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The lessonplans appearingin this documentwere provided by teacherswho are involved
in teachingReligious Education in our Anglican primary schools.The An-elican
EducationBoard of Managementwishesto thank theseschoolsfor providing theseplans
and for their invaluablecontributions to the production of this docurnent. In providing
these lessonplans teachersgave of their time, intellect and creativity for which we are
truly grateful. We specificallythank the principals who facilitated teachersin the
preparationof their lessonplans.
The following are the schools:
Ascension Anglican
Barataria Anglican
Bishop Anstey Junior
Melville Memorial Girls

PrincessElizabethSchoolfor the Physically
St Catherine'sGirls
St Crispin'sAnglican
St David (Toco)Anglican
St Ursula'sGirlsAnglican
We are confident that the work of theseteacherswould go a long way in making a
significant and positive differenceto the Religious Education prograrrlmein our schools.

This document,as the name states,is a compilation of lessonplansto be used for the
delivery of selectedtopics in the Religious Education Curriculum for Primary Schools.
This document covers the themes- The Mission, The Miracles and The Passion.These
themesare set to be usedin schoolsin the first term of the calendaryear.
The lessonplanspresentedin the document were developedby primary school teachers
who are currently involved in teachingReligious Education in our primary schools. Each
plan is therefore a representationof how that particular school intendsto handlethe topic
in question.Each plan is an exampleof how the lessonmay be done- and not a dictate on
how each lessonmust be done-You, the teacher,would best know your pupils, their
current needs,their strengths,and their skills. The lesso! plE$l glve you an excellent
springboardfrom which you can launch lessonsspecificallytailored to your class
situationbut at sametirne, stayinggrounded in the essenceof the theme, the topic and the
objectivesof the lessonas definedin the curriculum and the lessonplan.
The flexibility availableto teachersis therefore primarily io areaof creating an engaging
environmentthat will be conduciveto learning. To do this teachersare encouragedto use
a rangeof activities such as:
Songsor Hymns;
Colouring activities;
Word find Exercises;
Role Play;
and Discussions.
Someof the lessonplansincludeactivitiesas identifiedabove.As you adapt and use the
lessonplans,we hope that you would provide feedbackto the Board, through the
Secretary,to allow us to continuallyimprove the effectivenessof the material.

I s s u e0 0 11 1 0 6

) Temptations of Jesus 6 The Call of the Disciples t0 J THE MIRACLES Jesusturns Water into Wine 13 The Feeding of the Multitude 22 The Healing of Jairus' Daughter 25 Lazarus is Raisedfrom the Dead 29 The Healing of the Btind Beggar -l 32 The Healing of the Blind Beggar -Z 36 THE PASSION Jesus'Entry into Jerusalem 45 The Cleansingof the Temple 50 The Last Supper 55 The Crucifixion 62 The Burial of Jesus 7T iii .TABLE OF CONTEI\TS PAGE INTRODUCION i ACKNO\YLEDGEMENTS ii TINIT T}IEIVIE: TINIT THEME: LTNIT THEME: THE MISSION The Story of John the Baptist 1 The Baptisrn of Jesus .


Baptist and allow students to discusswhat he did. Johnthe Baotist John the Baptist.7-12 John 7. Closure Recapmain points of the lesson Indicate that dipping in water is symbolic of cleaningthe body of sins Indicate that John was preparingthe way for JesusChrist Evaluation Repeatthe Memory Verse "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" N TestamentMatt 3. how he Cidit and if [herewere and Cifficultiesthat he may have :ncountered.are accustomedto listeningto stories. pupils vvill: Learning Activities Resources Studentswill: LessonI Identi$ the role Read The Story Engagein discussion TheStoryof and Mission of of John the on John the Baptist. .23-33 .can repeat storiesin their own words Lesson Plans Topic Lesson Behavioural Objectives Teaching Strategies 4t the end of the Teacher will: zctivity.THE STORYOF JOIIN THE BAPTIST Unit Theme: The Mission Topic: The story of Johnthe Baptist. why he did it. Class: Seniors/Juniors PreviousKnowledge and Experience Pupils: .

Have them draw (or draw and parnt) the sameshirt after it is washed in water BE . Mi. The Messiahor SaviourJohn spokeof was JesusChrist.1-12 John l'. Therefore.comes. He told them to "Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand"What he meant by this was that someonegreater the he was coming soon and that the reign and ministry of this appointedKing who is coming.John the Baptist. JesusChrist. and the need to changethe way they behaved. Could you imagine how excited and scaredZachariaswas when the angelof God spoketo him? W1. by asking God to forgive them. Zachariasknew that John was going to be a gleat personbecausebeforeJohn was born an angelof God spoke to Zachariasand told him that his son was going to be great and will make many people obedientto God.n John gr.23-33 . was about to begin. John told the people ihat he was only a messenger.* up he becamea preacherand was called by all.l . John the Baptist often told his people that they should ask God to forgive them for the wrong things tn"y did in the past. John and his followers believedthat the act of baptism was a symbol that the person was really sorry for doing wrong and intendedto be good in the future.THE STORY There was once a priest call Zachanaswho had a son called John. Bible References Matthew 3'.l il I t I N I I ACTIVITIES Have pupils draw (or draw and parnt) a dlrfy shirt.preparing the way so that peoplewill be readywhen the Messiatr. many people went to John for him to baptizethem by dipping them into the waters of the river Jordan.or Saviour.ty people heard his teaching and realizedthe needto repent.

J Recapmain points of the lesson Indicatethat Jesuswantedto show peoplethat baptismis good. .Solicit from pupils what is BaptismIntroduce the idea of a Sacramentand have pupils discussthe meaning.can repeat stories in their own words . Vlatt3:13-17 Iohn 7:23-33 Pupils will John3.- J.Have pupils repeat the memory verseand discussits meaning. "IJnlessone is born again.Relate the Lesson1 Relatethe events of -Selectstudents The Baptismof Jesus'Baptism.THE BAPTISiU OF JESUS Unit Theme: The Mission Topic: JohnBaptizesJesus Class: Seniors/Juniors PreviousKnowledge and Experience Pupils: . to relate story Iesus different parts of the story in their own words Lesson2 Baptism in the life of a Christian Identify the importanceof Baptism in the life of a Christian .know who is John the Baotist LessonPlans Topic Lesson Behavioural Objectives Teaching Strategies Learning Activities At the end of the Teacher will: Students will: activity. pupils will: .1-3 participate in classdiscussions and will learn the memory verse.are accustomedto listeningto stories. he cannot seethe kingdom of God" Taken from John Closure J Resources . 1 . art Copiesof the retold story.

21-22 Other Background Information Definition of a Sacrament:A Sacramentis an outward and visible sigrr of an inward and spiritual grace (A favour from God) Baptism as a Sacrament:The outward and visible sign is water and the inward and spiritual grace is a new life without sin- 4 . me?" to John iold Jesus.rr cameup from the water. J. the heavensopenedup a voice arrd^tfr"spirit of God cameupon him like a dove. there was pleased-" from heavenwhich said "This is my beloved soq in whom I am well Bible References Matthew 3.r."I need to be baptized by you. when John the Baptist was at the river Jordan with his was for thosewho need God to forgive them So wrong. and you are coming John In spite of John's question.Indicatethat this also showsthat Jesusis the son of God Evaluation Repeat the Memory Verse "lJnlessone is born again'he cannot seethe kingdom of God" Continuation T}IE STORY cameto One day.Jesustold John that he should baptize him. John was surprisedbecausehe knew that baptism did they things the for not for Jesus. Therefore bapiized Jesusby dipping him into the waters of the river.13-17 Luke 3'. John knew that Jesusdid no wrong so that he did not need to be baptized. Then a strangething to him happenedlImmediui"ty u. Jesus was the river to be baptizedby John.At the sametime.


are accustornedto listeningto stones' . Have pupils discuss strategiesused bY Satanin temPting Jesus.Engage in .san repeat storiesin their own words .know ibout Jesus'Baptism and intendedMinistry I ra I LessonPlans Topic Lesson Lesson1 The Temptationsof Iesus Behavioural Obj ectives At the end of the tctivity. pupils will: Explain the strategiesused bY Satanin temPting Jesus. Have pupils reflect on how they may in [ravebeen tempted past ithe . Teaching StrategiesLearning Activities Teacher will: Studentswill: Readthe Story of thelEngagein discussion Temptation of Jesus.I THE TEMPTATIOI{S OF JESUS Iil Unit Theme:TheMission of Jesus Topic: The TemPtations :r H Class: Seniors/Juniors :t il PreviousKnowledge and Bxperience Pupils: . Encouragethem to considerif it was jeasyfor Jesus 6 { t I l I . Explainthe strategiesusedby Jesusin resisting Temptation.Have pupils discuss discussion strategiesused bY Jesusin resisting temptation.

The devil knew that Jesuswas hungry so he told Jesus"lFyou are the son of God.The devil tempted him by promisingto give him many things if he will servethe devil insteadof God. Encourage discussionon the choicewe sometimeshave to make between what *ight make us rich versus what might make us right with God. 7 .but by every word that proceedsfrom the mouth of God". but by every word that proceedsfrom the mouth of God" Closure Recap main points of the lesson Indicate that Jesusused the word of God to resist the devil Indicate that we too must use the word of God to resistthe temptation of the devil Evaluation Repeat the Memory Verse . That important work was to bring salvationand to show people how God wanted them to live."Man shallnot live by bread alone. cofirmandthesestonesto becomebread" But Jesusanswered"ft is written. "Man shall not live by bread alone. Jesusfasted in the desertfor forry days so he was very hungry.While Jesuswas fasting and praying in the desert (wilderness)the devil tried to get him to turn away from the work he plannedto do.Topic Lesson Behavioural 0biectives Discusshow we canresist temptation Teaching Strateeies Solicit from Pupils ways in which we can resist temptation. 'Man shall not live by bread alone.but by every word that proceedsfrom the mouth of God" TIIE STORY The Temptation After Jesuswas baptizedby John the Baptist he went to a desertedplace to fast and to pray-He wanted to pray to God his father becausehe knew that he was about to start the important work that God had sent him to do on earth. Learning Activities Pupilswill participate in class discussionsand will learn the memoryverse.But Jesuswas strong and resistedthe temptation of the devil.

The devil told Jesus"All this authority I will gve You. and thei.r" it to whornever I wishTherefore. Bible References Matthew4:1-11 Mark 1:12-13 Luke4:1-13 8 .y..' and foot againsta stone. if you worship before me. throrv yourself down. Lord your God. 'In their handsthey shallbearyou up leastyou dashyou his angelschargeover you. For it is written. The devil then took Jesusonto a high mountain and in just a moment of time showedhim all the kingdoms of the world. 'He shallgive to him.' " 'You shallnot tempt the Lord your God'-" But Jesusanswered"It is written again. and Him only you shall serve'"' took Finally the devil gave up trying to tempt Jesusand departedand the angelscame and care of Jesus.and said Then the devil took Jesusto Jerusalemand put him on the pinnacle of the temple . for this hasbeen deliveredto me and I 8]."Get behind me Satan!For it is written. all will be yours" 'You shallworship the And Jesusanswered. glo.Ifyou are the son of God.

