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The week of 10/17 10/21`:

Continued to follow the daily routine

Book, In a Dark, Dark Wood
Rhyme/Poster, Just Like Me
Continued to practice our name
Continued working on our daily journals
Reviewed words that rhyme and compound words
Worked and played in all classroom areas
Learned what pairs means and worked in pairs
Learned and sang There was an Old Lady
Learned Miss Mary Mack
Our commitment this week was to share
We learned how to relax with an ear rub
Leaned and expanded on concept words, room and house
Connected with our friends with Two Black Birds
Learned the letter Aa and the /a/ sound
Practiced counting words with one to one correspondence
Introduced return sweep when reading
We made tissue trees with T
Reviewed beginning, middle, and end
Practiced counting to 20
Counting how may days of school in anticipation for 100 day celebration
Reviewed syllables


No show and tell next Friday, October 28. It will be a review week of letters
leaned thus far.


Tuesday, 10/25 is crazy sock day. Friday, 10/28 is Pajama day. Do not forget
$1.00 donation.