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(2011 specification)

Candidates observation


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Student name: ATEEQ-UR-RAHMAN
Student number: 00203636
Place inspected: FAZAL STEEL INDUSTRIES I-9/1, ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN Date of inspection: 17-10-2013

Hazards and Consequences

Control measures
Immediate and Long term Actions

1) Risk of Fire due to

1) Well separated place for welding

welding process and


presence of heat and

2) Safe system of work should be

combustible material
2) Tripping-due to cables 1) Buried the cables.
randomly lying on floor.

2) If burying is not possible then

Six days

2) Training of worker.

4) House keeping was poor 1) Properly designed racks should be


Fourteen days

one month

duct the cables.

3) Back injury-due to manual 1) Use of mechanical aid.



eight days

random arranged to place steel bars.

placement of steel bars.

2) Label steel bar racks.

5) Transportation vehicle-for 1) Designated routes for vehicles Twelve days

bringing raw material and access and regress.



2) Mention speed limit signs.

3) Competent drivers.
6) Visitor log register was It is a good practice

Keep it going on

available at reception and

well maintained.


be Fifteen days

2) Restricted entry.
8) Risk of burning-due to red 1. Mechanical modification is

two months

7) Risk of heat stroke-due to

high temperature in furnace.

1) Heat-barriers

hot steel.

2. Instruction and training of the

9) Hand injury-when cutting

1) Automatic sampling technique Twelve days


should be introduced.
2) Competent operators are required.
3) Provide PPE use in cutting




respirable 1) Industry based exhaust should be

Eighteen days

particles emitting from steel installed for ventilation.


containing 2) residual dust level assessment



and 3)Provision of personal protective



11) Smoke generated at 1) Smoke emission chimneys should be Fifteen days


steel furnace.

2) Selective none smoke producing raw

material should be utilised

12) vibration- at platform 1) ensured mechanical maintenance

guiding raw material.

2)shocks absorber should be placed

13) Worker was observed

1) Ensure awareness of the worker.

handling cutter

2) Enforce use of personal

without using

protective equipment.

Seventeen days

Two days

griping gloves.
14) Flux level is insufficient

1) Install extra lights to achieve flux Six days

in hazy weather condition.

2) Direction of lights should be

15) Stress-worker

1) Recreational activities arranged

consistently performing high

for refreshing workers.

risk activities.

2) Workers should be consulted for

their social requirements.

Five days

3) Periodic stress assessment.

16) Rest Room is available.

Workers should utilise it when they This facility should be

feel necessary to take rest whilst available in future.
feel fatigue.

17) Rust waste injurious to

1) Proper rust waste handling is



Five days

2) Rust waste is recycled if possible.

18) Diesel-spill near

1) Dip tray.

Three days

generator area.

2) Use PPE to handle diesel.

19) Mechanical ciron is

Good practice

Keep going on

observed working properly

20) Falling from stairs.

1) Guard rails.

Four days

2) Grip shoes.
21) Environmental-damage- 1) Penetration of the heavy metals Sixteen days
due to direct factory waste in water level estimated.
and water discharge.

2) Filtration plant for waste water.

22) Unpleasant noise-due to

1) Maintenance of the cutter.

cutting of steel.

2) Provision of ear plug and ear

Two days

23) Availability of water for Good practice.

Keep providing it.

24) Muscular-skeletal injury of 1) Use of fork lifts truck for load.
upper limb.

2) Training of worker handling load.

25) Availability of portable Good practice

and timely inspected fire

Four days

Keep going on

1) Electricity- utilised in the

1) Electric system should be

industrial scale.

inspected and maintained regularly

Three days

2)High quality electric cables must

be used
3) competent electric workers
27) Acetylene cylinders were 1) Clearly label the acetylene cylinders.
2) Handling of cylinders restricted to Two days
not labelled.
competent persons only

28) poor attention given to

sanitation facility and
washing facility less in
numbers and not cleaned

1) Sanitation facility should be

2) ensure these places are regularly

One month

29) Pothole-on floor creates

risk of falling workers.

1) Fill the pothole and ensure even

2) Till completion place sign boards.

Two days

30) Crane capacity of load was

not labelled.

1) Label the accurate capacity

of crane.
2) Maintenance of crane.

One day

Report on inspection of Fazal steel (pvt) Ltd. industry sector I 1-9 Islamabad Pakistan.
1. Introduction
I visited of Fazal steel industry on 17th October 2013 for the health and safety
assessment, steel production unit where simple raw material is converted into to molten state
and then production process converts it into the finished product readily available to deliver to

the distributors for the various projects. This steel is utilised in construction as a basic
components. There were almost three hundred and twenty workers in the different
compartments which were raw material melting in furnace, transferring this molten material in
laddel and onward a unit where required shape of the material is designed according to the
requirement by cutting and reshaping into steel bars.

2. Executive summary
The emphasis of this report is the noteworthy factors which are required to address are as
breach of Article 16 of ILO Convention C155 and relating more precise restriction placed in
ILO Recommendation R 164 Article 10 bounds employer to ensure safety in such situation.
Workers in this industry are under constantly exposed to different activities which require
high level of attention, precision and accuracy. Prolong working give stress to workers which
for long term is not good for employees. Management should take care of this scenario to
keep their work force healthy.

