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As taught by Yogi Bhajan

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The teachings in this manual are entirely the gift of Yogi Bhajan (Siri Singh

Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji) who has brought the technology of

Kundalini Yoga to the West. Our gratitude to him is infinite. Any errors or

omissions in the following pages are entirely the fault of the Editors and Staff

and do by np means reflect upon the perfection and comprehensiveness

of the teachings.

5.5. Gurubanda Singh Khalsa
M.S.S. Gurw:haranSingh Khalsa

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Published by K.RJ. PubUcations. a division of the Kundalini Research Institute.

800 N. Park Ave. #5, Pomona, CA. 91768. Portions of this pubUcation may be

reproduced With the written permission of the publisher.

Copyright December. 1980

Kundalini Research Institute of the 3HO Foundation

.. • .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . . .. .... .. . . . .. . . . .. . .. .. '.. . .. . . . . . . .. . . .. . . .. . . 6 _. . . Appendix . .. .. .. . . . . . . .. .. . . . . • ... . • • . .Why This Manual? " A Note to Kundalini Yoga Teachers _. . 7 For Beginners. . . .. . . ... . . . .. . • . .. .. .. .. . . . . _.. . . . . . . '. 21 I<riya'for Disease Resistance . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 I<riya for Metabolism and Relaxation . . 31 Meditation for Mental Purity. . . . . . . • • . • • . • . . . . .•.. . . . . 14 Preparation for Meditation . .. . . . . . . . . . .... . . . . . .. .. .. • • . . . . . ~ About Yogi Bhajan .. . . 33 34 . . .. . .' . .. . . . .. . .. . . .. 28 Meditation for Ego Problems and Mental Disease Meditation for Spiritual Stamina 30 ' 31 Meditation for Gurprasad . ..Table of Contents' Introduction .• ~ . . .•.. . ... .. 9 J<riya for Elevation. 5 _. .. . . .. . ..•. .Pictorial Summary of Kriyas 32 . . . . ..•.•. . . .. . . . . . . . . 16 I<riya for the Instinctual Self . ... . . ... . . . . . . . . .. ... .•. . . . . . . ... • . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . _ ~ . • . • . . . 26 Kriya for Pelvic Balance . 10 Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana . . • . .. . . • . . . 23 Ajnaa Stimulation Kriya . . . . . . _ Tuning In _ _. . . . . .. . . . . . ...... . . . . . . • . . ..•••. .. .. . . . . . . .. ... .. . . . .. . . .. . .. . . . . ... . . . . .

1l}is manual Is an attempt to partiaDy remedy that situation. more Written material should be provided to fiD his growing interest and development. .Why This Manual? We at the KundaJinl Research Institute are happ~ to be presenting this new instruction manual. That is the primary purpose for which this manual has been compUed. limited circulation among· teachers of Kundalini Yoga in rough typewritten form while others are practically "unknown". Keeping Up Wdh Kundalini Yoga. Although Yogi Bhajan has taught hundreds 'Of classes In Kundalini Yoga. however. we have bied to select those which. kriyas which have still not found their way Into print. which you wiD not find here. mantras. that as a student grows in his practice of Kundalini Yega. and mudras of Kunda\ini Yega. We hope that It will be of benefit to you as a student and/or teacher ofKundalmi Yoga. and 1bis manual Is designed as a supplement to the Sadhana Guideline:. there are many wonderful.. in content duration. It is not Intended as a replacement for the Sadhano Guideline:. including desaiptions of the basic asanas. Some of the kriyas contained herein have been bt. seemed particularly suitable for both morning sadhana and for beginning to interrnediate yoga classes. There is a tremendous amount of valuable informatio~ contained in Sadhana Guide­ line:. bandas. We feel. which serves as the basic "'text" in many Kundalini Yoga classes. From the many kriyas available to us.5 Introduction .

and not a replacement for it. We have also included a 10 minute deep relaxation at the end of each set. :To caJcuJate the "minimum time. W(> have included a pictorial summary of the eight kriyas in this manual which we feel will be very useful to you both in choosing the kriya you wish to teach and in quicldy caIling to mind which kriya is which. A given exercise. We hope that they will be of genuine advantage to you in your teaching experience. Then. we must state that we consider this manual to be a supplement to the Sadhana Guidelines. God bless you. and may all of your teaching experiences be fuliilljng and expanding for you. What This Kriya WiD Do For You.The Editors . . Obviously. following each exen:ise. we have introduced several innovations with the teacher of Kundalini Yoga in mind. This appears near the top of each page under the heading. we have included the approximate maximum and minimum times necessaJY to complete that kriya. you will find an explanation of the particular effects of that exercise within the context of the entire kriya.•• 6 A Note to Kundalini Yoga Teachers In the production of this manual. may have many clifferent effects. To c:alcuJate the maximum times we have allowed ~ fuD length of time for each exen:ise plus 3 minutes of reJaxation between each exercise wherever relaxation maybe considered suitable. Please be sure to share with us any of your aiticisms or comments about this manual so that they may be incorporated into future editions. when performed by JtseH. Once again. Dired1y below the tide of each kriya. This is to help you in choosing a kiiya to fit within the time framework of your yoga class or sadhana schedule. there are many' elements which we might have included in this manual (such as explanations of the basics of Kundalini Yega) which we chose to leave out. but only those are listed which are germane to the overall flow of the Jaiya. we have used the minimum time for each exercise and have aDowed only 30 seconds transition time from one exe:rdse to the next with no relaxation whatsoever_ F"mally. we have included an exp1anation of its oveRll thnast and benefits. our basic text. With each exadse set.

of cowse. mudros (hand positions).R. it is not meant that you should block out all other awareness. your movements. If you are a beginning student of Kundalini Yoga. And. Generally speaking. Ask your nearest 3HO Foundation Center... and any mantra you may be using. It includes information about the theory of Kundalini Yoga and answers many questions commonly asked about Kundalini. see the section on "Tuning-In. It includes a section on the philosophy of sadhana. buy one. 5adhana Guidelines is a book which contains a complete introduction to the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga. pranayam (patterned breathing) and." For specific instructions. the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga. Tuning-In Kundalini Yoga is one spiritual discipline which cannot be practiced without a teacher. by all means. and the information contained in this manual is incomplete Without it. unless you are directed to do otherwise. although it is not necessary for the teacher to be physically present when you pmctice. Yogi Bhajan. Publications at the address printed on the back cover of this book. It is invaluable. It also includes three outstanding lectures by Yogi Bhajan.. and contains guidelines for establishing your own personal sadhana. If you do not already own a copy of Sadhana Guidelines then. . It includes complete descriptions of aD the asanas (postures)." a point midway between the brows. it includes thirty-two kriyas (sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises) and fifteen meditations. you should be sure to '"tune-in" to his energy flow using the Adi Mantra.third-eye point. but your "center of awareness" should be at the third-eye point. With your eyes closed.7 For Beginners . "Ong Namo Guru Deu Nama. that is if you have been practicing for Jess than six months. one-half inch up and one-half inch belo~ the skin. and mantras (sound currents) of Kundalini Yoga. you should fix your concentration on the . bandas. your local bookstore or write to K. To establish a aeative link with the Master of Kunda1ini Yoga. mudros. the man who first brought the science of Kundalini Yoga to the West.I. You should remain aware of your breath. your body posture. By concentration at the third-eye point. bandas (energy locks). then there are a few things which you should &mow before you begin to use this instruction manual: SUPPLEMENT TO THE Sadhana Guidelines This manual has been prepared as a supplement to the Sadhana Guidelines (alternately titled Kundalini Yoga/Sadhana Guidelines)." Mental FOQIS The following pages contain many kriyas which include asanas. you can mentally locate this point by turning your eyes gently upwards and inwards. A further ingredient which is not always specified is mental focus. or if you have been practicing without the aid of a teacher who has been certified by the 3HO Foundation. dynamic exercise.

