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The rich in Iranians continue to get richer and this comes at the expense of the

poor. The nation will have to dismantle the elite ruling class to ensure a more
equitable society.

The nation is in the throes of a battle between the ordinary Mardom and the elite
that has been established after the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war.

With departure of Imam Khomeyni, Khamenei (Present Iran Supreme Leader)

took over as Velayat e Faghih and continuing the new order, a supposedly
affirmative action plan to continue bringing poor (mostazafin) to economic parity
under the flagship of Sepah (Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution).

But what that has evolved out of the 30-year tenure of the Velayat e faghih is the
emergence of the governing elite in this country, at the expense of ordinary
people (mardom) prosperity. The ruling of Mostazafin (poor) guise was used to
enrich and establish the governing elite through cronyism and collusion and

Elite firmly established

Now with the elite firmly established and at the levers of control of this country,
it is speculated that the elite, which consists of only 15% of the 75 million-strong
Malaysian population, control nearly 85% of the economy.

In turn, social media reports that the remaining 85% of the population have to be
content with 15% of the wealth of the nation. This is why it is high time that the
work to dismantle and break up the elite should be done as quickly as possible.

While these figures remain unconfirmed, it is worrying and of great concern to

witness in daily life the bread-and-butter issues of the Mardom in Iran today
while a minority of the population get the bulk of the spoils of so called economic

This is where affirmative action has failed miserably and has been and is being
used as a pretext to establish the elite in this country as a cartel to which the
majority of Iranian are excluded. This is why the wealth of the nation has not
been equitably distributed over the years.

Failure of affirmative action

While the 35-year tenure of the Velayat e Faghih failed to address the economic
imbalance of the poor people, the Sepah still not replaced by any New Economic

All actions guises by the Sepah have misfired and backfired terribly to create
more misery and unhappiness for Iranian of all walks of life with the exception of
the minority governing elite in this country.

This is why the oppositions has been stressing on the need for egalitarian values
to be in place and not for the rich in this country to get richer at the expense of
the toiling masses who have no respite or relief from a hard, harsh life.

It is really the elite, through a closed-door policy and through the nexus between
politician-crony-sycophant, that truly enjoy special rights and privileges through
means unfair and foul as VIPs and VVIPs.

Doing away with elitism

While ordinary Iranians watch the on-going spectra of the elite carrying on with
their lavish and opulent lifestyle, they also wonder how come there is such a
wide disparity in income and equity ownership between them and the elite.

What has gone wrong? Iran is supposed to be a democracy and the tenets and
obligations of democracy such as fair play, meritocracy and justice are not being
translated into reality across the population of the nation.

What gives? This is why Iranians, should back any move and initiative by any
individual, group or organisation to cut down to size the elite in this country and
to bring about economic parity for all Iranians.