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Santana Tithi for determining progeny.

Written by
Jayasree saranathan.
Published in The Astrological eMagazine.
Part -1
Santana-tithi is an ancient method to determine the birth of children. It is also useful in
finding out the exact remedies to be done for begetting children. Two texts namely Brahma
Rishi Samvadam and Prasna Marga have given methods to calculate Santana tithi and the
requisite remedies. Prasna Marga recommends the use of Santana tithi both in horoscopy and
horary astrology while Brahma Rishi Samvadam recommends its use in horoscopy.
Writing on Santana tithi explained in the 18th chapter of Prasna Marga, Dr B.V. Raman has
commented that he had himself not tested the methods of computation of Santana tithi.
However he had given us a hint by quoting Mr K.K. Kurup that the method expressed in
verse 122 should be accepted. This verse says (in the translation of Dr B.V. Raman),
According to some Acharyas, five times the Moons longitudes and five times the Lagna
longitude give the Progeny Moon (Santana Chandra) and Progeny Sun (Santana Sun)
It is logical to accept Santana Moon to be calculated from Moons longitude. But the use of
lagna as the base for computing Santana Sun looks a bit confusing. Wouldnt be right to use
Suns longitude as the base for calculating Santana Sun? Elsewhere in the same chapter,
calculation of Santana Sukra is given which takes the longitude of Venus as the base. At the
same time we cannot ignore the rule given for Santana Guru that is calculated on the basis of
the sum of longitudes of Yamakantaka and lagna. But Santana Guru is not comparable with
other planetary factors of Santana because it is not primarily used in finding out progeny but
used only when a person had to go for another marriage for the sake of getting progeny. May
be in todays conditions, Santana Guru may have relevance in artificial methods of progeny
like in vitro fertilisation and test tube babies.
Brahma Rishi Samvadam gives a clear-cut idea on computation of Santana tithi. It takes into
account the Suns longitude to calculate Santana sun. It is known from Prasna Marga that
there existed quite a few different methods to calculate Santana tithi. This method of
calculation of Santana Sun must have been one among them. This method is used in Brahma
Rishi Samvadam. This writer had used this method to assess progeny and found it reliable.

What is Santana tithi?

Santana tithi is a tithi that is arrived at by deducting Santana Sun from Santana Moon.
Santana Sun is the degree that is 5 times the longitude of the Sun in the natal horoscope.
Santana Moon is the degree that is 5 times the longitude of the Moon. The resultant degree, if
more than 360 degrees is expunged with 360 and its multiples till the number is less than 360.
The Tithi that this degree indicates is known as Santana tithi. This degree is expressed as
Paksha- tithi- karana. This split-up is used in knowing whether progeny is possible and if not,
what kind of remedy is needed to get progeny. These 3 are assessed in a combined way to
know the prospect of getting children and the remedies when they are bleak.
1. Santana tithi falling in Sukla Paksha (waxing moon) is favourable for progeny while
the tithi coming in Krishna Paksha (waning moon) is not favourable.
2. Santana tithi falling on Amavasya (New Moon) and on 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th and 14th
tithis in any Paksha does not favour birth of children.
3. Santana tithi falling on Vishti karana is unfavourable for progeny. In addition, the
fixed Karanas namely Shakuni, Chatushpada, Nagava and Kimstugna also rule out
progeny if Santana tithi coincides with any one of them.
If all the three are unfavourable, birth of progeny is nil. If one or two of them affected,
remedies can be done to get progeny.
Calculation of Santana tithi.
Sample charts of a couple are shown here for calculating Santana tithi.

Moon: 295.230 degrees.

Sun: 157. 244 degrees

Moon: 255.663 degrees

Sun 258.161 degrees
Santana tithi for husband:
Moons longitude x 5 = 295.230 x5 = 1476.15 (Santana Moon)
Suns longitude x 5 = 157. 244 x 5= 786.22 (Santana Sun)
Moons longitude minus Suns longitude = 689.93 degrees
Expunging 360 we get 329.93 degrees as Santana degrees.
This falls on Krishna Paksha , Trayodashi tithi and Garaja karana.
Of these, only Krishna Paksha is unfavourable while the other two support progeny.

