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Veronica Pacheco

ELED 300

Professionalism in education means, in my opinion, that an educator needs to speak in an

educated and with proper manners. As setting the example to the students, one needs to
realize that we are who they look up to and talking in a way that is inappropriate will make
the students do it too. Professionalism also includes how one dresses and sometimes it makes
people guess what you are like as a person. One needs to get involved with students, but at
the same time one needs to show respect in order for the students to show it back. Being
professional could be shown in so many ways, I feel that in order to have a successful year,
one needs to show professionalism in whatever role she is having at school. For example,
there was a principal four years ago that did not say much, she knew all the students and she
would stand outside her office every passing period. Every time a student would see her and
they had their shirt tucked out, they would tuck it in before they would pass by her. It was
because of the posture she would show and instead of screaming she will just move you to
the side and let you know what would happen. I would like to see that there is control in a
school where student respect their superiors and they contribute towards the school.