With the above considerations. which have been designed to elevate or modify consciousness by their rhythmical repetition. A mantra is a series of sounds. In such cases the pace at which you should move is generally not stated. The less experienced you are in the practice of Kundafini Yoga or the more strenuous the exercise." 1bis mantra can be linked with the breath by mentally . then exhaling and relaxing the posture. one should apply the mool band or Uroot lock".t' ~ 8 Linking the Breath With a Mantra Another aspect of Kundalini Yoga practice which is frequently unspec}fied is the use of mantra. Relaxation Between Exet~ An important part of any exercise is the relaxation following it. Concluding an Exercise Unless otherwise stated. In no case. feel free to contact your local 3HO Foundation teaching center. OnYourWay . How long the breath should be retained depends upon your level of aCcomplishment as a student. Inaease gradually. but in any case. we inVite you to enjoy the practice of Kundalini kriyas contained in the following pages. the faster you can go. insuring that each thought-dlain has a positive resolution.. If you have any questions or concerns about your practice of Kundalini Yoga. you filter your thoughts. an exercise is concluded by inhaling and holding the breath briefly. Pacing Yourself Many Kundalini kriyas involve rhythmical movement between two or more postures. . More experienced students with highly developed lung capadties can obviously hold their breath for a longer period of time than can the beginning student.) This helps to consolidate the effects of any exercise and to circulate the energy to the higher centets of the body. By doing so. GeneraUy speaking. It is beneficial throughout the practice of Kundalini kriyas to utilize the power of mantra by linking a mantra to the breath even when no mantra is formally specified. As a rule. Sat Nom means uTruth is my identity. or to contact the Kundalini Research Institute at the address and phone number printed on the back cover of this boolt. the longer the relaxation period which will be required. The mantra most commonly used is Sat Nam (rhymes with "But Mom"). Unless otherwise specified. conditions and suggestions in mind. keeping a steady rhythm. (See Sadhana Guidelines for a complete explanation. you shoUld begin -slowly. immediately exhale and relax. should you hold the breath to the point of passing out. or lying £laton the stomach) after each exercise. During the practice of sadhana during the early morning hours when the body is normally in a relaxed and restful state. generally having an inspirational meaning such as a name of God. being careful not to strain. however. you should allow one to three minutes of relaxation in a comfortable and convenient posture (generally in easy pose. You will also find that the use of a mantra makes it easier to keep up in the performance of any exercise that is particularly strenuous and that it adds depth to the performance of eVen the simplest exercise. If you start to feel dizzy.. it may be necessary to reduce relaxation lime to a bare minimum so as to remain' alert and awake. While the breath is being held. Many kril1a5 end with a period of "deep relaxation" which may be allowed to continue for about three to ten minutes. in corpse pose on the back.repeating Sat as you inhale. and mentally repeating Nom as you exhale. the more you practice an exercise. be sure that the spine bas become warm and flexible before attempting rapid movements.

midway between the brows. Vibrate the aanium with the sound so that a mild pressure is felt at the third-eye point. TIle first syllable. Nama- How to pronounce the Adi Mantra: TIle "(Y' sound in Ong is long. Nama. Nama." The second syllable is pronounced like the word. using the entire breath to produce the sound. As you exhale. and opens the pr~tective link between himself and the divine teacher. It implies bowing down.". It is a variation of the cosmic syllable Om which is used to denote God in His absolute or unmanifested state." opening yourself to the universal consciousness that guides all action. The "ng" sound is relatively long and produces a definite vibration on the roof of the mouth and the aanium." whereby you bow before your higher self to . Taken together. Together Ong Nama means "I call on the infinite aeative consciousness. When God aeates and functions as Creator. Namo has the same root as the word Nameste which means "reverent greetings. How to recite the Adi Mant:ra: Sit in a comfortable sitting position with the spine straight. The sound Det1 is chanting a minor third higher than the other sounds of the mantra. "rue. Chant this mantra at least three times before beginning your Kundalini Yega practice. The first part of the word. Draw the hands tightly into the chest so that the joints of the thumbs are pressed against the sternum (the place where the .9 TUNING IN Every Ktindalini Yoga class or practice session should begin with chanting the Ad. The first'syllable of the word Guru is pronounced as in the word. is short and the second one long. Ong Namo. The "0". "good.) As you chant. as in "go" and of relatively short duration. The word.) Inhale deeply. extending the sound as long as possible. transparent sense. . Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Nama. Guru is the teacher or the embodiment of the wisdom that one is seeking. inch deep. Press the palms of the hands together at the center of the chest with the fingers pointing straight up.Ong- No-ma- Gu--ru Deu- . two halves of the no cage meet. Then take a quick sip of air through the mouth and chant the rest of the manaa. (rhymes with "truej. in a non-earthly. is short and rhymes with "hum". Dev means divine or of God. (For relative pitch and rhythm. What this mantra means: Ong is the infinite aeative energy experienced in manifestation and activity. Focus your concentration at the third-€ye point. therefore. as in "go" is held fora long time. chant the words." Nameste is a common form of respectful greeting in India accompanied by the mudra of palms pressed together at the chest or forehead. about one-baH an inch up and one-half an . DeD rhymes with "gave".JUide you in using the knowledge and energy given by the cosmic self. ~ ~ ~o~~~~ . Guru DeD Namo. He is called Ong. the student humbles himself before the higher self. the source of all guidance. in closing the mantra. reaffirms the humble reverence of the devotee. see musical notation below. Guru Den Nama means "I call on the divine wisdom. By chanting it in proper form and consciousness.

Curl the fingertips into the pads of the palms just below the base of the fingers. Then exhale and apply the mool band. Extend the arms up at a 60 degree angle to the horizontal. This exercise stimulates and stretches the lower and mid-spine. place the hands on the shoulders. (A) Angle the wrists so that the thumbs are pointing straight up and the other fingers are parallel to the ground. As you inhale. Then inhale and relax. Inhale as you twist the head and torso to the exercise opens the lungs. Exhale as you twist to the right.) What This ~ Will Do For You This easy set of exercises is excellent as a warm-up and a tune-up. It systematically exercises the spine and aids in the circulation of prana to balance the chalaas. flex the spire forward. Continue for 1-3 minutes. grasp the shins with both hands. flex the spine back. widi the thumbs in back and the fingers In front. then inhale. (A) As you exhale. Then inhale.f' f' 10 Kriya for Elevation (20 . palms facing forward. keeping the shoulders relaxed and the head straight. 1) Sit in an easy pose.50 min. facing straight forward. 3) In easy pose. (B) Begin breath of fire and continue for 1-3 minutes. This exercise stimulates and stTetches the 1o&DeT and mid­ spine. Hold the breath out briefly. Exhale and relax. . Exhale and relax. T. Extend the thumbs. 2) Sitting In easy pose. (B) Continue rhythmicaDy with deep breaths for 1-3 minutes. brings the hemi­ spheres of the brain to a state of alertness consoli: dales the magnetic field. arms parallel to the ground. Then inhale deeply and hold the breath as you bring the thumb tips together above your head.

Inhale aqd switch legs. Relax. Bring the elbows to the ground and the head to the knee. Repeat the exercise using the opposite side. applying a pressure against the toenail. (8) Continue with deep. pulling back on the toes. Continue with powerful breathing for 1-2 minutes. Inhale up in the center position CA) and exhale down. grab the ankles.11 4) Stretch both legs straight out in front Grab the big toe of each foot by locking the index finger around the toe and pressing the thumb against the toenail. Hold the breath out briefly as you stretch forward and down. stretches the sciatic neroe and brings drculotion to the upper torso. Then inhale up in the center position and exhale. bending at the waist. (C) Continue this up and down motion for 1 minute. Begin breath of fire. (tl you cannot reach the toes. Inhale and stretch the spine straight. Hold the breath out briefly. This exercise helps eliminauon. touching the forehead to the floor. (A) Exhale and. Inhale up and hold the breath briefly. Inhale and relax. powerful breathing for 1-3 minutes. This exercise works on the lower and upper $pine. Inhale. Continue for 1-2 minutes. then. (A) Exhale and bend forward.inhale up.. grasping the toes as in Exercise 4. Exhale and stretch the head and' torso forward and down. Stay up and exhale completely. . bringing up the head to the right knee (5). bending straight forward from the waist. bring the head down to the left knee. pulling back on the toes and keeping the knees straight. bringing the forehead to the floor. Inhale and relax. 5) Sit on the right heel with the left leg extended forward.) Inhale and stretch the spine straight. Exhale. holding the breath out briefly. stretching the sPine straight. This exercise deuelops flexibility of the lower spine and saaum and charges the magnetic field. Grasp the big toe of the left foot with both hands. pulling the elbows to the ground and the head to the lmees. 6) Spread the legs wide. vertebra. up toward the ems. Exhaling slowly.ved to gently stretch as the head cirdes around. 8) Sit in easy pose. (8) Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing for 1·2 minutes. Exhale and relalC. The heels are together with the soles of the feel facing up. This exercise balances the sexual energy and draws the prana to balance apana so that the kundalini energy can dr· culate to the higher centers in the following exercises. Continue far 1-3 minutes. apply mool bond. then reverse the direction and continlJe for 1 . from the neck to the base of the spine until the arms are straight with the elbows locked. Ue on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders (A). from the base of the spine to the top.2 minutes. lying on the stomach with the chin on the floor and the arms by the sides. bringing the right ear toward the right shoulder. (A) Exhale and drop the shoulders down. the left ear toward the left shoulder and the chin toward the chest. arching the spine to the maximum. arching the spine. The shoulders remain relaxed and mo­ tionless. Begin rolling the neck clockwise in a circular motion. vertebra . the back of the head toward the back of the neck. This exerr:ise balances the upper chaleras and opens the harmonal gaJ. .2 minutes more. Inhale. and the neck should be a1loo. Inhale. Then inhale. (B) Begin breath of me. Bring the head to a central position and relax. vertebra by vertebra.e to the higher brain centers. Continue far 1 . ~ the hands on the knees. Inhale and shrug the shoulders. Exhale and hold the breath out briefly. lower the arms and relax the spine. Place 9) Sit in easy pose.•• 12 7A -~ 7) Cobra Pose. Inhale into cobra pose.

Sat Kriya drc:ulates the kundalini eneJIDI through the evlce ofthe chaleras. and the aura and allows the physical body to deeply relax. 11) Relax in easy pose or on the back with the arms at the sides. Exhale completely and apply the moo' band with the breath held out. Inhale deeply. Inhale and relax. Chant the sound "Sat" from the navel point and solar plexus. then inhale and squeeze the muscles tight &om the buttocks all the way up the back past the shoulder. Stretch the arms over the head so that the elbows hug the ears. It allows you to sense the exten­ sion of the self through the magnetic field. Interlock the fingers except for the index fin­ gers which are pressed together and pointed up. Begin to chant "Sat Narn" emphatically in a constant rhythm about 8 times per 10 seconds.13 10) Sit on the heels in the Sat Kriya position. . Exhale. Continue for 3-7 minutes. On "Nam" relax the navel. MentaJly allow the energy to flow through the top of theskuD. Deep relaxation allows you to enjoy and consciously integrate the mind/body changes which haue been brought about during the practice of this Icriya. and pull the navel all the way in toward the spine. palms up. aids in digestion and strengthens the nervous system.

Tuck the ~ into the cavity above the . Inhale and relax. and continue for 1-2 minutes more: Inhale and relax. . Continue this push-puB motionwlth powerful breathing for 1·3 minutes. for allelJiating mild depression andJor deueloping the healing flow ofprana through the hands. change legs. Inhale and draw the left knee to the chest. for abdominal toning. The body. exhale as you strike the buttocks. Begin breath of fire. PIac:e the hands under the shoulders and raise the body until tf1e elbows Jock. keeping the lower legs paraDel to the floor. balances the polCDity 0/ the aura. for digestion.chest. Exhale as you extend the left leg and simultaneously chaw the right Imee to the chest. Bring the knees into the chest and begin alternately kicking the buttocks with the heels. Stretch the spine straight. Inhale and extend both legs out. Inhale and hold the breath briefly. Continue 1-3 minutes. Inhale and relax. 1ben exhale completely and hold the breath out briefly. This exercise aids in digestion. from the head to the toes forms a straight bne. Inhale. This exercise opens the lungs. This e. PuB back on the big toe.) What This Kriya WiD Do For You This kriya balances prana and apana by focusing on the third chakTa at the nalJel point and then at the heart center. Continue for 1-2 minutes. It is good for general strength. Continue for 1-3 minutes. Exhale and relax.xen:ise is em aid to digestion. Exhale. Glilb the big toe of the right foot with the thumbs of both hands pressing against the toenail and the first two fingers of both hands applying a pressure against the soft part of the toe. Then inhale. This exercise giues stTength to the lower back and stimulates the brain. 3) Remaining on the back raise bOth legs to a height of 18 Inches. 4) Lie on your stomach. and $limulates the pituitmv· 2) 1Je on your back with your arms at YOlD' sides. Begin breath of fire. 1) Sit with the right leg straight out and the left foot on the right thigh.14 Nabhi Kriya for Prana-Apana (l7-42 min. Inhale as you raise each ieg. The weight of the body is sUpported by either the palms or the fingertips.

