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Introduction to Internship
The Department of Commerce offers learning opportunities to the individuals who are
seeking careers in dynamic business environment. After completion of compulsory courses
for M.Com, M.Sc (Accounting & Finance) & BS Commerce., the students are required to
undertake internship training programme in an organization for a period of 6-8 weeks.
The internship enables the students to understand, how the theoretical knowledge can be
applied to the practical situations. After completion of the internship, the students are required
to submit a draft copy of internship report and appear in viva voce examination in Department.
Internship is a scheme of arrangements, requiring a student to work in an organization for a
specific period of time after completing requisite number of degree courses. It has certain
specific objectives such as to:

Training in genuine understanding of Organizational Culture and Know -how about
working environment
 Apply theoretical Knowledge to the practical and improve personal Skills, confidence,
writing skills, organizational analysis, financial analysis, marketing analysis and to
give recommendations etc.
The Program wise detail of internship;
Internship Duration Offered
Hours for
Credit or
Internship Non-Credit
r No
M. Com
Non Credit
Students are required
to do internship
training, submission
M. Sc (Accounting
Non Credit
of internship report
& Finance)
and Passing of viva
voce for Issuance of
BS Commerce
final Result card and

Pre-internship readings & Work Plan
The internee is required to read relevant material, websites and recent reports
concerning the selected organization for internship.

Internship Work Plan (8 weeks)
Week One:
(i)-Introduction to staff/Supervisor
(ii)-Getting an orientation of the overall
(iii)-Collecting all relevant written material
about organization from Web Site, News
paper, and organization Manuals like Credit,
Operation and Audit Manual in Banks


Week two:
(i)-Starting work in specific section, for
example Finance Section, for the remaining 7
(ii)-Getting all relevant written materials on
that section and reading it
(iii)-Studying each espect of the assigned
section and get complete introduction of
Internship Supervisor
Department of Commerce

and financial costs etc Internship Report Format The Internship report to be divided in four (04) chapters.MANUAL FOR INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME (iv)-Doing practical Work there Week three: (i)-Interviewing concerned people based on review of material collected so far (ii)-Taking notes of all interviews (iii)-Collecting any missing information Week five & six: (i)-Analyzing strengths and weaknesses or using other analytical tools to analyze working of section/system etc (ii)-Finding gaps. Admin) on following aspects. shortcomings etc based on academic background (iii)-Recording all observations with a view to write chapter on analysis Week four: (i)-Writing a draft chapter on existing situation in the assigned section (ii)-Collecting and incorporating any missing information Week seven & eight: (i)-Working on recommendations (ii)-Meeting informed people to get their viewpoint on recommendations and their ideas about practicability of recommendations (iii)-Taking down all notes with a view to write concrete recommendations. cell. postal & email address)  One Photo of Organization Main Entrance & one with Internship Supervisor (On single page. organogram. Finance. Marketing. and list of all annexes)  List of tables & illustrations (All tables. Color Print) Chapter No-2: Review  Objectives of studying the organization (What do you want to achieve by studying this organization? Weather these objectives have been achieved or not?)    Overview of the organization Nature of the organization (a) What kinds of business activities are performed by the organization? And also discuss. sub headings. alternate plan. Main offices. deposits. Accounting. and Analysis & comments on the organizational structure) d) Product lines-Description of the various products/services offered by the organization) Overview of Departments (e.g. c) Organization Structure (Primary and secondary activities. b) Business volume in terms of revenue. Designation. a) Number of employees working b) Details of operations 3 Department of Commerce . Human Resource. Institution of education. contacts no office. investments. etc and quote figures of latest five years. time frame for implementations. Education. Customer service. Chapter No-1: Introduction to Internship Report      Title Page Internship Completion Letter from Organization Internship request Letter Copy from Department Acknowledgements List of Contents (This list should contain all headings. Number of employees. Operations/Productions. graphs. and your concerned department staff details/reporting. Information Technology. and charts of the report should be listed in this list)  Internship Supervisor Details (Name. advances.

g. top. sops and technologies and functions d) Specific learning and experience during internship discussing chronologically as rotated on different jobs/ functions and departments Overview & Report of followings. Conclusions and Recommendations  Short-falls/weaknesses of the organization (Managerial. financial.) Broad/ macro environment (PEST or other models) specific/ micro environment Industrial/ sector environment (industry life cycle stage and five forces model) Organizational Analysis with reference to listing in Stock Exchange and compare with Competitors Analysis of Future prospects of the organization and the students should analyze the management’s vision/strategy for the future. registration number & telephone number should clearly mention on the title page of the report.MANUAL FOR INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME  c) Systems. roll number. reports. The page numbers should start with 1 from the first page of your chapter 1. and bottom respectively 9-Report Binding: These typed pages should be in hard board binding in black color.) Department of Commerce . iii. 11-Title Page: Title format (sample) is also given below that should be followed by all. Paragraphs must be separated by blank line. other materials studied during internship and special assignments. Management Analysis. ii. SWOT analysis Financial Analysis. a) Give five latest years Balance Sheet & Income Statement in a single table form b) Ratio Analysis with interpretation and graphic representation (cover all ratio given in Managerial Finance Book written by GitMan) c) Vertical analysis & Horizontal analysis of latest five years of Balance Sheet and Income Statement d) Depount analysis Chapter No-4: Finding. etc) Guidelines for Writing Internship Report 1-Page: Page should be of A4 size. audit and overall observation of the student with facts)  Summery (Give overall summery of your internship report)  Conclusion & Recommendations (Give recommendations for eliminating/minimizing the highlighted weaknesses and for overall improvement of the organization)     Copy of Letter thanks written by the concerned student to the organization for offering Internship to him/her Submit a virus free softcopy on CD in plastic cover References (Give chapter wise references of the data collected) Annexes (All audited financials of the firms for the latest year. Latest mailing address. broachers. and / or studies conducted) Chapter No-3: Analysis        Theoretical Analysis (e. report text 12 5-Justification: The whole document must be fully (left + right) justif ied 7-Margin: 1.5 line spacing 6-Paragraphs and Sections: Extra blank line before and after every section and subsection. Paper weight should be of 75 gram 3-Font Size: Main heading 16. (Important manuals. Sub heading 14.75 *1*1*1 inch borders on left. etc. projects. All the pages before the first chapter should be given Roman numbers (i. right. 4 2-Font: Times New Roman 4-Spacing: The body of the report should have 1. Paragraphs must be justified 8-Spelling & Grammar Check: Apply Spelling & Grammar check feature of MS word on whole document (report). 10-Page Numbering: Every page should be numbered.

MANUAL FOR INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMME Sample Title page for Implementation INTERNSHIP REPORT NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN Program: M.Com (Finance) Session : 2011-2013 Submitted to: Chairman Department of Commerce Submitted by: Name: ______________________ Roll #:______________________ Email Address #:______________ Mailing Address:______________ Contact #:___________________ Date of Submission:____________ DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 5 Department of Commerce .