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Volume II: The Magickal Sky Book 2: The Planets Part 14: Time’s Orphans -- Asteroids, Comets, and Other Solar Bohemians Chapter 14.4: The Kuyper Disk: The progenitors of Chiron and Pluto
Section 14.4.1: General Discussion

Section 14.4.2: Astromythology and Psychospiritual Aspects of the Centaurs (Kuyper Bodies)

Section 14.4.3: General Correspondences of the Centaurs (Kuyper Bodies inside Pluto’s orbit) Gods: Egyptian: Greek: Sumerian: Babylonian: Roman: Hindu: Szekeli (Romany Gypsy): Chinese: Japanese: Judaism: Christianity: Islam: Scandinavian: Russian: Hungarian: Polynesian: Africa: Southeast Asia: Celtic: Native Australian: Central American: Eskimo: American Indian: American folklore: Science-fiction: Voudon: SubGenius: Discordianism: H. P. Lovecraft: Stephen King: LaVeyan Satanism: God-Name in Hebrew: World Religions: Archangel: Angelic Choir: Angel: Angels given by Barrett, et al.: Olympic Planetary Spirit: Intelligence: Spirit: Spirits given by Bardon, Barrett, et al..: Name of Planet in Hebrew:

Commandment from Exodus: Ten Plagues of Egypt: Verses from Creation Story in Genesis: Cantos from the Inferno of Dante Alighieri : Cantos from the Purgatorio of Dante Alighieri : Cantos from the Paradiso of Dante Alighieri : Orders of Qlippoth: Qlipphotic Spirit (from Kenneth Grant): Article of Bill of Rights: General astrological classification: General Qaballistic classification: The general attributions of the Tarot: Titles of Tarot Trump: Correct Design of Tarot Trump: Titles and Attributes of Court Cards: Titles and Attributes of Numbered Cards: Alchemical and Pythagorean Associations: Attributions from the I Ching and Taoist Cosmology: Attributions from Ninpo (Way of the Ninja, Way of Wisdom) and Shinto (Way of the Kami or Gods): Other Magickal Correspondences, according to Barrett, et al.: Day of the Week ruled by the Centaurs: Geocentric: Heliocentric: Hours of the Day ruled by the Centaurs: Geocentric: Heliocentric: Grade of the Temple: Colors: Patterns:

Forms, shapes, lineal figures, geomantic figures, figures related to pure number, and numerological associations: Magick Square: The Mystic Rose of 22 Petals (Regardie) The Mystic Rose of 116 Petals (extension of the Mystic Rose of 22 Petals) Magick Square of the Centaurs (Kuyper bodies) Stones, gems, and metals: Herbs and Trees: Animals and Other Organisms: Ecological domain or process: Legendary orders of being: Foods, drugs, and perfumes: Clothing, Magickal Weapons, and other things, objects, and processes: Anatomy and physiology: Psychology: Diseases: Occupations and ecological niches: Places, nations, and peoples: Places: Nations: Peoples: Planetary Age of Man: Matters of the horoscope: Music: Poetry: Books and other literary productions: Visual arts: Saints and exemplars: American emblems, sigils, symbols, myths, folklore, and urban legend: