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TABLE OF CONTENTS  Summary--------------------------------------------------------------3  Introduction of MCB------------------------------------------------4  Products & services Of MCB------------------------------------5 Islamic banking-----------------------------------5 Mobile Banking------------------------------------6 MCB smart card-----------------------------------6 MCB loans-------------------------------------------6 Foreign Currency Account---------------------11 Corporate financing------------------------------12 MCB Rupee Traveler cheque-------------------13 Virtual banking-------------------------------------14  Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------14  Recommendations for improvement--------------------------15  References-------------------------------------------------------------17 SUMMARY 2|Page .

social needs and access to getting loans. MCB Bank Ltd formerly known as Muslim Commercial Bank Limited was incorporated by the Adamjee Group as a limited company. paying capacity. the first is to get information about the customer. The lending process consists of two steps. In this report comparison of consumer financing products of local and foreign banks have also been done and the problems faced by borrowers and lenders have also Consumer finance was backed by the SBP to give boost to economic growth through demand-pull pressure. Introduction MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED 3|Page . Lockers. Local and Intercity Remittances. Besides. other services are also available such as ATMs. etc. spiraling service charges and deterioration in quality of service are bringing down the demand for personal loans. The Advance department can extend credit lines to MCB customers based on their eligibility. The management hierarchy is led by the Chairman. whereas the branch hierarchy is led by the Branch Manager. income constraints. The main departments in commercial banking branches are General Banking. The second step is sending the credit proposal to credit hub. credit cards and auto financing.The purpose of this report is to explore and learn the potential of Consumer Banking in Pakistan and commercial banking and to find out the challenges & opportunities faced by banking industry. Rising interest rates. Various instruments of consumer finance have attractions for consumers for reasons that are dictated by personal desires. Advances and Foreign Trade.

In recognition of Mr. Mian Mohammad Mansha is the Chairman of the group (and also MCB) and has played instrumental role in its success. As of June 2008. Founded in 1948. 1947. the Government of Pakistan has conferred him with "Sitara-e-Imtiaz". The president of the bank is Mr.MCB Bank Ltd formerly known as Muslim Commercial Bank Limited was incorporated by the Adamjee Group on July 9. one of the most prestigious civil awards of the country. The bank was established with a view to provide banking facilities to the business community of the sub-continent. under the Indian Companies Act. cement and insurance. This was the first bank to privatized in 1991 and the bank was purchased by a consortium of distinguished Pakistani corporate groups led by Nishat Group. Atif Bajwa (previously with Citibank). The bank was nationalized in 1974 during the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The group has strong presence in the most important business sectors of the country such as banking. Products and services of MCB Islamic Banking 4|Page . Mansha’s contribution. Nishat Group is one of the leading and most diversified business groups in Pakistan. VII of 1913 as a limited company. the Nishat Group owns a majority stake in the bank. textile.

Remit express International remittances with a two-way messaging facility delivered at your door-step within 24 to 72 hours.MCB Islamic banking provides Riba free and Shariah compliant solution to various segments in a growing number of cities. that are available in nationwide. MCB SABSAZAR MCB sabzazar is an agriculture financing scheme for farmers that offers two financing plans. which blends innovation and convenience to provide that go beyond your expectations. With the help of shariah specialists. MCB Lockers MCB providing the facility of lockers in the different capacities. MCB make sure your banking needs are met 24/7 from the comfort of your very home are just a call away. it has the best solutions to cater the people’s needs in Islamic way. MCB call center 111-000-MCB (622) There is not easier way to bank than the new enhanced MCB call center. Providing customers with 24/7 real time online transaction facilities. Online Banking There are large networks of over 700 online branches in the country and growing. lawyers and professional commercial bankers. MCB s hadabi plan for short-term 5|Page .

offering customers the peace of mind through unmatched and convenient services including easy bill payment. balance inquiry and unlimited shopping pleasure.financing needs and MCB Khushali plan for long-term financial needs. It offers running finance up to 20 million with low mark up and BTF facility at competitive rate. MCB Smart card A secure instrument of payment is providing cash-free convenience. funds transfer. MCB mobile banking Banking at your finger tips. M NET MNET is an electronic hub for ATM sharing plus other touch points. It is more than just an ordinary debit card. Easy bill pay 6|Page . Members include 11 local foreign financial institutions enjoying ATM sharing and bureau services. 24-hour cash withdrawal. MCB BUSINESS SARMAYA MCB business sarmaya is a running finance facility against your residential property. now SMS anytime to get information regarding balance and mini statements.

1 million 7|Page . MCB loans Personal Loan MCB personal Loan is simply cash facility extended for personal use. MCB virtual banking and MCB call center with security and peace of mind. MCB ATM card or MCB smartcard holders can easily pay their bills through MCB ATMs. Credit Cards A suite of classic and gold credit cards focusing primarily on providing convenience safety. It offers a fixed installment loan that provides you access to cash instantly without any collateral. shopping pleasure and security giving a different fell to the world of credit cards through innovative features.Easy bill pay a solution to pay your utility and mobile phone bills. These unique features include i-revolve which makes the variable mark-up rate available to you upon revolving and is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Financing available is up to 5 years for amount up to Rs.

a product for small banks and financial institutions to use our vast branch network platform to make payments in areas where their own. easy processing and above all. This product enables our customer’s dealers to leverage themselves and increase their business capacity with their respective business partners. Branch network does not exist. MCB Channel Financing MCB Channel Financing provides working capital facilities to dealers and vendors of selected companies under a structured product program. provides Local Rupee Drawing Arrangement.HOME LOAN (Pyara Ghar ) MCB pyara Ghar is an ideal home finance product that lets you purchase. 20 million. repair or construct your home the way youhave always wanted. CAR LOAN MCB car4U get you not only a car of your own choice but leads you to the best in life. no hidden cost. flexible conditions. thus extending their reach nationwide. It is affordable competitive mark-up.Financing available is up to 20 years fro amount up to Rs. MCB Home Remittance 8|Page . MCB Local Rupee Drawing Arrangement Transaction Banking Department at MCB.

MCB Corporate Financing MCB Corporate Financing provides access to diversified financing options. term loans. Cash payments can also be made at our designated branches on behalf of Xpress Money. Money Gram and May bank Money Express Malaysia. Samba (Speed Cash Now). MCB Equity Capital Raising 9|Page . and there is limited or no recourse to the sponsors. MCB Project & Structured Finance MCB Project & Structured Finance involves financing complex projects.MCB Home Remittance provides a seamless inflow of foreign remittances credited in the beneficiary’s account within minutes. usually in an SPV structure. MCB Syndicated Loans and Debt Capital Markets MCB Syndicated Loans and Debt Capital Markets involves arrangement. underwriting and placement services for significant financing requirements by large corporate and institutional clients to other financial institutions or through the debt capital markets. along with cash payments from other correspondents from all over the world under the brand name of MCB Fast & Easy. risks are allocated amongst various stakeholders. trade finance services and investment banking. where the loan is tightly structured around the cash flows. including working capital loans.

Islamabad and Multan. MCB Salary Club 10 | P a g e . MCB Agri Products MCB is committed to the farming community to support their national objectives of self sufficiency & food security to the people of Pakistan. commercial structuring support and access to capital resources to help companies successfully finance their business/project. rights issues and private equity placements. through initial public offers. MCB Advisory Services Financial and Capital Raising Advisory provides our clients with financial advisory services. Lahore. The bank’s extensive branch network in all the provinces and diversified product range extends our reach of Agri credit facilities to farmers engaged in any type of activity. MCB Privilege through its dedicated.MCB Equity Capital Raising relates to raising capital for our clients by offering common or preferred equity to public or private investors. MCB’s dedicated Privilege Centers await to welcome you in Karachi. encompassing both crop & non crop sectors. with plans to expand to more locations. MCB Privilege A first from a local bank. world class Privilege Centers offers a higher level of personalized services. offers for sale.

With the benefit of unlimited accessibility. MCB Investment Services Make the most of your wealth with investment opportunities that match your unique financial aspirations. Salary Club provides the convenience of having an extensive range of financial services available to employees at their place of work. it simplifies all the monthly payroll related banking needs of employers and opens the door to a world of special offers for employees. MCB Investment Services offer distribution of mutual funds managed by the leading fund managers of Pakistan. locally. MCB Foreign Currency Account offers you the option of earning attractive returns on your Foreign Currency Investment SMART DOLLAR ACCOUNT Discover a sensible solution that helps make more of your dollar savings.A payroll solution designed to make life easy. it helps them to make their savings grow. FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT Enjoy the confidence of operating an international account. MCB enhanced saving account MCB enhanced saving account is mean for small-savers who are looking for higher returns on their savings.MCB Smart Dollar Account is a sensible way to maintain or 11 | P a g e .

