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Test Review (Test will be on Wednesday November 2nd

Know each of these topics to be asked as either fill in the blank or multiple choice.
-Political Party: A group of people that try to influence government by gaining the support of
voters and getting members of their party elected to government.
-The four functions (roles) of a political party:
1. Find leaders
2. Elect leaders
3. Represent group interests
4. Control the government
-The four other services of political parties:

Educate the public
Set public discourse
Simplify choices on election day
Act as a “watchdog” (check) on rival party

-America is a two-party system.
-Republicans use the elephant and democrats use the donkey as a symbol.
-A third-party is any party in addition to Republican and Democratic Parties.
-The three main roles of third-parties:
1. Introduce new ideas into politics
2. Push major parties to adopt ideas
3. Win elections
-Third party candidates usually do not win elections.
-A political slogan is a few words that represent the political party/candidate.
-Be able to put each of these on the political spectrum: moderate, liberal, conservative,
democrat, and republican:





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Be able to identify positions as liberal or conservative. (short answer)
For example: “I want to cut taxes for everyone and keep government out of our lives.”
This is a conservative position.
“Government should provide services for the poor and fix social problems.” = Liberal
Understand that Propaganda is ideas or statements that are often false or exaggerated that
are used to help a cause or a political leader.