to view, to
observe every thought and action of every person who ever was. If you want to live, you may well
live. Very little will be out of the question in the future.
The future is very different from this moment, almost alien. Funnily enough many living in such a
civilization will probably even take perfectly simulated vacations and live out lifes in the style we
do, in alternative realities or even other dimensions. We could just be out here on a nice vacation,
even if your life seemed like the last thing you'd compare to a vacation. These are very special

times, simple enough, full of opportunities, risks, life. A wonderful setting for a 80 year vacation for
a being that lives trillions of years in an unimaginably complicated and advanced civilization. A
way to reset. I however, and hopefully you too, seem to be very much living here by change, and I
wouldnt go as far as to consider my life a vacation. We just happen to live in the golden age, lucky
us. To add further uncertainty, let's now take a look at the probability of us being here.
Big bang. If the target of a random big bang is to produce you, we will need a fair few big bangs. It
has to be just the right size, just the right elements, just the right laws of nature need to form, and
once the big bang happens, things have to play out in a perfect loop that leads to you. A loop that
can be ruined by a single rock hitting another rock in space. A loop that can be ruined by just one of
your grand ancestors making love a few minutes too late or early or by a single different sperm out
of the millions winning the race in any of the countless mating processes eventually linked to you, a
loop that can be ruined by a different gust of wind, leading to a different thought in someones head.
Trillions upon trillions of random big bangs and no sign of you. Many many more big bangs and the
closest thing to you will be you with a few thousand pieces of hair less, or an eye color that slightly
differs, or a mole in a different spot. A perfect copy is extremely unlikely by change. And yet there
are infinite perfect copies of you, in every possible timeline and way things could pan out, every
different situation and every similar situation you are in. As you rise your hand, it happens
simultaneously in infinite different locations, always did so before you rose yours, and will keep on
doing so after, you are just one more in infinity. But that does not mean you are not special, that is
exactly what you are, you are you. And whats more than that, we are all part of everything. A big
I mentioned timelines earlier, they are the way a particular reality pans out. A chain of events,
linked in time. If you choose to order a different meal in a restaurant than you normally would, you
create a different timeline, and that will lead to different conversations as you go on, which leads to
a different reality from the one where you ordered what you usually order. That is what timelines
are. And like so many things, there are infinite amounts of them. Our reality is a single timeline,
where we all make our little choices and it all pans out for us. Random factors affect timelines, a
quantum particle popping into existance a moment earlier than normally, a random number
generator coming up with a different number, any smallest difference generated by some random
factor will result in a different outcome and a different reality. This requires these factors to be truly
random, and not the same every time, if the timeline was to be plaid from the beginning of the big
bang. Big bangs are however random aswell, and it is likely that the reality they originate from has
random aspects aswell. It is also notable that there are likely infinite different ways for universes to
be born, in addition to good old big bangs. Randomness is a concept and therefore part of
everything. This means randomness is possible, and therefore there are infinite different random
things out there in everything, even if we cannot confirm our timelines quality of randomness just
Chapter 4 In parallell
Timelines represent the chain of actions that happens in a set reality. There are options, choices,
different ways for situations to turn out. Infinite different timelines with literally every possible
outcome. Let's say I have just learned to mark a timeline, a location in a timeline, and am now able
to reset, go back to the said point in that timeline that I have marked. I can remember how things
will turn out from that moment on, I can plan ahead, I can try anything. I can remember what the
lottery numbers are, I can do the most complicated tasks out of sheer memory through countless
resets of trial and error. Like groundhog day. But now we are dealing with a groundhog reality, not
just a day. How can this possibly work?

