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Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei

Nr. 290, Bl. P22, Ap. 124

Bachelor of engineering

Jercaianu Alexandru

(+40) 748 215 978

Politehnica University of Bucharest

Oct 2013 Jul 2017

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering

Undergraduate Coursework: Computer Programming, Communication Protocols, Numerical
Methods, Algorithms Design, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms
Analysis, Computer Architecture, Assembly Language, Operating Systems

Work Experience
Software Engineer Intern

Bloomberg LP
Jun 2016 Sept 2016
United Kingdom, London
Worked on designing and integrating an auditing solution for one of Bloombergs products.
Ive done mostly backend work in C++, worked on some UI components in JavaScript.

C++ Software Developer

Jul 2015 Sept 2015
Germany, Aachen
Worked on extending and implementing new C++ geometric algorithms for 5-axis toolpath
calculation (

Software Engineer Intern

Jul 2014 Oct 2014
Romania, Bucharest
Participated with a team of interns in creating a game from scratch where I was responsible with
the architecture of the application, which also included writing code for the networking part and
implementing physics for the game

Technical Experience
Open source projects -
Contributed to Mixxx, a DJ software written in C++ and Qt. Among bugfixes and features, I
successfully integrated my own Phaser effect in the Mixxx effects engine
Contributed to World of USO, an open source browser game which helps students learn more
about operating systems
Personal projects -
Implemented my own version of a shell similar to bash in C for both Linux and Windows. It
supports I/O redirection operators, but also & (paralel), | (pipe) and other operators
Wrote a library which simulates virtual memory allocation, page swapping and page
demanding. It is written in C for both Linux and Windows
Implemented a tiny thread scheduler which uses a priority round robin algorithm. Written in C
for both Linux and Windows

Additional Experience and Awards

Operating Systems Course -1st place in my group of 120 students and overall 2nd of 350 other
students (

South Eastern European Mathematics Olympiad for Students (2014, 2015) Silver Medal
National Olympiad in Mathematics ( 2013 ) - Silver Medal
Member of the extended national team for the International Mathematical Olympiad (2013)

EESTEC Olympics Hackathon - 3rd place created a Personal Assistant in javascript

BESTEM Hackathon Bigstep 2nd place created the AI for a fleet of planes and competed in a
tournament with the other teams(

Languages and Technologies

C/C++ - good
Java medium
Javascript, Python, C#, Octave, Bash, Assembly - beginner