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Interview Questions

English 111_25
Ashlyn Cicuzza

1) Were you born into the religion or was it something you discovered later in life?
2) If you were part of another religion, are there any differences in how you view your
religion between being a Lutheran and being _____?
3) Who was a big influence in your religious journey?
4) Is there any terminology that you use in your daily life that non-religious people or nonLutherans might not understand?
5) What is your favorite part about being a Lutheran?
6) Is there anything that Lutherans do that you find strange?
7) Are there any ways that being a Lutheran influences your daily life differently from nonreligious people or non-Lutherans?
8) Are there any difficulties you face being a Lutheran whether in your daily life or in the
9) What, do you feel, are the defining points of Lutheranism that sets it apart from other
10) What is an aspect that you really enjoy about Lutherans?
11) Are there any aspects you dont exactly enjoy about Lutherans?
12) What, do you believe, is the most important aspect that you want Lutherans to follow?
13) What made you want to be a pastor rather than a regular church-goer?
14) Do you ever find yourself frustrated or upset with your religion?
15) What is something that you would want an outsider (non-religious/non-Lutheran) to
know about this religion?
16) Are there any common misconceptions about Lutherans?
17) What are the main beliefs in Lutheranism?
18) What challenges have you faced being a pastor here?
19) Is there anything youre working to change within the church?
20) Being a pastor Im sure you meet and greet a lot of new people that join the church or
come for a service. Are there any expectations that they have when coming to a Lutheran
21) When you tell people that youre a Lutheran, do they usually know what youre talking
about, or do you have to explain it?
22) How would you describe the Lutheran religion to someone who has never heard of it?
23) For the people that come for a service but decide that its not for them what is one thing
that you want them to take away from the experience?
24) Did you ever attend schooling for religious studies?
What process must you go through to become a pastor?