We are now about to look at parallell realities, parallell universes. These things can only take place
in a parallell copy, a different dimension, not the original one, let me explain. Imagine you are a
brave new time travel astronaut, you are to venture backwards in time.You walk in to the device,
and you are warped back in time itself, for 10 hours. Now you step out of the device, you notice the
site of the device, the same location where you stepped in the device, but you are there 10 hours
earlier. You see surprised faces, you even see yourself, as you were, 10 hours earlier, preparing and
going over the process with experts. You now wave to yourself, and yourself waves back at you, but
you do not remember seeing yourself there, 10 hours earlier, you did not wave to a copy of yourself
before the launch, this means you are in a parallell reality. This is also why we do not have timetravellers among us here on earth. If you wanted to travel forwards in time you would simply need
to travel in a way that you end up in a parallell reality that is forwards in time, advanced science
shall eventually make pinpointing destinations trivially easy. The odds for someone who manages to
reach interuniversal travel to end up just here are one in an infinity, in other words, quite low. The
odds for those venturing into a different reality to end up somewhere however are quite high, as
they will have infinite possibilities of where to end up. A word of warning for any aspiring time
traveller though, without sufficient expertise, the odds of coming back home become one in infinity.
If you however are not concerned of returning to our original reality, the amount of destinations is
quite astounding. You can go anywhere. With expertise, odds of reaching a certain type of reality
may be increased, perhaps even guaranteed, making interuniversal travel relatively safe. If we
wanted to go to a perfect copy of our own universe, our own timeline, then we already had all the
characteristics and features of just our kind of reality available to us, then we just have to use that
data to look for similar destinations, this means that the two easiest types of parallell universes to
reach should be the following. The completely random ones, where we simply travel through
realities with little idea of what we are doing and end up in a random location, with completely
random scale, reality and existance, needless to say, quite dangerous. The other easy to reach type
of parallell universe would be the ones very like ours, as we have plenty of information of just our
type of reality, which should make reaching such realities relatively easy. This is good news, as
many aspiring time travellers, or reality travellers would wish to travel in the familiar setting of our
own reality. Now we can go back to the dinosaurs, we can go to a perfect copy of our past, give our
past self some cool future technology which has a very positive impact on their life, so our presence
is not negative. The possibilities are endless.
The odds of just your reality being one of the infinite possibilities of where a time travelling you
will arrive are incredibly slim. Yet it is possible to make interuniversal arrangements of how such
situations shall be handled, say a future me is to come to my reality, we both know that this has to
be in the favor of us both, so he will bring me something from the future that will improve my life
greatly, or perhaps an item that allows me to travel to other universes. Whatever it is he came to my
time to do, he will do, and I will do what I wish. Infinite loops, even if they were to occur, would
not be a problem as there are infinite realities to loop to. Looping can be prevented very easily
though. If there is something you want to redo in your past, instead of just a perfect simulation, and
you want your past self to agree to stay out of the way, you have to go in such a time that the past

self is not aware of what you are to do. For example, say you wanted to go on a wonderful
rollercoaster that you remember taking when you were twentyfive years old. You have to go back in
time slightly before you took that rollercoaster ride, so your past self will not know what they are
missing, as you give them something cool to do instead, and you go on enjoying the wonderfull
rollercoaster ride, perhaps even twice. Now you are both happy, and you travelling did not upset a
different version of yourself. Everyone wins.
Copies of our realities, of similar realities are but a droplet in the sea of all possible times, places,
universes to visit. Not just traveling to different times, but completely different universes as well.
Or travelling to random locations that are something other than universes, everything is possible,
but it won't be smart to be among the first ones to go, expecially as long as there are no returning
travellers or data. Good news is, there will be infinite amounts of exploring to do, even after we
have explored every corner of our own universe, which at the time of writing this book we have
barely even begun. One step at a time. We can take our time.
Chapter 5 God in heaven
Did I mention that if everything exists, so does God. Hello God.
Belief, thinking something is true, without knowing it. Even if we can say that it is very likely for
God to exist, we lack the visual confirmation. This means we are still capable of believing, and God
remains in his cloak of mystery, which may be how he has intended. God being all powerful, he can
hide himself, and not even the most advanced beings will have the slightest change of confirming
his existance with cold hard evidence. Or maybe God can be reached by technology, maybe there
are countless beings who have done so, seen proof eye to eye. That would require God to allow it to
happen. Whichever is the case, we can agree on the high likelihood of his existance, which is rather
Could belief be the all around factor of realising that a being is of a pure, good mind? Perhaps belief
is just a factor included in many of humanitys religions. God existing doesn't mean that any human
religion would automatically be correct. All human religions could be false and God could still
exist. I can only speak of high likelihoods of God existing, not of any religion being the right one.
Everyone has to make their own choices. Believe what you want. Maybe all timelines end in heaven
and God will not ask of what religious doctrines you followed, but simply smile at you in the gates
of heaven. If there is a heaven associated with God, it sure would have countless inhabitants of all
kinds of being, of every possible kind, not just us humans. All a big family, remember?

