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Falcon Hunt Questions:

1. King Cash- Eric

Question: How do you receive KING CASH? What can you use it for?
2. Intro to counseling staff- All Counselors/Connie
Concept: Counselor name with alphabet served
: How to make an Appointment
Questions: Name you counselor.
: How would you make an appointment to see your counselor?
3. Falcon Learning Lab- Gordon
Concept: Why would they go to the FLL?
Question: Name two reasons you would go to the Falcon Learning Lab?
4. Media Center/School Store-Gail
Concept: Flex sign up, why to go to media, where the school store is located
Questions: How do you sign up for the media center during flex?
: Where is the school store located?
5. Attendance Window- Assistant Principal
Concept: When to go to attendance window vs. cafeteria.
: When do you need to go to the attendance window?
Question: Why do you go to the attendance window?
: What time of the day would you go to the cafeteria vs. the
attendance window?
6. C-Wing Door (entrance to office)-Assistant Principal
Concept: Why would you use this door?
Question: When would you use the C-wing door to enter the office?
7. P.E. and how to buy uniforms- P.E. Teacher
Concept: When and how are uniforms given out?
Question: When/Where do you buy a uniform?
8. Peer Facilitator- Kohls
Concept: How to access them.
Question: If you needed to access a peer facilitator how you would go about
doing that?
9. Nurse-Mary Beth
Concept: Where is the location?
Questions: Where is the nurse located?
Autism Program- Christina
Concept: What is the program?
: Use of A Wing Hallways
Questions: What is important to remember when using the A Wing Hallways?