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troNNr€ ôuxrôee

Traditional Scott
Arr. G. Wq
This is a 6/8 pipe-march."Bonnie Dundee" was the nickname of the ScottishJacobiregeneral,
JamesGraham of Claverhouse,who was killed in the Battle of Killiecrankie on ;uly 27, tOAl.
This. anangement is.designedto mimic the sound of the Highland pipes by lt"ui"g the righr
hand thumb and index finger pinch octaves or fifths in the bassto ir.ut"'the effécts of ihe
drones while the middle ând ring fingers play an ornamenred melody. It was originally
publishedin the August 1998 issueo{ AcoustièGuitar.





This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser
All Rights Reserved

lÀcl< o'T)^zeLôoN

Traditional Scottish
Arr. G. Weiser

This is a beautifulScottish love song.



t l

This Anangement O 2000 Glenn Weiser
All Rishts Reserved



Traditional Iri
Arr. G. Wei:

The name Katie Dwyer was usedin eighteenth-centuryIrish poetry as a sobriquetfor Ireland.
This is on the Chieftains' seventh album, and can also be found in The RocheCollection.

.l =88













= ?




Anangement@ 200û Glenn Weiser
All RighrsReserved


.- l ? t DÆ# tl2Blr. B .D G = ? ^f I I I = tt .t- l ? I m A .1 r l l = tI .

Lord Lovat was the Duke of Atholl and fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie during the Jacobite uprising-of1745 '1746' After the rebellion was put down.the thumb shifts to a conventional alternating pattern in order to convey the effect of the entrance of the drum and pipe corps as the full band takes up the melody.l0 Lonô LovÀT. I usually play this part fasterthan the firsr. he becamethe fifth rË. The first part-represents a pipe solo in the style of "Bonnie Dundee.s La'cpeNT Traditional Scotti Arr. l"rt person to be beheadedas a rrairor on Tower Hill in Lonâon. Weis This is a Highland bagpipetune which I have worked out for rhe guitar in rwo variations. ) =72 D A 04198 This Anangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved E A Il2BII . G."-When the tune repeats.

rt /-\ rt rt /\ r î t /1 J =too I/2BII B1 t r t ? l .11 r r t t r l a\ îl .

A tl2Brr rl2Btl 04398 .12 A D tlzBll.

E7 A/C$ Ffm tl2BIV Il2BII A |/2BII.ûngcolbction. G.TlOe soc.rF'rvlNô 13 Traditional Irish Arr. cflm tlzBrv A rlzBV A Il2BII I l 04398 A ll2BIl This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved ^ . Weiser This serene..perfectly titled tune can be found in the Bw.

Wei This can be found in o'Neill's Mruic of lrelmd". .I4 O' CON N ELL' S LACP ENTÀTION Traditional Ir was irobubly composedas a lament for the greatnineteenth-centuryIrish statesmanDaniel O'Connell. G.l =84 Am Am G/B Am Dm This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved D7 Em Am Dm .

.15 G C F C G / B C F E m G C Am F . r3? ! J t Dm f'r 'hrf -J T.J ' r rr r .

It is consideredunchàracteristicof Carolan's style. G. J =80m.18 tll-rxrô cDÀr<y Turlough O'Carolz Arr. and is thought . This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Riehts Reserved . been composedby him for a blind harper named lv{aireDhall. \X/eis This tender [une is attributed to Carolan.r.JU".

C Il2BTI .

. _ . . .. @=o ) =t44m.20 stR çesrus tsut<ke Turlough O'Carolan o weiser carolan wrote tunes for several members of this family... D E t/28il..Br I I ._ _ .T Glinsk in County Galway._ . î l 4l + 3 This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved A . Sii F"r. - 04 m D IIZBIJ. . was the 5th Barone. .

..-.. B I I ç lr 04 e l t - T l l.. .2l Bm BII.... F T l ' G .m B I V . DÆf ./-\ ? I I Bm BII.) ç ? rt l rl l A Il2BII D Em Ff. DÆ$ ..

G. | =1 3 2 m. Weise As the title suggests. about whom the famous song "Father O'Flynn" (or "Top of Cork Road") waswritten.Carolan liked a good drink as well as the nexr man. This tune was collected in the nineteenth-century by Father Walsh of Smeem. DÆ# Bm BII C 'r A T/2BI] 04398 This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved .cÀRoLÀN's ÔnauÇIl-| * 22 Turlough O'Carolar Arr.

rI Em GlD C Am ' r r ' r l 0439B . Em r ' r .GÆ 4- I 'f Am G DÆf.

