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What If Metropolis ?

Green Light Review Part 1

Sam Avery

Artist Research

Born in St. Petersburg and destined by his father for a military career, Ert confounded
expectation by creating his first successful costume design at the age of five,and
was finally allowed to move to Paris in 1912, in fulfillment of his ambition to become a
fashion illustrator. He soon gained a contract with the journal Harper's Bazaar, to which
he continued to contribute fashion drawings for 22 years. Ert is perhaps best
remembered for the gloriously extravagant costumes and stage sets that he designedfor
the Folies-Bergre in Paris and George White's Scandals in New York, which exploit to
the full his taste for the exotic and romantic, and his appreciation of the sinuous and
lyrical human figure. As well as the music-hall, Ert also designed for the opera and the
traditional theatre, and spent a brief and not wholly satisfactory period in Hollywood in
1925, at the invitation of Louis B. Mayer, head of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer.

Research: History of Romain De Tirtoff ( Erte )

Romain's idea of feminine beauty, throughout his long life, was the pale skin and dark eyes and hair of his
mother. He was already designing clothes for her at the age of five, aided by the family's resident
dressmaker. She took him on aristocratic summer tours abroad all over Europe while his father was on naval
Before World War I the Russian capital city was elegant and replete with activitytheater, music, the arts,
and fashion. Three imperial theaters dominated, where young Romain could enjoy opera (he saw RimskyKorsakov's Sadko at the age of seven in the family's permanent box in the Maryinsky Theater) and
the Ballets Russes of the famed Diaghilev. His mother took him on shopping expeditions on fashionable
Nevsky Prospekt where he was enthralled by the couturier's craft. He remembered in later years that in his
early teens he hated uniformed school and could hardly wait until school was out to pick up his painting
and designing again.
He arrived in Paris at the age of 19 (February 1912); France was to be his home thereafter. The French
influence on St. Petersburg was profound, and Paris was bewitched by all things Russian in those days. In
Paris Romain saw ballet-dancer Nijinsky's notorious L'Aprs-Midi d'un Fauneand Stravinsky's composition
Sacre du Printemps in 1913; Picasso and Braque had begun Cubist art-forms; Orphism,
Futurism, Dadaism, and Surrealism were about to be launched. (In 1914 Romain designed costumes for a
scene called "La Muse Cubiste" in a Paris music hall revue, Plus a Change, at the age of 22). Meanwhile,
in December 1912 he landed a job as draftsman in a mediocre fashion-house and was dismissed after a
month for having no aptitude for design.

Romain De Tirtoff : Alphabet

Influence Map


Part 1
As you enter the city of Morningstar, you are enlightened by a warm glow of pure light as if it was the lights of
heaven, the buildings are very mysterious to the eyes, the inhabitants of this mysterious and alluring city seem to live
in Spheres fixed on top of great pillars standing before you, there seems to be a different styled figure on top of each
sphere one of a women which is where the Female inhabitants reside and for the men there is a male figure holding a
glowing lantern, It is Ancient tradition that the females and males can never live with each other, even in marriage
they must live apart, no one knows why the elders had made this rule in the first place, but I am told that the elders
are never seen in the city but instead live at the very top of the great mountain that overlooks and watches the
startling city of Morningstar.
On my travels through Morningstar I am told of the story of the great mountain, whoever wishes to seek utopia and
the great beyond, they must take a pilgrimage to the sacred temple of the elders.
The journey is tough and some have lost their lives, but if someone manages to reach the top of the great mountain
we are told you shall be rewarded with the blessings of the elders and safe passage to Paradise beyond the
mountains peak.
The inhabitants of the City are very peaceful people, they are blessed with Ancient technology that allows them to
live a long life beyond anything I have ever seen, I asked a man who seemed to be in his 20s how people can live to
these great ages, he just looked at me and said Im 125 years old and there is no secret, the city of Morningstar gives
life and keeps people looking young and healthy.
As the conversation with this kind man furthered he told me about the one downside of this great life, that if anyone
was to leave the city of Morningstar they would start aging again but then he just laughed and said but if you come
back you become young again.

Part 2

Carrying on my walk through the city of Morningstar I decided to go inside one of the Local temples, I was curious
about one thing which was there seemed to be no doors on any of the entrances but just a big hole in the wall that
lead inside.
When I walked into the Main body of the temple, there was some people praying to a tapestry of the great mountain
with what seemed to be a Buddha with a glowing orb in his palms, the people at the temple prayed by lighting
incense sticks below the tapestry and then sitting in silence for an hour, this happens every day at 7:00 pm.
I decided to leave the temple and go into what seemed to be a Theatre of some sort, as I looked around the room I
saw people drink with laughter and telling ancient tales to one another. There was a stage in the middle of the room
and there on stage was a female belly dance all dressed up in jewellery and dressed in a crimson dress with a vail
covering half her face.
As this women started to dance she took of the vail and in that instance it was as if I was lured in and trapped in the
gaze of her eyes, one kind waiter came over to me and nudge me out of my trance, he warned me about certain
people in the city of Morningstar, the dancer he told me could make men fall in love with her just by the gaze of her
eyes, this is why she wears the veil when she is not performing, The waiter laughed and said dont mind me though
She catches everyone out the first time.

Part 3

It was getting late, so I decided to pay for my drink and carry on my journey, As I walked out, I was greeted with the glistening light
coming from all of the statues and Podiums. Walking through the valleys between the houses I stopped and took in the silence of the
night and the warm glow coming from the mountain top.
I came to the centre of the city and walked over to a lonesome wishing well, I thought Id make a wish and so chucked a penny in, as
I did this, all of a sudden the waters of the well changed to a glisten frosty white colour, what happened next was a wonderful sight,
small glowing orbs of white light started to rise from the well and slowly drifted upwards until they vanished into the dark night sky.
I was getting tired and believed my journey had ended in the City of Morningstar, but to my amazement a hooded person walked up
to me and told me he was an elder of the city, I asked why he was out this late and thought the elders where never seen in the city.
The elder told me that the elders are always about watching over the people of Morningstar making sure the peace is kept and no
harm is done to anyone who lives here. He then told me why he was out so late and this was because the elders come out when the
sky is darkest and the mountains glow is strong, so that they can use the ancient powers of the mountain to build new homes and fix
broken ones, they say they capture a part of the mountain glow in every building and this is how the city of Morningstar, is kept safe
and keeps the inhabitants healthy, He showed me how to trap the light in a small glass orb, as he trapped the light the orb burst into
a ball of light and said I could keep this for my journey.
As my journey ended and it was now time to leave the city of Morningstar, I took one look back as I left and thought of all the
mystery and knowledge this City truly holds.
Until next time Morningstar


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