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Hardest material known to man has varied uses in many fields

Its cutting edge precision use in tool making makes it indespensible
Cost of diamond is very high and its is a rare natural resource
It is mostly found in africa
As light as a feather
Used as leather
Oil is natural
Tax rate increases everyyear
Commodity proce goes up everydayHot weather
Humidity is more
Cold chamber
Hot air oven
Acid corrodes
We have acid in stomach
Champhor has a very good smell
It is volatile
Momotaro met the monkey king
Monkey king was chinese
Momo wa japanese
Pink is also the colour of peach
Be in good health
Do good
Exercise to reduce fat
Become fit
Cooking takes patience practice and lot of innovation
Cook your way into anybodys heart
Training takes lot of time

There lived dexter He chose tools over fools Led science Ogenki desuka Dekiruyoni narimashita .If you do it you will get benefit Black belt in karate Got after many belts White crane style Pythagoras theorem States that a square plus b square equals to c square Piri piri powder Flavor of pripiri Best in the world Momotaro wa baansai Oni o ibasheru yatsurano kusainiyogi ga shite iru Kono hen wa damage Kuhcuglckuh Kuch kuch hota hai .