ACTTrITY Nlatch Jesus'responseto the temptationsof the Devil. commandthese stonesto become bread. throw yourself down. all will be yours You shallnot tempt the Lord your God . but by every word that proceedsfrom the mouth of God. 9 If you worship me. Draw a line to connectJesus' responseto the devil's temptation.ATIONS If you are the Son of God. TEMPT. lf you are the Son of God. You shallworship the Lord your God. and Him alone shall vou worship Man shall not live by bread alone.

can repeatstoriesin their own words .THE CALL OF TIIE DISCIPLES Unit Theme: The Mission Topic: The Call of the DisciPles Class: Seniors/Juniors Previous Knorvledgeand Experience Pupils: .Explain why the discussion discusswhy Jezuswanted Jezusneeded disciplesthen disciples at that and why he needsdisciples time.are accustorned to listeningto stones' . Have them discuss who is called to be a discipie 10 Evaluation .know about Jesus'Baptism and intendedMinistry LessonPlans Topic Lesson Lesson2 Review The Call of the Disciples Behavioral Objectives At the end of the lesson pupils will: -Understand what Jesuswas doing in Galilee Teaching Strategies Teacherwill: Learning Activities Pupilswill: .Find out those who now think he still needsdisciples and let them saywhy.Relate stary -Relatehow the -Let selected pupils relate four disciples the story in were called their own words .Answer -Question questions pupils to highlight what Jezuswas doing in Galilee and what his ministrv was .Let pupils Parhctpate m .

Topic Lesson Behavioral 0bjectives Teaching Strategies Learning Activities Evaluation Pupilsr. "Follow me and I will make you fishersof men". Help pupils understandthe meaning of the memory verse memory verse. 11 .^npoints of the lesson Indicate how obedient the fishermenwere to the call of Jesus Indicate how we are all called to be disciplesof Jesus Evaluation Repeat the Memory Verse "Follow rne and I urill make you fishers of men". mernoryverse' on sentence strip. Closure Recap ma.villstate the memory verseorallyasa group and individuallv -Recite memory -Exhibit -Orally state verse.

72-22 Mark 1'. Jamesand John.Both Simon and Andrew immediatelyleft their nets and followed Jesusin their As they walked further.i. Simon and net to thei? used they and casting a net into the sea. Bible References Matthew 4. Jesustherefore sought to find disciples. prayed and v/as tempted by the devil). who were net and boat boat mending their net.1 0 t2 .Jesusknew that there were very many people who to be shown the right way to live. He becamevery well known and eveqrwherehe went many people brought need their sick relativesto be healed. and that he neededsomededicatedpeoplewho could to help him spreadthe good news.or followers' assistin his ministry. while Jesuswas by the Seaof Galilee. he saw two brothers. Jesusmet two other brothers. Jesussaid to them "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men" .preachingthe gospelof the Kingdom of God and healingall kinds of .TI{E STORY The CalI of the DisciPles Jesusstarts His iVlinistry A short time afrer Jesus'return from the desert (where he *ri. he went to Galiieeto start his ministry. In Galilee Jesustaught in their synagogues. JesusCalls Four DisciPles Andrew' One day. Simon and Andrew were fishermen catch fi.74-20 L u k e 5 :1 . ImmediatelyJesuscalled them and they left their and followed Jesus.

4.b JESUSTURNSWATERINTOWINE Unit Theme: The lVfiracies Topic: JesusTurns Water into Wine Class: Juniors Objectives At the end of this unit pupils will: Cognitive: 1. Feel glad that Jesuswants them to have happytimes with family and friends. Learn the meaningsof key words in the story. Respondby looking for ways to enjoy family and friends. I-11 Proverbs4:l-5 Romans12:6-8 Ulemory Verses John 2:5 "Whatever he saysto you. References John 2. 3 . Affective 1. Psychomotor l. 2. Appreciatethat Jesusalways glves what is best for us. Sequenceeventsin the story. 2. Recite rhymesand sing songswhich demonstratehow we love Jesus. Show how the valuesJesusdisplayedare applicablein our daily lives. do it" 13 . Participate in art and craft activities which display our love for Jesus. 2. Know that Jesusworked a miracle at a party so that everyonewould huppy. 4. Retell the story of JesusTurns Water Into Wine. 3.

powdered drink mix into it.. * Why do you think Jesusturned the water into wine? cared about their party' He Jesuswanted the bride and the bridegroom to know that He with our families' wanted them and their guestto be huppv He wants us to be happy Remember:We have fun with our family and friends. Stir it and children and allow them to drink it' Step Three Allow responsetime as You ask: * How do you think the servantsfelt when they saw what Jesusdid? .John 2: "But you havekept thebest forthe last!" Introduction Show childrenpicturesof a wedding Ask: 'l Have you everbeento a wedding? 'l What do you remember? 'l Did you enjoYYourself? Say:Our Bible itory today is entitled"JesusGoes To Wedding" Step One pitcherFill one pitcher with water.l What did you think when you the water changedto grapejuice? I had earlier put Teacherexplainsto pupils: when I poured water into the pitcher. It was a trickl .t use a trick becauseHe is God's scn. Put grape drink mix only into a second Step Two neia story in the Bible (John 2'.:.LESSON O}TE Memory Verse. and God water into wine.A. Evaluation Pupilswill be given picturesto sequencefrom the stoq' Pupilswill comPletea sentence' l4 . Do you think that Jesusused a trick to changg the water into wine? StepFour . gave Him the power to change Jesusdidn.l-11) you are a guest at the Gve everyonean empty cup and ask the children to pretend wedding in Cana. give it to the Teacherpours water into the pitcher with grape drink mix.

Make an invitation for Jesusto attend the wedding.. His disciplessaw what happenedwhen Jesusserved others. teaching Step Three Ask What doesthe memory verse saysyou do with thesegifts? Allow sometime for response.g. Evaluation Pr-rpilswill complete a crossword puzzle Extension Ask pupils to imagine you are Mary helping a friend to plan the weddi.l Who elsewas there? * What did Jesus'mother want him to do? + Why did Jesusturn the water into wine? (becausehe loves his people and wants them to be huppy) Step One Teachersays: This was Jesus'first miracle.LESSOI. 15 . They were determinedmore than ever to put their faith in Him.g.Peter4:10 "Each one shouldusewhateverglft he hasreceivedto serve God" Introduction Teacherrecapsthe previouslessonby askingthesequestions: * What kind of party did Jesusattend? . They would becomehis closesFriends. Step Two Read Romans 12:6-8 then presentit on sentencestrip Allow pupils to read it aloud say Name somegifts that god has given you (anything you are good at is a glft) Ask the childrento act out eachof the ways to serve(or gifts) listed in theseversese.{ TWO Memory Verse:.

Writes suggestionson blackboardStep Two Presentsmeaningof words on sentencestnps Servant is someonewho works in the household of another' Miracle is an event that is not possibleunder nonnal laws of natureDisciple is a follower- r6 . we came acrossthe follo*it Can you tell where? E.g.LESSON THREE Introduction Teacher presents. servantswere askedto filI six jugs with water Mary had faith in Jesus Teacher asksdo you know what thesewords mean. SemanticMaP Fai th Se v a n t s Je sus Turns W a t er Into Wine Miracle AuthoritY Step One g words Teacher explainsthat in the Bible story.

Authority is the power or right to give orders and make others obey Faith is trust in and commitmentto god in responseto his promises. Obey is to do what you are told to Step Three Ask pupils to read the meaningsaloud. t7 . Evaluation Pupils will completea puzzle and give meaningsof words.Guestis someonewho comesto your house for a visit or meal. Nlow pupils to orally form sentencesusing thesewords.

r understanding. and the wine He made was evenbetter Teacher explainsJesusmade new wine His ieu us what to do or to gt r" us what we that the first wine.we migtt pray about'a problem.*p""t"d Jesusto solve what is best) when it comes to solving sometimeswe canbe arrogant (or think we know not trust that Jesus'way to solve that problems.l What's your first reaction when you have a problem? * Who do You turn to first? * Do You rememberwhat Mary did? Allow time for childrento respond' Step One thhg by asking Jesusto solve the Teacher exprainseven though Mary did the right it the way that he did' problem.LESSON FOUR "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto Memory verse: proverbs 3:5-6 In all your ways acknowledgeHim. Step Two Ask: done it .tgftt not have .l Have you ever tried to solve a problem only to realiseyou should have Jesus'waY? 'l What happened? journals. when we wait for Jesusto if it doesn't seemlike what is best to us' need. stg:. paths straight-" Introduction Teacherasks . and He will make your Vor. but problem is best. Allow pupils to *rit" about it in their Step Three way. He always gives us the very best even Step Four aloud how they tried to solve their problem Teacher calrson somepupils to read 'TIEXT I WTIL TAKE MY PROBLEM To rEsus IN Have them write in their journals PRAY' Evaluation actionsto portray lt' Pupils will be given a rhyme and askedto use 18 . o*.

we need to listen to Jezusand do what he tells us to do.4 andask pupils:When Jesussaidto his mother "woman" was He beins respectful? Allow time for responses Step One Teacherexplainsthat when Jesuscalledhis rnother "woman" it was considereda term of respect.Living by the Bible meanslearningto obey. you must alwaysrespect adults. includit g obeyingour authorities. Even if you don't use thesespecialterms.similar to you saying"Miss" or "Sir" when speakingto an adult.r. Even though we don't understand.veneedto obey them out of respect.teachersor other authority figures. Step Two Teacherpresentsa 'bravo chart' Daysof the week Namesof pupils I obeyedmy parentstoday I did what my teacher askedme to do Monday Tuesdav Wednesdav Thursdav Friday Pupils will be given similar chartsto stick in their books and ask to completeit as the week continues. especiallyyour parents.LESSON FNTE Memory Verse: Romans 13:1 "Let every personobey the governingauthorities" Introduction ReadJohn 2'. REMEMBER: TO RESPECT SOMEONE IVIEANS TO BE KIND TO HIM AND TO LISTEN TO WHAT Itr SAYS r9 . Step Three Teacherexplainsno matter how much we disagreewhen one of our parentstells us we can't do sornething.

teachersor other authority figures Ertension Use stickers on the Bravo chart to show when a pupil exhibitsChrist like characteristics and obeys authority figures.Evaluation pupils will be askedto list someways you can reTpectyour parents. In addition to this. discussways pupils can make better choiseswhen theYdon't obeY- 20 .

We may also ask him to help our families and friends. When we pray we are thanking God for his love and care. We are asking him to help us do what is right.Loving people means: * Caring how tJreyfeel * Doing what makesothers huppy ( as Jesusdid in the wedding) REMEMBER GOD'S CHILDREN LOVEI GOD'S CHILDREN TALK TO HIM! Evaluation Pupils will complete a letter to Jesus. Enquire as to said thesewords Ailow childrentime to respond Step One Teacheraskspupils how can we show others. that is. Ask pupils to read it out aloud. our family and friends how much we love them. Step Two Teacherasks * Do you love Jezus? * How can we spendmore time with Him? Explains to spendmore time with Jezus.LESSON SD( Memory Verse: John 15. Extension Pupils can sing READ YOIIR BIBLE AND WHO IS JESUS? 21 . Encouragespupils to make a list of astivities you enjoy doing together in your journal. Teachersayslet us think of ways that your family spendstime with each other.try getting up five or ten minutes earlier each day to talk to him and read your Bible. Step Three Teacherremindschildren that Jesusloved people. How did Jesusshow his mother and friends he loved them? Teacherexplainsthat Jesusshowedhis mother and family he loved them by going to the wedding in Canaand spendittgtime with them.12 "Love one anotherjust as I have loved you" Introduction Presentthis memoryverseon a sentencestrip.

can role play events.are accustomedto listeningto stories' . Relate in their own words the story of the miracle.pupils in the classIntroduction Teacher initiates role play with pupils involving the sharingof five buns- 22 . A basket. peoplegatheredin groups. Teaching Resources Picturesof food.somebuns. .are familiar with other Miracles- Beh avioural Obj ectives At the end of the lessonPuPilswill: Explain the miracle as a responseby God to a human situation.THE FEEDil\G OF THE MI]LTITUDE Unit Theme:Thelvliracles Topic: The Feedingof the Muititude Class: Juniors Previous Knowledge And Experience Pupils: .

