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Prayer is what we need most!

Please pray as we seek

additional volunteers for
both centers (Luke 10:2)

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that
we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.
Ephesians 3:20

Please pray for the

November 2016 Volunteer
Training classes: Nov. 10,
12, 17 and 19.


Thank the Lord for our

the many whove trusted
Christ so far in 2016

Gateway Today
Gateway Pregnancy Centers
31 . Annual Stewardship Banquet

Please pray that our

supporters would be faithful
to their commitments made at
the October 27th.
Stewardship Banquet.

Many thanks to Rev. Bill Paige, the Great Shepherd Praise Band and our video
staff (Ken Colandrea and David Bower)

Our theme for the evening

Moving testimonies shared

Pray for even more men

and women to come to
Christ through this
Pray for those pastors
who attended the banquet
to invite us to share the
ministry with their

and music by the Great Shepherd Church Praise Band

Truth for some is hard to

accept -- but we must try
A young girl age 18 texted Gateway last month, wanting
an abortion. She stated she will call us. Four days later
she texted us: (Her words in red)
I have a quick question. Yes I am pregnant and 22 weeks
but if I don't want to do the abortion can I deliver the
baby instead? Like next week. You mean early delivery?
Yes, as early as next week.
Could you make it to our Irvington office @ 1pm
Monday to talk? The baby needs to go full term.
(She texted picture of her sonogram) Thats it. So can I
do that? We are not doctors but at 22 weeks you are
looking at a sonogram. You cant take the baby early. We
can help you, confidentially.
You dont understand, the only help you can give me now
is either an abortion or delivering the baby early. I dont
wanna have this past next week and Im not. If you cant
help me with that sorry I will find somewhere else. We
texted her picture of this 3-D baby @ 22-weeks gestation.

Your parents may initially be upset but theyd

be more upset if it came out that you ended the
life of their grandchild. Theyll see the 22 week
sono and their heart will melt. I know. Yes,
someone will abort at 22 weeks. Doubt it will
be in a few days (she leaves for school in 23
days). Probably over $1,000. (Mentioned post
abortion pain and physical issues after abortion)
I think you reached out to us for a purpose.
Please call me. We can help tell your folks.
Some decisions have horrible consequences abortion is one of them. We can help.
Nah, Im good. Forget I ever asked you for
help. I have made up my mind. I am going to do
that abortion.. thank you
The offer stands. God led you to us for help. He
cares for you, but He cant remove the
consequences of our bad choices. Were there to
see you through this, including your future. I
cant have this baby, and I cant tell my parents.
No fear of parents is worth the consequences.
Well be there for you. Open to talking anytime.

Gateway Pregnancy Center

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1793, Union, NJ
Two locations
960 Springfield Avenue, Irvington, NJ 07111
65 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07208

This is a 22-week baby. The place you went to obviously

didnt have a 3-D. No one can deliver a baby at 22 weeks
unless there was a danger to the life of the mother. An
abortion at 22 weeks is difficult to obtain. You have come
this far, why not just wait the 16 weeks even if in school?
I cant. You dont understand, my parents will kill me,
okay? Im doing this by myself. The boy and I broke up
already and he doesnt want to have anything to do with
me or the child. He doesnt believe Im pregnant. I dont
have anyone to talk to and you telling me to have this
baby is not helping at all because I dont want a baby.
I dont care how I dont care how dangerous it is, there
are doctors who have done it and have done it perfectly
so Im going to find one and Im going to do it. I was
considering having an early delivery because I didnt
want to kill the baby and now you are telling me to carry
it and go to school. Thanks for your help!

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