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To tell others that you are sorry for doing something that caused a problem.
There are some expressions that you can use to say sorry in English, it is depending on
the situation, with whom do you apology and how you are feeling. These are some common
expressions to say you are sorry.
Expressing of Apologies:
1. Sorry
This is a very common and simple apology that can use in many situations. For example:
When we are sympathizing with someone I am sorry to hear that
When we realize that we have done something wrong I am sorry for that
2. Im so sorry/ Im very sorry/ Im terribly sorry
This is similar to sorry but adding an extra word that makes the meaning stronger. For
example, Im so sorry I did not come to your party yesterday.
3. Forgive me, please!
We use this expression to ask forgiveness from someone when we do something to upset
them. For example, I broke your toy. Please, forgive me for it!
4. Id like to apologize.
This is more formal way of saying sorry. You can hear in formal/business situations or
emails. For example, Id like to apologize for the delay in replying to your email
5. Please accept my (sincere) apology
This is a very formal way of apologizing especially when the word sincere is included. For
example, please accept my sincere apology for the mistake!

Respond of apologies:

Its okay
Never mind
It doesnt matter
Dont worry about that
Dont apologize
Forget about that
Thats all right


Mother: John, have you bought me some sugar?


: I am sorry mom. I forget.

Mother: Never mind

Father : make, did you break that glass?

Make : yes, I did. Please, forgive me for it.
Father : thats all right

An apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and
the other person is right. It just means you value your
relationship more than your ego. So, dont worry to say