It is time for yet another thought experiment. When it comes to parallell realities, even without

technology, you can link yourself with other yous in other realities, perhaps even infinite amounts
of exact copies, just by thinking about it. What ever you are doing right now, wherever you are,
Imagine a parallell you in another dimension, in the exact same moment, you are now linking
yourself with that reality in a way, and even if neither one of you, being exact copies, do not have
the technology to do anything more than that, you are creating a link. There is an incredibly slim
change of a third party, such as an extremely advanced civilization, to see interuniversal links like
this, and choose to confirm them, and then the link being confirmed out of the infinite copies being
the one between just you and another you. This would create a confirmed link which can result in
an actual connection between those linked realities, either in a form of travel or exchange of data.
Now that is incredibly unlikely, and you will be wasting your time doing that, but there is a much
more relevant point I'm trying to make with this. There is a certain all powerful third party, who
happens to be completely linked to everything about you, at all times. That is right, an always
connected link between you and God. And in this case, instead of the word link, I would like to
introduce the word prayer. That is right, no matter how cliche it sounds, God hears your prayers.
So if you have never prayed before, perhaps you could give it a shot, I'm sure God loves hearing
from you. There is a quote in the holy Bible that goes something like this: A droplet of faith can
move mountains. I like that quote.

Chapter 6 - The future

We are now focusing on our own universe, our own timeline, on our future. What do you think of
when you hear the word Future? Futuristic cities, spacecraft, technology. The three things that come
to mind, but is that really what the future looks like? Maybe, but let's take a look, then see how it
compares. Earlier, when I spoke of the future, of it being rather alien and of very little being out of
question in the future, I ment it. Keep that in mind as we take a quick tour of the future of our
civilization, things get intense.

The year 2100, the human civilization As we arrive towards earth from space, we see a planet
very like ours, continents still visible, more small objects in space, but nothing too special, and the
differences hit us only as we set our feet in the surface of our home planet. London, lovely this time
of the millenium. People walking as they used to, but they notice we are not from here, when they
look at us they do not reveive the information of who we are, what we do, and so on, and neither do
the robot officers. We are greeted quickly by multiple robot police officers, and trust me when I say
this, these officers know the law like the back of their hand. They are not happy to note that we
have no identity, we seem suspicious, almost like we were from outer space. Now we cloak
ourselves from their perception, and those 22nd century members of our civilization no longer have
any idea what that was all about, no way of seeing us, lets use this new peace to take a proper look

We see 3d screens, advertisements come out of thin air, we also see flying cars, and flying robots. A
flag of the european union, aswell as a flag of England can be spotted aswell, if you are into
flagspotting. There are video games that are near perfect simulations of reality, people can simulate
nearly anything in virtual reality, there are worldwide tournaments of the best martial artists,
tacticians and athletes of all kinds going at it with no fear of injury or harm. We hear of a place
somewhere in the pacific that hosts dinosaurs, real dinosaurs, and they can be viewed live, with
crystal clear visuals. Biological engineering has taken off. Robots, like the officers we met, still act
as a form of workers, they are the robots, we are the people. There is a little bit of mixing though,
bionic eyes, limbs, and other enhancements are a part of some peoples lives. Man starting to merge
with machine, and not just machine, but starting to control biology aswell. There are different
classes of members of the civilization, some are still poor, some are considerably wealthy, riding on
the formation of the dominant super corporations of the late capitalist age. Space exploration is
starting to take off, Mars, Titan and the Moon are colonized.