then bring the fingers Into tight fists. sets the nauel point and aids in digestion. Continue long deep breathing in this position for 1·2 minutes. (AJ Take a few long. spreading the anns at an angle of 60 degrees or more. Then. (0) Relax in this position for 1-2 minutes. as if to receive someone. (C) Staring at the space between the palms. Then slowly bring the hands to a position 4 inches apart in front of the chest with the palms facing each other. Inhale and relax. Exhale. Then bring the palms together at the center of the chest. Slowly bring the fists to the center of the chest as if bringing in a great Weight. . deep breaths. tense the fingers and breathe long and deep. 8) Deeply relax. Exhale com­ pletely and apply mool band. fingers pointing up. This exerd$e brings mental and physical [oeus to the hands and opens the heart center. Repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times. Spread and tense. feel the energy flow between the hands. Spread the mrns at an angle of 60 degrees. parallel to the ground. 6) Sit in easy pose. In this posi­ Inhale and hold briefly. Raise the head and shoulders 6 inches and stare at your toes with the arms stretched out. 7) Return to a cross· legged sitting position. Inhale. Meditate at the brow point for 1 minute.. Meditate. This e:xer­ dse Gdiuates and balances the third cham. bring the forehead and the palms to the floor. pointing at the toes.15 5) Stretch pose: Lie on the back with the legs together and raise the heels 6 inches.aD fingers. Then bending forward from the waist. (8) When they reach the center of the chest exhale forcefully.

Place the left palm against the neck with the elbow touching the ground. palm facing down. CJasp the hands behind the neck with the fingers interlocked in venus lock. Switch· ing the pressure to the right side of the body. Like $0 many of the Kundalini Yaga kriyas taught by Yogi Bhajan. Inhale and begin breath of fire.. this exercise connects the upper and lower energy triangles to correct the gall bladder. it is a precious jewei with many benefits to those who practice it. lungs and sex organs. Inhale and hold the breath. It establishes a subtle balance between the heart. Inhale and hold the breath. 1).16 Preparation for Meditation Wha~ This Kriya (lO-35min. Raise the right leg up to 90 degrees. Exhale and relax. Exhale and relax. Continue for 1-3 minutes. It creates a temporary imbalance in order to correct the flow of energy and the drcu1ation of the heart. Then inhale and hold the breath. Inhale and raise the left leg to an angle of 60 degrees from the horizontal. 2 . Place the right hand under the small of the back. BegIn breath of fire. palms pressed against the neck under the hair. aeotes a cross pressure in the body that increases the /low of eneJ!DI bea»een the lIDo sides. Continue for 1-3 minutes. 3) Ue on your back. This exercise. Sit with the legs straight out in front.) Will Do For You This short set is uery energizing. Hold this position and begin long deep breathing. using breath of fire. This exercise. 2) Assume the same posture as -in exercise '1. Exhale and deeply relax for 1-3 minutes. works to regulate the flow of sexual energy and strengthens the femoral branch of-the sciatic nerue. Continue for 1-3 minutes. done on the left side only. heart and spleen.

Exhale and deeply relax on the back with the legs stretched out for 1 minute.xen::ise allows the glandular secretions to be drctJ1ated and distributed throughout the body. Lift the heels up off the ground. This exercise makes the mind alert. Rest the hands next to the thighs. Exhale and relax. 56 . 7) Meditate. This exercise opens the pelVic region and strengthens the lower back. Bending the knees with your feet on the floor. The wrists are relaxed.4) Remain on the back. Continue for 1-3 minutes. 5} Sit on the heels. Continue for 1-3 minutes. Carefully lean back so that the shoulders touch the floor. 8) Relax. Inhale and raise the buttocks. pressing the navel point up. (B) Continue this sequence rhythmically with powetful breathing for 1-3 minutes. (B) This exercise stTetches the thighs and lower back. pre­ paring you faT deep meditation. Supporting yourself on your toes. The deep relaJCation foHowing this e. CA] Begin a powerful breath of lire. stimulates the pituitary gland and balances the magnetic field. It promotes mineral balance in the body by regulating the glands. Inhale up and hold the breath. Inhale and hold briefly. CA} Exhale and relax down. It balances the sex meridian and prepares you Jar the {ollowing exercise. 6} Stand up straight with the arms extended straight out in front parallel to the ground. Begin long deep breathing. grab the ankles.

&De haue certain instincts as do animals. halcting the breath briefly and applying the mool b. Continue rhythmically with poweriuJ breathing for 1 to 3 minutes.18 Kriya for the Instinctual Self What This Kriya Will Do For You: ~ human beings. organs and the naueI point. coordinating the movement with the breath. through analytic self-assessment and meditation. keeping the knees as close to the floor as possible. shape and giue meaning to the expression of these instincts. One of the most direct IDOYS to correct such an fmbolanc:e is to use physicol nave oDd glandular.) 1) Sit with the soles of the feet pressed together. Inhale and hold the breath briefly. then. Grab the feet with both hands· and draw them into the groin. The heefs are together with the soles of the feet fadng up. This exercise loosens the lower spine and stimulates the flow ofsexual energy. vertebra by vertebra.. Inhale and flex the spine forward. Inhale into Cobra Pose. IB (15-52min. keeping the head straight. the sex. According to the science oj Humanology as taught by Yogi Bhajan. agains keeping the head straight (lB). that is the This exercise works to stTengthen the lower back and to balance the flow of sexual energy with the region 0/ the third cholera. 2) Lie on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders. A serious neurotic behauior or selj-destrudiue flttitUde In the mind IIIfll also GpPfUU as an imbalancelit the'lalDl!r triangle. ardUng the spine. (lA) Exhale and flex the spine back. dvsfunctions 0/ the body are reflected in the mJnd and oic:e versa. second and third chaleras. Continue rhythmically. (28) Exhale and 10wer the body back into Cobra Pose. . (2A) Exhale. To use it c:orredly. Exhale and relax. it is poSsible to effect ·the wholistic change in behauior which Is desired. Once this is achieued and a new MelBY balance is attained. Many oj the strongest instincts find expression and repreSentation through the "'lower triangle" of chaleras. for 1 to 3 minutes. Then inhale and raise the buttocks so that the body forms a straight fine from the head to the heels. stimulation to alter the InstindutIl and leamed paItsms in the lower· chakras. remember to bring )lOur mind to focus on IIJhai you are doing and experiendng during each moment 0/ this Icriya. from the neck to the base of the spine until the mns are straight with the elbows locked. but rile also halle the ability to direct. exhale and relaX. This biva is an example 0/ such a technology. The physical correlates of these chabas are the rectum. Then inhale in Cobra Pose.