24 coN sTÀNTrN e cDàÇcrrl<e Turlough O'Carc Arr. G This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rights Reserved . We constantine Maguire was a colonel who is best known for having arranged an introduction betweencarolan and the south Ulster poet SeamusMaccuarta. ) =144m. G.

î I C D T E m D Æ f i c .

A/G rl2BrI A Il2BIT. A tl2Btr This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved D II2BYIT . G ._the piece is also quite effective as a waltz. .int. ll2Byrr____-. D G UZBII A D lt2B[t. @=o -D= i20 m. It has been worked our in two differenr octaves.. However.pLaruryY rRrvrN 26 Turlough O'Carol Arr.. and seems to be the q.sseniial farewell when thus slowedin tempo.. \llei This piecerTascomposedfor Colonel John Irwin and was originally played as a slow jig.which is a rarity for Celtic guitar arrangements.

A/G TI2BTI D U z B i l._.1 tlzBrr. . . . = 4 Y l TI2BYII D G U 2 B V ï [_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I M ? I I 'vr . . " .z7 u28il.. ' .U A I/2BVII_---." A D ll2BIl ------. t 1.

This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved A . D tlzBtr.28 cbÀRLes o'coNoR Turlough O'Carolar Arr. @=o J.. Ffff/C# Bm BII. His diaries are an important source of information about Carolan'slife. G. . G A l Bm a'\. Weise Charles O'Conor was a harp student of Carolan's. D/A Em A Il2BIT . =80m.

Technically it is a single reel. G. which is characterizedby a four-measure repeating first part and an eight.measure non-repeating secondpart. DrowsyMaggie'salter ego."sleepy Maggie" appearslater on. Weise This is an E Dorian tune in dropped D tuning. @=o J=ros tl2Btl U2Btl BII 04398 D Tl2BII A This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rishts Reserved .ônowsy 30 cDÀqqre Traditional Irisl Arr.

.._-_ . ) =sz Bm A B m B I I .this tune doesnot seemro be a variant of "DrowsyMaggie.-. A somewhat differenr version*has been recorded by Eric Schoenbergon his rounder cDÀqqre 3T Traditional Irish Arr._ . .B I I _ .. Weiser Despite-thesimilarity in titles. Bm BVII. A ... Bm o4 Bm BVII A B m This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rishts Reserved D l/2BVII. G._ _ _ ..._ ... B BII--- m A B m BII-_." The source for this setting is Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes.. AcousticGuitor..


Tb])eqt<eeN trrel-ôs oç ÀcDet<lcÀ
Traditional Irish
Arr. G. Weiser
This tune can be found in Cole's 1000 FiddleTunesand appearsin The RocheCollectionunder
the name of
Brauligan." (By the way, it is quite .o**on for a tune to have more than
one name. Brendan Breathnach,in his book FollcMusic andDancesof lreland, cites an insrance
where one tune was found to have sixty different titles, and another instance when one title
was applied to six different runes.)

) =nA



This ArrangementO 2000 Glenn Weiser
AII Rights Reserved








c D À r o R e n - r N ÔT n - el 3 À l q .

Traditional irist
Arr. G. Weiser
Also known as

Reel," this exuberant lrish tune is one mv favorites.

J =160

This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser
All Rishts Reserved

35 Bm BII__-__. 0439B G .

Unfortunately.36 NÀpoLeoN cRossrNq rbe RbrNe Traditional Irish Arr. who they hoped would liberate Ireland from the cruel oppression of the English. ) =fi6 l. Am U2Brl 0439B This Anangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Riehts Reserved II2BII . G ." The Irish commonly named or renamed tunes after Bonaparte. the much hoped-for succor from France never arrived. formerly known as "Listowell. Weiser This is a stirring Irish reel.

J I *Alternate version .

pÀÔÔV oN l.tle rr"Àll-RoÀÔ Traditional lrish Arr. which can be found in Cole's |OOOFiddteTvtnes. G.also appearsin "The Merry Blacksmith'" Irelardunder the title @=r ) =na G A I|2BIJ.Weiser O'Neill's Mr'rsicoJ This tune. D This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rights Reserved .

39 .