Tenure options are available for 3 months. and more. 6 months. MCB Business Account lets you build your business through the accrued savings from discounted transaction fees. 1 year and 5 years.grow your US Dollar deposit across USD Current. MCB special Rupee Term Deposits MCB’ special rupee term deposits offer a very attractive long-term option ease and convenience. You can avail a credit facility up to 75% of your deposit facility. SAVINGS XTRA Grow with MCB Xtra by saving more and earning greater profit. Savings or Term Deposits Corporate financing Providing access to diversified financing options. including working capital loans. trade finance services and investment banking. CURRENT LIFE ACCOUNT 12 | P a g e . MCB Savings Xtra Account offers you a wide range of attractive profit rates. BUSINESS ACCOUNT An upwardly mobile way is to bring down costs on your way up. term loan.

MCB Rupee Travelers Cheque MCB Rupee Travelers Cheque is the best and safest alternate way of carrying cash Travelers Cheque can be encashed at any of our branches across the nation.The coverage you need for the life you lead. MCB Bancassurance Combining the best of banking and insurance solutions. MCB Virtual Banking MCB Virtual Banking Service is a convenient way to access your account(s) 24/7. It is secure. free of cost and lets you do your 13 | P a g e . MCB Bancassurance has created a one-stop shop for all your financial and insurance needs. MCB Instant Finance With MCB Instant Finance. you can get a loan instantly at any MCB branch against liquid collateral at competitive pricing.MCB Current Life gives you the peace of mind of comprehensive life insurance in a current account and fits right into your lifestyle.

The profits of MCB have grown considerably during the last few years and this trend is expected to continue into the future. which assures the shareholders of wealth maximization. And then bank will be really in such a situation and position to compete its competitors in the country as well as on international level. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT 14 | P a g e . Side by side of it I think that if bank would be able to cover and control on the mentioned recommendations then it would be in such a situation that will really lead it towards the road of prosperity. ambitious and diligent condition for the bank. And with the above mentioned sentences I think there is too fault of the customers and in order to make the proper working of the bank the customers should also cooperate with the bank which will be really a good. download account statement and much more. set up standing order instruction. This service allows you to transfer funds. pay utility/mobile bills. we conclude that MCB has a very prosperous present and future. development and integrity. Therefore. CONCLUSION It is evident from this report and the financial statements of MCB that it is making progress by leaps and bounds.banking whenever and wherever.

5) Every year some of the employees should be sent for training to another countries and employees from other branches should be brought here.. The purpose should be to educate the employees with the advance studies in their fields. The promotion policy should be reviewed. induction and training of outgoing officers constitutes to beat till another officer should ready prove this work. The employees should be provided the 15 | P a g e . Some more riding material should be provided. Foreign experts can also be called for this purpose. In my option all the employees should have regular job experience all out-look towards banking. 4) Refresher course for the staff is most important in any international organization. All the employees should have these coursed according to their requirement. The amount spent by bank on employment. 2) Staff turnover particularly of trained staff result in financial and other losses. 3) Most of the bank employees are sticking to one seat only with the result that they become master of one particular job and lose their grip on other banking operations. The rate of profit should increase 1% or 2% than other banks and it would be profitable step for bank. The exodus of bank officer in the past has worsened the situation.From the quantum of profit and its financial date it can be easily judged that after privatization. Muslim Commercial Bank is performing well. Its deposits are rowing day-by-day and so its profitability. The people can be motivated to save money by offering various investment schemes. The controlling body is responsible for the productive performance of the bank following are many observation and suggestion to improve the efficiency for the development of economy: 1) Pakistanis working abroad through MCB send a big portion of one remittance.

foreign banks will capture the foreign market. so that the forthcoming business students could be able to get firsthand practical touch. In this respect the bank should capitalize its huge branch network. 6) A proper and conducive centrally managed Internship System should be designed. 9) The bank management should formulate such policies as to target home appliances market for middle class group because it is a larger market available with the bank to serve. 13) The ATM machines and other instruments of the banks should be user-friendly. 7) For the last many years. 11) The automation process should be conducted at a fast pace. Otherwise. This is creating a situation of unemployment in the country.opportunities to attend and participate in seminars and lectures on banking. This should be stopped and an incentive for the bank personnel should be introduced. In this regard proper leasing schemes should be introduced. the management of MCB is continuously closing its unprofitable branches and lying of the personnel of these branches. so that a large number of clients could be served. 8) The management of the bank should take care of its shareholders and a stable policy regarding cash dividend should be adopted. 12) The bank should take into series attention to conduct foreign business. References 16 | P a g e . 10) The process of establishing On-line Banking system should be conducted at a fast pace.

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