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By Mackenzie & Debbie

Acer Political Party

Political Platform - Health Care

-Provide more health care services
for physical as well as mental health
-Build/fund more research facilities
for psychological needs
-Lower the prices of prescriptions,
surgeries, and other health aids

The Environment
-We will work to improve pollution
by promoting things such as
carpooling, public transit, and less
factory production
-Less littering on land as well as in
-Build more greenhouses and plant
trees to help air pollution

Criminal Law
-Teach students more about the law and
-Promote safer communities
-Have programs to change citizens
mindsets on crimes and illegal activity
-Enforce severe rules upon crimes

International Relations
-Build stronger bonds between other countries
-Create more trading relations to support our
country as well as others
-Start international holidays to celebrate
countries and their involvement to the world
and other countries
-Promote inclusiveness to every race, religion,

Position on left/right wing Political Spectrum

The Acer Political Party
supports left wing. We believe
that human rights and
equality, socialism, and
political liberty should be
promoted and fixed.

Abel Tesfaye
Age: 26
Sex: Male
DOB: February 16th, 1990
Education: University Of Toronto and
York University
Political experience: Award shows
and speeches

Acer Political Party

Acer Above All