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Thomas Jefferson is known as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

This was a statement that the United States was to declare its loyalty from the British. In the
first line of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence it states that all men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This line is stating that all people
are created equal by birth or by their natural creator and no one is entitled to less because
everyone is equal. That we are provided with rights which cannot be taken away from us and
those rights being life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. When this ideal is honored the
world applies it to today whether it was applied differently at the time. At the time this was
written those to be considered equal were white and because of slavery African Americans were
not considered to be people. Over time weve progressed as a nation into meeting standards of
what true equality is. Even though we continue to have racial tension today, due to the amount
of people who continue to treat others differently based on stereotypes and so on, but we all
have the same rights and it continues to apply for everyone. Racial equality has not only been
an issue. This includes gender equality and equality for the LGBT community as well.
Some forget to apply these rights to today and I say this because many events have
occurred that go against what the Declaration of Independence is stating. In the election of
2016 Donald Trump, presidential candidate, states his views on illegal immigration. Those views
being Freeze green cards. Ban all Muslims from entering the United States, [...] to deport
roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. He also states that he believes
half of the undocumented immigrants are criminals. This goes against what honoring the
Declaration of Independence because he specifically points out these races and labels them as
a whole in a negative way. One of his chairmen states It is about terrorism not about religion.
They are stereotyping a religion and Donald Trump is looking for someone to blame based on
terrorist attacks that have occurred. He has also offended the Mexican race with his speeches
and what he plans to do with all illegal immigrants as stated above. Donald Trump is basically
putting this country back into the hole weve dug ourselves out of. Weve already come this far
in achieving equal rights amongst all races and for him to bring us back to where we started
would be a huge devastation for our country.
Furthermore, at the time the Declaration of Independence did apply to everyone but it
was mostly entitled to white men. Women were limited to what they could have and do.
Womens top priorities throughout the 1950s or even before that were to take care of the
children and husband and being housewives. It states that typically the suburban lifestyle
prompted women to leave college early and pursuit the cult of the housewife. Because of this
many women were typically obligated and had a role in society to be a housewife. Women
demanded equal pay and pressured the government to support and enforce legislation that
prohibits gender discrimination. Congress then added gender to the Landmark Civil Rights Act
of 1964 which originally prohibited discrimination in employment on account of race. The Equal
Pay Act has not been updated since 1963 and because of this women are still paid 7 percent
than men just one year after college. Due to this gap Hillary Clinton plans to close this wage
gap and to pass a Work Paycheck Act. This is still an issue today where women are seen as
less on certain occasions. I have witnessed it as well and I do agree that when it comes to
certain things or many things women can do the same as what men can. Ive heard things such

This is a mans job or woman should learn how to cook. I think this issue has not been
brought up as much as the other issues In the United States and because of this we are not
honoring what the Declaration of Independence says. Our country still suffers some slight
gender equality when it comes to pay.
I believe a progression weve made that honors the Declaration of Independence is with
the LGBT community. On June 26, 2013 supreme court ruled that legally same sex couples are
entitled to receive equal treatment under federal law. I think by doing this it honors and
supports what the Declaration of Independence due to the fact that they include every person
into being treated equally and that they be treated equally. The fact that same sex marriage is
legalized says a lot about our country. We are open to everyones different backgrounds and
beliefs and the United States takes into consideration of what the people want. It shows that we
are open minded about everyone.
To conclude we have always dealt with struggles when it comes to satisfying everyone
but we have come a long way into what we are now. Although we still struggle with issues but
our country isnt perfect and I think some struggle to see the positives in our country due to the
negatives that we are still trying mend. We are a work in progress and we will continue to get
better with time just like weve done for many years.