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Japanese Festivals

By: Vince ,Jessica, and Allye

The cherry blossom festival

The cherry blossom festival is one of the biggest festival in the world.
Here is some history of the cherry blossom festival. Each year, the
National Cherry Blossom Festival commemorates the 1912 gift of 3,000
cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of Washington,
DC. The gift and annual celebration honor the lasting friendship between
the United States and Japan and the continued close relationship between
the two countries.

Japanese festival

Links Here is a video that we saw and thought it would
be a good idea to show how to make a Japneses fastival. This is the kind of music that

they play at some Japanese festivals.

Fun facts

There is about 200,000 Festivals a year

Asakusa is one of Tokyo's oldest and most conservative neighborhoods
The Sapporo Yosakoi Soran Matsuri is Japan's largest Yosakoi dance festival
The Aoi Matsuri is one of Kyoto's oldest festivals dating back more than 1200 years
Omizutori is a 14 day spring festival in the historical town of Nara
A large taiko drum festival featuring over 10,000 drummers and dancers in a parade
through Morioka

Gion Matsuri ( Guy-on Mat-sue-ri )

Gion Matsuri ( Guy-on mat-sue-ri ) is a one of the most famous festivals in
Japan. It takes place during the entire month of July, but the highlight is the
grand procession of floats called Yamaboko Junko on the 17th and 24th. It
takes place on the Kawaramachi and Oike Streets.


What is one of the most famous festivals in japan? ( you dont have to
pronounce the word perfectly! )

Gion Matsuri
2. What kind of instruments did you hear in the Japanese song?
We will tell you if they are correct

We thought that learning about japanese culture was very interesting and we
learned that there are many different kinds of instruments in Japanese festivals.
We also learned that there are LOTS of different kinds of festivals in Japan. It
was very interesting to learn all about japanese Festivals.