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JotwsTow, Owes “& BuLLARD, LP IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF SPALDING COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA JESSICA LESTER BOYNTON, ) ) Wy") Plaintiff, } Civil Action No. £6¥=655— J vs. ) ) MATTHEW LEE BOYNTON, ) ) Defendant. ) ‘ERIM ORDER 3 This matter came before the Court for a hearing on June 10,;2016.. Phe Plaintiff in this action was present and was represented by Bree Kellett Lowry: {the Defending jn this action was present and was represented by Lance N. Owen. , ° Upon consideration of oral argument and the evidence presented this Court awards temporary physical custody of the minor children of the parties, Tollin Jesse Lee Boynton and Tyler Lawrence Boynton, to Defendant Matthew Lee Boynton. Plaintiff Jessica Lester Boynton shall have supervised visitation with the minor children each Sunday from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Plaintiff shall at no time shall have unsupervised visitation with the minor children unless it is specifically ordered by this Court, The Plaintiffs visitation may be supervised by Deputy Derek Rowan with the Pike County Sheriff's Department or by any other individual in which the Parties may mutually agree upon in writing. Each Party is enjoined and restrained from doing or attempting to do or threatening to do any act which injures, maltreats, vilifies, molests or harasses the other party or which may, upon judicial determination, constitute threats, harassment or stalking of the other party or engage in any act against the other party which constitutes a violation of the laws of this state, SO ORDERED thjs2* day of June, 2016 Honorable Tommy R. Hankinson Judge, Spalding County Superior Court Griffin Judicial Circuit onwsrow, Owe ‘ BULLARD, LIP Order Prepared By: fj for Defendant gia Bar No, 556255, Ordered Approved as to Form By: (Re Atle doms, — ree Kellett Lowry Attorney for Plaintiff Georgia Bar No. 297982 by ACO— pote Ram POM