Santana tithi for wife:

Moons longitude x 5 = 255.663 x 5 = 1278.315 (Santana Moon)
Suns longitude x 5 = 258.161 x 5 = 1290.805 (Santana Sun)
Moons longitude minus Suns longitude = 347.51 degrees.
This falls on Krishna Paksha, Chathurdashi tithi and Shakuni Karana.
All these 3 are unfavourable for progeny.

Examining the horoscopes, the basic rule is to check the 5th house and 5th lord from lagna,
Moon and Jupiter and see if they are afflicted.
In the husbands horoscope, the 5th from lagna is owned by Jupiter and aspected by Jupiter
which is joined with Mars, the lord of 5th from 5th. This must enable him to get a child. The 5th
from Moon is Taurus owned by Venus. The 5th from Jupiter is also owned by Venus. But
Venus joins a fiery sign of Sun along with 2 eunuchs Saturn and Mercury. His wife did
conceive a child when he was running Venus sub period in the main period of Jupiter. But the
pregnancy did not last beyond 3 months. The Krishna Paksha of Santana tithi is a factor that
mars the prospect of a progeny.
In the wifes horoscope, lagna, moon sign and Jupiter sign are one and the same. The 5th from
them is Aries, owned by Mars. Mars is posited in Libra joined with its sworn enemy Saturn.
Though the 5th house receives the aspect of 5th lord (Mars) and Jupiter, there is no modifying
effect both on the 5th house and the 5th lord. Added to this, are all the negative features of
Santana tithi. She did conceive a child soon after her marriage in the sub period of Jupiter in
the main period of Moon. But it aborted in the sub-sub period of Saturn. It was then
diagnosed that both her kidneys had failed and she had to undergo kidney transplantation.
The chances of conceiving a child thereafter stands remote.
Though 2/3 strong Santana Tithi of her husband helped in conception, her own negative
Santana tithi could not ensure safety to the growth of the foetus. Another feature to be noted
is that this woman was born on Amavasya that contributed to all-negative Santana tithi. In the
absence of strong horoscopic features favouring progeny, Amavasya and negative Santana
tithi play a damaging role.
It must be recalled here that all ancient texts including Brihad Parasara Hora Sastra term as
inauspicious the births in Amavasya, in the 14th thithi and in Krishna Paksha. One feature of
inauspiciousness is manifest in negative Santana tithi.
How to facilitate birth of progeny in such a case?
While matching the horoscopes for marriage, the Amavasya born must be matched with allthree- positive Santana tithi horoscope.
Another way of caution to avoid child birth on Amavasya or krishna paksha chathurdashi is
to follow proper Adhana lagna for conception. Foremost rule is to avoid conception on
Amavasya, Paurnami, 14th tithi etc. The details of this and the others features of conception
lagna written by this writer can be read in May 2013 issue of this magazine.
Another feature that is considered dreadful is birth at the time of eclipse. The next case study
shows a couple, one of whom was born in Lunar eclipse. (Solar eclipse by its date with
Amavasya stands for negative Santana tithi anyways)

Moon: 114.591
Sun: 252.265
Santana Moon: 572.955
Santana Sun: 1261.325
Santana tithi degrees = 31-63
Sukla Paksha, Tritiyai tithi, Graja karana.
(All these are positive)

Moon: 217.617
Sun: 49.413
Santana Moon: 1088.085

Santana Sun: 247.065

Santana tithi degrees =121.02
Sukla Paksha, Ekadasi tithi, Vanijai karana.
All these are positive.

