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Tom Hubschmid

2040 28 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3E 2H4 (403) 921-2553

Gained basic educational knowledge, skills, and attributes in the University of Lethbridges
EDUC 2500 practicum by observing and assisting in a Grade 3 class, helping students with
special needs one-on-one, and conducting a brief lesson in poetry
Instructed 15 Grade 1 students in English Language Arts at Olds Koinonia Christian School,
successfully guiding their reading development and implementing early literacy skills
Demonstrated excellent listening skills, sensitivity, and attentiveness to peoples concerns
through four years of band leadership and six months of community group co-leadership for
Urban Grace Church


Demonstrated quality scholarly skills and abilities through academic writing, research, and
public speaking to achieve a Bachelor of Arts: English (Honours)
Conducted original research and writing to compose high quality, 30-page thesis of literary
criticism entitled The Phenomenal Donne: Jean-Luc Marion's Erotic Reduction in John Donne's
Metaphysical Love Songs
Published original literary short story entitled New to Life in issue #3 of the London, England
based literature magazine The Wrong Quarterly
Published original literary short story entitled Driveway in issue #1 of the online literature and
art magazine Eleventh Transmission
Demonstrated articulate, academic public speech while presenting original research at three
academic conferences, including Under Western Skies III, Crisis and Continuity, and ESS
Student Colloquium for over twenty audience members
Reviewed and critiqued 3 academic submissions to AFFECTUS Undergraduate Journal of
Philosophy and Theory for the AFFECTUS Collective
Acquired and exercised organization skills to schedule a day-long itinerary for the undergraduate
conference, Crisis and Continuity

Mount Royal University
GPA: 3.85
EDUC 2500
University of Lethbridge
Calgary, Alberta May-June 2016
Upheld classroom management expectations of a class of 23 Grade 3 students
Taught a lesson on poetry, instructing, modeling, demonstrating, and guiding students through
the creation of their own poems
Aided students one-on-one who struggled with reading
Worked directly with a student on the autism spectrum through the days

Grade 1 Reading Instructor

Olds, Alberta January-June 2009
Patiently guided individual students in English Language Arts literacy curriculum
Assessed student learning progress and planned individualized lessons for assisting and
developing student reading levels
Supervisor and Customer Experience Representative
Indigo Books in Signal Hill
Calgary, Alberta December 2013- April 2014
Trained new employees in store operations and expectations
Managed the sales floor, directing employees, reporting to managers, and helping customers
Represented the reputation of the company
Participated in town hall meetings
Discussion group co-leader
Urban Grace Church
Calgary, Alberta June 2014-January 2015
Facilitated critical thinking and discussion, demonstrated patient listening skills, and explained
philosophical or theological concepts to 8-12 group members
Developed life-long interpersonal skills by attending to individual questions and concerns
Demonstrated team-oriented approach to leadership, discussing and collaborating with
colleagues to achieve solutions, establish goals, and implement plans
Shelter Worker
Inn From the Cold, Jesus Loves You Society, Calgary Flood
Calgary, Alberta 2012-2014
Cooked meals, planned activities for children ages 3-15, and provided supervision
Mentored elementary boys and co-led sports activities
Assisted with flood clean-up and promoted community spirit