Rock back and forth on the spine from the base to the top and back for 1 minute. Inhale. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Inhale. setting the nauel point and balancing prana and apana. Inhale illld raise both legs up to 90 degrees. relax the spine and distribute the eneriw /rom the previous exercises.l~ 3) Sit in Crow Pose. (6AI Then pull the knees to the chest with the arms wrapped around the knees and the head pressed forward so that the nose is between the knees. This period of relaxation and theexerr:ise following it.Relax on the back for 1 to 3 minutes with the arms at the sides and the palms facing up. Wrap the anns around the knees with the' fingers' interlocked in Venus Lock. fingers in Venus Lock at the small of the back. This exercise strengthens the abdomen. Begin breath of fire. (68. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Exhale and relax. This exercise circulates the energy of the lower three chaJaas and opens up the circ:ulation to the hips and lower intestines. Exhale and relax. 4) Ue on your back. Interlock the and hands as far as possible. allows the energy to pow to the mid-spine and opens the nerue channels in the area of the solar plexus. Exhale and lower the legs. 6) . Keep the spine straight. Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing for 1 to 3 minutes. Begin breath of fire. This exercise strengthens the lower back. 6B . Inhale. raising the head 5) Ue on the stomach. a aouching position with the Imees diawn into the chest and the soles of the feet flat on the floor.

Lie on the back. continuing breath of fire. and pull the umbilJiaas all the way in toward the spine.20 7B 7) Shoulder Stand. Slowly come out of the posture by un­ flexing the spine. Then. using the arms for support with the elbows on the floor. The legs should be sttaight. Exhale and relax the breath. Then inhale deeply. Next. 8) Sit in a kneeling position on the heels. Mentally allow the energy to flow through the top of the skull Exhale and relax. Then relax on your back. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Begin breath of fire in this position. The right thumb should be clasped over the left. Continue breath of fire for 1 to 2 mintues. Spread the knees and heels wide so that you are sitting between your heels in Celibate Pose. The dUn will be pressed into the chest. the body with the anns placed firmly at the waist and the elbows on the floor flA) The weight of the body should be taken up by the shoulders. elbows and the back of the neck. This exercise dn::ulates the Kundalini enagy ond intsgrates the energy released from· the lotDel' three chaJaas into the entire system $0 that the tDt41 effects ofthese exercises are stable and long lasting•. They also stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Support. verteDra by vertebra. Then. Raise the legs to an angle of 90 degrees from the ground. These exercises open the upper spine and related nerve passages to the flow of Kundalini energy. The toes will be pointed with the tops of the feet resting on the floor. Interlock all the fingers except the index fingers which point straight up. come into Plow Pose flB) by carefully bending at the waist and allowing the legs to come over the head and drop down to the floor. past the shoulders. . Chant the sound "Sat" from the navel point and solar plexus. The arms should be stretched out behind you. inhale and squeeze the muscles tightly from the buttocks all the way up the back. pointing away from the back. slolDly and carefully stretch the legs farther away from your torso so that you feel a mild stretch in the upper back and neck. pointing away from the chest. raise the body up SO that. Continue for 3 to 5 minutes. 9) Deeply relax for 3 to 10 minutes. Be aware of each vertebra as you slowly lower yourseH down. As you breath. Begin to c:hai1t "'Sat Nam" (rhymes with "But Mom"> emphatic:ally in a constant rhythm about 8 times per 10 seconds. from the top of the spine to its base. it is perpendicular to the floor. On "Wam". relax the belly. Stretch the arms over the head so that the elbows hug·the ears. from the shoulder to the toes.

(E) Then switch hands and continue breath of fire. 2) Lie on the back. inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left. 3) Sit in easy pose. begin breath of fire. deep breathing for 1-2 minutes.2 minutes. begin inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left. Relax. It is an easy exer­ cise series which derives its powerful effects from the sequence of glandular stimulation and the use of pranayam. This position also aids in digestion. 3B . Continue for 1 . Repeat this pumping motion 3 times.Z. Place the hands In venus lock. using the same motion. fingers interlocked. (A) Cover the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. deep breating for 1-2 minutes. using the fingers in the same way. Keep the leg straight and point the toes. exhale and relax. Continue for 1 .2 minutes. Breath long and deep through the left nostril. then relax.1 Kriya for Metabolism and Relaxation (17·46 min. Then switch legs and continue once again with long. use them as you did in 3A and 3B. Continue for 1-2 minutes. with the mns in the original position (lA). Continue for 1-2 minutes. 'begin pumping the arms 10 times on each inhalation. Then exhale. behind the neck. Then. (0) Now. Continue for 1 . It also actilJates the pituitary and pineal glands. This exercise works on the metabolism by stimuolting the thyroid and parathyrtJid glands. Rapidly raise the arms straight up over yoW' head (18) and then lower them down to the original position.2 minutes. Inhale and raise the left leg up to a height of 2 feet. Hold briefly. This series of bre4thing exer­ cises (pranayam) opens the lungs and directs the neroous system to coordinate left and right hemisphere inter­ action. Continue for 1 . Interlock the fingers of both hands in VenllS Lock and extend the arms straight out. (B) Cover the left nostril with the index finger of the right hand and continue long deep breathing through the right nostril for 1-2 minutes. para1lel to the ground (lA). This kriya is a complete preparalion for releasing tension accompanied by nervousness. inhaling through the ieft nostril and exhaling through the right. This exercise works on the nOlJd point and aids in digestion.2 minutes. eC) Making a "U" with the thumb and index finger of your right hand.) What This Kriya Will Do For Yau Deep relaxation is a must /or physical and mental health. Inhale deeply and hold the breath. It also works on the . Continue with long.upper triangle of chakras and stimulates the balance of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Inhale deeply through both nostrils. 1) Sit on your heels. holding the breath in.

