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Evaluation Test
6th grade

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Part I - Listening
1 – Listen to the hobbies and write numbers according to the order you listen to.











By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha

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d) Patrick is Joe’s brother. My sister is coming back home at five o’clock. and thinking about his girlfriend. Patrick has just arrived and he is talking to Joe: Patrick: Hi Joe! How are you? Joe: I’m fine.h) Joe’s sister is studying with Nicole. Patrick: Where are they? Joe: They are at the city’s library. Do you want to watch? Joe: OK! And then we could listen to the new Black eyed peas CD. John’s School in London but he isn’t an excellent student.c) Joe doesn’t have a girlfriend. Patrick: Look! I’ve got a new DVD! It’s an action film. and you? Patrick: Fine. Nicole.Part II – Reading Comprehension Read the text carefully. a) Joe is 13 years old. Patrick: Sounds great! 1 – Write True (T) or False (F) according to the text. what’s she doing? Joe: I don’t know but I think she’s cooking! Patrick: Is your father at home? Joe: Yes. she isn’t. This is Joe Sullivan! He is thirteen years old and he is in the 8 th grade! He studies at St.g) Nicole is out riding her bike.f) Joe’s father is having a shower. he is at home waiting for his best friend.e) Joe’s mother is sleeping. he is! He is having a shower! Patrick: What about Nicole? Is she out riding her bike? Joe: No. She is studying English! My sister is with her. By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 2 from 5 .b) He is an excellent student. too! What are you doing? Joe: I’m watching TV! I love The Simpsons! Patrick: And your mother. Right now. Patrick.

By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 3 from 5 .Correct the false sentences.1.1.

2 – Answer the questions about the text. By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 4 from 5 .

a) Where is Joe? b) What is Joe watching? c) Is Joe’s father riding his bike? d) What’s Joe’s mother doing? e) What’s Nicole doing? f) Where is Joe’s sister? g) What are Joe and Patrick going to watch? Part III .Grammar By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 5 from 5 .

5. Richard_________________________________________________________. 4. Richard 1 eat a whole cake in 5 minutes  2 cook lasagne X 3 swim for 30 minutes  5 fly a helicopter. By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 6 from 5 . Richard_________________________________________________________. Richard can eat a whole cake in 5 minutes.1 – Look at the chart and write sentences about what Richard can and can’t do. 3. X 6 repair a car  1. Richard_________________________________________________________. 2. Richard_________________________________________________________. Follow the example.

and Now. Can he cook lasagne? ______________________________________________. She is not cooking fish . and sandwiches.2 – Look at the chart again. He / to eat / an apple / . bananas. Complete the questions and/ or the answers like in sentence number 1. You / to sit / in the café / ?___________________________________________. Patrick and Joe (2) basket for a picnic. 3. 1. Right now they (5) ___________________________(sit) under a tree. 4. _______________________________________________. _________________________________________?_______________________. 4. A dog (9) ______________________ (eat) their food but they can’t see it because they (10)_______________________(play) in the water. Can he eat a cake in 5 minutes? Yes.g. Follow the example. The dog (11) _______________________ (go) away with some food in its mouth. apples. ________________________for 30 minutes?____________________________. 2. ____________________________________________.________________________________________________. We / to play / tennis /. They (3) ______________________ (take) orange juice. It’s Saturday and the sun (1) is shining _______________________(prepare) their (shine). 4 – Build sentences in the Present Continuous. 2. 5. _________________________________________?_______________________. E. Patrick (6) ________________ (take) (7)_________________________ off (drink) his orange clothes juice. She / cook / not / fish. They also have two towels because they (4) _______________________ (go) to swim. he can. 3 – Write the verbs in brackets in the Present Continuous. 3. By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 7 from 5 . They / to run / not / . they Joe (8) __________________________(swim) in the river.

Writing Imagine you are at a summer camp and you are learning a new sport. Write a letter to a friend. Where are you? Do you like it there? What sport are you learning? How many hours a day do you practise? Is the weather good? Have you got any new friends? What do you do in the evenings? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _ By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 8 from 5 .___________________________________________________.5. Use the questions to help. Part IV . I / to sleep / not /.