A) House-keeping
House-keeping is a very essential requirement. Things appear very appealing when they are
placed in an orderly way. If the scattered objects are placed randomly this creates very
unpleasant effect on mind and soul. One feels uncomfortable working conditions where there is
dust on tables and pieces of papers are randomly placed on the floor. There is a chance of
obstruction on emergency exit route; this issue should be addressed immediately.

B) Fire safety:
High temperature can have very alarming effects on health. If burnable material, high
temperature and sparking process are taking place at the same point there is always a chance of
catching fire in the workplace. Proper first aid arrangements are required to be utilised if a
situation occurs. Management should timely control this risk.

C) Safety of machines:
Cranes used in handling of heavy materials are required to be used in fully working
conditions. If there maintenance is required then these cranes should not be used until they are
not fully maintained and inspected thoroughly

D) Welfare of employees:
Provision of adequate sanitation facility as it is required and cannot be ignored. It is the
duty of management to arrange proper welfare facility at workplace.

E) Safety of employees:
Stress to the employees while working in a high risk workplace is dangerous for
workers. Unbearable stress can result extremely dangerous incidents. It is the prime
responsibility of management to minimise stress on workers.


Main finding of the inspection:

The main findings of the inspection are given as under.

3.1) Burn hazard (reference observation 1, 7 & 8):

Employees are at constant risk of burning due to red hot steel contact with any part
of the body that comes in contact with red hot steel can cause severe burning. Workers should

be well aware of this hazard and do not ignore this risk to their health and always remain
vigilant to avoid such contact. Article 16 of ILO Convention C155 and relating more precise
restriction placed in ILO Recommendation R 164 Article 10 bounds employer to ensure
safety in such situation.
In the short term management should give training of the handling the burn injuries and
provision of first aid training.
In medium term the improve process that eliminate the chances of workers contact with red
hot steel. Mechanical modification would incur an estimated cost of 4500.

3.2) House keeping (reference observation#4):

House keeping was poor evidenced by random placement of steel bars. There are
evidence of various substances un-ordered placed. This makes the workplace unsafe .Steel
bars and other materials randomly lying in the pedestrian area can case tripping of employees
and risk of serious personal injury. It is the employer responsibility to provide safe work
place mentioned in Article 10(a) of R 164. A budget allocated for making racks.

3.3) Air borne reparable particles (reference observation #10):

Air borne respirable particles emitting from steel furnace containing, chromium, stannous and
copper. Employees are breathing in air which contains very fine particles of the heavy metals
such as chromium, copper and stannous which entered into the respiratory track beside the
protection of nasal hair. Environmental conditions should be safe as recommended in C 155
and R 164. An estimated budget of 2500 is allocated for ventilation device and provision of
personal protective equipments.

3.4) Tripping (reference observation #2):

Tripping-due to cables randomly lying on the floor. Cables lying on the floor are an
obstruction for the workers who frequently move around the work place to perform their
duties. Employees may trip due to these cables on the floor so this can be a risk for them. An
estimated budget of estimated budget 1200 is allocated for buried cables.

3.5) Welfare facility provision (reference observation #28):

Poor attention is given to sanitation facility and washing facility less in numbers and not
cleaned. This is vital to provide sanitation facility as mentioned in the Article 3 of R 164.
Cleaning of toilets is enforced immediately.
A budget of three hundred pounds is allocated for constructing for more facilities.0

The factory is assessed besides certain critical observation some good practices are noted
as mentioned there was a rest room facility, adequate availability of drinking water and well
inspected fire extinguisher were available. I conclude a separate designated place for welding
processes is required to carry out the welding work so the risk of the fire is controlled. Safe
system of work should be introduced. Heat-barriers should be placed to avoid its spreading
through conviction process. Restricted the authorised personal entry into the places where risk
factor is high. Train the worker to safe procedures of working. Mechanical modification is
required to minimise the manual handling of load. Instruction and training of the worker
always effect dramatically to increase the awareness about health and safety management
system. Properly designed racks should be arranged to place steel bars. Label steel bar racks.
Industry based exhaust should be installed for ventilation. Residual dust level assessment is
carried out and most critical control measure required is burry the cables. If burying is not
possible then duct the cables. Welfare facilities to the workers must be provided on priority
basis because if the workers are satisfied with their needs then they will in better position to
perform their tasks effectively and efficiently .Refresher training of the employees is necessary
as with the passage of time people forgot the necessary tips and information. Emergency
responder team including fire fighting team, salvage first team and first aid team should be
updated and if any key member is transferred to some other city then proper replacement must
be arranged.



5.1Burn hazard

Likely resources
Estimated budget required High

Target date

Chances of the body contact of the

molten steel form, or the any
physical shape ret hot iron can burn
the body of the workers. So
Mechanical modification is required
It will take time But it is necessary
to avoid such risk.
5.2House keeping

Estimated budget required

For the improvement of the house










keeping the number of house

keeping staff is increased and the
arrangements for the rack is
necessary to place the material in
their proper place so
5.3Air borne reparable particles

Estimated budget required

Air borne respirable particles of


hazardous nature are required to be

addressed by installing the industry
based exhaust systems and
assessment of the contents on
qualitative basis is necessary for
continuous monitoring and
provision of personal protective
equipments immediate basis is

Estimated budget required

All cables should be buried where


it is not possible there should be

proper arrangement of ducting the
5.5Welfare facility provision Hire

Estimated budget required

additional sanitation staff and


increase the number of toilets

facilities. Enforcement clean