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Jova Elizabeth Lopez Alfaro

4071 Sunnycrest Dr, North Vancouver. BC V7R 3E3. Canada
Email Address:
Cell Phone: (250) 793-8377
Invitation Letter
October 11th, 2016
Embassy of Canada
13 Calle, Guatemala City, Guatemala
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter of invitation in support of the application for a
Temporary Resident Visa (visitor visa) for my friend Mr. Hector Francisco
Morales Portillo. I’ve been living in Canada for over 2 years and it has
been a while since I haven’t seen my friend and I would like to spend
some time with him here in Canada, since he is one of my closest
friends. He intends to stay with me at my home for one week, from
December 1st – 8th 2016. Housing, food and costs of the trip will be cover
by me.
-Guest information:
Name: Hector Francisco Morales Portillo
Date of Birth: September 25th 1990
Address: Barrio El Centro, San Matias, La Libertad, El Salvador
Telephone Number: (503) 7593-7821
I’m currently working as a Nanny in North Vancouver, BC. I live at my
employer’s house, Chris MacDougall and his 3 children in separated
basement suite. I have attached a copy of my passport and my work
permit as well. Also, another documents such as my contract, T4, bank
account balance, employer’s letter with all the information about
responsibilities and my annual wage.
If you have any further question, please don’t hesitated in contacted me.
Thank you in advance for consideration of my friend’s Temporary Visa

Jova Elizabeth Lopez Alfaro .Kind regards.