= rt l r v l ?I D ffi^J r D ll2BIl This Arrangement O 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved r l .srÀTeN rsLÀNô bonNprpe 40 Traditional Ir A r r'. G v . @=o ) =184 U e ? I ? I I I I . F T f-I I l Em .I W vveÇ' ' This is an Irish tune that got retitled somewherealong the way and turned from a hor"pip" into a reel aswell.

Weiser T T r T I I r = ÇI I I G D = 2C I I = l t P l T fI I I D Il2BTI = t T r l o4 This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved .TtOe recDpeRÀN ce ReeL 4I TraditionalIrish Arr. G.

Weiser The city of Carrickferguslies on the EastCoast of Ulster in County Antrim not far from Belfast. D A D G A D E m G A D B m A G = Em = tt t ? l t l L .l =63m.This songis famous. G.cÀltlî.rckçelÎ.qus 44 Traditional lrish Arr. .andhasbeenrecordedby Van Morrisonwith the Chieftans.- This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rishts Reserved .

Incidentally.__ . ) =144m. This tune was written by Neil Gow.1sawNeil Gow's fiddle and also was given a private viewing of Gow's famousoil portrait. D II2BTI D U2Brl rl2Brr. when the British banned the distillation of spirits. DADGAD G Am Tl2BIT. who was a court fiddler for the Duke of Atholl." \Vhen I visited Blair AtholI in 1997. This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rishts Reserved .which is a type of slow reel that becamepopular in Scotlandin rhe 1700' wl2rskeY 45 Neil Gow Arr..when the Englishdecidedto stop being killloys and let the Scots have their favorite beverageback. G.trÀRervel-l. Weiser This is a strathspey. Gow wrote another tune entitled "Whiskey Welcome Again.

04 This Arransement O 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rights Reserved . Weiser I learnedthis Irish hornpipe from Linda Baker.TlOe bantvesr 46 tOocDe Traditional Irish Arr. DADGAD ffi ?I I 7 I I E A I/2BII A l/28il. NY area. ) =132m. G. a tradirional musician in the Albany.


J =108m. G. This tune also occurs in common-time versions.48 sTÀR Oç TtOe CO(rNry ÔOWXI Traditional Irish Arr. my mother was born in County Down. Incidentally. DADGAD Am F CIE This Arrangement O 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rights Reserved G/B . Weiser This is a famoussong about a lovestruckyoung man and the object of his yearning Ulster.

49 C G/B ? lt 04398 ? l l ) r .

Weiser Travelers are what the Irish call the Gypsies. G. ) =152m.who used to roam the countryside in brightly painted horse-drawnwagonsand were often tinkers by trade.Tn-e TRÀVeLetq" 50 Traditional Irish Arr. DADGAD 04 D This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved .

. ? I I 'r D .51 |/2BII.. -___-l tt- l llc l 'l I . _.

Weiser This Mixolydian tune is named after Garrett Barry. J .qÀRReT r3ÀtrlrY' S lrq 52 Traditional Irish Arr. With this piece. the chief technical consideration is the rhythmic coordination of the numerous hammersand pulls. who was a blind lrish minstrel. G. 04398 This ArrangementO 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved . = 1 1 6m .

G. J. =88 Am E m C This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser . h""rd Johnny Cunninghanifiadle it ât quite a brisk s.tting. Weiser version.(ICDCDONÔ 54 Traditional Irish Arr.CÀSTLE ÔR. You can find ii in Kerr's Merry Melodies. and then I first heard this Scottish jig on a harp record by Allison Kinnaird in a slow on the slower based is version This pace.

so natural and graceful did rhe melody sound to me.rbe t>uNôtteô prpeRs 55 Traditional Irish Arr. This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved . When I first heard it.There is even a trand of Scorch named after this tune. it seemedlike I had known the tune forever. This version comes from the New EnglandFiddler'sRepertory. G. Weiser This Scottish jig can only be describedas delightful.

il th..ft tn" fourth finger on the fifth O'Neilfs Music of Ireland.). ô rÀJrpr to G ..1.? rvi.i"g ""ai. and made the small alteration of naturals (naturai sevenths in minor mode tunes are more ln the first part. Weiser I came acrossthis pretty rune in .note the useof the half'barre fret' . ËËi'.È. G.ià"^f iriri*uri.Tbe qÀLl-owql-ass 56 Traditional Irish Arr. sixth measure.108 04398 This Afiangement O 2000 Glenn Weiser Àtt Rlgtttt Reserved .