Examining the horoscopes, Mars is the 5th lord from lagna and Moon in the husbands
horoscope that is joined with Rahu in the 8th house. This is an inauspicious combination and
location. But this combination occurs in the 5th house from Jupiter. The sign dispositor of
Mars is Saturn which is debility. This is however aspected by Jupiter. Though negative and
counter effects are there in horoscope in this way, the Santana tithi of the husband is
completely auspicious. He got a son soon after marriage born in his Venus Dasa and Mercury
antar- dasa. Venus is the 5th sub cuspal lord which is posited in its own Navamsa. Its sign
dispositor Jupiter also is in its own Navamsa. Venus and Jupiter are in Parivarthana yoga in
Rasi. Thus Venus gets the power to bestow progeny.
The sign dispositor of the 5th lord Mars is Saturn. It is in the Navamsa of Mercury which is in
the house of Saturn in rasi in the 7th from lagna. Thus birth of a child was facilitated in VenusMercury period.
In the wifes horoscope, the 5th house is Leo whose lord joins the nodes in eclipse. The 5th
house from Jupiter has the 2 eunuchs posited in it. This is comparable with case study-1 of
the husband where the 5th lord from Jupiter joins the 2 eunuchs in a fiery sign. But in that
case, there is no aspect on them by Jupiter. But in this case (case study 2 wife) Jupiter
aspects these eunuchs posited in the 5th from it. The 5th from Moon is the house of Jupiter.
This is a redeeming feature among the other negative aspects. Added to this is a strong
Santana tithi with all positive features. Her child was born in Mercury dasa Jupiter antar
dasa. This is a test case of how Santana tithi helps when progeny features may be weak in the
Dreadful Vishti karana.
Of all the paksha- tithi-karana features, Santana tithi falling in Vishti karana is a deterrent for
progeny. Shown below are the horoscopes of a childless couple whose Santana tithi are
identical in having Vishti karana. It must be remembered here that Vishti karana here does not
refer to birth of a person in Vishti, but Santana tithi happening to be in Vishti karana.

Moon: 139.231
Sun: 193.943
Santana Moon: 696.155
Santana Sun: 969.715
Santana tithi degrees = 86.44
Sukla Paksha, Ashtami tithi, Bhadra Karana (Vishti)
(Ashtami and Vishti are negative features)

Moon: 309.134
Sun: 266.781
Santana Moon: 1545.67

Santana Sun: 1333.905

Santana tithi degrees = 211.765
Krishna Paksha, Tritiya tithi , Bhadra karana (vishti)
(Krishna Paksha and Vishti are negative features)

Examining the horoscopes, the husband has the 5th lord from lagna in debility; 5th lord from
Jupiter in debility; and 5th house from Moon has Ketu in it. Though Jupiter aspects 2 of these
features, Vishti karana and Ashtami tithi of Santana tithi are serious features affecting birth of
In the wifes horoscope, the 5th lord from lagna and Jupiter is Saturn which is in debility. The
5th lord from Moon is Mercury which is in the 12th from moon, in the sign of a eunuch.
However Jupiters aspect falls on all the three features namely, the 5th house and the 5th lord
from lagna and itself and on the 5th house from Moon. Inspite of this, the wife could not even
conceive once as her Santana tithi also falls on Vishti karana like her husbands and the
Paksha is darker side of the Moon. Chances of any progeny are nil as her husband passed
away in her 40th year.
The basic revelation from these and other case studies (we can check for our own selves and
those of our relatives to see how far Santana tithi works) is that birth in Amavasya and
Santana tithi in Vishti must be carefully matched with all- positive Santana tithi horoscope for
marriage and ensuring progeny. The remedies for adverse Santana Tithi are discussed in Part
2 of this article.

PART - 2
Santana tithi remedies for childlessness.
Written by
Jayasree Saranathan

Santana tithi is calculated by deducting 5 times the Suns longitude from 5 times the Moons
longitude. This can be written as follows:

Santana Moon Santana Sun = Santana tithi.

Santana tithi falling in Krishna Paksha, in tithis such as 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th , 14th and NewMoon days and in Vishti and fixed karanas namely Shakuni, Chatushpada, Nagava and
Kimstugna causes delays or deters the birth of children.
When the Paksha, tithi and Karana are good for both the husband and wife, progeny is
A sample case of a couple having strong Santana tithi is given below. They were blessed with
3 children.
Moon: 295.455; Santana Moon: 1477.275
Sun: 145.316; Santana Sun: 726.58
Santana tithi = 30.695 degrees.
Sukla Paksha, Tritiya tithi, Gara karana.

Moon: 219.416; Santana Moon: 1097.08
Sun: 212.493; Santana Sun: 1062.465
Santana tithi = 34.615 degrees.
Sukla Paksha, Tritiya tithi, Gara karana.

Both of them have the same Santana tithi features all positive, though the husband was born
on Sukla Trayodashi and the wife on Sukla Pratipat. Birth in Sukla Paksha has always
favoured Santana tithi except however on certain degrees that have Vishti karana. Following
are the degrees of Vishti karana which must be noted while checking Santana tithi degree.

