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Location Recce Sheet

Name: Langdale Road, DUNSTABLE, Alley Way

Date of visit: Monday 24th October

Langdale Road

Description of scene:
I will be filming the narrative part of my music video in this location which
includes shots of Polly walking down the road alone after she has lost her best
friend Kyle to death. There will also be shots of Polly sitting alone in the middle of
a field down the alley way to give a sense of loneliness and the fact that she has
lost hope.

Lighting level:
As I will be filming at 11:30, it will be quite light anyway due to the time of day,
however, this location also has an abundance of street lamps which will help to
keep the lighting consistent and good throughout the day. The lighting is quite
high key however not too high as this time of year the lighting isnt very bright
due to the weather. I do not think that lighting will be an issue due to the fact
that it is naturally light at this time of day when I am going to be filming and
there are lots of street lamps which will help to keep the lighting consistent.
Noise level:
As I am going to be filming by a road, noise level can become an issue due to the
fact that there are vehicles constantly driving past where I am going to be
filming. Also passers-by can be an issue as they may make unnecessary noises
which can be an issue. However, as for my music video I am not using any
diegetic sound I will not need to worry about the noise level as during post
production it will all be muted anyway, however its important to still consider
noise level in case I change my mind about if I want to include diegetic sound or
Potential hazards:
As I am filming by a road, I will need to ensure that I am aware of the potential
hazards. The potential hazards when filming in this location include; being hit by
moving vehicles, tripping over obstacles on the pathway and finally bumping into
locals that are passing by whilst filming.

Overall suitability:
To conclude, I think that this location is very suitable to film in as it is located
right next to my house which is another location in which I am filming at. The
lighting level is good for the shots that I intend to film and also the noise level
isnt too great however will not be an issue as I am filming a music video which
doesnt require diegetic sound. Also, the potential hazards are not a high risk and
therefore this location will be suitable to film.