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Muhammad Noman
+92 – 346 – 8482210
PEC Membership: Regd: ELECT/40886
Current Address: House # 178, Ataturk Block, New Garden Town, LAHORE.
Skype ID: engr.muhammadnoman
CNIC#: 17301– 7442225– 7
Date of birth: 22nd March, 1991

Marital Status: Single

Passport #: AG9202251 (Validity: 21 August 2018 )

A competent electrical engineer with a comprehensive knowledge of detailed designing, testing and commissioning of
electrical power systems & components to required specifications, focusing on safety, reliability, quality and
sustainability. Presently I am working with a consulting firm on their 4 Hydropower projects titled as REDSIP
(Renewable Energy Development Sector Investment Program) with net worth of $92 Million US Dollar, funded by Asian
Development Bank.

Bachelors in Electrical Power
Pre– Engineering / A Level
Matriculation / O Level


Passed In


University Of Engineering
And Technology Peshawar
Islamia College University
Islamia Collegiate School

Sept 2013

81.00 %
(3.24/4 CGPA)
81.64 %
87.11 %

July 2009
July 2007

1). Power Plants;

2). Power Transmission & Distribution;
4). Power System Control & Protection

3). Substation;
4). High Voltage Engineering.
5). Power System Analysis



Time Period


Project Name

Jr. Power Engineer

Punjab Hydropower

Oct 2013– Present

3 Years

REDSIP, Punjab

(Trainee Engineer)


July 2013– Sep 2013

3 Months

Warsak Hydropower

Jr. Power Engineer

Oct 2013 – Present

Punjab Hydropower Consultants
Details of my job responsibilities are given as follows;
 Surveillance of compliance to quality standards & specifications.
 Design Review and testing of Spillway and Tailrace Draft tube gates.
 Detailed study and monitoring of Electrical & Mechanical parameters during 72 Hour Full Load run test.
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1. ampicity and technical losses calculations for Transmission lines. High voltage A.  Performed UPS & battery sizing design & calculations in accordance with IEEE 485-1997.  Design review and approval of Plan & Profile Diagrams for double circuit & triple circuit overhead transmission lines. 3.  Performed electrical design calculations for the distribution transformers and standby diesel generators  Performed design review of power transformer installation drawings & lightning protection.101  Design of structural lightning protection as per BS EN 62305. Page 2 of 3 .  Design calculations and settings of Earth Fault protection for Transmission lines.  Transmission Lines Route survey and visits to interconnected grid stations for data collection.  Design of 11 kV Incoming interconnected panels at Grid End as per WAPDA specifications devised in P-44. IEC-600726.  Detailed design calculations for 230 V & 400 V distribution system as well as cable sizing as per IEC 60364.  Design & construction of single circuit & double circuit 11 kV overhead transmission line as per WAPDA specs. 6. No load Characteristic Test  Grounding test of power plant using earthing test set UNI-T UT 521. Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement  Design review and approval of interconnection study report including load flow studies. phase to phase and 3 phase faults.C Test  Factory acceptance tests of distribution transformers at PEL (Pak Elektron Ltd.  Detailed study and approval of design drawings. 6. Measurement of short circuit impedance and load losses.  11 kV.4 kV. High Voltage D.) facility. Measurement for Break down voltage of Transformer Mineral Oil using Dielectric Tester (BAUR DTA 100 C) 2. 4. 6.C Test 3. Induced over voltage withstand test. Megger Test 2.  Performed short circuit calculations as per IEC 60909.3 kV. Definite & Instantaneous) for Step-Up Transformers and Transmission lines Feeder relay PCS 9611. 2 numbers of hydro generators with rated capacity of 1.  Performed detailed grounding mesh calculations for powerhouse as per IEEE Std 80.  Detailed design review of setting calculations for Overcurrent protection (IDMT.4 kV cable tests. Short Circuit Characteristic test 3. 1. 1. transient stability analysis and short circuit levels during single phase. Start up and trial operation tests 2.3 kV & 0.  Performed selection and sizing of lightning arresters as per IEC & IEEE standards.2000. Analyzing transient behavior of power plant during Load Rejection Test.3 kV and 11 kV switchgear panels.  Performed voltage drop. Measurement of no load losses & current 7.  Testing and commissioning of power house bridge crane as per FEM standards  Powerhouse building and Spillway AC lighting design as well design of emergency lighting on DC system.41 MW each.  Design analysis for liquid immersed and dry type transformers as per IEC-76.  Design review of 0.  Design and selection of surge arrestors for protection of transmission lines against lightning stokes.  Detailed design calculations for generator protection as per IEEE C37. specifications and technical documents.  Testing & commissioning of 6. 5. Separate source voltage withstands test / power frequency test. Measurement of winding resistance.

C supply to protection equipment. Rectifiers for D. PSPICE.  Meetings and frequent letter correspondence with Client and Contractor to settle down the issues regarding design services and installation of equipment at site Internship (Trainee Engineer) July 2013 – Sep 2013  Electrical system of WARSAK Power Station.  Detailed design review of internal & external lighting schemes.  Protection scheme and detailed study of 132 KV switch yard of Powerhouse. ORCAD 10. Urdu. C. Conducted site visits to determine and validate field dimensions. their types and operation.Proteus. LANGUAGES  English. Bus bar and feeders.  Detailed study and operation of Electrical equipment and related accessories installed in the powerhouse.  Verification of interim payment certificates (IPCs) of the contractors. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY  MS office.  Processing of Commercial Invoices of equipment imported from abroad.5.  Relays. Pashto REFERENCES Shall be provided on request. MATLAB (Simulink). AutoCAD. C++. Page 3 of 3 . Check and verify the consignments arrived at site from abroad.