In this· p0si­ tion begin breath of fire and continue for 1 . Begin breath of fire. grab the ankles. bring the knees tight to the chest. Continue for 1·3. Deeply relax. 8) Relax on the back. 7) ue on the back with the legs out stnIight. This exen::ise adiuates and balances the third chakra.3 minutes. Exhale com­ pletely and BPPly mool bond. Stretch the arms out pointing towards the toes. Begin breath of fire. Grab the big toes of each foot by locking the forefingers around the toes and pressing the thumbs against the toenails. the thyroid. Breath long and deep for 1 to 3 minutes. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. This exercise stimulates . ~t=11 ~812 . Raise the head 12 inches. 6) Immediately sit up with the legs stretched out straight.) Bend forwmd. This exercise stretches the life (sciatic) nerve and the spine.minutes. Inhale. opens up the :sacral area and relieu~ the pressure of Intestinal gas. puDing the elbows to the ground and the head to the knees. Raise the head and shoulders 6 inches and stare at ·your toes. Stretch the arms forward parallel to the legs. Let the anns be at the sides with the palms fadng up. This exercise coordinates stimulation 0/ the thyroid and the pituitary to prepare you for deep relaxation. Inhale and relax. Focus at the third eye point. sets the navel point and aids in digestion. tuck the nose in between the knees. (If you cannot reach the toes. clasping the arms around the knees. The time minutes. 5) Remaining on the back. Raising the head. Inhale and relax.22 4 ~~ . Inhale nad hold briefly. Inhale and relax. Exhale.4) Stretch Pose: lie on the back with the legs together and raise the heels 6 inches.

Apply your maximum force. Exhale and relax. This exen:ise stimulates digestion and the Kundalini energy "In the third chakra. Exhale and relax. 2) Sit on your heels. Exhale. Continue rhythmically until you feel the need to exhale. then inhale. Then exhale. This exercise improues digestion and adds flexibility to the spine. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Inhale. Exhale and bend forward touching your forehead to the ground. Add -to this a $lTong metabolic balance and you will have heartiness. Inhale. HOld the breath and without separating the hands. This exercise opens the heart center and stimulates the thymus gland.) . Stretch the anns straight up over the head with the palms pressed together.ds apart (28). Inhale and puU again.23 Kriya for Disease Resistance What This Kriya Will Do For You To auoid persistent colcls and illness. 3) Sit on your heels with your fingers interlocked in uenus lock behind your neck. It gives physical stTength and builds disease resistance. Inhale. Inhale. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. Inhale and begin again. 1) Sit on your heels. Place the hands in bear grip (2A) at the chest level with the forearms parallel to the ground. . sitting up. This kriya deuelops these capadties. try to pull the han. it is essential to keep digestion and elimination functioning wel/. Pump the stomach by forc:efulJy drawing the navel in toward the spine and then relaxing it again. Continue with powerful breathing for 1 to 3 minutes. (19-52 min.· Exhale and relax. Inhale and sit up again. Inhale.

Remain in this position.24 4) Sit with the legs stretched out straight in front of you. . in addition to the effects mentioned abolJe. Begin rolling the nedt clockwise in a circular motion. The knees should be about shoulder width apart and the arms should be straight. keeping your head down.2 minutes more.Ex~eandr~. parathvroid. bringing·the right ear toward the tight shoulder. Then inhale and flex your spine in the opposite direction. the left ear toward the left shoulder and the chin toward the chest. Continue for 1 . helps to transform the sexual energy of the second cholera and the digestive energy of the third chakra while stimulating the main nerves that are regu­ lated through the lower cervical vertebra. No bending of the elbows. Bending from the waist. Allow the head to drop down and toward the chest in a relaxed manner. Exhale and relax. breathing nonnally for 1 to 3 minutes. then reverse the direction and continue for 1 . Reach forward and grab your toes. thyroid and pineal glands which worle -together to gilJe hannony to the entire body. 2 minutes. Then inhale. Bring the head to a central position and relax. and the neck should be aDowed to gendy stretch as the ~d circles around. This exercise allOIl1S the glandular secretions from the previous exen:ises to circulate through the body and alloll1s the body to deep[v relax. 6) Come into a position supporting yourseH on your hands and knees. 5) Sit in easy pose. (6B) Con­ tinue rhythmically with p~werlul breathing for 1 to 3 minutes. The shoulders remain relaxed and motionless. Inhale and flex your spine downward as if someone were sitting on your back (6A). Gradually increase your speed as you feel the spine becoming more flexible. Inhale in the original poffition. This exercise and the two exercises fol1owing it combine to open Circulation to the brain and to stimulate the higher ·glands including the pituitarY. This exercise. bring your forehead to your knees and your elbows to the floor. the back of the head toward the back of the neck.

Continue for 1 to 3 minutes. then return to your place. Do not move yoUr head. for 5 to 7 minutes. 9) Triangle Pose. Taising both shoulders up. begin walking around the room. Supporting yourself with the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. palms fadng up. Exhale and relax. This exercise aids in elimination and adjusts the magnetic field to prepare you for meditation. sit down and relax. and with your rear end up in the air. lying on your back with your arms at your sides. As you inhale. 10) Stand up. Continue rhythrnically with powerful breathing for 1 to 3 minutes. As you exhale. The head should be in line with the body and the arms should be about 2 feet apart. the right should come up and the left go down. Exhale and slowly come out of this position and relax. your left shoulder should come up and your right shoulder come down. Then inhale. Alternately shrug your shoulders as high U possible. Your body will form a straight Une from the heels to the buttocks and from the buttocks to the wrists. breathing normally.25 7 7} Sit on your heels. This exercise aids in digestion. Hold this position for 5 minutes. Reach down and grab your ankles. Keeping the knees straight. form a triangle with the ground. . strengthens the entire neroous system and relaxes the major muscle groups of the body. lnhaIe. 8) Deeply relax.

. alerts the body and opens the circulation to the head. Breathe long and deep in this position for 1 • 3 minutes. Hold the breath briefly with the head straight. . Stare at your toes. Then inhale.. The head should be in line with the body and the arms should be about 2 feet apart. Lie on the back with the legs together. 4 4) Stretch Pose.on the ankles. Then exhale and relax. deep breathing for 2 . so that only the pelvis. Inhale and begin breath of fire. pointing at the toes. Reach back and grab yom ankles. This exercise also aids in digestion. bending at the knees. Beginning students may practice this kriya once or twice a week. Exhale and relax. raise the heels 6 inches. Remain in this position . Then inhale deeply as you slowly bring the head forward and tuck the chin in. Pointing the toes. sets the nauel point and tones the abdominal muscles. abdomen and lower chest remain on the ground. Ue on your stomach. Gently and carefully let the head faD back and stare at a point on the ceiling or in the sky. Inhale and hold brjefly. but no more. Hold the breath out briefly. espeda/ly the pituitary gland which is associated with the AjRaa or sixth cha1cTa. and with your rear end up in the air.. Let your arms hang at your sides. Stretch the arms out straight. Supporting yourseH with the palms ot your hands and the soles of your feet. pulling . Exhale and apply moor band. 3) Bow Pose. The head is tilted all the way back. In this position begin breath of fire and continue for 1 to 3 mintues.3 minutes. and raise the head and shoulders six inches.3 minutes. Inhale and relax. form a triangle with the ground. This exercise sets the magnetic field. gently stretching the spine. Continue f~r 2 .) What This Kriya Will Do For You This kriya works to gently stimulate and balance dle glandular system. Exhale and relax. 2) Triangle Pose.26 Ajnaa Stimulation Kriya (22-60min. while opening the centTal neroe cnannel oj the spine. 1 1) Stand up straight and lock the thumbs into your tightly squeezed fists. This exercise aids in digestion and IDorks to strengthen the nervous system. Then inhale. Inhale and arch the spine completely. Your body should form a straight line from the heels to the buttocks and from the buttocks to the wristS. This exercise actiuates and balances the energy of the third chakra. as a glandular "tune-up"."" with long.

