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General A & C-51 License No.

AZ License No. 20405583-G
LA City Certification No. FB00072
SBC Cert. ID#1709560
P.O. Box 5547, Bakersfield, CA 93388
Office 661-387-1703 Fax 661-387-1713

“Structural/Misc. Steel Proposal”

Pandol Brothers Office Bldg.
Blumer Construction Inc.
7440 St A Meany Ave Bakersfield CA 93308
Walter Scott
(661) 588-3000 ext 102
Walter Scott <>

In accordance with AISC, Mike Owen Fabrication, Inc. proposes the following scope of
work based on drawings dated:

STRUCTURALS: 11/23/2015

Furnish and Install:

2ea HSS8x8 columns-BP-5, ¾” base PL’s-11ea HSS6x6 columns-BP-3 ¾” base
PL’s-1ea HSS6x3x3/16” & 4ea HSS6x2x3/16” columns-BP-7 & 8, ½” & ¾” base
PL’s (S1.1) & column cap PL’s for support of WF roof beams (Det 10/11 S5.2)
1ea W30x90, 2ea W24x62, 4ea W10x15, 6ea W16x26, 4ea W21x50, 2ea
W21x44, 2ea W18x40, 2ea W18x50, roof beams & 2ea C12x20 fascia beams,
shear PL’s for WF to WF connections (S1.2, Det 3/8/11 S5.2) & 2ea W14x34
beam to support the 2 W21x44 roof beams (S1.2, Det 9 S5.2). 13 ea locations
L3x3x3/16” angle kickers (S1.2, Det 9 S5.2 & Det 9 S5.4)
Window sill plan- 2ea HSS6x4 @ grid A, 2ea HSS6x6 & 1ea HSS6x4 @ grid line
3, 3ea HSS6x4 @ grids 5/6/7 & 2ea HSS6x2 @ grid G lower window sills welded
to HSS3x3 sill columns & @ HSS6x2 columns (S1.2, Det 11 S5.1)
Window headers-1ea HSS10x6 & 1ea HSS18x6 @ grid line A, 2ea HSS12x6 @
grid 3 between grids B/E, 2ea HSS8x6 @ grid 3/5 between grids F/G, 1ea
HSS6x6 & 3ea HSS10x6 @ grids 5/6 & between grids A/E @ 2ea HSS18x6 @
grid G welded to columns @ top of window frames (S1.2)

HSS5x51/4” “X” braces BR1 (Brace frame sch. 1-3/4” base PL’s.2 Det 3 S5. grid line 7 & grids E-F S3.000 sq/ft DGB-36 18ga G60 deck. 1ea HSS8x8x1/4”BP-6. 2ea upper gussets weld to columns & welded to W27x84 roof beam & 2ea lower gusset PL’s (S1.1) & knife PL @ center of brace frame (Det 7 S5. 2ea upper gusset PL’s welded to columns & welded to 1ea W18x40 roof beams & 2ea lower gusset PL’s (S1. 4ea lower gusset PL’s. S3. .1) & knife PL @ center of brace frame (Det 7 S5.1) Brace frame #4. Grid line G & between grids 4-5). 2ea upper gussets weld to columns & welded to W18x40 roof beam & 2ea lower gusset PL’s (S1. 2ea L4x4 @ bottom of base PL’s. Det 4.0) . S3.2). 1ea roof access ladder (Det 1 A3. 1 pair & 1 single leaf trash enclosure gates (Det 1/3 A-1.2ea L4x4 @ bottom of base PL’s 2ea upper gusset PL’s welded to 2ea W27x84 roof beams. 26ea 5” Sch 40 posts with ¼” PL’s welded to bottom & PL’s to support 26ea HSS6x4 @ bottom of screen & HSS6x2 @ top of screen wall (S1.1/S1.2.1) HSS5x51/4” “X” braces BR4 (Brace frame sch.2.2.4) & 70ea L2.2).1) & knife PL @ center of brace frame (Det 7 S5.3.3 @ grid 1 with shear PL’s (S1. Det 8. grid line 6 & between grids A-B S3.2. 1ea HSS6x6x1/4”. S3. HSS5x5 “X” braces frames BR3/BR5 (Det 1/3 & brace frame sch. HSS5x51/4” “X” braces BR4 (Brace frame sch. Det 12 S5. (S1. 2ea upper gussets weld to columns & welded to W12x30 roof beam.2ea HSS5x5x1/4”-BP-2 ¾” base PL’s-2ea L4x4 @ bottom of base PL’s.2) 4ea L4x4 frames for HVAC roof curbs (S1.2). Det 1/2/8 S5. Chevron brace frames #3 & #6 @ gridline A/grids 4-5 & gridline 2/grids A-B.5x3/16” deck support between joists (S1. S3.0). S3.1 & Det 5 S5.1) & knife PL @ center of brace frame (Det 7 S5. 2ea lower gusset PL’s (S1.5x2.2).1). Det 2/3/4 S5.2 & Det 6 S5.1 S1.2. grid line 7 & grids E-F S3.1/S1. Det 4. . . 1ea HSS6x6x3/8”-BP-4 1-1/2” base PL’s.3) 40 ea joists/bridging & 15.1/S1.2).2ea HSS5x5x1/4”-BP-2 ¾” base PL’s-2ea L4x4 @ bottom of base PL’s. 4ea upper gusset PL’s welded to columns & welded to 2ea W18x40 roof beams & 4ea lower gusset PL’s (S1. Det 5.1/S1.2. 2ea L4x4 @ bottom of base PL’s. 34ea W10x12 beams with L3x3 angles welded to joists.1/S1.4) Addendum #1 ADD: 2ea W10x22 beams @ grids 2/6 between grids E/F & 1ea C10x15.2.1) & knife PL @ center of brace frame (Det 7 S5. Brace frame #8-2ea HSS6x6x3/8” columns-BP--4 1-1/2” base PL’s. S3. HSS5x51/4” “X” braces BR4 (Brace frame sch. Grid line 3 & grids F-G & Det 7 grid line G & grid line 3-4. Det 2.1). Det 1/2 S5. S3. Brace frames #2 & #7-2ea HSS6x6x3/8” & 1ea HSS6x6x1/4” columns-BP-4 11/2” base PL’s.2.           Brace frame #1.2 & Det 5/8/9/10 S5. HSS5x5x1/4” “X” braces BR1 (Brace frame sch.1). Brace frame #5-1ea HSS6x6x1/4” & 1ea HSS8x8x1/4” columns-BP-4/6 1-1/2”/13/4” base PL’s-.2).