Vishti in Sukla Paksha:1. The 2nd half of the 4th tithi = 42 to 48 degrees.


2. The 1st half of the 8th tithi = 84 to 90 degrees.

3. The 2nd half of the 11th tithi = 126 to 132 degrees.
4. The 1st half of Full Moon = 168 to 174 degrees.
Vishti in Krishna Paksha:1. The 2nd half of the 3rd tithi = 210 to 216 degrees.
2. The 1st half of the 7th tithi = 252 to 258 degrees.
3. The 2nd half of the 10th tithi = 294 to 300 degrees.
4. The 1st half of 14th tithi = 336 to 342 degrees.

Remedy for Vishti Karana:

For Vishti karana, the cause of childlessness is some harm done to serpents. For Santana tithi
in Sukla Paksha Vishti, the curse of the serpents is recent. For Krishna Paksha Vishti, the
curse is old. For all the 8 cases of Vishti karana as mentioned above Sarpa Bali must be
performed. Devotional music concerts must be arranged in temples where Nagas (serpents)
are worshiped.

The following are recommended for Santana tithi in Vishti karana:Remedy for all these karanas including sthira karanas:- Recital of Purusha Sukta and worship
of Lord Krishna.
Vishti in 4th tithi of Sukla Paksha:- Worship of Lord Ganesha and Nagaraja.
Vishti in 8th tithi of Sukla Paksha:- Worship of Lord Krishna and japa of Krishna Mula
mantra. (Om Kleem Krishnaya Namaha)
Vishti in 11th tithi of Sukla Paksha:- Fasting on Ekadashi and worship of Lord Narayana.
Full Moon day Vishti karana:- Purusha Sukta must be recited. If Moon is afflicted in the
horoscope, stories regarding the Moon and its origins etc, must be listened to. Doing Sathya
Narayana Puja is also recommended.
Vishti on 3rd tithi of Krishna Paksha:- Worship of Nagaraja and Goddess Durga.


Vishti on 7th tithi of Krishna Paksha:- Worship of Lord Sankara Narayana.

Vishti on 14th tithi of Krishna Paksha:- Worship of lord Shiva.

A sample case of a couple is given here where the husband has Santana tithi in Vishti, while
the wife does not have so. Both of them have 2 out of 3 features negative in Santana tithi. The
horoscopic features also show average prospects for progeny. But their observance of
religious austerities and worship blessed them with 3 children.
Husband (born in Krishna Ekadashi):Moon: 331.024; Santana Moon : 1655.12
Sun: 25.079; Santana Sun: 125. 395
Santana tithi = 89.725 degrees
Sukla Paksha, Ashtami tithi, Vishti karana (fag end of Vishti as it ends at 90th degree)

Wife (born in Krishna Dwitiya):Moon: 275.721; Santana Moon: 1378.605

Sun: 74.684; Santana Sun: 373.42
Santana tithi = 285. 185 degrees
Krishna Paksha, Navami tithi, Gara karana.
One of the learning from this case study is not to have Vishti karana for both man and the
woman. In the absence of Vishti at least for one of them, progeny is possible through

Remedy for adverse tithis:4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th and 14th tithis in any Paksha and Amavasya are inauspicious for Santana
tithi. The remedies are as follows:
4th tithi (Santana tithi from 36 to 48 degrees and 216 to 228 degrees):- Worship of Lord


6th tithi (Santana tithi from 60 to 72 degrees and 240 to 252 degrees):- Worship of Lord
8th tithi (Santana tithi from 84 to 96 degrees and 264 to 276 degrees):- Worship of Lord
Krishna with Krishna Mula mantra.
9th tithi (Santana tithi from 96 to 108 degrees and 276 to 288 degrees):- Recital of Valmiki
12th tithi (Santana tithi from 132 to 144 degrees and 312 to 324 degrees):- Fasting on
Ekadashi and offering food to others on Dwadashi.
14th tithi (Santana tithi from 156 to 168 degrees and 216 to 228 degrees):- Worship of Lord