The certain coldness of the future can already be seen, with many babies having their features
handpicked and engineered biologically, genes, hair and eye color, traits, all hand picked to enhance
their changes in this everchanging world.
The year 2200 the human civilization
By now, as we hover over London, we see high rising buildings everywhere, there were many back
in 2100, but this is different, they are taller, there are more of them, many more. The amount of
robots is different aswell, they are very widespread, now half of the beings on the streets and air are
robots. And robots have evolved quite a bit since 2100. And out of that other half, those
representing people, many look more and more like robots. Cyborgs. The sky is full of flying
things, and so is space. Space exploration has taken off in a major way, spaceships are numerous,
around earth and outside of it. Now both robots and humans are venturing out to space, in vast

quantities, it is a boom of exploration and techlology. We now truly know our solar system, and are
slowly starting to map the galaxy, the milky way.
The year 2300 the united civilization
Robots and humans, one. The number of flags? One. Welcome to the new world.
Unity, unity is the feature to describe this century. Not only the unity of all humans, but of all
humans and of all robots and off all biological beings inbetween. Robots are now considered in
every way to be full members of the civilization, they are far superior to humans by this point. But
humans have evolved aswell, close to that superiority that technology can bring, more robot than
human. It is no longer fully clear who is a humanbeing and who is a robot. Robots are evolving,
their intelligence exponentially growing, the civilization is seeing evolution in a grand scale.
London is still that most charming pile of highrises, so we go to some of the suburban areas left on
our planet Earth to see some changes, we see rows of beautiful homes, with majestic grass lawns, a
flag of the Empire in every one of them, utopia. Some inhabited by robots, some by cyborgs, and
some by stubborn humans who will not enhance theirselves. Humans are seen by the vast robot
majority as a wonderful relic of the past, as the pioneers who made it all possible, they are loved
and cherished. The civilization is starting to get truly wealthy, and equality and good life are part of
everyones lives. Medicine, resources and technology make death a problem of the past.
Even if intelligently unenhanced humans who are not robots or cyborgs are becoming more of a
cherished relic, we still play a meaningful role in this civilization, especially the majority of
humanbeings who have significantly enhanced intelligence. As I have mentioned already, we are the
pioneers, and it is us humans who create this new world. It is the year 2299, and it is about to be the
year 2300. Imagine a large green field, a mound for all of the different flags of the world to be laid
down. Imagine billions of humans, and billions of robots all observing live as the leaders, both
robot and human of every part of the world come and plants their flags in the grass. One location at
a time. Then, after every flag is sitting there, in a beautiful ring, the world goes silent. A
humanbeing walks towards the mound, wearing a yellow robe signaling the wealth, unity and
progress of the civilization, holding in their hands the flag of the Empire. The first Emperor of the
united civilization then plants the flag to the highest point in the mound, and holds a speech for the
billions listening on earth, and in space. The Emperor then proceeds to enjoy a 50 year term,
featuring more than plenty of robot advisors as you can surely imagine.
More and more of the members of the civilization are robots or cyborgs. The milky way is being
explored further. There is a slim change of contact with alien life.
The year 2500 The united civilization
The first robot Emperor starts their term, and the last human Emperor ends theirs. By now, over
99% of all of the members of the civilization are considered robots, and they are very, very
intelligent. The milky way is starting to be fully explored, and the civilization is spreading to nearby
galaxies. Science has made travel to different realities and timelines possible, including infinite
copies of our own. Discoveries in other universes and realities, depending on their type, will further
speed up the exponential evolution and progress of the civilization, especially if means to come
back to the original reality with the discoveries (new science, new elements, the sky is the limit) are
figured out. By now unlimited resources and energy are something that is taken for granted, and it is
the will to evolve and have ever more progress that keeps fueling the fires of exponential evolution,

in technology, science and civilization.

