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Applied Communication Skills 2.2




Ms C Haywood


Ms R Erasmus and Mr T Bojabotseha





1. Answer all questions in the answer book provided.
2. Draw a line between questions.
3. Write neatly and legibly.

Say whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Do not write T or F!
1.1.1 All people with disabilities are bitter and feel sorry for themselves.


1.1.2 Attitudes in society based on prejudice towards people with disabilities are
called disablism.


1.1.3 A person who has a hearing impairment might not be totally deaf.


1.1.4 Another acceptable term to describe a person with a mental disability

is wacko.


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1.1.5 When communicating with a person who has a disability, it is important to

follow his/her cues.


1.1.6 All visibilities are easy to identity.


1.2 Explain the difference between the medical and the social model of disability.
Provide an example for each model to substantiate your answer.


2.1 Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow:
Gugu, Lungile, Victor and Andile are friends that go to the same high school. This group
that calls itself Matata Feela is known for their mischievous endeavours (deeds). The
one Wednesday afternoon Lungile gave the group instructions to help him steal Mrs
Madisons car. Lungile, being the self-proclaimed leader, does not like this teacher
because she yells at him when he does not do his homework. Everyone except for the
cautious (careful) Gugu, is keen on stealing the car that evening and then parking it at a
different spot in town. Gugu is terrified that the police might catch them and is pleading
with the rest of the group, not to do it. Andile, the group comedian, warned Gugu that if
she does not pitch up, the rules are that she will be kicked out of the group. Victor does
not care about anything, he just goes with the flow. Gugu gives up when she realises
there is no way that Matata Feela will leave her out of this.

2.1.1 What is the decision making phenomena called that Gugu is experiencing?


2.1.2 Identify the leadership style that Lungile is using?


2.1.3 If Victor was the leader of the group, what type of leadership style would
he have?


2.1.4 During what stage of becoming a team, did this group find out that Gugu is
cautious and Andile is a comedian?


2.1.5 During what stage of becoming a team, did the group set the rule that if you do
not pitch up for something, you will be kicked out of the group?
2.1.6 What do you call the bond that keeps Matata Feela in unity?


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2.2 Conflict is unavoidable in interpersonal relationships

Match the description in column B with the conflict management style in column A.
Only write the letter e.g. 2.2.1 A
2.2.1 Accommodating Teddy Bear

2.2.2 Competitive Shark

2.2.3 Avoiding Turtle

2.2.4 Collaborating Owl

A. John and Alice are in a relationship.
Alice sees John talking to another girl
in the cafeteria. She immediately
assumes that he is cheating on her
this leads to a heated argument.
B. Sam, John and Thabo move into a flat
together. Right from the start they draw
up a schedule to make turns washing
the dishes and doing the laundry.
C. Simphiwe and Thato go to the movies,
Simphiwe wants to watch a horror
movie and Thato a romantic comedy.
In the end they watch an action movie
to keep both of them happy.
E. Thabo never shows up for groupwork
meetings and always has excuses.
The other group members do his part
but still put his name on the cover
page because they feel sorry for him.
F. Refilwe borrowed Thatos camera
without asking her. She knows that
Thato is furious and leaves the house
before Thato wakes up so that she
does not need to talk to her.

3.1 The SRC of the Vaal University of Technology is concerned about security
issues on campus. They decide to matters of access control at the universitys main
entry points during their next monthly meeting.

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Draw the agenda for the meeting scheduled to take place on 20 October 2015 in the
SRC Boardroom at 17:30.


3.2 Read the following questions and choose the correct answer. Only write the
appropriate letter e.g 3.2.1 A
3.2.1 The following is not a tip for good e-mail etiquette:
A Do not forward jokes or funny e-mails to everyone in your address book
B It is not acceptable to put emoticons in a formal e-mail
C You should always copy your e-mail to all employees in the company


3.2.2 The abbreviation CC in e-mail language means that:

A The message is sent to other people who should also take note of it
B Cool cat!
C crammed content


3.2.3 If you send a business letter to someone and you know the recipient
personally, the following complimentary close should be used:
A Yours faithfully
B Kind Regards
C Yours sincerely


3.2.4 The byline of a news article provides the reader with the following information:
A The main idea of the article
B The name of the journalist and the place where the article was written
C The date of publication of the newspaper


Carefully read the following narrative and then write down the Education section of
the individual mentioned in the narrative. Remember to use the CV writing methods
discussed during contact sessions.