It balances the magnetic field and mQSSQges the muscles.sexual energy of the second cholera to stimulate the Ajnaa (sixth) cholera. Chant &om your heart. Inhale deeply. Exhale and relax. It will balance your energy and lead your con­ sciousness directly to its primal Source. Exhale and relax. to one side and then to the other. and mentally spiral the sound up the spine and out the top center of the head. 8) Sit in it comfortable position with the spine straight and the hands in Giaan MudI3 (thwnbs and Index fingers touching. Then inhale. Then take several deep breaths and slowly come out of the position. flex your spine as far forward as you can. As you exhale. 7) Bundle RoD. This exerciSe stimulates the entire body. Then relax. Complete the exhale by chanting the word --Naam" (rhymes with "Momi briefly for the duration of 1 beat. Inhale in the forward position.!peat the chant. This exercise subtly uses the . Inhale and. Begin slowly and continue rhythmically with the breath for 1 to 3 minutes. 6) Sit on the heels. chant the wOrd ~Sor (rhymes with "but"). other fingers straight out). extending the sound for as long as pQssible and dividing It Into 7 waves (l undula­ tions) each one consisting of 5 beats. Hold briefly. Bring the forehead to the ground. ~ ~<=::>-=-- Sa • 9) Deeply relax. (See musical notation on this page) for a total of 35 beats. This $imple and beautiful meditation is a call /rom the heart. keeping the head straight and the shouldetS relaxed. This exercise further prepares the $pine Jor the exercises to Jollow. Focus at the third-eye and consciously relax while maintaining normal breath­ ing. Be sure that the chin is locked so that the head sits slraight on the spine. begin rolling over and over across the room. Rest the palms of your hands on the soles of your feet. Keeping the body straight. Continue for at least 3 minutes.]I a • Q - at Nom .27 5) Sit on your heels. Continue for 3 to 5 minutes. Lie on your back with your arms pressed tightly against your sides and your legs like a bundle of logs. It also cleans the eyes. Q - Q - Q • Pci1. Spread the knees wide. Then inhale and r. Continue for 5 to 20 minutes. (SA) Exhale and f1eJt it back in the opposite direction (5B). Do not do Exercise 6 unless you Jollow it with this exercise.

Begin breath of fire. (B) Apply mool band. Inhale and slowly and carefulJy let yourself down and relax. The legs snould be bent with the soles of the feet pressed against the floor close to the buttocks. Hold the posture with normal breathing.28 Kriya for Pelvic Balance (10 . To experience this is not only a matter of mental set but also of physical balance. Beginning students are especially encouraged to approach these exercises slowly and carefuDy. Exhaustion. low endurance and lower back pain are common symptoms of this condition. supporting the upper tono with the anns locked at the elbows and the palms flat on the floor. (A) Inhale so that the ~y &om the knees to the shoulders forms a straight line parallel to the ground. Bending the knees. Lie on the back. This £xen:ise stTe'ngthens the back and aids in metabolism. Lean back slightly. Begin in a sitting position with the legs straight out. It is advisable to do a short set of wann-up ex~ before beginning In order to insure that the spine is warm and flexible. place the palms of the hands on the floor behind the shoulders with the fingers pointing back toward the shoulders.) What This Kriya Will Do For You To wolk with grace and strength is to feel connected to the world and ready to act. draw the feet in toward the buttocks with the soles raise the buttocks flat. and 2) Wheel Pose. Exhale and relax. Let the head faU back. 1) Bridge Pose.34 min. This kriya is helpful for staying energetic and balanced. It helps to maintain potency If practiced regularly. Continue for 1-3 minutes. many systems of the body will begin to show signs of stress. 2A 28 . (A) Inhale and carefullv and comfortably raise the buttocks so that the body fonns one con­ tinuous arch iTom the heels to the palms of the hands (8). Important Note: This is a rather strenuous set of exercises. Con­ tinue for 1-3 minutes. Bending the elbows. against the floor. When the peluis and the muscles that shape its posture are out of balance. The anus and the lower legs should be roughly at right angles to the body. fad'itates the flow of energy through the spine and aids in metabolism. This exercise stTengthens the 'ower back. Inhale.

and touch the fingertips to the left foot. 4B 5) Kundalini Lotus.Begin in a sitting position. Exhale and reJax.3 minutes. bending at the waist and touching the right foot (B). 6) Come into cow pose. keeping the knees and elbows straight. Exhale and repeat the exercise on the opposite side. (A) Inhale in this position.xen:ise helps to channel sexual eneJ!lV and maintain potency. Inhale and raise the legs and arms as high as you can. Exhale. Spread the legs wide.chest and drawing the right knee toward the chest to touch the heaef (B). lifting the head up and back and raising the right leg as high as possible keeping the knee straight (A). Exhale and relax. Then inhale. Continue for 1 . Raise the straight over the head with the palms pressed together. Inhale. Then inhale. bending at the waist. arms 4) Stand with yoW' feet wide apart. Continue for 1 . Begin breath of fire. Inhale in the upright position. wrapping the fingers around the fleshy part of the toes with the thumbs pressed against the toenails.3 minutes. 6A . This e. Exhale. Inhale up once again and then exhale. Continue for 1 . Inhale. ExhaJe and relax. Raise" the legs to an angle of 60 degrees to the floor. Continue rhymthmically with powerful breathing for 1-3 minutes. 5 7) Deeply relax. Inhale. bring the chin down to touch the .3 minutes. Exhale and relax. This exercise aids in digestion and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Begin breath of fire.29 3) lie on your stomach. . This exercise balances the leg and abdominal muscles and helps to maintain 5eXUol potency. Continue rhymthically with powerful breathing for 1. Grasp the big toe of each foot with the thumb and first two fingers of each hand. This exercise balances the movement of the peluis and coordinates the muscle groups on opposite sides 0/ the body. interlocking the fingers. Clasp the hands in venus lock behind the back.3 minutes. locking the knees.. Then inhale back up into the original position. supporting the torso on the hands and knees.

