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The week of 10/14 10/28:

Continued to follow the daily routine

Book, In a Dark, Dark Wood
Discussed setting of the story
Rhyme/Poster, Just Like Me
Continued to practice our name
Continued working on our daily journals
Reviewed words that rhyme and compound words
Worked and played in all classroom areas
Learned what pairs means and worked in pairs
Learned and sang There was an Old Lady
Continued with Miss Mary Mack
Reviewed words that begin with the same sound
Our commitment this week was to no running
We learned how to relax with student choice of activities learned thus far
Connected with our friends with student choice of activities learned thus far
Reviewed all letters learned thus far; M, S, T, and A
Reviewed shapes
Reviewed counting words with one to one correspondence (Discussed space
between words)
Reviewed beginning, middle, and end
Practiced counting to 20
Counting how may days of school in anticipation for 100 day celebration
Made a rainbow fish for Say No to Drugs campaign. Leaned a Say no to
Drugs song


Show and tell on Friday with the sound of the letter /a/.


Character parade and harvest celebration on Monday, October 31.