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Fill in the blanks ( Fire-fighting):
 Fire is the result of a combination of three factors:
1. A substance that will ________.
2. An ______ source.
3. A supply of ________, usually from the air.
II. Complete the following main ideas:

Fires are divided into three categories, according to the material involved:

Fire – fighting at sea may be considered in three distinct stages:

III. Give examples of fire fighting equipment:
IV. Put the following words in the correct order.
1. obey the instructions strictly given by all officer.
2. of in lifeboat discipline is vital the importance.
3. officer and drinking water provisions will be by an distributed only.
4. kind do assistance ? of what you require
5. other not the push when do entering each lifeboat.
6. cabin use never an iron in electric a.
7. when on ropes to or hold your seat to lowering.
8. position I abandon collision after must in vessel
9. near anything an never over or electric hang bulb.
10. you survivors ? pick can up
V. Match the maritime term on the right with the appropriate definition:
1. to stand on

A. the act of checking how many passengers and crew members are
present, e.g. at assembly stations, by reading aloud a list of their

2. to take off

B. to pull a vessel off after grounding; to set afloat again

3. spill

C. a vessel which through exceptional circumstances is unable to

roll call D.4. to maintain course and speed 6. immediate. etc. container. There is no 1……… danger to our 2……… or our 3……… and there is no reason to be alarmed. request.. into the sea 10. Please follow the 8……… given by the officers and the 9………. Fill in the missing words: safety. to close up E. not under command (abbr. There is no danger at this time. service or search 9. to lift off from a vessel’s deck (helicopter) 8. passengers. to restart a voyage. etc. information Emergency announcement Attention please! Attention please! This is your captain with an important announcement. to decrease the distance to the vessel ahead by increasing one’s own speed VI. We have a minor fire.. deck. instructions. assembly stations. to refloat J. to check H. . from a vessel. to resume F. For 4……… reasons we 5……… all passengers to go to their 6……… on 7……… number 5 and wait there for further instructions. the accidental escape of oil. to make sure that equipment etc. As soon as I have further 10……… I will make another announcement. ship. to run a vessel up on a beach to prevent its sinking in deep water 7. NUC) G. I ask you kindly to remain calm. is in proper condition or that everything is correct and safe 5. to beach I. crew.