The year 3000 The united civilizations
By now, thanks to exponential growth in technology and the amount of it, countless galaxies will
have been explored, and countless different realities visited. This means there is a high change, that
by the year 3000, our civilization will have joined, either by invitation or by discovery, other
unimaginably evolved civilizations. Once we join such a civilization, one that is millions, billions or
perhaps trillions of trillions of years old, our technology, no matter how advanced we considered
it,will take a leap so massive that it will be a whole new age ever since that moment.
That is right, everything you have known, civilization the way it is to you, is likely to transform
completely by the year 3000. If a civilization of robots and humans seemed alien, then this
civilization will too, as it is literally alien. But, before you get too uncomfortable with the idea, we
are all a big family, remember?
As millions and billions of galaxies will be visited, and as large scale activity that can be noticed by
any observing civilization is starting to happen in a significant scale, alien contact becomes a matter
of time. Depending on the speed of our exploration and advancement, it is reasonable to expect
alien contact between the years 2500 and 5000. There are atleast thousands of advanced high end
civilizations, millions, in some cases, billions of years old. Imagine how us humans, living on those
dark huts in the woods a few hundred years ago are now exponentially advancing, and this right
here is the product of a few hundred years of advancement. These civilizations have been at it for
millions or billions of years. Needless to say, I wonder if it is at all possible to imagine what they
are capable of, but I shall attempt, it is afterall what this book is mostly about. So fasten your
seatbelts. Things are about to get heavy.
Imagine planet earth during the year 3000, it is mostly ultra high buildings, and some areas of
historical value being conserved, Africa, corners of the continent full of cities of a vast scale, and
those cities are the thin outline of Africa, the largest historical nature conservation site on the
historical relic that is Planet earth. The whole continent of Africa, except for its outline, is a site of
rich nature and wildlife. By now, most life will be outside of planet earth, and only certain kinds of
visits and living are permitted on this almost priceless globe that is the home to the civilization, its
roots. There is still activity on planet earth during the year 3000, and millions of spacecraft surround
it, it is a sprawling location, that is overgoing a transformation into the priceless relic that it is. The
civilization will have selected another planet to act as the capital, the heart of the civilization, one
not so priceless. However nearby. Lets say it is Mars. The location of Earth and Mars can by very
different by this time, we will be able to move the planets, alter them, carve them to our liking, even
live in different scales. So wherever Mars is during the year 3000, it will be the heart of our
civilization, and as such, an extremely busy place. Billions of spacecrafts and objects are around it,
there are strict measures of what can be done in what proximity of such a hub of civilization, such
as scientific experiments, actions, all regulated by laws and more than advanced authority. We want
nothing bad to happen to Mars, let alone Earth. And trust me when I say, nothing will.
But what if the aliens wanted to hurt the little planetary metropolis of an intergalactic empire of
ours? Our proud civilization, celebrating the year 3000, with celebrations that could be described as
a whole book, surely will feel invincible, right? That is not the case. No matter how much power
one obtains, how invincible they feel, they always know there is something stronger out there. As
much as this is a problem, it is also a blessing. Yes, an alien civilization celebrating its millionth
year will be able to utterly annihilate a civilization celebrating the year 3000. But who is to say that