CONTENT / SKTLL DE\.why Cornparethe quantity of where and how. "When God does something miracleman cannot do like heal or feed many from little food.ELOPMENT SECTIONI Readingof the story TEACHT.R'S STRATEGTES PUPILS' ACTIWTMS Teacherwill: Pupils will: Read the story expressively Listen attentively while the of Jesusfeeding the story is being read. basedon who. what . story orally. 23 . Arrange the pictures in Match sentencesstrips to sequentialorder- the pictures. Closure Recapmain points of the lesson Definition of a miracle. Sequencing- food to the number of people it was to be shared Retell the story orally in among. SECTION2 Definition of a miracle Repeat the definition of a Defining A Miracle." SECTION 3 Elicits from pupils who Answer the questions orally Oral questions brought the food and why. Sequencingthe sequentialorder. multitude.

r" them somethingto for all of these one of Jesus.Jesusanswered"Tell the people to sit down-" Jesustook the people who fish and blessedthem. Then he broke the bread and sharedthem among people who were seated.wereaskedto think about someways in which we can help Jezus. The disciples people to go to the nearbyvillages so they could get somethingto eat' for the The dissipleswere surprisedwhen Jesustold them that there is no need eat-Phillip.000people? Evaluation Repeat the Memory Verse "I am the bread of life" - Singthe song: "f am the bread of life"Continuation pupils . his disciplesto The people ate as rnuch as they wanted and when they were full Jesustold loaves and gather up the pieceswhich were left over.for discussion in next class..'.disciplessaid. ldentify who is "The Bread of Life" to feed over How do you think the boy felt when he saw Jesususe his meagerlunch 5.When the people has come to the performedby Jesusthey began to say "This is indeed the prophet who world from God." little boy Another one of Jesus'disciples named Andrew then said. "There is a help in feeding rhere with five loaves of bread and two fish but that would definitely not the loaves and so many people. STORY about God When Jesuswas on earth he went from town to town teaching people and about what God wants us to do' told him one day after teaching a big crowd of people Jesus'disciples (helpers) wanted the that because it was late it was time for the people to leave. people to leave." 24 . So they gathered up the left over saw the miracle fish and there was so much that it filled twelve baskets. "Six months pay would not buy enough bread people.He also broke the fish and sharedthem among the five thousand were seated.State the number of loaves and fishesto be shared.He told the disciplesthat they should g.

. A man named.. . love. fell at Jesus' . Ask pointed questions.and so on ( making sure thlt'correct answersare given ) Activity Give the pupils a printed sheetwith questions and answers.g..wonder The Story Read Luke 8: 4l-42.JgSI]SHEALS JAIRUS' DAUGHTf. Jairus' daughter.Have them draw a line from the questionto its answer. Answer Question What was the miracle that Jesusperfiormed? Who was raisedfrom the dead? What did the peopledo when Jesussaid that the girl was asleep? Jesustook the sick child by the hand and said You may add more of your own \Yord Search crowd daughter Jairus K J P x' o A I I R E S D Y I N G G U S o I Y I I J I A D A U G H D X U T E U R R They laughed.. astonishment.49b -56 from a bible which will be easily understood by the pupils.Read agairq this time having pupils finish some sentences e. " My child get up!" He raisedthe dead girl to life.R Unit Theme: The Miracles - Topic: JesusHealsJairus'Daughter Class: Juniors Objective Pupilswill learnthat JesushealedJairus' daughter Attitude / Values care. dead dying Peter James John R E E A N D T S D B G w o R T T G R H J A M P P R M S T I R V 0 S C E T B E P D C A C o w E S H F S L D J o H E N C 25 o D eat parents .

138 or any other hymn Follow Up Activity: Dramatization.Pupils can be placedin groups to enact a skit on the Storv MemoryVerse 26 .Jezustook her by the hand and said. Faith is the flag No. "My child get up ! Luke 8: 54 Tell me the stories No. Love 3.82 Singing Joy 2.

' i : i i Jesus kept looking around at the crowd. l l : so sick and no one could heal me. Pleasecome. :: Jesus: : . s+.Jairus. That'sJesusin the crowdof people.Jairus: : *-*-*T'::: i:-*----'- i i ' Who are you? :. Narrator: i But Jairus' daughter wasn't the only one who needed healing. i i and she is dying.# (Crowdsounds) t i Oh.I have been bleeding i for twelve long miserableyears.i. I have spent all of my money.l-. Y ou are free i from your suffering. : . Come and I will take you vou to my mv house. i (Crowdnoise) 2l . *+q?d{---- l ' .. I can feel it. '.l t o u c h e dy o u r r o b eb e c a u s eI r i ]was . Narrator: iWoman: .. r i j MV name is Jairus.Disciples. He waited fo see who had i touched Him. . Servants i Have you ever been so desperatethat you just didn't know what to do? Narrator: : Meet Jairus. a f r a i d . . The bleedinghas stopped. house : Jairus: i (Crowdnoises) . ! i *-"-. I will come with i i i Jairus: : t : . . your fai th has heal ed you. who just touchedme? i Disciples: .I have only one daughter. Jesus: - : : i jr&d4a'i?d\E. vou. you.-. j (Crowdsounds) i Excuseme.I am healed! lWoman: i i Wait.:i. Sir.I am a synagoguerufer. Jesus.a very worriedfather. I will try.woman.rrli. Perhapsif ljust quietlytouch His robe.{j* .you see the peoplecrowdingagainstyou.l.--*. 'Who touchedme?' i How can you ask. Then the woman came forward and fell at His feet.pleasehelp me. iWoman: iThat's Him.Thank you. and no i doctor has been able to heal me. Go i n peace. Pleasecome and put your hands on her so that she i i will be healedand will live. f ' : l*--"--*--'*' i J es us : ! i Who touchedyou? Jesus. your powerwould heal me. I thoughtthat if I touchedyour i i ': i robe.-:: All right. oh my.CASTNarrator. Jesus. I needyour helpfor my : daughter. Jesus.-i D e a r w o m a n . Jesuswill be able to heal me.b u t l w i l l t e l l y o u t h e t r u t h .-*.*--_*'.

I ut.Why botherJesus anymore? Do not listento them.crying.. ffit" today. t " I "*-J. (Soundsof crying) Why are you all sobbing?The child is not dead.l fi.: (Soundsof laughing..hiId.We will go to yourhouse. healp"opl..rg. ". t th" . Sir. l say to you. with ffi..ti Arddffi hrpp"t"dh" -i (Musictransition) -IJe"rs Narrator: r*]'6s ww"rto Jesus to heal. get uP! Rr'ghtaway the girtsfood up and walked around.H e r eI a m . Jesus took the girl's handLittlegirl. read the book of Mark in the New Testament part of your Bible- 28 . me. She is only sleeping. and severalof the discrp/eswentinto the i dead girl's room. Don't be afraid.just believe.Jairus.. Everyone was amazed.oiutely nothingis foo hard for i If you want to readmore about the people Jesus th"*" d r"ih. ".disbelief) ! E ty#fi. iie girlsparenfs. your daughterhas died.

markers. appropriatemusical selectionand CD player Introduction: Teachertalks to studentsabout death. Teacherdistributesthe lessonto eachchild. Teacherplays appropriatemusic while studentsmove into groups. Why did Mary stay at home? Was Martha chiding Jezus? What is the state of Martha's faith? Where in the story did Jesusexhibit strength? 29 . Activities: Role play.LAZARUSIS RAISED FRO1VI THE DEAD Unit Theme: The Miracles Topic: Lazarusis raisedfrom the Dead Class:Juniors Objectives: Studentswill: Recall eventsin the story oflazarus in correct sequence Apply the knowledgeof God's responseto a human situation Suggestways to show appreciationand empathyfor others. Colouring Spelling and Vocabulary exercisesHymn singrng Questions/Exercises How did Jesusshow he was sad? Why did Lazarus die? Why did Jesusstay away for 2 (t*o) more days insteadof going to his friend at once? How would you feel if a closefriend did not come to your assistance'. Previous knowledge: Studentscan relate to Easter and the resurrection Resources: Pictures. Step Two Each group selectsone representativeto read the story of Lazarus Studentslisten to the story from each group Step Three Teacherinitiates discussionabout story that was read.Teacherdivides the classinto two groups.The groups suggestways to apply this knowledge of God's power to their everydaylives. Lesson Plan Step One: Teacherexplainsthat classwill be listeningto a story/lessonof a miracle.drawings. burial and resurrection.

"Lord." Jesusloved Martha.No it i'siot God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it.but I am going disciples. "This sicknesswill not end in death..Jesussaidto her. Copy this circle and the rays into your notebook. her sisterMary andLazarus.. shefell at his feet and said. Then he said . When Martha heard that Jesuswas coming.-Jesuswept' 30 .Why did Jezussay. but for four days."The teacher here. Martha said to Jesus. Jesusfound that Lazarus had already been dead him. "I am the resurrectionand the life. He who believes never die. He was from Bethany. "Your brother will rise again-" Martha answered. the one you love is sick-" for When he heardthis. Lord.Chooseone of thesequalitiesPrepare a danceor a mime to show that qualiry' STORY A man namedLazarus was sick." she told hin1 "I believethat you are the Christ." and he is asking for you'" When Mary reachedthe place where Jesuswas and saw llim. she went out to meet Mary stayed at home. Prayer o Think about the story of Lazarus and composea prayer of your own. who was come into the world-" is After sayrngthis.yet when he heardthat to his Lazaruswas sick. he was deeplymoved in spirit and -. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask-" Jesus her."if you had been here.Let us go back to Judea.Lord. my brother would not said to have died." she said. and the Jewswho had come along with her also weeping. the village of Mary and her sisterMartha.. "Lord. Jesussaid.Our friend Lazarus hasfallen asleep. to wake him uP. Do You believethis?" "YeS. my brother would not have died-" When Jesussaw her weeping. if you had beenhere." W-henhe arrived in Bethany..What is it? Find the meaningof the following words: Miracle Beiieve Mourn VlessageFaith ."I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last in me will day."Father I thank you that you have heardme?"o The shortestsentencein the Bible canbe found in this lesson. the Son of God. shewent and called her sisterMary aside. he stayedwhere he was for two more days. So the sisterssentword to Jesus.

"Take offthe grave clothesand let him*'J. I thank you that you have heard me.Tl jlir'Jl..r*akeaway*fli#3:Ji"J. God?" Then Jesuslooked up and said." 31 .X1i. come out!" The deadman cameout." When he saidthis. Jesussaid to them..T:riilmfi:Jil:. Jesuscalled in a loud voice. "Father.. his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen. "Lazarus.'.

