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Grammar and Vocabulary Unit 4



Present perfect and past simple

Adjectives: feelings

1 Complete the sentences with the pairs of verbs
in the correct place.

4 Choose the correct option.

bought / has had downloaded / have listened
has known / met have lived / moved
Saskia met Jude two years ago.
Saskia has known Jude for 2 years.
1 They ______________ to Munich a year ago.
They ______________ there for a year.
2 Dad ______________ that ring for Mum.
She ______________ it for a long time.
3 I ______________ to their new album ten times.
I ______________ it last weekend!

It was worrying / amusing when my dad told us
a funny story about when he was at school.
It was motivating / irritating when my teacher
told me about different careers that I could have.
It was upsetting / inspiring when our cat
disappeared for a day.
A long, hot bath is relaxing / confusing.
It’s frightening / annoying when my little
brother takes my things without asking.
It was embarrassing / fascinating when I sent
Julie a birthday card on the wrong day.


Subject and object questions

Verbs: technology

2 Tick () the correct question for each answer.

5 Look at the pictures. Complete the phrases.

A  Who did he give it to?
B  Who gave it to him?
It was a present from his uncle.
1 A  Who did you see in town?
B  Who saw you in town?
Ryan saw me.
2 A  Who met you at the station?
B  Who did you meet at the station?
Dad met me.
3 A  What made that noise?
B  What noise did it make?
Our neighbour’s car!





1 text someone
3 pr_____ a button
2 ch_____ your phone 4 scr______ down

Present perfect with ever, never and just

Asking for help on the phone

3 Complete the sentences with ever, never or just.

6 Put the lines of the dialogue in the correct order.


What's the most exciting thing that you’ve ever
Oh no! Don’t come in with dirty boots! I’ve
________ washed the floor!
Mum’s ________ studied German, but she
wants to start it at an evening class.
Have you ________ done a bungee jump?
No, we’ve ________ been abroad on holiday.
We only have holidays in this country.
Has anyone ________ given you a present
which you’ve already got?
He’s ________ arrived at the airport. He’s
waiting for his suitcase and he’ll be home soon.


A Of course. What’s the problem?
B Good afternoon. GizmoGadgets.
Ryan speaking. How can I help?
C I see. I’m sorry about that. Send us the
clock and we can give you a new one.
Can I take your name, please?
D Oh hello. I’m calling because I've just
bought one of your SpeakToSleep
alarm clocks and I need some help.
E It’s Maria James. I’ll send the clock, then.
Thank you very much for your help.
F Well, if I say ‘Alarm off’, the alarm
should stop, but it doesn’t.