a billion year old civilization will not have a word with such an uncivilized million year old
civilization. It is almost certain that there are supreme civilizations, billions of years old, in our own
universe, ever observant, ever watchful. There is a rule, never abuse the weaker, as there is always
someone stronger than you out there who you will answer to. Always. Infinity is fun like that.
Another possibility is of these billion year old civilizations being united as one universal
civilization, recruiting new civilizations once they seem ready to join, or stopping foolish
civilizations if necessary. And those universe governing civilizations will likely be united with even
more advanced civilizations from other universes, other realities, everywhere. But there will always
be more members to join the union, or shall we say, the family. As new life, as everything possible
is forever becoming, being and has always been reality, the family will have infinite new members
in it at all times. There will ofcourse be infinite civilizations that didnt come even close to joining
the big family in the form of an union. But union is just a formal procedure, in the grand beauty of
everything, everything is a big family, no matter the grudges or location. As I said, this is getting
heavy. Now, contact.
It is the year 3000, the metropolis heart of the empire is in full motion, basking in its power and
might, with formations of billions of spacecraft and objects hovering about. And then something
happens, a voice that reaches everyone around appears, we come in peace. This has been prepared
for, no panic here, no immediate defense mechanisms that would try anything stupid, not that they
would be likely to work anyway. If a situation does however seem hostile, multiple plans of the
usage of the most effective offensive force, and escape or hiding strategies will be planned. Out of
nothing, majestic million year old beings appear, shifting from the usage of stealth technology
created during millions of years, making them utterly undetectable to our civilization, to a scale and
form more familiar. Perhaps they choose to take the form of flying dragons, it doesnt matter when
you can telepathically communicate anything, in any form you wish. They will then announce their
intentions to introduce this civilization into the larger one, and go over the things that will follow.
Every member of our civilization is at that moment given all of the information the greater
civilization has to offer, their intelligence acting as an instant boost. Now every member of our
civilization is taking an instant tour of the greater civilizations capital, their ways, their wisdom.
And after that brief moment, a permanent, intense leap forward is had. From the wisdom of the year
3000 to the wisdom of the year 1 000 000 in an instant. Or if this greater civilization in our universe
has managed to unite with ever greater civilizations from elsewhere, the leap could be infinitely
larger. Billions of times the age of our universe, now that is a large amount of information and
advancement to receive in an instant. From this moment on, we are no longer ants to the greater
civilizations, but we are part of the family of eternal knowledge, almost anything at all will be
possible from that point on. But the curse with eternal knowledge is that there is always more to be
learned, even if you know what the great picture looks like, everything to learn, endless details to
delve into. This means that these eternal civilizations everywhere, always, infinitely will manage to
keep theirselves occupied. Time becomes meaningless. Space becomes meaningless. Everything
can be created, everything can be done, ever more can always be achieved. Everything is possible.
Instead of a metropolitan Mars, how about creating an infinite chain of metropolises the size of
universes, with infinitely advanced technology even the wildest of dreams become reality, everyday,
now that is alien. I may like the sound of the 21st century life more, what about you? Remember, a
80 year holiday won't be much to ask for at that point. We can literally live forever. There is
practically nothing that cannot be done at that point. Literally everything becomes a possibility. So
from as early as the year 3000, we join the eternal ride. But what if against all odds, a ride as
advanced as that crashes?
Chapter seven Death

Death. A powerful word. Time for another thought experiment.

Even if you are a part of an incredibly advanced civilization, no matter how many steps of security
you take, no matter how much technology and trickery you use to make yourself invincible, death
will always be a possibility. Lets say a humanbeing in the year 2250 has reached immortality
through advanced medicine, then the humanbeing can still be killed by the government, and they
choose to do so, now he can still be revived, every smallest piece of the person can still be put back
to life, and they choose to do so. Now the person is living again, and feeling immortal as they were,
but now an alien civilization decides to use a sandgrain bomb, a grain of sand that explodes the
whole milky way galaxy, the humanbeing is dead again, and no other humanbeings alive to
resurrect him, even if they were ever able to locate all of those parts of the person from the more
than devastating sandgrain bombs explosion. If these aliens now choose not to revive the
humanbeing, or do not know how to, it is safe to say they are gone for good. Dead. Now the aliens
choose to revive this person, it takes very advanced technology but they manage to bring him back
from that explosion, he is alive again, and cannot help but to feel immortal, this time he even has
alien technology to help him be immortal. Now the universe implodes, a collision between random
extrauniversal bodies leads to our universe destructing completely. Our person is dead again, and so
are the aliens who resurrected him. And the universe he existed in. Dead. Now even more advanced
beings from other existances, universes or realities, everywhere, could still decide to attempt to
resurrect him, if they knew of his tale, but it would be unlikely, and take incredible technology. If an
universe utterly destructs and leaves no trace behind, it will be extremely unlikely for anything
related to that universe to be known or thought of. Lets say an extremely advanced civilization that
has a presence in countless universes has observed the collision that resulted in the persons universe
destructing, they will be able to highly predict which universes, realities or locations anywhere are
safe. They can also resurrect this person. They choose to do so. The person is now resurrected and is
part of an incredibly advanced civilization, he spreads his existance into the most well calculated,
safe locations around different realities everywhere, creating infinite traces of hisself, he is now
alive in an infinite amount of extremely safe locations. Surely he is safe now? No.