Affective: Realizethat they can call upon JesusChrist at all times. Specific Objectives: 1. Explain God's desirefor wholenessfor God's people. Appreciatethe authority and power of JesusChrist. Expressthemselvesmusically and dramatisallythrough Psychomotor: movement.THE HEALNG OF THE BLII{D BEGGAR Unit Theme: The lYfiracles Topic: The Healing of the Blind Beggar Class: StandardOne General Objectives: At the end of the unit pupils will be able to: Know the story of the miracle. . List of Lessons: 1. Previous Knowledge: ' Pupils are aware of JesusChrist and His teachings. . Relate in their own words the story of the miracle7. They have someknowledge of the miraclesthat JesusChrist performed. 3. They can differentiate between fantasy and reality. Story of the Blind Beggar 3. Cognitive: Understandthe miracleperformedby JesusChrist. Dernonstratean understandingof God's responseto humanneed. Miracles 2. Faith 4 Litany TeachingResources: Good News Bible Worship Time with Kids by Cindy Dingwall Classroomequipment 32 . ' They would haveheard of the amazingthings that JesusChrist did.

o ^ . D .t- oa A) uoe ? a< <te. € i a c) (\ -t aa\ A>l x t D !: tt i. vt r"l > . "d F A l ) ( D C D r. O H I - r H : 9 . f u (a nr D + - n o i D (t) 3 = l F ( u . oq tD o (. pn o *. -. (D (D q3 I e ? s i Ho .3: 6 F 9F v./JOQ 9 !3. t 0s ? - f ( ) Bi-6.lri €(n 7 aq{ r) Ut fa ( ? - (9 (t) ?1 (tcl !r ( D N ) O F J -{ E >'t n1 (D . ( D + wo\ Ft (D 6 x o.g 2 . . O (t' A 5 -=' :: 5 X o ..9. ) ( D t+ !D 7'- \J o) 3 b.1 ) a CD-g * ='s =? q 6 c ( 3 . \ \ = ' 5 --? Y H iq va 2 \r -. r2 E .+ =' llr69 O X.' B a €C :1 I 5'. Oq .9 l'.< O (D .(\ .Q + F. r F v Fl. R 8 TD ?2 g-- a'!i' cH A ' l S E e* i l \ :.+d .-l p. 3 t=do F eB. (D (tt (D . o. \ -l gp fxt * l- r aF. ^I .* 3 E d 1B-3 ^ Ep t H Sg- 6 0? H. 9"< F ' 3 r+ F (D tsFt H Y (9 t s H H At Fl \'r'/ 3 e 6 * so =tD (t) . l al vT F 1 j egR ! ( D : 6 P (. d acil v) <l .to tr) r'+ a' E :ro ( D ! .? s: r 7 na l+t @ S . F roc p) pr X- 2.-\ } i ( .J H (\ t? rt) trtr 3 E 1N: F'E 6 -: U1 ? I : S qrt.9 z 3-s FI F-: 5 =' Fa -u t+ . =' i. (rl r€ P iX \Y -t D.+ D)- H H O) ='g 7f I t ' ( D pr (-i- c/) g) F. ? n S. i- F o U u ) U ) * 3 F J (D I =.:-l ( t o r -t | ( = : E '=.s> *9 s ) o . H .-i 5'3 o '-i t s (D sP-rfl .*t ET [9 1Hq G3 (D !-r (tt 13 (t . . gb" r F. tH * x.=' gfi O) ='3 Pdq : r--l a tr qX v u $ F -'*-: o-iPo-. if Hf 3 ?u.o Ar .| -l.t) 5 . l : J .F t 9. (. O 5 (D - "iO .3 (. =l+ F ' v E L^J .+a) t ! 5 E. r c ) )-{ P F CDo= c o 3E.P Eda 9 A gF F 8 ( t F i-- \ \ . Fl t r 4 e V c'R P V V E u E Fd pr o: -.v \ S. a o v H I - J (\ \. H (rJ 3 dg fu f i r) g (D d f F . >t F ? 4 \J 6 E! { r+ \J v d . a il. p & d ..

1 E. NJ !) :- - A n r t - .. P - H gco 3 g + & . r v i3 F (t) u) t ) = ) -{ CD V ) CD ! ^ F 5 t =t\) ( D X > t P J ( D | .C'= r_j .o C rA 21 ' { t ! $ ! e . 'r . ?'f uoQ fFl ID (tt (..: .F *c 6D (D (/) (a \:-l .: () (tt l) r+ = R e F d=.S a'\ . D + O C = \Jt! (T D t D 1 o .1_ ra F -? i q s .a . Ft a CD -+ -. \ J CJ C D Y * u ) . 4 D ) 5 v ) .T'r A Q c 4 ( D u ) U c a - ^t v d ' € q ' = 3 o ) X c j .#?g' =E E'X6 H.+ 1.+ '-o . J F' c i i U) ts. H H r l = ) = D ( r . qd6 I D ) { . tD (tt €* ^ F { \ Fl >1 >l . a ) ( D = ts' r(l 3 (D u o a A x' 3_ > 11 a r D r.5iT F{.ig 3 < .

LITANY-It'saMiracle Scripture'.Iohn 3'. Jesuscalmeda raging storm! Children: Oh. Otr. Have the childrenpositionthemselvesaround the should be in whisper. wow! It's a miracle! Leader: Jesusrose from the dead! Children. The first time they say the response.ryaterinto wine! Children: Oh. wow! It's a miracle! Leader: Jezuswalked on water! Children: Oh. wow! It's a miracle! Leader: Jesusturned .wow! It's a miracle! Leader. wow! It's a miracle! Leader. Each time they say the response. wow! It's a miracle! All JESUSLIVES FOREVERI o}L wow! IT's A MIRACLEI 35 . Oh. Jesusmadea blind man see! Children. wow! It's a miracle! Leader: Jesuslives forever! Children: Oh. should get louder and louder until the final responseis shouted! Leader: Jesusfed five thousandpeople! Children: Otr.2 Directions l.

Relate in their own words. copy of the story. o Develop sympatheticattitudes for people who experiencedistress and continue to show faith.-._. Specific Objectives: 1.*r"n^"" neard the word mrracreat home. sentencestrips. necessarystatiofl&Y. Demonstratean understandingof God's responseto hurnanneedsPreviout TT:T. rniracle definition chart. beyond the power of man or the common course of narure. 36 .THE HEALNG OF THE BLIND BEGGAR Unit Theme: The Miracles Topic: The Healing of the Blind Beggar Class: StandardTwo General Objectives: A miracle is a rare and wonderful event. pictures. The story of the miracle2. schoorand church List of Lessons 1. o Learn to co-oPeratein grouPsPsychomotor o Develop fine and gross motor skills from the activities designedin the unit. 3. Dramatisethe story of the miracleResourceMaterials Biblical referencechart. Children will learn the value of prayer and faith. scripts. This unit will explore the qualities of Christ andthe extra-ordinary acts he performed during his life on earth. 2.flashcards. Affestive: o Develop an appreciationfor the role of prayer in our lives. pupoet.Bristol board. Faith and the ast of Prayer 4. markers. The theme will also help pupilsto understandthe act of miraclesand fulfilling of prayers. . What is a miracle? 3. Explain God's desirefor wholenessfor Christians. uogrutlve: o Know the story The Healing of the Blind Beggar o Know miraclesof Christ o Know the Biblical referenceof the Unit. the story of the miracle.

7 F oolico a * o (... l . c D d c D * . + E 5 l+t (D rtt A *. t ( D 7 s(D d t D F t o ! t gl FT \J Fl c D 6 ? 5 < ?.3 ' 3 5'' 3 a(D H E D H (D P g -f- E r 6 SD CD i6 . (D H l. 5=' CD . -r -| h- F ' -. g U F g s a xa: ." g' l-) (A r-+ (D t+ (D @ R 5 Fc) t ( D (n > r r a o .+ Ft b) I 3 S{ P {p - < 9 5< ( D P 6 <)< o-r 5 .i a 1 A 6^3'** 'V rJ p) C E (t) a -.+ E D g{ - - H . P tn -d6 (n p ) .i -.+ FJ C D = ' CD -J (D e) o tst * (!Y . D cA F+ :t ( D - g .+ l P . tD (D o a? g) \J f . t H D e a) 5 .+ r D lq gfi o CD Y. o ( ) t s Fb ..8 (A .\. H -N (t) :l ( .- '-1 (D o p) (-\) ! a>) x t l . ' 3V X a Ft Lz.+ a 9 6 )--F''r 'o tr) - { - (D O\q i.. ts... uv ha tJ^r . H C f n ."f \J ut (D / h + F I o c D h . H c D + r).t 3 7' -t E'# 7frp oda c) > t H CD' ::irC D O i J P Ci (D F) (tt x o (? tD (a) -1 *1 a+ 5 ' o3 ? + . ( CD c D d 3 o CN (t) l--t \J ai v E i-e o O (t) O F .A (t) c+ () CD { s r+ ts >t e (t) + AT P .= wYF) ... v .

) J ..g F i o oa a5. u o a o'E' 3 :J a (D 'o -o .t- u2 a r5'r3EY 3L'G-:+ 5(}a E ' H . H -= F FH e +? F ' = r = + 6 6 6 o ?7 B .Ag.8.! g 5 S* e-sD \) f: : f.a u . e.^. "_5pI ) ' 5 ' * * ._* 3 E(y.75*S' ' F ' 3L r 5 /r..) -f >t tD U) (J (t. ) F i !^) q t - ( D v 5 . (D (D H -f' C) (D (t) |+a o (t) . o (n u) ( ..'o d. ?3 F .r. d 6 c .a =- =:o- sq . 'q A'6 a F .D Cto 7'x r=O Y F e AEF g 3 EI J. :-cg:3 E s q[ f q#€ e = o €o t=". a) ( D = . pc) (t) O 8 a CD -' Fi D) C D ? o .\ ( D E \r/ h{ (D t D 1 . i 5(D L^J .-1.6 : -E ' 8 s g oa c o. .P . F€ E H* ? F T ee Y a f=i: = ' ?Hsp* t E I n Ai a.!. -+ (D 6' -.f iFa8 d 6 i F nr' - F )' +SD F 6oq g A .> r { E a o ) ar(. i Fr I * I "i:aEq ti r+3ai $sir[i ** 3 Fs€a € (t) -7 E t D } r 1 3 r-.1' U) ( R F ! O F 1 f-t (D qt !9 *.

R 5 d "? I l+{ \ .c ) 5. . trJ it a." g i l+.. -f -t Ft CD u) h o (D 'o F. Hq qt fNi-{. H1 .+ r'F l''l * ^ u ptt r-+ a\ a (D t*.E l N v o oQ F 6 3 - F + o (t) - > r.14 LJ '-t - H)3 6 3 id 5'.t + q -r :' o a .o H. 7sf o= f l H ... =a ii I f q H'b" FD Cl tri' cr c) CD =.Ci . U) L) '.- Ia' I -)rd t Q) =-^ . 6 5 ' Bs ' E 8 EI S D* .N q HiF }J v a gEd (D g r d -l .'g ' :- . + F t = 3 i-i-(.g3 . ii' E. 9'o +' il i' ) o F R Ai'F + + \ Y n I $ (t) D 5 Fl p> C' (D v) gEdTt'U v (\\ l-. + r . d'.i i a1 = d 1 o1 b ' a'9 s6-> Y-a (A Yr a0q FEA3 F roo- v ( D ( D l . a ) 'q gd6 H 9 o >+) o H . - F ' Uoq aB c (D< F A {= ' sF. Efft{ asq 0 ose F'38? -r Dr_. \o i'5 O .J (D:1 a O ( D F -oo to d6' 5' g .1) ? 3 U y ' * .. 3 Oa i{lo oH>o o t"+ ts o) :J YiA n @ o <1 h{ \r(D L . Zrrq s . ir- 6-i 3 S3 O'O O-='(D (D Ir l (v - = 6 P 5v'F'Eif 0 =. o o-tt = ( D +q + i+ n F . Q t-. ( ) c F + F i-.i tr) FFb q t.F l t r t a ' \ F ' t s 5 r+ t s ' q 5 g .i r)(D Ft' Dr 7'- d 6 g q 3 L F ' H\ .: o o tr) F AT fr:* I a 2 f F 5 F ro 9 a + =-CD . ) F.1Q a -.) a F . -. x q \X v> ol }-| ..1 v F F'{ o-(D '1d6 5 o (. F X . ' - D J : l f .t t.t .'f E ?E =i$ 3 s( / a) $ 6 3oQ a 5 . i+ C) Fi. ) 9 ..5-5 S !-+ Dr =-c0 o r v 6a ci - Fl a] tD (tt . .oq E ? 5 (D-5 ^ F = : 1 .'FAE: .6 l = p s+ o O . n Oa I l3r*o-FO J F' V) r't lr a! E.2. H a rDAr | H g(D . (D C) CD a l+a ^J (! (t Fl CD (D. '+.r X -+ A) i' . ! ( H (D < _ J g ) o 6 u ) Y. |.g = o vP (Dx 3 i P = 4 c L 8-aar'1'a )q' ' 9) .t r-'l a : l i i : : + O . C D t s (D 6 3 : P a\ c) F) (D s ?t Id H. + >) + F / A F. -(D ln (D s E-H 3e ) FP r - - tFa cl i = ' F D 3 Fci g F-b+ l : = 7 (DQ a r P i+ 6 8 6 (D "'o ts #q r ! = 9 r + F - l p A \ y o q r -p q (D Fj c0 pD o CD A > l Ft 4 - g te' i a t .<. F ' E9s o' F g{a o a f .f-t i5 t' o a/) (t) -r OJ tr) c ) A .D F ) F . .

