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Our company PCL productions are creating the
opening sequence to a horror movie called it moves
slowly . The concept is two teenage filmmakers Kodi
(the presenter) and Leila (the camera person) go into
the forest to make a documentary about a superbly
haunted campsite where a couples bodies where
found. Its starts of normally and seems to going
smoothly. However, its not when Kodi seems to
notice something where things start to go wrong and
the pair start to hear strange noises. Kodi then takes
it apron himself to leave leaning Leila trailing behind
him. The noise continues and get louder and closer.
The pair runs off with Kodi leading. Kodi then gets
snatched behind a tree and we are left hearing him
screaming. The camera turns to Leila where she
gives her areas and phone number and asking if
anyone find s the tapes to send help. However,
before she can finish her sentence something behind
her grabs her causing her to drop the care and the
audience is left hearing her screaming. The whole
idea is that it takes inspiration from The Blair Witch
project where by it will be presented as found
footage. This will hopefully make feel like the
sequence are a series of real events. The whole idea
is that we, the audience never see the supposable
monster leaving a sense of mystery resuscitating
with audience.
Target audience
Our target audience is based around 15 30 years
old. Young adults like to watch horror films for the

thrill and airline rush it provides. Danger and

excitement that this audience would appreciate more
than a younger audience would therefore horror
would be a perfect genre for them. Teenagers usually
watch horror film in a group of friends mirror the
phase safety in number which could relate to the
charters. Also, the audience could relate to the
characters in the different types of characteristics
they have portrayed e.g. the coward charter and the
brave and resilient. A younger audience would most
likely be more disturbed over the violence and
chilling scenes and older people tend not to watch
horror films but watch a more traditional genre.
The ethnicity and gender is not specially targeting
anyone as the charters are a boy and girl as well as
being of mixed ethnicity. So, this would help appeal
to a wider audience.
The sequence will be set in the woods at the
afternoon so the atmosphere is still slight dark
because the product will be filmed on a go pro
therefore we will not be able to have access to
artificial lighting leaving us to rely on natural lighting.
However, this may work to our advantage because in
a sense the charters would have to go does film
during the afternoon or daytime because that is
when it is safe. This would trick the audience into a
since of security from the start as they associate
light with safety. There will not be a lot of nondiegetic sound as it is found footage however there
will a great deal of diegetic sounds like dialogue or
the add sound effects.
Media Language

Media Language is used to effectively portray the

thoughts and feelings of the characters to the
audience. Both characters will be dressed like they
are prepared for the cold weather for example thick
coats plain tops, hats, scarves etc. Hopefully this will
add to the idea that the sequence is real because by
having the charter wearing expensive clothes would
not fit the representations of young filmmakers on a
budget or our target audience.
The name of our company is PCL Productions and this
is our company logo.
The two protagonists are portrayed in very different
ways that should challenge the stereotypes of
gender roles. Normally, in horror films the female is
presented as the damsel in distress or only seems to
care about petty things like her looks. However, we
have made our female protagonist in a way that
challenges these stereotypes. Leila is the camera
person, which would be a masculine job. she is a
very diligent and demined charter when it comes to
finishing the project but still comes across light heart.
This will hopefully allows the audience to relate to
her as a person rather than as a charter in a film. On
the other hand, Kodi is the presenter. His character
can become across as cowardly and the more
cautious charter. Though this may be negative as it
could also come across that his charter is very
instinctual when it come to make him decisions.
Which can be typical trait for people in horror films.

The setting of a forest is typical convention seen I
horror films as it dark and erne environment
especially as it gets darker. The main reason we
picked a forest is because of the plot and how so
many things could go wrong in forest epically is no
one knows where youve gone. It also heightens
paranoiac as to not knowing what could be hiding
and even the smallest noises like a twitch snapping
can make the audience feel scare. This will hopefully
keep them engaged and on edge throughout.
Though our charters do contradict the stereotypes of
male and female role. As kopi is the presenter, which
maybe a feminine job as women stereotypically like
to be unfound of the camera and can be quite vain.
Also Kodi is the one who show very nervous
behaviour and is the first to leave and get killed. On
the other hand, Leila is the cinematographer which is
typical a mails job because males are seen as more
fit so they would be handle the heavy equipment.
Also, Leila is the braver and stung minded charter
and is more adamant to stay which is untypical of
female charters in horror films as they may be seen
to let their emotions and fear cloud their decisions
makings like Kodi.