Some infinities are bigger than others, there are infinite different scales of infinity, even if this
person managed to make infinite safehavens for himself to hide and live forever in, eventually there
would come a moment when everysingle one of those infinite locations would implode, implode so
violently that no trace of them is ever left behind. And no one chooses to resurrect him. But there
would still forever be a change for an unimaginably advanced civilization to learn his tale, and
resurrect him against all odds, if it is possible to know of his existance in any way, he can be
brought back infinitely by some advanced beings. But if not, he will be dead forever. What this
means is that death is a certainty, and life is not, even though an infinite loop of life is also very
much possible. Death, 100%, truly infinite life, 99%. Death wins.
But, there is one form of life that truly beats death, no questions asked. Eternal life provided by
God. God is beyond any advances, beyond any achievement. God is all powerful. Not only can God
choose to resurrect literally anything or anyone ever, no matter what, but he can also make sure that

someone never dies. God is superior to death. So, even if life can seem infinite, the only true eternal
life can be provided by God. And God can also take any life away. No questions asked.
So, has God chosen to have a heaven where beings can appreciate a truly eternal life with no change
of dying? Or has God simply decided to allow the eternal drifts of life and death take place
everywhere? The beautiful thing about this mystery is, that every one of us will one day find out, no
matter how far in the game if immortality we make it, we will one day die by something, whether it
be tomorrow or in a trillion years, sometimes things go wrong. And when you die, the options are
either the same emptiness you feel when trying to remember a time before you were born, meaning
its over for good, or untill resurrection. Or perhaps you do go to heaven, that would be very nice. Or
perhaps you drift endlessly in some plain of existance, with the slim change of being resurrected
back to the infinite loop of life again. All three options of death present a change of infinite life,
some more likely than others. Ironic, isn't it? The universe loves irony.
Now, the future is completely different from this simple, beautiful world we live in. And to us
humans, love is something special. So no matter how complicated or advanced things you involve
or wish to involve yourself in, I want you to know that what it is you are seeking to bring meaning
to your life could simply be love. This means that love, among other things in our ordinary lives can
be all that we need. So if it is the meaning of life you are after, my answer would have to be love.
And if you are not into love, there are infinite other options available out there, as we all know by
now, there will always be something to keep us occupied, no matter the time, place or reality, and
no matter how large amounts of time we dedicate to the progress of our civilization and science,
there will always be plenty of time for love and infinite other things too, on the eternal journey.
Be good to others, live a good life, and remember that every thought, action and move you make
will always be noted by someone, someone with the means to have a word with you if they find you
uncivilized. Whether it be an advanced future government, an extra terrestial civilization or God
himself. That is my final tip for you, be good, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble. And if
everyone everywhere is good, everyone wins. All a big family, positivisation, remember? Farewell,
and good luck on your journey through this existance. Live long and prosper. Heres to the past.
Heres to the golden age. Heres to the new dawn. Treasure your life.

- Widon, 21st century, human.