I'x q Y iJ rt\ UV V H F r-i ci 5' {-o 3' t Y o ) n C D x - \J v r . F. ( D ( ) dFs C) (D (t) e l g rna E' o' r+ >-i l+{ t" o I a t" rtt CD a F - - H e :o rP\.d6' E.r n ' ) ( Df a O I Fl cD p) c) (D . + : * -o ' ' o( (vD l- H >' \J |3 :l .6-6 e-o- a A tsoLo P E'= 7. oe. a = ' o_ \ .'o o o a F) ll '+ =-a + / 4H CD 3 * .r 6 ' -* @ l ^ n - 9 9 q lr € V (t) 9 { J e i d q : g X e8-6 F € Fl rn .Ft { - ll ll H A>a ' { ( D = ! e r+ (') Oa f-. gfi i'1* o o t F-t (t) o F o e ir )p -v r\ -7 H (/) + ) - gat-> P /^t (. 6 ' X'.a6( D' E eet 6-aF 5 -o9' I = dE F X o-"o . F F.ii t2 L.\ A Y il ( D 1 .{ I H U F+ F H 9 l+{ rJ A CD (n \ D c D g - (t> c.1D. \ 9) F 3: ' *F xH p.g. ) L A V : s 4.!i' a'R-$ +€ 6 v) ^ 3 ra f egra E 3O' ){ . (\ *OJ D) "o 5't . -9.=-= Fe : H I o k6 v { \ v ) ' - > ^ .: k' .-. 9 H .q.r66 =s..--\F - \ a - F 3.o 8 i ? * i l .1 \JtD H #q <r + + . r D vt )t d (D 5 ' g 5 ' Q3 t r 6 i j C ) .6-Y +fib q c.-.s q9 e 3 ii8 f..o % e i D + = Xoq'o n n F X S ) * : F ' piy g.! L A l+{ I t l I J .+ a 3 - H ri?uli.9o'O8 :'>rll - . r izj 5' (. v (D (-. . : (D = = t 'f : . r - . a (t) FJ co !y. E?'v-9 F . FrI 3 rJ = r uo A ) ) : l S = r 6'g Ft Ll-O . .oti. n H d :' i o o a E a ' *-. i \ | r A :l . q .O E 39€ {d'./) t a E! a 6.FleF x *1qo g C) (D tt)-o F o X !l:t'co F n E H a-g€ ) H "*aHF#€e Y P t\.F ( D > rt o ( D r+ -1' $l 4 t'E t7 5i$' = ' C D c D cD fra) vY .< Ei A'€ =' 4 .).(n 6E-g t g * rr) G 6 .

!1€ 6 F ' e. i 3 ( D 0C At P F r-l_ a'+ o - = L.[.X E i r X i " 6 r 5 ( D o .F) 1 d6.U^i P p ) i .-.i a)(D !+ ll a-t' F V -( D } - c o Ho l L-r.> ? . ='d € + Uoa CD o 4 cr5 o +) ? 3 EU F D o ) = . ' c a.t V' :J U) '.-\J O H. . r u H x sts. q 3 . O Oe F.o i. A xL) v 1 l - H U' HEA iJ 0-il t'+ H X c t o i6J4 cl \J ? 5 9 - H d 6 x'g x 5 5 X cn Y Y E ET 3*€6 B= e { g. a 9 4 6 H O .-l i t D f r D a+.} tD (t) CD 1 . X i . E F E €f € v ) p o X H A I+' H FF' \. sfi 6 i1 a 5 -Hq * X r DF x--qq g 5 6 g' o€ O 5 :1.? sFF ( ! . . + o ql > r. j.t') e a n: Oi -=X Y H H H 5 # \Jt? * 6 d P ( D 1 a A - - + \9 3 iJ (D = \J rt o .- H Y' o. at E +v 6 1 o-F o " )+{ tD vt rt .

3?9 c) ? i E E2 ' U ) Ittw F A - t s Fl P 1 + .. .g ? * f-l v cD X v F . [ l 3 c ) + J ..3 u) P- r-rr wr o-g- . v L J =- { * p)'(f (D v H H .. o o E H P + L-:.F Cfa *'9 .a P Fl xCD '^J TD (tt -l (? G (t) Ft (t) = ? -.J E3.? D 'O i' rr . ) 'J :91.> !O) O) C) .a P) rr 9. F = & o-< J( 65 + .4 i-i 1^ F l-a I \-_J I < l I tl . c / l g r f a-@ C H ) v ='5D) -) 5r€k s v . (.rE P -'I - H o Z'cD X 6 c ar . 1ts.6fi + q *oq H H + 5 (D 'o o. c o ( D S > i ( t r * r . a F .E$[59s3 :I f --ii = Eu) . ] .a + o v ) ' o a o .r) f-l \-/ it (D a (n ^j O F D ts . (') o. - P H .6-d :i Jf r =(D ltn cDif o _. ( 5 - o a H \ D v J .J ' ='O \J F' .P O-!a s:.t U t o H 5'tr9 : J u ) ( D g F . v >-t =' s)r-. }. H a gd 6 V U e. l . q 6"-l \-/ ) F.1 lJ b 6 C D lJ \-) Pg t6e 3. q p l r o X iJ P - v v (t) {'-1T + (D DJ . "'o F l E il il a .'g g H (J) v E . - U il ll /-/ + F o A a t (t) }) it I (D FD It V) '-l o (o '{ tD D D .J Ens3 J x il ' v l C I v l l a. ) P (D -*r \ vO (a \ rl . + a 5 p ) A ii il (t) --o -.- J H \JtD FI -. ( ? Ia - F. . .H i . IF- tx I H A lU oe ' + o + O ut- q p (r.[> r't (D <-t ( at { la- !J =[< = tr F .i ' .S ' X = r r u q x : . co ? 6 Ll- (D - u .:bpr:r r+ D + 3 Jsq 0.frE'.(D -. F + + F ^ (D c) 5_ =\ . ^ " O . 5 3 !J g 9-n 3 O c D X - Q -+ A ) r l Oa I. u(ra F f O = ) - r. 6 . \-/ < I =rd o.o H a ) t s -*' ll H (D IJ A \.4 ^ .il (..: +E 8.(D.4' o B g 3 a *7 8-q3 5 E - R-?3 w: a ' ' e _ oF a E a . t o o .H . l-1.r + F T ) t . c€ FT5 3 e .l r g 8-e-H'6' 3 + € a { .. 3 H F{ J R s Er 9 3'E6F j.f t FqASE'* :s AA-TKi-6 Sl iD a O -.# q O.| '* (e (D Ft D a ? € €= D 3 ' a + ro yt cDc0 - .J =.-r - e 3 r ^' €.

WORD SEARCH Readthis Bibleversewith your teacher.Searctr andcirclethe wordsfrom the verse: "Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee." (Luke 18:42) R E C E I E V E Z T H Y Y S I G H T X T H Y F A I T H H A T H S A I ' E D w E H T H E E D A 43 .

RUBRIC TI{EME. (Good l). TOPIC: The Story of the Blind BeggarThe Miraculous Life of Christ ACTIVITY: The mark is basedon student'sperformance' il il tl n STUDENTS'NAME it il H I il il il @ditrg 5). (Very Good a). (Fair 2-1) 44 .

Explain why the Questionpupils about ways in which people Sundaybefore showed they were Easter is called happy to seeJesus Palm Sunday Have pupils discuss Understandthe why they think the responseof the Jews to Jezus'entry people were happyto seeJesus.know about Jesus' intended}vfinistry LessonPlans: Topic Behavioural Objectives Teaching Strategies Learning Activities /esson Lesson1 Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem At the end of the lessonpupilswill: -Recall the events of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem Teacherwill: -Dramatize the story as it is read to higtrlight the excitement felt by the people of Jerusalem .can repeat storiesin their own words .Jf. gentle and riding on a donkev" Closure Recap main points of the lesson Indicate that Jesus used came to the Jews as a Spiritual King and not a earthiy kittg Indicate that humility is not a sign of weakness and this is demonstrated in the memory passage 45 . strip.Listen to the story as read -Answer questions Discussthe issuesraised -state memory verse"See your Kittg comesto you.areaccustomedto listeningto stories. . Pupilswill: . Give them any additional information they may need to better understand -exhibit memory -Recite memory verse on sentence verse.S{JS'EI{TRY INTO JERUSALEiVI Topic: Jesus'Entry into Jerusalem Class: Seniors/Juniors Previous Knowledge and Experience Pupils: .

Repeat fue Memory Verse
"See your King comesto you, gentie and riding on a donkey"
Matthew 2L 1-11


As they approachedJerusalemand cameto Bethphageonthe Mount of Olives, Jesussent
two disciples,sayingto thenq "Go to the village aheadof you, and at once you will find a
donkey tied there, with her colt by her. Untie them and bring them to me. If anyonesays
anythingto you, tell him that the Lord needsthem, and he will send them right away."
This took placeto fulfil what was spokenthrough the prophet: "Say to the Daughterof
Zion, 'See,your king comesto you, gentleand riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a
donkey.'" The discipleswent and did as Jesushad instructedthem. They brought the
donkey and the colt, placedtheir cloaks on them, and Jesussat on them.
A very large crowd spreadtheir cloaks on the road, while others cut branchesfrom the
trees and spreadthem on the road. The crowds that went aheadof him and those that
followed shouted,"Hosannato the Son of David!" "Blessedis he who comesinthe name
of the Lord!" "Hosannain the highest!" When JesusenteredJerusalem,the whole ciry
was stirred and asked,"Who is this?" The crowds answered,"This is Jesus,the prophet
from Nazareth in Galilee." The blind and the lame came to him at the temple, and he
healedthem. But when the chief priestsand the teashersof the law saw the wonderful
things he did and the children shouting in the temple area,"Hosannato the Son ofDavid,"
they were indignant. "Do you hear what these children are saying?"they asked him.
'From the lips of children and infantsyou
"Yes," repliedJesus,"haveyou never read,"
have perfectedpraise'?"And he left them and went out of the ctty to Bethany, where he
spentthe night.
Bible References
Matthew 21'.1-11, 14-17
Luke 19:28-3
Other Background Information
The Sundaybefore Easter is known asPalm Sunday.It is the beginning of Holy Week. It
celebratesJesus'triumphant entry into Jerusalemon the back of a donkey. Great crowds
of peoplethronged the streetswaving palm branchesto welcome Him. The people
shouted "Hosanna"and laid their cloaks and palm branchesfrom the nearbytrees in His
JesusentersJerusalemriding a donkey rather than a horse which signifiesthe peacefull
nature of his entry. People are expectinga king and surrenderthemselvesto his authority
by taking their cloaks offand layrng it on the ground. ThePalm branchessigni$ the
expectationof a militarv victorv of their kitg over the occupyingRomans.Jesusis
enteringJerusalemto bring Peaceand forgivenessto the world by taking the sin of the
world upon Himself - a Spiritual King. But Peoplewere seekinga worldly and physical




1. Cut a strip of paper 14 inchesby '/, inch. (You canget this from a sheetof 8712"x14"

2. Fold it in half

3. Fold it in half aeain

4, Fold it in half yet again.