5l Dm Am ?. I I F Em .

atilfrtii "Gary "perpetual" tunes that does This four-part Mixolydian tune. ." is one of those not end through the usual processof melodic resolution .therefore an ending has been provided.= 104 D A G This An'angement@ 2000 Clenn Weiser All Rights Reserved . like Owen..1.LaxtqsrRocD's poNy 58 rraait.

G ) . h r r G r D .

This jig wasprobablycomposed @=o ). This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Riehts Reserved . in the 1920's.ordi"g.=712m.cDoRRISON' S lrq 60 Traditional Irish Arr. i". G. Veiser sligo--area who made several influential JamesMorrison was an Irish fiddler from the by him.

(ending) .

04 This Arrangement@ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserverj . @=o ). also named "Father O' Flynn" after a nineteenth.has the gentle.Top oç coRk RoÀÔ 62 Traditional lris Arr.century Irish priest who also collectedtunes. G. .rolling quality characrerisric of so many jigs. . =104 A r/2BII. Weise This tune.

. BII.63 A ll2Brr_.- *Alternate fingering D DÆf BII 04398 *Place barre over five strings G ..

G." It's in O Neill's Mr.pÀOôV wbÀck 64 Traditional Irish Arr. =104 GÆ ta G/B 'f' 04 l. part reminds me of the folk song ). Weiser I was rold that the title of this tune refersto the Irish pastime of barroom brawling.l This Arransement O 2000 Glenn Weiser Àtt nignts Reserved T I I I . The first "BetsyFrom Pike.rsicof Ireland.^ - Am G/B .

Weiser Th." @=o l. G.scDÀsb tn-e rvrNôows Traditional Irish Arr. It's also known as "The Roaring Jelly. =116 DlA D 04 This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved .e title of this jolly tune could refer to firefighting tacrics.

This Anansement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser À11RieLtsReserved .I3RYNe'S llonNplpe 68 Traditional Irish Arr. ? A II2BIT . G. @=r ) =tlz G . Weiser I first heard this tune played by Roy Wall of the Broken String Band on the tinwhistle.-J D Bm BII..-.-: D . and subsequentlyfound it in O'Neill's Masic of lreland.

3 04398 A I/2BIT. .69 G :--'.

70 cl)ueç o'N ell-l-'s tràvot<lTe Traditional irish Arr. Weiser latter was compiling This tune was played by the fiddler Tobin for Francis O'Neill when the from the Galway was tune the that knew his celebratedcollection of tun. Reserved ." U" fo""a inTheRocheCollecrjonunder the title 3 --\ This Arrangement (s 2000 Glenn Weiser Àll Rieitt.r. G. io it "The Flowersof Adrigoyle." "îi. h.'. Although Tobin "Chief O'Neill's Favorite'" It can was dubbed "ï. know the title." ."f^"a.

.--> f-- GIB A/C# 1-.? I I r r t .

TDe cuckoo's 72 Nesr Traditional Irish Arr. as it can be found in The BuntingCollection(1792).which is usuallya sign of a tune's antiquity. and also occurs in numerousvariations. Weiser This one must be quite old. The versionhere is based on a settingI heardplayedby flatpicking grearNorman Blake. @=o J =tos t/28ï. G. a 04398 This Arrangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rights Reserved G .

-\ ?I I F D ? I I r ç r ? I I ? r I r .A :-.

G.74 cDuRpT)Y's llonNptpe Traditional Irish Arr. Am II2BTI r I This Anangement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All RightsReserved . Weiser I found this spritely hornpipe in O'Neill's.

D U r .

G. 04398 This Anargement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser All Rishts Reserved .W.K.rck9TT'S llOnNplpe 76 Traditional Irish Arr. Weiser This was composed by S. who ran the country's first travelling circus.-\j D (r/2BIr). . Rickett would dance a hornpipe to this tune while standing on top of a galloping horse. @=n J =144m. Rickett.

A E/G$ = l l r C l l = 7 = 7 t ?l l l .

. Veiser play this tune.Ë. G..TF-eTÀrLoIt's Trvtsr 78 Traditional Irish Arr.p. @ a A M39B This Arransement @ 2000 Glenn Weiser Àtt nignts Reserved ." The unusualmelodic figure in the T"vlù-ii is'^lso called .paddy first measureis the twist in question. Said to have been composedby I firsr heard clawhammerbanjoist Ken Perlman "Tayloi's îwist.

: D G A 04398 - .79 D G BV-.__-__._ ----\ .l t-i J A .