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Hi, I am a 37 year old mother of three daughters and my names are Celeste Jody
Williams. Although I now reside at house number 17 Jan Kamp Street, SE7,
Vanderbijlpark, 1900 I originally come from a little Western Cape town of George. My ID
number is 720207015378084. I did my primary education at George Primary School
and then proceeded to Judy Solomons High School in George were I did my grade 12
and passed with flying colours in 1995.
In as far as my career is concerned, I started working in July 2000 at a local nursery
called Van Ys Kwekery where I worked as a General Manager and I have been
working ever since! When my family relocated to Kimberly in the Northern Cape I also
had to move job. I fortunately landed a job at a local municipality called Galeshewe
Local Municipality where I got employed as a Town Planner. This happened in January
2004. At the beginning of this year I landed myself another job at a steel company
called Mittal in Vanderbijlpark where I am employed as a Senior Chemical Engineer. I
had to jump to this offer because Mittal Steel was offering a better package than the
one which Galeshewe Municipality was offering. Times are really tough we all need
the money!
I am a happily married woman and a Baccalaureus Scientiae (BSc) graduate from the
University of Cape Town. I completed this degree in 1998 on record time! As a form of
relaxation I enjoy swimming, listening to music and cooking. I have a clean criminal
record and a valid code 10 drivers licence. The following people know me best: - Dr.
Stompie Geldenhuis, a hospital manager at Clinix-Sebokeng. He can be found on the
following numbers: 083 987 1234 (cell), fax 016 420 5623, office line 016 423 4398.
Advocate Innocential Mbuli, a human resource director at Mittal.
She can be contacted at the following numbers: 084 455 7656 (cell), 016 988 4312
(fax), office line 016 989 2745 and Mr. Vusi Johnson, a town manager: Galeshewe
Local Municipality. He can be contacted at the following numbers 076 123 6543(cell),
fax-053 763 9635, office line- 053 768 1634.

Anybody who would like to get in touch with me should contact me at the following
numbers: 016 982 2345(h), 016 988 4311 (fax) and 072 678 1445.

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Carefully read the following scenario and answer the questions which follow:

John Mokoena and Thabang Mofokeng were first cousins who started a small business,
AfricanBeauty, a line of sustainably produced beauty products. John Mokoena put up all
his savings to get started, and just a month later Thabang Mofokeng gave up a lucrative
job to join the new venture. The time came to decide how to divide the remaining 90%
profit in EcoBeauty (the company's investors would get 10%). John Mokoena felt he
was entitled to 60%; Thabang Mofokeng believed he should get half. Both engaged
negotiators to reach an acceptable division of the stake. John Mokoenas negotiator,
Lerato Phala, proposed that John Mokoena be awarded 60% of the profit, re-investing
10% in the business as he had made the largest financial investment. Thabang
Mofokengs negotiator, William Tladi, rejected the offer and made a counter proposal
that each received 45% of the profit as Thabang Mofokeng had given up a well-paying
job to take part in this enterprise. After much debate and no satisfactory solution, the
cousins decided to engage a mediator, Matt Smith. With patient questioning Smith
found out what each partner really wanted and would be willing to accept. John
Mokoena felt he could accept 50% of the profit and re-invest 10% if Thabang Mofokeng
would be willing to settle for 40% and re-invest an equal 10%. Thabang Mofokeng on
the other hand felt that he could settle for 40% if he was allowed to have more say in
the company. John Mokoenas negotiator then suggested a single lump sum of 10% of
the profit be paid out to John Mokoena and that each of the partners get an equal share
of the remaining 80%, and both re-invest 10%. Thabang Mofokengs negotiator, Tladi,
accepted this, provided that Thabang Mofokeng be considered a full partner in future.
This was acceptable to both parties.
5.1 Briefly define the aspiration base or target of both parties?


5.2 Discuss Thabang Mofokengs resistance point?


5.3 Clearly explain John Mokoenas real base?


5.4 What concession is made to John Mokoena in the final offer?


5.5 What concession is made to Thabang Mofokeng before he accepts the

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final offer?


5.6 Mokoena and Mofokeng were determined never to make the same mistake of
allowing their disagreements to get out of hand again. It had been a costly
experience. They undertook to study conflict management to avoid any further
unpleasantness, either between themselves or with their employees.
5.6.1 Briefly describe the type of conflict Mokoena and Mofokeng had been
engaged in.


5.6.2 Define constructive criticism .



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