5 Opeq_ou!_lhg
stri and mark the er ht folds.

6. Cut a thin


three sectionslong as shown. This thin piece will be used to tie the

7. Hold the strip upright with the thin

'tail' up as in figures 7 below-

8. Fold the lowest sectiontowards you and up Strip now looks like figure 8
9 Now fold the lowest sectionaway from you and up. Strip now looks like figure 9





figure 9

figure 8

10. Bend the strip towards you then fold along the lowest sectionso that the'taif is now

11 Loop the strip around the front as shown below


12.Flatten loop so that you have two equal cross anns

13. Use thin strip to securethe crossas shown below

14 Turn cross around to view the front of


Topic Rationale: be fully The Church's aim being concernedwith salvation and the things to come cannot of a form attained except in the new world. Discussthe significanceof the actionsof Jezus.n' Unit Theme: The Passion Topic: The Cleansingof the TemPle Class: Juniors PreviousKnowledge: * RecognizeJesusas the Son of God* Relatethe idea of Jesusas the Messiah. Demonstratean understandingof the role and purpose of a church building in worship.Tgn CrnarrslNcoF THnTErypr-. Through its whole community the Church can man's towards giving the family and individual man a deeper significance. restoring dignity and strengtheningthe bonds of society' 50 . Relatethe Story of the Cleansingof the Temple in their own words2. The Church company in visible assembly and spiritual comrnunity. 3. * Explain the eventsof Paim SundaY General ObjectivesAt the end of the unit pupils will be able to: l. moving onwards through this life greatly help with the whole of humanity. But the Church is present here and now in the is both a body of people who form the growing nucleus of God's family.

They \.But thesemen were chargingthe people too much money.Besidesthat." 51 .So he rurned over the tables of the men with the money and scatteredtheir coins. The Israelitesbelieved that God's law said that r.vhowent come to the temple to worship God.THF. Do you know why? It is becausethe Israelitesneed animalsand birds' to sacrificeto God. he should make an offering to God. Some Israelitesowned birds and animals. STORY Jesuswas very angry becausemen were trying to rnakea lot of money from the people r.But many Israelites didn't own any animalsor birds And others lived so far away from Jerusalemthey couldn't bring one of their animalsto the temple. he made a whip from ropes and drove all the animalsout of the temple.So the people came here and bought the animalsor birds they needed. they should no be selling . when Israeliteshad to make offerings.vhenan Israelite did wrong. too.ight there in God's temple. q. He commandedthe men who were selling the doves "Take them out of here. But where could an Israelite get birds and animalsto offer to God? . That is what made Jesusvery angre. Stop making my Father'shouse aplace for making a lot of money.verecheatingthe people. Axd there were other times.Also. Men were selling buils and sheep and doves right there at the temple.So they could offer these.

? F*.dg qu. Y .A Z l \ I E r: oq I t L+) ct 0q..1) .oiia T 8 o = u\'i |. *e a E " 9 gf r H C6 E g Hf r \ '_qHB+ sg a=f ?3=4 + [a€ e ?i ii g?f o€.+ o 7 ' a .-l n c D ) D ) \ J 5 J I :1 4'tt .S! O .pr. !-l 2 o o' 5 = : . O g a s* ' i x 9 lr r+ (/) (? (\ H ts.: CD ct) u) + \J FD A l+ o H . / *-{. . d? L.r o .i) x- (D\< il { s c! ?) rl n tl + E'o 8 0 ta P Fr P i *E* E e h6 ' 'g" xq3€** ei E EgE+rsfisraEr ? 3 a s B r g E1 5 . F a + - t '] \ r F g I l i F r i + s g € B u g B i g Es-xE F' + i{A '+o 6 ifr 5g't* I ( \ G ) a = q a i s . + d H' . 3 a qo e n i i E a R e 6 ? EH6tHs. C) . ? i ' (.V (D /Tr P . cfCD ( ! 1 4 a g S ) . ct) \ .l - \ { : Y.fl H t s l r H on L X H\J c D 5 . i t f E .a F s 9 . \ 6:i d t A H O c ) -i - F l rt(D Ed< F..n (D . : = ' P 5 i D (n a\ O h O ' u ) v ) d D r Q c r | _ = ' O : q : J = HH FD. + Xi l v e ' 6a v (D g *-)5 : 1 5 a o-cp = v a lci6' =' { *iOa 4.+ Vj r+ o- Of :l (\ Ca \{J F {-) rDro .s r S P 5.. u)> ) c ) ( D . O a ?-o r ( D a a (D s l I . . i g r Cr: E Ee 4 = F {3 .- t 69 H o -r -'! . H)- 3J H n + I 5y.

r--.+5B* r. Ev)- €: 1 q .q .J J + 6'-ln J a- ( 9 4'-t A o ( D -(D '--z Ii9 n a N rS U F ? (t) ^ \v ta :-v X \Y F c \^J C-r1 - !J O. 3 . ? ?8 (\(\ .3 5 Uq =' ='X .? d F.a tg sF *i emeE*s6 aai (\ ? gE. OcF g 0 >t F+rO (D 7 CD = ' ( r + Ft '+ :t . e .:l X 6 \J A X c0 i 3 p o = a-a. ."'g (r) - o - P a >J g il58F#r S+e4qP=: v.: .' X . - \ J o) - 1 (t) -i * t s <l ?o= ) cD d 5 = 3 ^ a ( n H !J (t) . r D O 5 ( D q ? 3+ E# ca C\ F g F A { b-.4. o r o q c o Ft H J ( ( z (/) Ur (. g) d V1 . ^ H U\? . F X =rO ^l ' a . .\ ? r \ f?aa*39 .. . i tt) -l 3 o o a \{l .' J '<j (' o 5- .> c) V rn .i l 0F 8? a.t. a -.agH. F FTJ CD P F . l| 5^ .g{ sB l-[ E E} 1 l-s ] R.1 cl = '.O.saa]3 qE.-y' O ) .g.C > u) u td _. \ 4 o'A (t).

r.Fact Questions ' ' 1) How did Jesusenter Jerusalemat the Passoverfeast? 2) \Yhat did Jesusdo at his first visit to the temple after he got there? 3) what did he do when he cameback the next day? 4) What did he saythe templeshould be called? 5) What did he saythe templehad becomebecauseof their actions? 6) Where shouldthe animalshave been sold? 7) What made Jesusangry? 8) What did Jesusdo in the temPle? 9) What was the temPlefor? { .t .t . Jesushad no businessin the priests' tempie 54 .rere 2) True worship takes place within the heart' 3) Jesuswent to the prieststo complain about the merchants' 4) There is no wrong way to worshiP- 5) We shouldbe good during servicebecauseworshipping God is like meeting him.l{ il il I I 10) How do we worshiP? t Linguistic Questions I 1) Describethe temPle 2) Define anger True or Faise 1) abpsingthe temple Jesuswas angry that the people '. 6) God is pleasedwhen we worship him with an unselfishand honestheart.

Explain the lessonsof servicein the life of a disciple of Jesus. Discussthe instructionsof Jesusfor the celebrationof the to listento stories. pencils and food . . Behavioural Obj ectives At the end of the lessonpupils will: Explain the role of the main personsinvolved in The Last to retell storiesin their own Teaching Resources Copy of the story (Mathew26 17-3O) Bibie Classroomequipment. 55 .how to sharesnacks. Relate in their own words the story of The Last Supper.THT LAST S{JPPER Unit Theme: The Passion Topic: The Last Supper Class:Juniors Previous Knowledge And Experience Pupils (know) . .can cooperatein groups.

and gave it to the disciplesand said. The Son of Man indeed goesjust as it is written of Him. one of you will betray lv{e.I will keep the Passoverat your housewith My disciples. "Drink from it. "Take. they went out to the Mount of Olives' s6 ." Then Judas." And when they had sung a hymn.But I say to you. to eat the Passover?"And He sayingto Him.'Rabbi. I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it nlw with you in My Father'skingdom. this is My body. is it I?" He answeredand said. "He who dipped his hand with Me the dish will betray Me. ico into the city to a certainman. "Assuredly. For this is My blood of the new covenant. and each of them beganto in .He sat down with the twelve. eat.which is shed for many for the remissionof sins. I say to you. ' t' hand. .When eveninghad come. answeredand said. "My time is at . "Vtrheredo You want us to preparefor You 'The Teacher So the disciplesdid as Jesushad direciedthem.uid. but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed!It would havebeen good for that man if he had not been born." Then He took the cup. saying. "You have said it-" And as they were eating. and they preparedthe Passover. He it I?" He saidto him. and gave thanksjahd gave it to them. Now as they were eating.STORY Now on the first day of the Feastof the UnleavenedBread the disciplescame to to Him' "Lord.who was betrayingHim." And they were exceedinglysorroufill. and say to him.tlessed and broke it.Jesustook bread. ail of you.

-. C ? F5 : E +-o J C I Ede ! 6 -=o3. CI T *: J$ ( D 1 o x-o o : J a *=o-:l d CI='6 $ 9l =' ='o =. -t ? -<-o C ' €3 =.a3t= -@o!.- o 9 = ' a =(O )= $ f g E .:r a a 9.Ea e io =o = 6 B * q .ogS U* i e='ru iao.7 + ( D ' = 3 S E E ff f i H a : F g -f @ CN U.6 q i l J= d d g P : 5 : E 3 i 3 . o : s1 =tHPi l g x@z. O l o ) - @ a - O o : ) I (D_ q) :l oo) o o c :t (D tn o --r 5 Ba.9 -' \u -- J U) -t {o' 5cn o9! / l - - l $ g t r <. r?=3sf E -^cD=o.6'u. . Q { -'(O + - -.P * @ \) A = l f o o : o q $ T'l V -(I) o ) a -$ = o o @g q I a U> c l c n v.4= t .h e *-(n ..o a + .. _ a g'3 ."..*F' A ir E* *n* q.3.. r Yr= €o of -{Y @o o = Q € 3 q)9 o+E a d 6r sB it fr rg -t' "[ 9 tr* d a* 8 P 9 f? ?z .6 g E .r(/.f ='o-H il--' = = o o g.o a d o # (J| _ . f ia fg fr < ! o G ( 2 1-' n CI _ - I F -T $(t. €3Ag ? * d :5q4qEEEF gq. A e o (6 o o E 6 3 9..n € d* 6 6-= a g@ I I t F + q i?q€a* '{+9 =+ . (t 6 YL f _ t.o TF$g CD+= J L- TI/ { =:<. .='A' =- d io :go. o .i o ' !t (D if oa d = o o a .. x= ab e9 dsfis P /ll ' r o -r 6 a o t + o _fr -\ N a Fl o a + a '-' 3 q6 o u .< q+ = co a$ t r l ( D II l 9 ) l - l ( o l o l F F I a o a i . €B.> d= = 3 Sprn : 0 eL J= E-a g t . * q $ * q . cn o-o(o(o x : l o f = ( cn @ -5'<p:: _O) o=. Rq) : l o f = ' \ r ' : ) (D 1 1CqE g gd -=k o'E g8. .€ B=3.