is excluded. omissions. washers.  Cost of inspections is excluded.00 Exclusions:  Catalog items are excluded.  Ornamental iron. bolts. ladders. Drawings will not be . angles.  Responsibility for any errors. unless specifically noted in scope. ledgers and roof screen frames is excluded.  Blocking for handrails.  All design and engineering. all steps will be taken to submit with no clouds or questions remaining. Det 11 S5. DRAWINGS: FABRICATION: COATINGS: INSTALLATION: 3 to 3-1/2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Week 3-1/2 to 4 Week Conditions:  During the detailing process all issues will be handled through the RFI process. nuts. inserts.  Traffic Control is excluded.  Holes in structural members for other trades not shown on structural drawings are excluded.  Catalog hold-down hardware and installation is excluded. bolts. code violations.FOB (to be installed by others):  Anchor bolts & templates for columns.  Any and all anchors.  Installation of any cast in place or cast in CMU anchor bolts is excluded. and improper use of materials if shown on the bid documents is excluded. including connections and lifting lugs.  10ga and lighter materials.  All un-sized members are excluded.  Anchor bolts. including per diem for inspectors is excluded. Installation of columns/posts/bollards with flagpole footings or any item wet set in concrete that has been listed as FOB.1)  HSS5x5x1/4” TE gate posts (Det 3 A-1. channels. except as noted in scope.  Deck penetration for other trades is excluded. are excluded.  Demolition is excluded.  Non-ferrous items.0) Price: $0. or hardware for other trades are excluded.  Grout and grouting for column bases and beam seats is excluded. straps.  Attachment to wood is excluded. Note: Required Scheduled Delivery Dates Must be Negotiated and approved prior to Start of Fabrication. conflicts. are excluded.1. connectors. and plates used by other trades are excluded. other than steel deck is excluded.  6ea HSS3x3 sill columns with ¼” PL’s on bottom (S1.

Delays encountered during mobilization will be billed as extra work. Half day minimum. Unless specifically listed. Anchor bolts for structural steel columns supplied with templates. Unless specified otherwise all submittals will be done electronically. or letter of intent. No change order work will be done without a signed change order. This proposal. Anchor Bolts set plumb and per plan and cleaned by others Detailing schedule to be determined. Galvanizing is excluded unless otherwise specifically noted. Any discussions of details. is LA City Certified Fabricator and follows the latest AISC procedures and recommendations for fabrication and erection of structural steel. Any item in our proposal can be negotiable but must be discussed first. un-assembled. if any item is in conflict with your standard contract please do not assume we will accept.00 + equipment rental per mobilization depending on the location. or General Contractor. Inc. we will only honor the material portion of this proposal for 45 days. Mike Owen Fabrication. If there is a conflict in the drawings we assume structural drawings take precedence unless clarification is given. or provided in an RFI response are not included in this proposal. if any. in its entirety. Ornamental iron. We will not participate in any liquidated damages. is received and payment for material is required within 45 days of billing. Forms and debris clear of base plate to allow sufficient access to leveling nuts with end wrenches Equipment access to building footprint on slab and around building One coat red oxide primer applied to all steel. will have one coat shop primer. will become part of any contractual agreement Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal. Due to the rapid price increases of steel. One continuous erection mobilization for the structural steel and one mobilization for miscellaneous steel are anticipated. Extra mobilizations will be a minimum of $1. It is not the intent or the understanding that Mike Owen Fabrication. Owner. Inc. we are not designated as an AISC erector nor are we designated as an AISC certified plant. Fred Majusiak . However. steel will be ordered when contract. only work shown on architectural and structural design drawings is included.500. Galvanizing is excluded unless otherwise noted. Metal stud framing within ten feet of steel members to begin after structural steel is erected. shall assume any liability or responsibility that should be borne by the Architect. will not proceed with fabrication until an executed subcontract or purchase order is received.                       submitted until all issues have been resolved. Mike Owen Fabrication Inc. as to not conflict with the erection of structural steel. Due to the rising cost of steel. or scope not defined on the structural and architectural drawings.

Mike Owen Fabrication. . Inc.