If a person dedicates himself to this meditation for 31 minutes each day for 90 days. As you exhale. WaheJeo. with the focus on the tip of the nose or the third eye point. etc. the stronger will be the reaction in the brain. (The fingers of the right hand wiD 'not reach past the knuckles of the left hand. ~mp ~ Imp tIm p IJ )]\ 'f } Wa-heGu-ru Wa-heGu-ru Wa-heGu-ru Wa-he 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 ~:/1 Je-o 8 Comments: The hand position used in this meditation is called Shiva Mudra. As is indicated. on the fifth repeition. There must be 5 repetitions of the mantTa per breath. Wahe Guru. He is pronounced like "hey".the pancreas. and drop the right thumb down over the left. or sit in a chair with the weight of both feet distributed equally on the ground. about 8 inches from the chest. Wahe Guru. 1be rhythmic notation for this mantra is given below. gall bladder. all the organs of the solar plexus area . The mantra is chanted in a monotone. maintain this hand position at the level of the heart.. . each repetition of the mantra fonns an eight-beat cycle. The more pressure applied on the hands. "0". Wrap the fingers of the right hand around the outside of the fingers of the left hand with the right thumb also pointing up. Inhale deeply. . If it is pronounced properly and completely chanted in one breath.) Drop the left thumb down over the other fingers. "G". Jeo is pronounced like the letters. Then apply a pressure to the double fists. It is very heavy. spleen. chant the following mantra five times in one exhalation.will be stimulated and activated to bring about heavy changes. The eyes may be one-tenth open. Make a weak fist of the left hand with the thumb pointing up. Wa is pronounced as in "'watch". all ego problems and mental diseases wUl be cured.30 Meditation for Ego Problems and Mental Disease Sit in a comfortable aoss-legged sitting position. they may be completely closed with the focus on the top center of the head. Gu is pronounced as in "good". Wahe Guru. Or. Then inhale and continue for as long as 31 minutes. With the elbows bent. and ru as in "true".

The hands themselves ad as a neutral polarity to the eIedromagnetism that the meditation builds up. Feel a deep inflow of spirit. Simply meditate on the boundless flow of the Universal Soul. Comments: This meditation is offered in reverence to our mental capacity and creativity. or sit in a chair With the weight of both feet distributed equally on the ground. you may gradually increase its duration to 31 minutes. Comments: Gurprasad means the "gift of the Guru". or sit in a chair with the weight of both feet distributed equally on the ground. you may experience nothing but misery and discomfort. For the first few minutes. As you develop your prac­ tice of this meditation.' you will. The eyes should 00 one-tenth open and should 00 allowed to close during the meditation. lower the hands until they are about six inches from the head. deep. There are no restrictions on the length of time for the practice of this meditation. The subtle pressure against the meridian points on the rib cage give immediate relaxation. If you are honest With yotirself in practicing this meditation. Be sure to. your ultimate caliber and capadty. enter into a relaxation such as yOu have never before experienced. This is a very restful posture. Meditation for Gurprasad Sit in a comfortable cross-legged sitting position. Feel that you are just asking for a blessing &om God. But. wealth. the universal teacher. The spine must be straight and the hands held over the head at all times in order to cover the body's magnetic happiness. complete breaths. Continue for 11 minutes. As you practice this meditation. The eyes should 00 one-tenth open. . With the upper arms pressed against the nb cage. Deeply inhale and hold the breath in. immediately above the top center of the head. feel yourself to 00 showered by all of the blessings of heaven . Raise the anus up over the head and interlace the fingers with both palms facing down. Cup the hands together with the palms facing up. you can gain as much spiritual stamina as you like. if you can go through the pain. Just let it happen! FIll your heart and soul With all the bounties of nature. Completely exhale and hold the breath out.31 Meditation for Spiritual Stamina Sit in a comfortable aoss-legged sitting position. bend the elbows so that hands are at the level of the heart. There is no mantra given with this meditation and the breath is self-regulating. Bending the elbows. use long.

. many Americans will become nervous wrecks. Haree.. It can totally eliminate mental impurity.. (see rhythmic notation below.. The mantra is chanted in a montone in a four-beat rhythm.. Hold this poSition at the ceotel' of the chest at the bottom of the rib cage. or sit in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed on the ground.. All you will be able to do for them is to put your hands over their heads and start chanting.32 Meditation for Mental Purity Sit in a comfortable aoss-Iegged sitting position. The eyes are nearly completely dosed. . nJ~:1I . On the lid of bind. but it must be done correctly! In the coming times. They will not even be in a position to receive instruction in meditation.. provided you also perfect the mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung. The arms rest against the sides of the body with the elbows bent. aUowing the breath to regulate Itself. . and the ee is held a bit longer than in the English word. Point both thumbs straight away from the body. Bind rhYmes with . as if to kiss someone."". ~J n Go-bind(a) 1 J n In. the tongue Is pressed against the front teeth. the tips will "smile" somewhat. Begin chanting the foRowing mantra: Gobfnd Gobind Haree HOTee Gobind Gobfnd Haree HOTee Gobind Gobind Haree Haree Gobfnd Gobind Haree HOTee Goblnd Gobind HtITee Haree_ Continue the chant Without any break.) As you say the syllable Go. The position is reversed If you are a woman. There is no restriction on the length of time for which this meditation can be practiced. and relax them on the syllable bind. pucker the lips. Go Is pronoWlc:ed like "go". . Go-bind(a) Ha-ree 2 3 Ha-ree 4 Comments: This meditation has the capadty to make your mind clear as a aystal. This meditation will help to develop that healing power within' you.grinned.. Haree Is pronounced like "hurry". except that the "r" is a "soft roo as In the Spanish language.. Rest the right hand in the left with both palms facing up. As you say the word.

" Pu~lications bearing Yogi Bhajan's name include: The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan.America In January 1969. I am nothing. A large variety of yoga and meditation manuals have been published to transmit his teachings of the science of Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan remaihs a humble and pure channel of the lnfinlte. .O. Yogi Bhajan now travels constantly. In his own words: "Somebody just shared his knowledge with me and by the grace of God.i/' .' . which has expanded to over 100 centers teaching Kundalini Yoga throughout the world. ­ J. Box 35006. he tnaugwated a whole new concept of teaching for women which has been the catalyst for dynamic change in the lives of thousands of women. lecturing and teaching White Tantric Yoga and Meditation courses. He is Diredot of Spiritual Education for the Healthy. Happy. Robertson. I collected it. In 1971.. P. Out of this developed Khalsa Women's Training Camp (an annual event) and the Glace of God Movement for the Women of the World (GGMWW). j''''' y' About Yogi Bhajan Yogi Bhajan. or can: 213-550-9043. 1649 So. Holy OrganIzation (3HO)..33 .~. Los Angeles. CA 90035. The Experience of Consciousness. write to: 3HO Foundation. started teaching In . For information about Kundalini Yoga classes in your area. The Andent Art of Self-Nutrition.Yogi Bhajan. . Contrast Consciousness and Mysteries of the Unknown. We are in a desert. master of White Tantric Yoga a~d Kundalini Yoga.:. The Golden Temple Vegetarian Cookbook. Does that make me a water man? Am I the rain? Am I the clouds? Am I the ocean? No. I am just a little can of water in the desert to which people can touch their lips and think of surviving. Despite the amazing popularity of the spiritual way of life he has inspired in a basically materialistic era. Beyond that. Human Caliber. and I have a 1ittIe water with me that I want to share with people.

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