'€ = Q O o € f i +q' . " ilgd h AH[: 3 € .=o) :ss qgg 1*: 3 Ia g .$ ( J D T- 9p a "- s r r €r= (o =. ( dD o ) a o N) o = o(o ' o o --l & FP o o + (D 6 5 .q 'E .0 K r-o g-3 _t : f O n r il 88 .d. { o o H qAR 3* EB E E:d a 3 9 . _ q = 3 = 3 .-l r 6 g u) 0) o q) =. . { a= s 3 r a $ A oE 6qOE ict. q9 5 :l (D +"F a =(D o- F-* o -fr .< C_ (D <n c (n r+ .. 6 .. 6 P . O { r . ==. ' q $Y..o J ( D O - q 8 q p 3 = -o L + : j @ ie6_ :' f A $ f .q f l E . [ A .t 9=o- s. f ) ro 6 q o(t .ro S -' 5o 1..c_ g v +f o ul _|r _.. 6 3 fi f = c /n on ( oJ s)x:].q a' j1 s f osT A -i o o+ R F =+ ==. =t IcO n1 o o c I . . d * .( D o_ -'t (D -tr-'t o A < o A o .3 .c9 g 6' i.-- J t +.o o(to s€& :o. r . € . a st aaE e :E_ i*E frdg1 q = o-F $ l t = 5 . ol a B+eE t. 2 6 2 oa= s.l . 3 = 8 b .9 .. r0 96. H () J o(n) J.ot + o o - =-x(D+O) 6'3= E ^ \ ( D = ..+-o € € d e @ E 6 6 t o i 6t s co d : q g B f i d. J ( J - g q = q g H t r a E .t To' 1 g 6 d + 5 5 p 9 g -51 Hd a i l E +i € q 4 = e ar 0) o. (o r3= ) 6 o o g o c -o o a r O o)} ed C @ s.8.6 = 5 q .. ! o ! = g'.=: j J o 5. a ='c) q d . o-$ g $ u a *=(t g € q 33d E-e nt (D 0_6' I =6- dts o" gr s5 o = = € a8I . 6 = o t n E o) Jo) f E a.< *o U E o. € .+r i.^ S €d ql 5e' .

o l (o Ir t I l l t t 0. a3 H o c n o :r:f 1a . E-g o c?- " H (< o ql ar' i rn = d ffi =j 3 ( D -1 ( --1 o - e ( i . ia q e >'€ d + i=9-a H €3 3 j@. D t t tt l l t t l r l l ( D lt o t = l l f I I t I l(o I tl o> Il l =3 t I + + l t < l r + I l tt la. .6 () \o U) -t f.:* o g r 6q l?=.o = * C To' n i h"t O CI! = o+ Xa .. f r f) D ( .t- o 6 a o o (t (D o * o a c-=oE -' VHgE= b o r3 q 3 o gd D o) e. 't l .

it . ro l : o t o a I I I t I It I I l I i .' cl N)o_ o o 5 O o)(/). aE oK i=l 5 o- 6 g )s x.'F E * S o q 1 q 3 = " 1 H . .$SErHH33Isg -sA iI aia l€f=$*iq! aiseEggqqtreB . = E (D - r - J 3 o E l- . =c6 = o- 9Y ' a= A= ' rq ') \ J + $ = o C)(n 7n O) 9 c o o(D o) @ o-U):l J 0) = l = (o :t CI I I @ at I l -(..' n : $ | o ) ( f i ' n o o o a a o (t = .* A s ' - mi?g a. 3 -*$[* *€3 i*rl a H + qi*gaE EHiiil .'3=aE q i l +i v+ ' o# t- o € (. € a $ .+ - -) o(D ol- r =g) A . { o .o 5 oE go CI . c d 3sR o o Q H I q) (t:.rt* P N o-h d o'rt 3 9 o E l g o 6o. A-t *gro q. c $ N ) ) i + ' l t N v ( j x + : r \(J. f rr8y 3 = 6 = . a o = o q c a p.o a fil11:g x' X\ c-o Y. (D= . L -i L-i.. ds + 7 - E N .efr??[.a A t I J h5r U T gt =' (o o * s.' <lR O o (o=.a u o o { t gl: 3 ()(D 6'd iE E i l a + *ug 1:A o (t o o * o @ o = O f O - l r o - . :L ?i. 6 =O : a p rf'\ !.

s .39€1E' 5g< d i3f 4 3$ q 3.t . (o o rt .ni ai . o o c"\ e = 3 $ s q 6 q F qs $ AT$o ' g t 3 .l =.r o a a o o (t o o =.4 ==s3 3+ : Q * g 3Eilq*=H:=iaBi A t !)o d s6 (o =. H 4 .rix * r(D @ : t o = g o 2-*E Ie€ :O ! d OE) e-il = qt . E $ g q = * e : r i : g = .

A copy of the storY (Mathew26l21) '. ClassroomequiPment- 62 .t the end of the lessonPuPilswill: ixplain the role of the main personsinvolved in he crucifixionl. pencils and food' can cooperatein grouPshow to listen to stories.elatein their own words the story of the crucifixion ixplain the purpose if the crucifixion in terms of the sacrificeof Jesus ixplain the crucifixion as an expressionof Jesus' obedienceto the Fathsr leaching Resource: .The Crucifixion I'nitTheme: The Passion 'opic: The Crucifixion llass: Juniors lrevious Knowledge And Experience upils (know) how to sharesnacks. how to retell storiesin their own words' leh avioural Obj ectives \.toys..

_ O : CD .g'. / D ( nD.. D r-+ = : ( Aqn > 1 -r z :5 r Fx .< c!i.. c o . Fb . H CD fr-+ q / n + E P P x ? u ) H i T o - q ) . b +oa *< 5 .co ? rD '1(. . . y 5 = ' -i J (D p 3 S. 9 .a9eLE . X a (n- e H C DV *q E i' g H'o 7 F s 6 3 8 = m sE: ? g H + F r $r E E s f € E 3$€= F F E c [ 3 f g f r g F 3 3 9 .r o_H . Xu tXY . =. r g E F + = .r 3 a =E a +. ' Ig v ) d -' e o r { . .*)cD a E' ::r 7 v -5 f( u i11 -+D:=-. r {(-al Fo or -l . :l cD c-+ U) g. = i F o g & F = F = €g g g a H c'\ (D (t) UJ g H'8 Y H.* c.d o a g qoi aF r H 9 . L{ o) - !i (D pr crt --r E )o Ca EgEE FB-i (D .o . + Fr R \J Cr : F 8o r F f f . . O ?.sixr'" r' rt (D a (e oa3.b 5. o! g ' {'Xl H i ' F - - 4 g * 9] F - 6 .+ - L*j s sg F[ r A '3 $g A A " F.-+ .J -\ A \L./ V t F t (D F g E 6 i' @ t+ !r< j <tt H J . N)( ' 1 ts.+ (D (tt o sX E P r P5 ' ar s F F F fS F S F O ? o E ._..i H F r q ' ' X' S YFw g F F = d gf&igF E3* E a H : .+ 7f r-+ - r\H sH.r + CD ^. ..S 3 F l ( D >1 ) o pl c) C U) 0 .{ q : A S ' E ' <3 .3.t ( ) ) j .__+) Ja $93-:+da 6 .. 1 g .3 s ' 4 " F l' "Ea.+X fu-rofF iJ : 6 5 H c o F ' t o _ 6 cD O RP*Z ( D O . ( D ( D c t q ( D .?.ti v t v H (D : l ( D = 0q J:1 fi6 P' tr F:+ .o ' a c T e 5 3 ( D c .< a -(J 558. f( e g u(] Y tst C D * F H F F l = . (* r. 9 . <--..'FAl ? .. + a3 e* ci !.-.g Es = ' o- H< u) = + a E-a g + *i df'fF FEEe F =' En=93 g ugfrqq. (FDt f _ r . g " 8 tla ? rr t.. Y r-r W - F z H F'PH--tro$='x:g E P H .:t -s c.t) >) FJ H e+ =- (. _ .i ( D 3 o L^J Ff Z >W 3:-P$e *-ASA g Fi e q fi (r) -l a) tD (t7 .+ o-o doa F . B 3. . i aJ . a . .* € q E F l * 3 F E € A E * E g E E " >tD (tt g . \. Ar _ F r J P O Q --1. F r i - . H F ) (D a E . 0 ) -6 l t s t F c. P i : o. Fr .-.C) crN) o ( FD+ \ .Edqoa 5' = E:^. (JJ 'r (D if - |r- -l ^. AB H O .. 9s t 5 g. dA ... a-r^ Fi O P F ( D : + o * sY l_.B F gE€E€gE.

J cj D. = 6 U) 5 c .{ F > ? o F F(DEif tr s pt -+ ol tst = N (. E d'5 fg \J I f.a . 1 seBg' (E F @ I 9 P 7 6' .N ) (i .f 3 .?3= . E C r+ H rr $ ' .J O'\ l U\ 11 a) (D u. X h (D t'- Lt =E:Fg6i & ts *-F 9 o = O) .'1 ii (! U) or $ .$ g a . - 5'' P. c D C.-e3 E ' Fa S E E H [ g i g q'EE#EHs&tr F -g o--.'-l I L{ (D O u ) .'o5Q tD (tt a g il (J) . e.( D3 cyt ) 'E (3 Dti n K H O 6 3 * A A3:6 r - - f A t \-/ U - H 51 S .o ( Y (o =-? 7 ?. :E ' : .. gJ P.f : ag es?* . E *l i +O €O 8 ra f . x I -F J (D Fir LrJ =Pr A 1 e a .. ' . : ro (r) r-l' o v r c+Faaa o (tt a (tt (-.-i : i.Xi . X F D . I r a (r) (t) H q rp e'p t 3 cD A t F . -x O .e3.-<C -'I .€ gF g3-3'€ g * r+ + .L J . (t) Cj af g :x {PFA 53 B q d3 3 0 C D a O.v N) r- N) -- \l bJ i ? a : SSBH f X - ^J <2 J!f l l..-.' t n-d p ra'F f-'rOQ 'l^ ' 3 |3 'ii (O - o o F 6 .*. q) H C' CD F J O 'a\r >t > Fi CD (D t TA 'ti is.. * rAFEFg I €E i=sE fgr*. s !l X rLrl t . s=i d. I t .{ F - ' =Flii = 46 'OF a * - V e +rX = {.aa€ ' 5 3 B b = 3 s 3 ?[ E C .5 . rr I 5 + 6 F ' 9 I a I € 7 a % e s iH P " = {c' 5 tr) c- H .I1 H N I I D] i+ c6.

< X.= 8 < ' F T :. € =: --.- 8 qq ds F D) H HAr *:f E: C rr_. . ^F. 6' ( D ( D =' dV) 6 ..u J .< t) t H P 'v O\ Fl _ ) = . g . J O ( A CD ' (-) -i (- - (D CD cn O (-' H\ u) X 3* .-+ x' '-1 3 6 S. d. -g. . "s ua (D u .< bo A-q = : J o P l - F g* F cL . CD F = s= \.h ^ 1 s .16 : r g S € 5 e € E =t-<A?< (J # ) H P r. g P E - Ff +F$eilg 3 E3 H ' 1 A'F' E € A i g o a ran . s*-a = 3 q 3? o { F) C') P. E u t .3 =1qI u q*AH?. ?t ! >t CD 5'3 F o tD (t) . .a t - . To > v ) :o1 . t-L -. = . f r E E H .' 1 g ds" oq 3 .)trr '-:. & F E3 s i ll "-r- '- u) r-.^r v -l' t- F ) . = a g ..' ^ O ( D e + . < € <f H oa -+ + 9 CD ia P S. Fa - U > xX 6c obi .. g ?.r yb) F 5r {I l ) +'. . .X. . r7p l7l 6e. . < (tt (t) =. ) q 9a. p0 :-i tr) c + ( + ) - 3 P 6 g *-ci Saj Y.. F . - 3 =Fp ? x€ x ! ? F a6'd p) tD (tt s--J -rS I_:qr P 3 7f d-JE) tD U> g N C 6 : f ( D s o = . { A UJ r^'r r - Fi P + ar H 4 'st tD a >+' s N) -J u^ uo (/r :' | I$ \ ( r t i c N r) tD cn .- v ?r. (? l-/- -. E.E : c5 . L 5 + 9F. r y : a o ? F o i = e = 6 2 F *+r d '-:6 6 + H p ( D oFr) (D - '\. : F g 4 o "6 $H 31 E e o ? ' ( .' {(D g va J H (-) g S F a o > ts b-q v tD = ' a . {= 9F Pr r i o\ (r|l *l ... v C. a5 i r :".. () = . (D \\ lY \jJ i( tJ : ..

