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Subject: English
Class: 3 kangkung
Enrolment: 26 pupils
Time: 07.30am - 08.30am
Level: High proficiency
Theme: World of stories
Focused skill: Listening
Integrated Skill: Speaking, reading
Previous knowledge: Students have learn the rhythm of a poem and able to involve
in an active conversation.

Content standard: 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling pupils will
be able to pronounce words and speak confidently
with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation

Learning standards:

1.1.2 Able to listen and enjoy stories

1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes,
tongue twisters and sing songs paying attention to
pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.
1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance.

Behavioral objective: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
a) Listen to the rhythmic poem effectively and identify the
information from it
b) Should be able to speak and share information about their pets
or animals that they know.
c) Able to be actively involved in a conversation based on their
topics with their friends.

Moral values: Respect, loving and friendship

Teaching aids: Pet doll, speaker music, papers, cardboard, flash cards, marker pen

Lesson summary:
The teacher will introduce his/her pet doll to the students by giving them tongue twisters about
the pet doll. Its purpose is to engage the students in rhythm speaking. After that, the teacher will
read a poem that is provided in the text book, which is about a pet cat, then the teacher will tell
the students to look for information based on the poem. The teacher will ask some of the
students about their pets and let them write on a flash card that will later on will be paste at the
poem cardboard. Lastly, the teacher will do a music pet mingle with the students where the
teacher will decide who will talk with the teacher in an active conversation regarding their own



Teaching / Learning Activities



1. Teacher come to the classroom with

The doll is to


his/her pet doll.

2. The teacher show the pet doll and

make the


tell the students about the pet using

tongue twister.
3. The teacher asked the students, do

students curious
and interested to
the doll.

they have their own pet at home? Or

if some of they dont, teacher ask
them about any animal they already

Make the
teaching lively.


Activity 1

1. Teacher tells the students to open

their own textbook and turn to page
2. The teacher tells the students to look
and study at the poem.
3. The teacher ask the student to listen
carefully as the teacher reads the

To make the
students refresh
the rhythms of
the poem

poem in the right rhythmic way.

4. The students are ask to repeat what
the teacher reads, line by line as the
teacher finished reading the poem.
5. After finishing reading the poem, the
teacher then ask the students to
recall back on what the poem has to

Ensure that the

students can get
the information
needed in the

6. The teacher will pick 3 students to
answer some questions about the
Activity 2

pet in the poem.

1. The teacher then brings out the big
manila card that contain the lyric of
the poem with blanks space.
2. The teacher then will paste the lyric
cardboard to the white board.
3. Teacher will ask the students, who
has a pet at home.
4. The students who has pets will be

To give a clearer
view of the whole
set question from
the poem, thus
recalling back

ask about their respective pets,

what they have

some of the questions are about ;

a) What is your pet?
b) The color of your pet
c) What do your cat looks like?
d) What do you feed your pet?
e) How often do you bathe it?
f) What does your pet like to

known earlier.

5. All the question are related in the
poem that they have listen and
studied just now.
6. The students will then be given 6
blank flash cards.
7. The teacher will tell the students to
fill in the blank flash card with
information about their own pets.
8. After the students have fill all the

Make the
students to have
an idea of what to
talk about based

flash card, the teacher will ask aloud

on their own pets

the question and then the students

in the next

will raise their flash cards according


to groups where they sit.

9. The representative from each group
will go in front and paste the flash
card into the empty slot cardboard.

Activity 3

1. The students are ask to sit at their


own table.
2. The teacher then takes out/set up


the music for the next lesson.

3. Teacher will explain to the students
about the next activities, which is
called music pet mingle.
4. How the activity will be done is, the
teacher will give the doll to one of the

The activity will

student and ask them to pass it

gain attention as

around the class when the music

5. The teacher will randomly stop the
music and whoever got the pet doll
at that time will be ask to stand and
talk about his/her pets with the
6. The talk will be in an active
conversation mode where the
teacher will be the guidance.
7. The activity will be carried on for 10

1. Teacher ask the students, what have
they learn today.
2. Teacher will tell the students to take
good care of their pets and treat
them as family (moral value of the

it involves active
between the
teacher and the