Remedy for Krishna paksha:Santana tithi coming earlier than the 6th tithi of Krishna Paksha shows delay in birth of
children. From 11th tithi to New Moon, progeny is very difficult as shown in case study-1 in
the previous part of this article.
However Brahma Rishi Samvadam suggests remedies for Krishna Paksha thereby giving
hope for progeny. In general, worship of Shiva is recommended for Krishna Paksha- Santana
Krishna Paksha is divided into 3 equal parts and remedies are given for each of these parts.
1. 180 to 240 degrees of Krishna Paksha = worship Nagaraja.
2. 240 to 300 degrees of Krishna Paksha = worship Subrahmanya.
3. 300 to 360 degrees of Krishna Paksha = worship Narayana.
The tithi-wise remedies for Krishna Paksha Santana tithi as given in Prasna Marga can be
read below:
New Moon = Worship of ancestors. Ashtaka sraddha, Parvana sraddha and Tila Homa must
be done.
1st tithi of Krishna paksha :- The above as told for New Moon must be done. In addition
Santana Gopala must be worshiped.
2nd tithi:- Intake of Pancha-gavya and other medicated ghees. In todays parlance, it refers to
recourse Ayurveda for treatment of reproductive organs.


3rd tithi:- Worship of Goddess Durga.

4th tithi:- Worship of Lord Ganesha.
5th tithi:- Worship of family deity.
6th tithi:- Worship of Lord Subrahmanya.
7th tithi:- Worship of Lord Sankara Narayana.
8th tithi:- Worship of serpent God.
9th tithi:- Worship of Goddess Durga.
10th tithi:- 1000 Brahmins must be fed and Gana Homa must be performed.
11th tithi:- Oblations must be done in holy places.
12th tithi:- Brahmins must be fed on the day ruled by Sravana nakshatra.
13th tithi:- Jaya bali should be offered.
14th tithi:- Brahmins must be worshiped on Mondays. Pitir Bali must be performed and Pitir
Pinda must be offered in holy places.

A sample case of a couple having Krishna Paksha Santana tithi is shown below. They were
advised to perform remedies which fructified after 4 years.
Husband (Born on Krishna Trayodashi):Moon 139.495; Santana Moon = 697.475
Sun 169.656; Santana Sun = 848.28
Santana tithi =209.195 degrees
Krishna Paksha, Tritiya tithi, Vanija karana.

Wife (Born on Sukla Panchami):Moon 126.703; Santana Moon = 633.515


Sun 68.161; Santana Sun = 340.805

Santana tithi = 292.71 degrees
Krishna Paksha , Dasami tithi, Vanija karana.

Both of them have Krishna Paksha Santana tithi. Therefore they were asked to worship Naga
and Lord Shiva. For the husbands 3rd tithi, they undertook worship of Goddess Durga and for
the wifes Dasami, they were asked to offer food items to Brahmins. They had done remedies
based on planetary combinations in the horoscopes. All this resulted in happy birth of a girl

Growing plants and animals.

One of the major remedies for childlessness is to help in the growth of plants or trees or
animals assigned for specific stars. Each of the 27 stars is assigned a tree, an animal and a
bird. Whichever of them is applicable or maintainable, they must be protected and given care.
To identify this, one must deduce the 5th lord from lagna or moon or Jupiter that is most
affected or causing the delay in progeny. The star dispositor of that planet in the natal chart
must be identified. The corresponding tree or plant of that star must be protected or grown in
the temples of serpent worship. For example if the star of the afflicted planet is Pushya,
peepal tree must be protected or grown or maintained in the temple where serpents are
worshiped. Peepal is the tree assigned to Pushya. Like this, some growth potential must be
promoted by the childless couples in auspicious places like temples or temple gardens or near
temple tanks. If not possible it is advised to grow and maintain the sthala Vruskha of the
serpent temples or the temples of Gods identified for remedies.
Astrology does not sound a fatalistic note on anything. To quote Prasna Marga verse 131 of
the 18th chapter on Santhathi Prasna, though it is told that progeny is denied for Santana tithi
in the later part of Krishna Paksha nearing New Moon, perhaps he (the native) may have an
issue at the end by the special force of his Karmas. The japa, tapa, dhyna and daana
activities that one does with the aim of getting progeny does alter his karma and get him
progeny at last.