:. Do you think that I cannotappealto my Father.he beganto be sorrowfuland troubled. And he cameto the disciplesandfoundthemsleeping."So.if it be possible."Hail.nevertheless.with swordsand clubsto captureme?Day after dayI sat in the templeteaching. thy will be done.if this carmotpass unlessI drink it. 66 .. saying." And takingwith him Peterandthetvio sonsofZebedee."My Father. not asI will. Rise'ler us begoing. evento death." Again. "Are you still sleepingand taking your rest? betrayeris at hand.for all who take the swordwill perishby the sword. andwith him a great crowdwith swordsandclubs.and watchwith me. Jesussaidto him.and he saidto his disciples.see. Then he saidto therq "My soul is very sorro*fi:I. "Have you comeout as againsta robber." And he cameup to Jesusat onceandsaid.while I go yonderand pray. sayingthe sarne wordsThen he cameto the disciplesand saidto them.leavingthem again. "Sit here.and he will at once sendme more thantwelvelegionsof angels? be fulfilled. but asthou wilt." While he was sill speaking." And againhe cameandfound themsleeping. and cut offhis earThenJesussaidto him. could you not watch with me one hour? Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptationithe spirit indeedis willing' but the fleshis weak. he went away andprayed.the hour is at hand. "Put your sword backinto its place.THE STORY OF JSSUS' CRI]CIFIXIOI\ Tukenfrom Illathew 26:36-75and fuIathew27:1-56 Jesusat Gethsemane Then Jesuswent with them to a placecalled Gethsemane.remainhere.why areyou here?"Then they cameup and laid handson JesusandseizedhimAnd behold. for the secondtime.Judascame. "Friend."My Father." And going a little farther he fell on his face ofthose who were with Jesusstretchedout his handand drew his sword.andhe saidto Peter." let this cup passfrom me..from the chiefpriestsandthe eldersofthe people.he went away and prayedfor the third time. So. -.andthe Son of manis betrayedinto thehands of sinners.seizehim.for their eyeswere heavy. and struck the slaveof ttre high priest.-."The oneI shallkiss is the man.andyou did not seizeme. Now the beuayerhad given them a sign.that it mustbe so?" But how thenshouldthe scriDtures At that hour Jesussaidto the crowds.Master!" And he of the twelve.

the Son of far asthe courtyard of the high priest.-Anda maid came up ro him. and going inside he sat with the guards to seethe end. "I do not know the man. where the scribesand the eldershad gathered. "You also were with Jesusthe Galilean-" But he denied it before them all. for your accentbetraysyou. Now the chief priests and the whole council sought false testimony againstJesusthat they might put him to death. saying. tell us if you are the Christ.n And immediatelythe cock crowed. "I do not know what you mean." Ihen all the disciplesforsookhim andfled. And the high priest stood up and said. " And again he denied it with an oat\ "I do not know the man."Prophesyto us. and struck him. you will denyme three times. another maid saw hir4 and she said to the bysta.Why do we still needwitnesses?You have now heard his blasphemy. "He has uttered blasphemy. 6l . "I adjure you by the living God." And when he went out to the porch. "Have you no answerto make?What is it that thesemen testi$i againstyou?" But Jesuswas silent." Then he began to invoke a curse on himself and to swear.'r Jesussaid to hiilL "You have said so. and said."This man was with Jesusof Nazareth.that the scripturesof the prophetsmightbe fulfilled. " And he went out and weot bitterlv.nders."He deservesdeath. And Peter rememberedthe saying of Jezus. But Peter followed him at a distance."Before the cock crows." Then they spat in his face." Then the high priest tore his robes." After a little while the bystanders came up and said to Petel "Certainly you are also one ofthem. but they found none. What is your judgment?" They answered. At last fwo came forward and said. But I tell you. hereafteryou will seethe Son of man seatedat the right hand of Power. and corningon the clouds of heaven. And the high priest said to him. saying.'I am ableto destroythe temple of God.b . "This fellow said.But all this hastakenplace. and some slappedhim. a JesusFacesthe Sanhedrin Then those who had seizedJesusled him to Caiaphasthe high priest. though many false witnessescame forward. and said. you Christ! Who is it that struck you?" PeterDeniesJesus iiovr Peter was sitting outsitle in the courtyard. and to build it in three days-"' .

"Are you the King of the Jews?"Jesussaid. said.saying. sa'wthat he was condemned.and bought with them the pottet's field.Pilate said to them.taking the pieces of silver. into But the chief priests. - :- Now at the feast the governor was accustomedto releasefor the crowd any one prisonerwhom theYwantedAnd they had then a notorious prisoner. . Besides. "It is not lawful to put them the treasury. they Then was fulfilled what had beenspoken by the prophet Jeremiah. "Have nothing to do with that righteous man.his wife sent word to him. have sinnedin betraying innocent blood." But when he was accusedby the chief priests and elders.his betrayer.he made no answer. for I have sufferedmuch over him today in a dream.sincethey are blood money'" inSo they took counsel.Vlatth rw 27 JesusEtandedover to Pontius Pilate counsei When morning came. "Whom do you want me to release for you. as the Lord directed me-" JesusFacesPilate Now Jesusstood before the governor. "And took the thirty piecesof silver. "You have said so. Barabbasor Jesuswho is called Christ?" For he knew that it was out of envy that they had deliveredhim up.not even to a single charge.I us? saying..and he went hangedhimself. The governor again said to thern. "Vlhich of the fwo do you want me to releasefor you?" And they said. "What is that to Seeto it yourself-" and And throwing down the piecesof silver in the temple. Then pilate said to hinL "Do you not hear how many things they testify againstyou?" But he gave him no ansrl/er.he repented and brought the thirty piecesof silver to the chief priestsand the elders. " They said." Now the chief priestsancithe elderspersuadedthe peopleto ask for Barab'basand destroyJesus. and they gave them for the potter's field."Barabbas-" 68 . the price of him on whom a price had been set by some of the sons of Israel. and the governor askedhim. called BarabbasSo when theyhad gathered. to bury strangers Therefore that field has been called the Field of Blood to this day.while he was sitting on the judgment that the governor wonderedgreatlY- JesusTakes the Piace of Rarabbas - j_.all the chief priests and the eldersof the people took againstJesusio Put him to death' governorand they bound him and led him away and deliveredhim to Pilate the back When Judas..he departed.

" And he said.rnocked him. then they sat down and kept watch over him there. "This is Jesusthe Kitrg of the Jews. "You who would destroy the temple and build it in three days. let God deliver him now. he would not drink it. if he desireshi-. "f am innocent of this man'sblood. 69 . let him come down now from the cross. lvhat evil hashe done?"But they shouted all the more. they divided his garmentsamong them by casting lots.with the scribesand elders. and put his own clothes on hirq and led him away to crucify him. they offered him wine to drink. And when they had mocked hirr\ they stripped him of the robe. they cameupon a man of Cyrene. And when they had crucified him. wagging their heads and saying. mingled with gall. saying. sayrng 'Hail." So also the chief priests. saying.and we will believein him He trusts in God. And those who passedby derided him.he cannot savehimself He is tJreKing of Israel. and took the reed and struck him on the head. save yourselfl If you are the Son of God.deliveredhim to be crucified. " And all thepeople answered. seeto it So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing. And they strippedhim and put a s-cglet robe upon him.this man they compelledto carry his cross. "Then what shall I do with Jesuswho is called Christ?" They all said. King ofthe Jews!" And they spatupon him. "He savedothers. and plaiting a crown of thorns they put it on his head. but rather that a riot was begirming." Then rwo robberswere crucified with hinL one on the right and one on the left. 'l am the Son of God."His blood be on us and on our children!" Then he releasedfor them Barabbas. come down from the cross. "Let him be crucified. and put a reed in his right hand. And kneelingbefore him they mocked hirn. which read.Pilate saidto them.and they gathered the whole battalion before him.and having scourgedJesus. The SoldiersMock Jesus Then the soldiersof the governor took Jesusinto the praetoriunr. but when he tasted it. And when they cameto a place called Golgotha (which meansthe place of a skull). And over his head they put the chargeagainsthim. "Why. "Let him be crucified. for he said. Simon by name. The King on a Cross at Golgotha As they went out. he took water and washedhis handsbefore the crowd."' And the robberswho were crucified with him also reviled him in the sameway.

"This man is calling Elijah-" And one of them at once ran andtook a sponge.ministeringto him. l0 . looking on from afar. from top to bottom. ia'ma sabachtha'ni?"that is. and said.and the mother of the sons of Zebedee. why hast thou forsakenme?" And someof the bystandersheanng it said. amongwhom were Mary Magdalene. my God.they were filled with awe.filled it with vinegar. "Truly this the Son of God!" There were also manylvomen there.saw was earthquakeand what took place. and the rocks were split.and Mary the mother of Jamesand Joseph.JesusDieson the Cross Now from the sbch hour therewas darknessover all the land until the ninth hourAxd aboutthe ninth hour Jesuscried with a loud voice. and put it on a reed. the tombs also were opened." And Jesuscried aganwith a loud voice and yielded up his spiritAnd behold. Eli. and the earth shook. "My God.who had followed Jesus from Galilee. "Eli. the When the centurion and thosewho \. "Wait. and manybodies of the saintswho had fallen asleep were raised. and gave it to him to drink' But the others said. and coming out of the tombs after his resurrectionthey went into the holy city and appearedto manY. let us seewhether Elijah will come to savehim.the curtain of the temple was torn in fwo.verewith hin\ keeping watch over Jesus.

toys.A man namedNicodemushelpedJosephto take the Jesus'bodydown frcm cross. THE STORY JesusIs Buried There was a rich man namedJosephhe was a follower of Jesus. o describethe burial proceduresof the Jews. how to listento stories. which had beendug out in the rock-face.In the eveningof the day Jesuswas crucified he went to Pilate (the Roman Governor) and begged: 'Let me take the body of Jesusdown from the cross and bury it. They then rolled a large stone in front of the entranceof the tomb. 7l .Joseph took Jesus'body down from the cross.' Pilategave Josephpermission. Objectives At the end of this lessonstudentswill be able to: .They then placed it in Joseph'svery own tomb. recall the eventsof the crucifixion leading up to the burial.NicodemusalsobrougJrtamixfure of myrrh and spices so and they wrapped it in linen *'ittr the spices. pencils and food. how to retell storiesin their own words. cancooperatein groups. o recall the eventsof the burial of Jesus.T H E B U R I A LO F J E S U S 9 Topic: The Burial of Jesus Class: Juniors Previous knorvledge Pupils (know) - how to sharesnacks.

What did he do with Jesus' bodY? 4 Where did Put Jesus'bodY? Resources: The Bible Who askedfor Jesus'bodY? Jesusbodywas wrappedin "iiil"t:filan ceorthetomb ?". Who did he ask for Jesus'bodY? 3.:"1 #11fr'"":.'"11 for Jesus' bodY? Who was asked rt. Josephtook the body and They wrapped Jesls' body in the linen with the he was buried. After Jesuswas 12 .Activifv: SolvePuzzle Evaluation: At the endof the lessonpupilswiilOrally answer questtons: 1. Who askedfor Jesus'bodY? 2.

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