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C O P P E R A S C O V E , T E XA S 7 6 5 2 2
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Dear S.C. Lee Parents,

I am looking forward to a rewarding and productive school year. While I am your childs
teacher, I am only one part of your childs academic future. Parent encouragement and
involvement along with student cooperation and participation are vital components of
educational growth. I encourage you and your child to join me on this academic endeavor. I
truly love to teach and strive for all to become lifelong learners.
According to the Nations Leave No Child Behind Legislation, I am Highly Qualified to teach
your child Social Studies. Education is the key to your childs future. With that in mind my
mission is to create a stimulating learning environment which foster creativity and master of
content and concepts. As for our academic growth this year, we will follow the Texas State
Standards. All TEKs (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and standards will be the focus of
our instruction. These standards can be found on the Texas Education Agency website.
My expectations are that students are to be prepared daily; bringing all necessary books,
assignments, and technology. Students will be informed each Monday, of that weeks planned
assignments, obligations, and due dates. This information will be posted on my class
Schoology website. Behind this you will find a packet of information addressing our classroom
rules, procedures, and management plan. These policies will assist in creating a smooth
learning environment. These rules will stay in place the entire year. We will also be looking for
real world application of social studies in our environment including projects, guest speakers
and field trips to enrich our academic experience. Please inform me of any ideas or
suggestions you would like to have considered. I am confident that your child will have a
rewarding experience at S.C. Lee.

Steven R Brown II, Ed.